Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thank You To Our Veterans!

Mere words could never be enough to express the Gratitude and Pride for your Thirty-Nine Years of Service to Country Honey!   Mwah, Love you... this was your Special Day of Recognition, so Richly Deserved, along with every other Veteran who has Served and should be acknowledged and Honored three-hundred-sixty-five and twenty-four-seven... since a single day is not nearly enough!   We are indebted to you ALL, Happy Veteran's Day!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert's Phoenix Veteran's Day Parade... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I'm with you Dawn, Happy Veteran's Day to your (and all the other) veterans! Unfortunately, I feel veterans are completely under-served, unappreciated and ignored. Not trying to be a big downer but it's just a thing I have a HUGE problem with...They need way more than a day!

    1. Ditto... I too feel it is disgraceful how many EARNED Benefits have been eroded or taken away completely after they already honored their Contractual Part of the Deal and now our Government is not honoring what was Promised as an Earned Benefit!!! Too late once you've already Served all your time to do anything about that... the Health Benefits now we have to pay for and they SUCK and don't cover hardly anything... the Base Clinic doesn't have most Specialists and no Emergency Room now on Base, so you HAVE to use Civilian Facility {unless you are the Veteran and then the VA Hospital has huge long waits for regular appointments}... so Dependents now {Spouses and any children} are completely screwed. Also, when The Man had his TBI and needed Nursing Home Care before he was well enuf for me to care for him, both Old Soldier's Nursing Homes REFUSED to take him in, saying he required too much Care and it would be too expensive... so they dumped the responsibility of placement upon me! And then when they wouldn't cover most costs he was unceremoniously dumped back Home with no regards to whether Family could take adequate care of him! Oh, don't even get me started GF! I have HUGE problems with how they're doing the Veterans AND their Families now! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Happy Veterans Day ..Amen!! We hope to raise awareness for the seriousness of ‪‎Homeless ‪‎Veterans ‪issues and to ‪donate to the organizations that are making a difference to better the lives of our veterans.


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