Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Comfort And Joy Finale'

**NOTE: Some Beautiful Images are taken from SWEET SALVAGE's various Facebook Coverage of the Event and to those Talented Photographers I give all the Credit!**

As you know I felt most of my Imagery didn't turn out so great at this Month's Fabulous Event... and yet I was so Eager to Share with you the Magic that my Friends at SWEET SALVAGE Created for their Winter Wonderland Theme called "Comfort And Joy"!  So I've borrowed some of their Imagery to mix with what was decent enough of mine to present to you on a Finale' Post. 

I Wish I could've gone back, several times in fact, to revel in the Enchantment of it all because it really was a Visual Fantasy of the best of Christmas and Ushering in the Winter Vibe for our Homes!  If you didn't come away duly Inspired I'd have to be checking you for a pulse!  *Smiles*  Alas, it was such a busy week for us that I only got to Attend on Opening Day, which was a frenzy of Eager Shoppers... and you know how I am with mega crowds... I had to leave, compose myself, and go back for my Purchase!  *LOL*


So even though I'm usually a Pathological Picture Taker, my Photography suffered from the level of my Anxiety once the crowds got thick... and trying to line up shots adequately... Sorry my Friends... because it was so worth Photographing to death to Share, it really was!!!   And here I am even delaying the Finale' Post further because readying for Thanksgiving has consumed me!  *LOL*  Wow, the Holidays really Rush up on us once they begin their Roll don't they?  Anyway, the Top Image of this trio really Captivated me because it's an Aesthetic I'm gravitating towards in our New Home Space, Love that Loft Style Breakfast Bar, so I'm Glad that Image turned out decent.

The Patina and Textures of so many of the Elements was absolutely Sublime I tell you!   Great Patina makes an Amazing Backdrop for almost anything you Style around it in a Vignette.  I'm a HUGE Fan of Original Patina... and one not so Enamored with Faux Patina, unless it's done Superbly.  I do know some Talented Artisans who can Create a Faux Patina so Authentic you would be hard pressed to differentiate it from The Real Deal... but it truly is an Art Form to pull that off.

And as I was pulling together the Imagery I wanted to use for this Finale' Post a Funny thing happened.  I had completely Forgotten that I'd gone back again to the Event to pick up my Purchase, after the crowds had subsided on Opening Day sufficiently that I could handle it... and I'd taken a lot more Images that I'd downloaded into a completely different folder!  *Oooops!*   Yep, only just located them while doing this Post... so in actuality I had more than enough Images to Share!  *Ha ha ha and a big Sigh of Relief!*   I'll still Share the Borrowed Imagery from my Sweet Friends anyway, just because they're THAT Good I can't help myself!

But it was rather a Relief to know that the crappy first attempt Imagery in the Initial run thru the Event, wasn't all that I'd Captured thru the Eye of my Lens!   You know how disappointed you get when you go anywhere absolutely Amazing and take a bunch of Images... get Home and then find out few, if any, turned out?  Well, that's how I'd Felt when I initially downloaded what I thought were the only Images I'd taken at the Event and so many were a bust!  *Insert knashing of teeth and wringing of hands in Despair!  Smiles*

Because you see, I'm a very Visual Person... and yet at this Season of Life my Recollection and Memory of what I've seen ain't that Great anymore!  *LOL*   So to have something to look back upon and prompt the Memories is very Pleasurable to me, since I tend to Forget just how things were in The Moment!   I suppose that is why I've always been a huge Fan of Photography even when I totally sucked at it... I still used to Pathologically Picture Take.  And in the old days you had to waste a lot of money on film and processing only to find out you had totally sucked at your feeble Attempts!  *LOL* 

Now with Digital Cameras and Photoshop Features online, everyone can Feel like a Pro to some extent.  You can delete anything that didn't turn out... and you can immediately see some of what you have on your Memory Card thru the Screen on your Camera.  Though with my Older Eyes it sometimes looks Amazing on that tiny Screen than it actually is once you download it!  *Ha ha ha*  Sure, my Camera has that Feature that sometimes warns you the Image you just Shot is gonna Suck and you can instantly snap a Do-Over... but sometimes it's even Assuming you got a great Shot when you didn't really.

