Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Home Stretch...

Finally, I feel like I'm on the Home Stretch with clearing the Old Homestead out!  I've been able to devote more chunks of uninterrupted time there in recent days and it's Amazing how much I can get accomplished when that is possible!   At this pace, I might be able to have it up for Sale by the first part of December or sooner?!?  *Yay!!!*

Today Princess T and I were there all day and I got both Kitchens of the Main House Cleaned and all of the Bathrooms before I have the Water shut off, which will be any day now.  Now that almost all of the rooms of the Main House and Art Studio Cottage are emptied out I'm a lot more Encouraged and not quite so Overwhelmed.

The Storage Cottage and most of the small Outbuildings are also now just about empty... so we really only have The Man's Workshop Cottage and his main Storage Outbuilding left to tackle.   That isn't a small job, but The Son and his Friends are going to haul most of it off to their Homes so I won't have to worry about Selling any of it off or Donating most of it either.   The Man just wasn't up to going thru his things, which wasn't Surprising, with the TBI he gets Overwhelmed easily making decisions.

Now that I don't have many weighty decisions to make either on what is left, it's going faster and ramping up with what is going out the door to the Showrooms, Garbage or Goodwill Runs.   You know when you finally get to the place where all of your best stuff is taken care of and the rest you really have little or no Attachments to?   Well, I'm finally THERE!  *High Five!*   Decision making about what to part with can be difficult for Yours Truly too if I have to do it for prolonged periods, so I'm glad I'm finally over that hurdle!  *Whew!*

It was Tiring, I ain't gonna lie, to have to make decisions about every single thing we own!   Because truly we had Good Stuff and not trash or ordinary items that we had to Cull, Purge, Edit and make decisions about.   The accumulation of Good Stuff over the almost two decades of acquiring it at the Old Homestead had been at Saturation Point and I knew it.  But still, making decisions about it ALL in one fell swoop due to a Major Move and Life Change was rather a tall order with a Deadline!

I Needed it though, that Deadline... that Life Change... this Big Move... in fact, it was long Overdue, so just to finally DO IT was Empowering!   Me, the lousy Editor, had to become Editorial in a hurry... and I found that at crunch time I could be Editorial, who knew?!?!??!  *Smiles*   Yes, I actually had it In me, it just had to be under Pressure for me to bring it Out of me and into Practice!

It has been Bittersweet to finally move into our Dream Home... but to have to say Good-Bye to a Historic Home we have Loved so very much and had so many Memories tied to.  I especially Miss my Old Art Studio Cottage Space.  *Sob*  Though this Lovely New Home has a large Upstairs Loft Room and the Juliet Balcony Room that I am converting into my New Art Studio... it will never Compare and I know that.  I had to come to Terms with that and have a Peace about it.

That has been and still is a very difficult Journey for me while I still Own the Old Homestead.  Every time I go into my Old Art Studio Cottage, now devoid of just about all of it's contents, it's still such a Perfect Space that I'd like to be able to pick it up and move it somewhere so I could still retain that part of the Old Property.   It has always been the most Cherished Space I've ever Owned, even tho' it is only about 900 square feet of a converted Carriage House, I could have Lived in a Space like that and be utterly Content for the rest of my days.

The Final Make-Over of it had been absolutely Perfect... Visually and so Inspirational... and so very ME to my Core.  I will not be able to Replicate that Atmosphere even in this Fabulous New Home, it just isn't possible and for that I do Feel a Profound Sadness.   A Century Plus Old Carriage House just has an Ambiance that no New Home, no matter how Luxurious, can Compare.   The details and the built-ins were so Special... detaching from all of that has been very, very hard.

I am Glad I took loads of Images so that I can re-visit the Old Art Studio Cottage whenever I Want or Need to... to Remember how it WAS.   Even with Rejoicing over our Luxurious New Home, which I Feel very Grateful to have, I have also shed many Tears to depart from and detach from the Old Homestead.   I still get very Emotional anytime I'm there... it somehow will always Feel like Home, even emptied of it's contents.

Because it wasn't my Personal Contents that MADE that Space or that Property... it's Character Existed long before we ever moved in and Claimed it as our own.   It's Charm and Uniqueness even barren of contents still Appeals to me, even now.   I only Hope it will also Appeal to whoever will own it next and that they will be Called to Preserve it... but I cannot dwell upon that.

Moving Forward has been something we've Needed to do for a variety of reasons, all of them I have carefully considered before ever making the weighty decision to Move and embark upon a Huge Life Change.   It is Liberating even though it is also Bittersweet.   I'm not very good at Good-Byes, I'm not very good at not looking back just a little bit... I'm more of the Wanting to Hold On to it ALL kinda Gal, which is why the Love of Old is so Profound in me I suppose?  *Winks*

After all, having been a Global Nomad the majority of my Life there are a LOT of places and people I've Missed along the way... and yet still Moved On and known it was how it should be for me and mine.   Staying put is just not our Nature... being stagnant is not how I've ever wanted to be... I'm always Excited to embark upon a New Journey even if I'm not exactly sure where it's taking me!?!

Everywhere I've ever been has been Special in it's own way and in it's own Time.   Each Place had a Reason and a Season for me being there... and I hold the Essence of every Place in my Heart and my Memories for all time.   This will be no different really, I'll look back with Fondness and just perhaps a tinge of Regret I cannot Go Back... you never really can you know... the only Constant is Change.

Being on the Home Stretch of this Move and knowing that soon, very soon Hopefully, I'll be Forever Departing from the Old Homestead... and Detaching from it Completely once it is Sold... well, in many ways it will make it easier.   This has been rather a lengthier Good-Bye already than I'd Anticipated... which just made it all the harder... and a lot more Work... and I'll be Glad when it is Done and Over so that I CAN Move On.

And perhaps I'll Look Back thru my Photo Archives every now and again and find some more Images I Forgot to use in a Blog Post... and we'll Re-Visit it that way... and I will be able to Handle that.   Just like the way you Handle looking back on Images of Departed Loved Ones you will always Cherish and a part of you is Forever Invested in.

And just like I can Look Back upon my Lil Dikdik before her Fall from the Wall at the New Home... before her Horns shattered and her ear got bent... and know that she'll never be the same after a repair, but it's Okay... some Changes just have to Be what they are and Embrace how it now Is.  Very little is Ideal even under Perfect Conditions... so I've always Embraced the Imperfections of everything for that reason.

And Trips down Memory Lane are just an Image away Thanks to my Pathological Picture Taking!  *LOL*   Some being Shared for the first time even though they were taken in what seems like a Lifetime ago really, though it wasn't... Time just moves faster as we get Older... and I don't even know why that is?

And since it's moving so very fast for me now at this Season of Life I just want to cram all I can into it I suppose... and say I've Done it ALL!!!  With nothing left languishing on The List... you know... that 'Bucket List', which for me is getting checked off quickly as well since I want nothing to say I never got around to Doing that was Important enough to put on The List to begin with!!!

And because I'm not on this Journey of Life Alone... and they are all worth doing whatever it takes to make Life Better... you know!?!    And I want us all to be able to Look Back and say it was ALL Good!

Even those difficult parts and things we had to Let Go of and say our Good-Byes to...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I know it was hard to wrap your head around this move. I can see from your pictures how much you loved your space. I have to go through things three or four times before I can "edit" them away. Mostly because I want them to be USED and LOVED in their new home. You are a courageous person. xx


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