But I'm rather Glad I take a lot of Imagery just in case... better to have too many than not enough has always been my Mantra, right?!  *Winks*   Anyway, I have never really heard anyone Complain that they took too many Images of Beautiful Moments in Time they want to fondly recall, only Complaints from those that failed to take enough... or any at all!

I'm so Nostalgic that it begs for me to have a lot to look back fondly upon.   Those of us with overdoses of Nostalgia coursing through our veins cannot help ourselves, it's necessary for us to Reminisce.   We're Sentimental Souls that really and truly Enjoy taking a Look Back in Time and Remembering.   I have a lot of Remembering... and because I have a lot of things I Remember Fondly, well, it prompts me to Live each day looking for the next thing I want to be able to Remember that way.   Living Life that way gives you reasons to pay more Attention to what is going on around you... and to Notice things... especially those Special Moments you can Freeze in Time thru the Eye of your Lens.

I'm almost never without a Camera at my disposal... after all, those Memory Cards are so inexpensive and hold so much Imagery, why not?   Storing Data on my Computer is a minimal cost to upgrade too... so I do... because to me so much of it is Priceless anyway... and can Inspire so many in such a Convenient way via The Land of Blog, Pinterest or my FB Wall that it's Fun and an easy way to be Generous with Imagery as well. 

Whenever I have a Free Moment I'm almost always visiting Blogs, Pinterest and Facebook, not only to Connect with folks, but also to Delight my Eyes... Feed my Soul Visually... or to read about everyone's Adventures, Sorrows, how their Life is unfolding and what they're up to.  It's like having a vast Visual Library instantly at your disposal and from the Comforts of Home!

I have found that with Instagram taking off... many are falling away from Blogging or Sharing via Facebook or Pinterest... and I Hope that Trend doesn't continue too strongly since I'm just not an Instagram Follower... not a Twitter Tweeter... or whatever else might be out here in Cyberspace as the next Best Thing.   *Smiles*   Being the Dinosaur that I am well, I tend to just stick with what I've grown Comfortable with and is Familiar that I can easily maneuver and handle, and is more than enough for me to Enjoy.

Perhaps one day I might venture more into other vast spaces of Cyberspace, but I'm afraid I'd get rather Lost roaming around too many sites and spread myself too thin to properly Enjoy any.  After all, Free Time is already at a Premium and I don't like to spend more time here than in Real Life doing Real Things with people in Person whenever we all can!

Especially during the Holiday and Holy Season... where so much is happening in Real Life that I tend to be MIA more from Online Activities.   Which is why I'm making this particular Post Epic since I found I had ample Imagery to do so now!  *Winks*  So I do Hope you have a nice comfy seat and some Time to Spare so you can see it thru to it's end?  *Ha ha ha*

Because yeah, I totally got carried away here as I sat in my Jammies in front of the Computer Screen on the day before Thanksgiving!   You see, the High School had an Optional Attendance day so of coarse he didn't go!  *Ha ha ha*   And Princess T came down with something that she probably caught from him since he's been Sickly for a few weeks now and had to stay home Sick!  *Le Sigh*  So we have a house full of Pre-Winter Infirmity and since I'd be Sequestered here all day anyway playing Nurse Nightingale... well, there would be some Time to provide an Epic Seasonal Post!  *Smiles*

And Truth be told I don't really mind having a day when I have an Excuse not to even get dressed or have a million things on the Agenda that need doing outside the Home.   Everyone is having their Lazy Day here and getting plenty of Sleep, Rest and Comforting Things that bring a Healing Energy to the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.

I'm even Thinking upon what Creative things I might still delve into in the Art Studio Loft, since it's sufficiently stocked, though not Completed, enough to get some Creativity started if I wanted to and was so inclined?   I'm still Thinking upon those Killer Sweater Stockings with the Fur and Bling Accents... really J'Adored those but they weren't within my meager Budget so I'll have to make some instead of buying them... which is Okay, I've got some Cutter Sweaters, Cutter Furs and of coarse I have plenty of Vintage Bohemian Bling!  *Winks*

I just had to Share this piece, which of coarse immediately SOLD... it was from France I think and was a Vintage Pastry Table with Marble Top... just the right size for Baking and Making into a little Island for Baking!  And I Loved the Details... so got you a Close-Up of one of my Favorite Elements of the Piece's Detailing!!!   It's when I see Killer OOAK Pieces like this that I Wish I had the Budget to Upgrade some Furnishings to the Primo Dream Pieces and flip what I presently have!  *Ha ha ha*   I've always been one to constantly be on the Upgrade when it comes to Furnishings and Possessions you see... and Flipping what you have almost always at least Partially Funds the New Acquisition!  Especially if you've been Discerning about Pickin' what you already had so that it can turn a healthy Profit Margin for you when you Let it Go!?

My Parents Taught me to continuously Upgrade, since we grew up rather Poor and just didn't know it, since they always provided such an Amazing Home with their Resourcefulness, Good Eye for the Good Stuff and ample Creativity!   I suppose money was always tight but you wouldn't know it by how they Decorated their Home... it was rather Taj Mahal around the house for as long as I can remember, regardless of what Funds were or weren't available to Feather it!

They Attributed that Opulence on a Budget to the Fact that they constantly Upgraded and had a Good Eye for what had Value and could be had at a Bargain!   Mom was particularly Fond of the Better Things in Life and so she could be Tenacious about Acquiring it regardless of Socioeconomic Barriers she might battle along the way.   Not being Rich in cash might be a barrier to some people, but it wasn't at all with my Parents, they could make a Silk Purse out of a Sow's Ear so to speak!   And they knew Quality and had Refined Taste despite Humble Beginnings.

You see, my Nanna before her was also a Lover of the Good Things in Life... and had similar Tastes and Talents for making a Gorgeous Home even during Wartime and Lack in Europe... and when everyone was on Ration my Nanna could still put on a Party Spread that could Rival any High Class Caterer!   So you definitely know where I get it from!!!  *Winks*  And my Dad also, being a self-taught Master Chef could also totally ROCK the Holidays... and he was very Artistic so could Decorate as Beautifully and Tastefully as my Mom, he could Create anything she Dreamed up... so Together they were a Force to be reckoned with... and the Ability seems to coarse thru the veins on both sides of our Families!

I do think an Artistic Eye can make anything and everything look like a Vision of Beauty, regardless of what it actually is or what it's Original Purpose might have been.   So you don't have to possess a lot of cash in order to make Magic happen around you!

Granted... a lot of cash always Helps, right?  *Winks*  'Cause then you can buy those Killer Anchor and Statement Pieces and Upgrade like nobody's business 'til you have the Ultimate Dream Decor that is The Real Deal in Valuable and Distinctive Furnishings!

But hey, we're usually working with a Modest Budget here and Upgrades sometimes have to wait 'til the Timing is right and all the Sun, Moon and Stars line up just so... and so we Make Do in the interim!  *Ha ha ha*   And so being Creative can also mean the Challenge of finding things on the Cheap and on the Fly that you can Manifest into something quite Enchanting or Unique... like a Vintage Silverplate Platter Wreath!   I can usually find Old Silverplate anywhere at a Bargain, and Inspiring Creations like this can give you a Statement Piece without a huge Outlay.

And let us not Forget the Little Things... because Attention to Details is definitely what I'm all about!  I Notice the Details of EVERYTHING... which is why you see far more Close-Ups Visually when I'm Photographing, than anything else.  I'm not necessarily a Panoramic Type of Gal when it comes to Beauty being Noticed.  It's rather easy to see Beauty in Panoramic Views... but you have to take the Time to actually fully Appreciate the Attention to Detail and not just Gloss over it or not see it at all because you totally Missed it!

I've found that with most Shows and Events the Big Killer Pieces Sell rather fast because everyone Notices them first.   But you can often still manage to find the most Amazing small Detailed Pieces that got Lost in the exuberance and frenzy of Holiday Shopping in particular!   In the Madness and Rush of snatching up what can be had in a Hurry, a lot gets Missed!  I'm usually there to slowly Trawl behind and pick up the Lost Morsels that got Overlooked and yet were so Amazing you almost cannot Believe nobody even seemed to Notice them!?!

It also tends to Help if you have Unique Tastes or Aesthetic because then you know for sure that most people aren't even on the prowl for what will make YOUR Heart go aflutter!  Yes, I will also Notice and Appreciate those Lovely things that the masses Covet... but it's not as if I'm Hunting for those particular things Usually, because I'm not.   And that's a Good Thing for Me!  *Winks*

Oh yes, when everyone else is having Smackdowns over similar things I'm tending to gravitate towards those things that they could care less about usually because it doesn't happen to be their Aesthetic, but it is MINE... and I'm Overjoyed they left it behind!  *Yay!*

Now... if one day all of the Weird and Wonderful People ever Congregate in one Spot, then I might not be able to say that?!?  *LMAO*   Yeah, then there will be the Battle Royale going on to Snatch up what I Covet before my Competition gets to it first!  *Smiles*   But that hasn't happened yet, well, not everyday anyway, tho' it has happened on Rare Occasion and Ironically those Kindred Spirits become not Competition, but Cherished Friends because we totally 'Get' each other like nobody else can!

And I'll tell you something about the Weird and Wonderful Crowd that you might not know if you don't happen to Run or Move in those Circles... they are Generous Souls by and large.  My Weird and Wonderful Friends, tho' we all LOVE THE SAME STUFF... will still be Willing to Share with each other rather than Compete with each other for what is out there to be Had!   Some of my best Finds weren't MY Finds at all... a Weird and Wonderful Friend Found it First and then saw my Admiration and just acquiesce so that I could have it instead!!!  Or vice versa if I see that Look in their Eyes about a Piece I've Scored First that makes me know, it should be theirs and not mine.

We look out for each other that way... so that we all can have our Nests or Showrooms Feathered just the way we want them to be.   I'm always so Touched when a Friend like that just hands over something on a 'Pick' that I Wish I'd Found First and was Genuinely Admiring... because I was Happy FOR them Scoring it... but my Appreciation and Love of it Showed enough that they felt Led to Give it Up and let me have it!   I know the Joy in that Exchange from the other side too, since to Give Up something you Love to someone who Loves it as much, if not more, gives me the Warm Fuzzies as well!   It's Reciprocity at it's Best!

I've got a certain 'Sick' Princess that has seemed to have made quite a Good Recovery, as Kiddos often do since they're so Resilient against Illness and bounce back so quickly, and is now Rollerblading around the House!  *Ayyyy!*  Yes, she Loves these Tuscan Tiled wide Hallways... and knows that Gramma usually only goes Mental with the Hardwood Floor Sections of the New Home!  *Bwahahahahaha!*

Well, that's because I'm not entirely certain of the difference between Hardwood Floors and an Excellent Veneer Wood Floor... I've gone down on hands and knees to scrutinize said Floors and I just can't tell... so I don't want to Risk serious scratches if it happens to be a Vaneer... Wood I wouldn't be so Anal about.  If anyone can for Sure tell the difference, come on over and lemme know what you think?  Either way, my Wood Floors are Sublimely Beautiful and have a Great Patina, so I don't Care, Love the Look and don't want Skating upon it!  Or the dragging of heavy Furniture, so they all have those little Sled thingies on the feet of them now!  *Ha ha ha*

The only Moving Mishap we had in fact involves the Wood Floor in our Master Bedroom Suite.  The Son and Friend were carrying in my Enormous and Uber Heavy Headboard for our Bed... which isn't really a Headboard at all.  It's a very large Old European Wood Cabinet that we Converted into a Headboard coz we just Loved the Gothic Design of it for one.   But anyway, that's setting the Stage for what happened next...


I have this Octagonal Persian Rug in the Oval Entryway to said Bedroom Suite that I should have moved first... but things were pretty hectic as heavy items were being unceremoniously Moved in and we were all rather Tired and at the end of Moving Stuff for that day.   That Rug is on the Tuscan Tile part of the Suite... and usually isn't inclined to slide or curl up so I didn't even think about it... 'til The Son hit that rug carrying his end of the Enormous Piece of Furniture that they could barely lift and carry anyway!  Oh No...

He begins fishtailing like a Semi hitting Black Ice... his Friend who is in the Front of him and carrying the other end doesn't know what's going on?!?!   "Hey Dude!"   Yep, I thought they were gonna drop it or get Hurt... but The Son manages to come out of his skid and quickly set the piece down in front of the Bed as fast as he can... which slides it... Uh Oh, you guessed it, big scrape on Hardwood Floor!   I Felt very Conflicted... since my Initial Response was is he Okay from the Tripping while carrying a heavy piece of Furniture?  I knew he'd strained his back... and his Friend is yelling at him that if they were Professionally Moving and scraped someone's Wood Floor in a New Home that would cost them the whole Job!   *LOL*

I remind Q, who is like a Son to me too, that Forget about it... Remember, they're NOT getting Paid so this can't cost them the whole Job!  *Bwahahahaha!*   And besides, he and The Son aren't Professional Movers, tho' Q once was, and I'm just Grateful NOT to have had to hire any because The Son and all his Friends have taken far more Care with my Stuff than any Moving Company EVER would have!    But I ain't gonna lie, my Heart sank to see said scratch on New Floor!  *Insert me trying to Conceal my Initial Pain and Horror!*

The Son is profusely apologizing while also scolding me for having that damned Rug still in place instead of moving it out of the way!  *Ha ha ha*   Anyway, I had some Conceal Sticks for Wood Repair in the house, so I just used them and since most of it is under the Furniture anyway, it's not a Big Deal really since you can't tell or see it, once I was able to Get Over It I was Okay... which took a Minute!  *Smiles*

But Hey, you are NOT gonna have a Major Move and Life Change without a little bit of Collateral Damage now are you?  It's gonna happen... so just Brace yourself for it... you can't have everything go like a Fairy Tale.  In my Head it always goes that way tho', like a Fairy Tale... how about you?  *Smiles*  And then Reality happens... Fairy Tale Story over... hard knocks Life resumes... the two just don't always line up perfectly.

But we're pretty darn Close to it being a Fairy Tale for us here now... we really are... I still often pinch myself to make sure I'm not Dreaming all this is actually happening in Real Time?!?   I know that come the start of 2016 we should have Old Homestead SOLD off and can Close that Chapter of the Storyline.   I know that the last day I ever go inside those Buildings that were once Home will be Bittersweet tho', so I'm Bracing myself for that well up of Emotion too.  It's gonna happen... it will be an Emotional Forever Good-Bye and those are always the hardest, aren't they?

Saying Good-Bye when the parting will be or may be Temporary is just a little Easier... but Forever Good-Byes, well, those are just Tough as Hell!   Whether it's a Person, Place or Thing, if you've really become Attached and had an Abiding Love, then it is going to be very Emotional for you.

On the one hand I'm SO READY for it to be over and a Closed Chapter in our Story... get it Sold, cash out our Equity, benefit from the complete break and Move Forward to the next Chapter and level of Living the Benefits of the Greater Blessing.   But Profiting from something and receiving something Greater doesn't always mean that the Sorrow won't be there at all and I know that.

I Remember being very Attached to some very Simple and Humble things... and that Old Homestead was not so Simple nor Humble for me, it was my Dream Come True at the time I took Ownership of it since I'd wanted and Dreamed of Owning a Historic Property all of my Life!   So it's been a Good Run of Owning one, I've Enjoyed the Journey... and been hit upside the head with the Reality that Owning a Historic Home becomes an Endless Labor of Love as well!  *Ha ha ha*  And ultimately an Expensive Love Affair since Complete Restorations and Maintenance of a Century Plus Old Place don't come Cheap lemme tell ya!

Oh yeah, they are a High Maintenance Love Affair you best be Prepared to enter into!  Doesn't make me Love them any the Less mind you, but at a certain Season of any Relationship, you know when it's not Working for you anymore... and that's kinda how the Relationship went with us and the Old Homestead eventually.

We didn't Posses the Time, the Resources nor the Health anymore to continue our Affair with it... and perhaps someone else will... so it's Time to make the break.   I know I've Complained about it taking Seven Long Months of Moving Out... but in many ways it has given me the ample Time to properly Let Go.  Since I don't do that easily and sometimes something or someone has to become a right pain in the arse for me to finally say, "Okay... enough already... Peace... Out!"   *Smiles*   Are you like that too?  Or are you more of an Immediately See Ya Later kinda Soul?  *Winks*

I've had to do a backbreaking amount of Work to Move Out and Ready the Old Place for Sale in order to get to my "Peace... Out..." Moment.   I've had to spend way more Money Moving In and Moving Out than I'd anticipated to get to the place where the Equity is looking better and better... and saying Good-Bye now has a Time Frame I'm at Peace with.  No sense of Urgency... and yet no sense to Linger either... just Right.

Not to mention that Enjoying the Holiday Season in our New Home has been so much more Enjoyable than I ever could have Imagined, that I just KNOW I did indeed make a Good Call.   Sometimes I'd Doubted myself, in Weak Moments, when I Wondered to myself what had I gotten myself into and what was I Thinking trying to make a Huge Move and Big Life Change as a Senior and with very little Assistance?!?  It has at Moments been Daunting and Overwhelming to me.

It has at Moments seemed like it would never, ever get DONE or that I'd Fade Out before I could actually Accomplish it by myself and with the Limited Resources I had Available to me.  But now that it's ALMOST there... against naysayers who told me it couldn't be done all by myself and without Professional Help... well, I'm Feeling more Accomplished about what we got done against some pretty incredible Odds really.

We're very much a Family of Do-It-Yourselfers that way anyway... and doing things that others say can't be done!  *Ha ha ha*   I always figure more along the lines of that it's NOT that it can't be done... it's just that nobody has done it YET!   So perhaps we'll be the First Ones??!  I'm always Game for trying to be the First One and breaking those Imagined Barriers, Perceived Risks and shattering Glass Ceilings!  Yeah, we're total Rebels like that... and have Enjoyed many Successes because of doing things others won't step up or step out and do, sometimes doing it Afraid... but DOING THEM ANYWAY!

A Calculated Risk is not something I Fear a great deal anyway... in fact, I've probably said it before but I'll say it again, I've NEVER FEARED FAILURE!   I'm a lot more Timid when it comes to Success... I have had a Healthy Fear of that!   Fear of Success has been because I've often gotten in over my head with a Successful Venture and then said, "Now What?"  Some things steamroll forward at such a fast pace I find it hard to keep up, adjust and Roll with Great Success... because it too comes at a Price... and can even be more Costly than any Failure!

Because if you Try something and Fail, well, you can always Try Again... and Again... and Again... until you Succeed.  A Tenacious Passionate Try will usually meet with some Measure of Success eventually if you Refuse to Give Up, Give In or Give Out.   But when you Succeed beyond all Expectations or what you might be capable of Handling... well, giving that all up is Tough Stuff... I know... Been there and Done that numerous times in fact when Success overtook me... so now I have a Healthy Fear of too much of it!

I like that Measure of Success that I Feel Comfortable Handling without too much Stress, without giving up things that have a higher Priority to me than Succeeding, and without Losing myself along the Path of Success, which can happen too.   Huge Success can Change people... and not always in the Best ways... and I don't want that, I like who I am right now, I wouldn't want Huge Success to Taint it or make me unrecognizable anymore as who I used to be before it.

It is always Wonderful to have Lofty Goals, I always Dream Big... and I've got some mighty Big Dreams ahead of me already again as other Chapters of our Lives Close and New Opportunity presents itself to us.    I am Eager to Enjoy the level of Success and Blessings that we can Handle adequately and without any Regrets or Compromises.   That is how I'm Viewing this New Year coming up so quickly!

I have Great Hopes and Great Dreams for the upcoming Year and I Hope that you do too my Friends?   Certainly no Year goes by without it's Share of Challenges and not so Pleasant things that happen... but may we all move through those rough patches with Dignity and Grace, with renewed Hope and unfailing Optimism that Life is Good... God is Good... and everything will be alright in the End, and if it's not, then it must not be The End!!!

And I've now ended my Storyline for this Post and will just now Leave you with the Balance of the Beautiful Imagery of the Finale' that was the 'Comfort And Joy Finale'...   May Tomorrow's Thanksgiving bring you so much to Reflect upon being Thankful for... because you cannot keep a Grateful Heart Down!

Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Well I took a longer break from my baking than I had planned! But I enjoyed it all as always! Happy Thanksgiving and stay well! Maarlynne

    1. Ha ha ha... hope nothing burnt while you were getting an overload of Eye Candy here?! *Winks* Happy Thanksgiving my Friend... Dawn... The Bohemian


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