Friday, November 20, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Comfort And Joy Event ~ Part I

So Yesterday I Attended one of my Favorite Themed Events at SWEET SALVAGE, the "Comfort And Joy" Event with a Christmas Theme!  It was a very well received Event and so the crowds were enormous, which was fantastic for business, not so much to get Photographic Coverage of it this time... so alas a lot of my Images didn't turn out from being jostled or not able to take time to line up a shot.  *Boo Hoo*

And I've led off with Images of the one Treasure I did come Home with from the Event.  A tiny Taxidermy Mouse with Crown under a Christmas Themed Cloche that my Talented Friend Cyndie of "Vintage Envy" Created for the Show.   So Adorable and just my Style.  I hadn't intended to make any Purchases this Month but couldn't leave this Sweet Piece behind!

Temptations abounded everywhere for Holiday Decor though, I only Wish more of my Imagery had turned out to Share here in the Land of Blog.   Loved the Bristle-Brush Christmas Trees in various Silver-plate Vintage Containers and accented with Bling.  These Eggcup ones were among my Favorites.

Another of my Favorite Holiday Creations were the Sweater and Vintage Fabric Christmas Stockings... trimmed with various Furs, Bling, Vintage Lace and Crochet accents.

Each was quite Unique and OOAK, I Loved the Color Palette, which was very Cohesive and Organic...

And the Detailing was Sublime!  Here's a Close-Up of some of the intricate Vintage Bead-Work, Vintage Applique Embroidery and various Lace used on one Stocking...

Though I was drawn to the ones with Vintage Mink and Bling since I'm such a Viking when it comes to Furs... and because I've actually got a Vintage Mink Stole Cutter that I've been utilizing for Christmas Projects similar to this since I Enjoy Creating our Stockings each Season.  But had mostly been using Old Burlap and European Linens for the Stocking parts, but now I'm Intrigued about cutting up some Old Sweaters with good Design rather than just Donating them to Op Shops when they're outgrown.   *Ha ha ha*

There's something just very Cozy about Old Sweaters anyway that Evokes a Sense of the Season don't you think?   And if you're not inclined to want to be Creative this Season or don't have sufficient time, well, the Event lasts through Sunday and there was an entire Tree of these Gorgeous Christmas Stocking Creations to choose from!

This was the best I could do to capture the Image of the Amazing Sweater Stocking and Silver-Plate festooned Metal Christmas Tree, since eager Shoppers were constantly swarming around it.   I really liked this huge Metal Frame in a Shape of a Tree, it had a very Vintage Industrial Vibe to it that I'd like for our Home... but not necessarily for our Main Tree since the Family would want something more Traditional for that.

And of coarse Santa was there to take Inventory of the Wish Lists we all had for the Holidays.   Mine was a Short List this year but Trust and Believe all of our Grandchildren probably have the Long Lists for him that will fill his sleigh so he's gonna be real busy!  *Winks*

Okay so what were some of the "Wish I Couldda Had the Christmas Budget for THAT " pieces I had to leave behind for someone else's Christmas?   *Pouting*   Well, there were several actually... starting with this Killer Cigar Box Storage Chest very similar to one I already have for my Art Studio, so would have been Perfect to Expand upon that Unit for additional Storage.

And another Great Storage Piece that would have been Ideal for the Studio was this Unique Storage Cabinet in my Favorite Furniture Color of Black... and this being the Original Color of the Piece was very Unique!

I also Loved the Original Hardware and that all of the Original Decals remained intact!   This Piece was actually very well priced, so had I any Budget for myself for the Holidays, this would have certainly come Home with me!  *Le Sigh*

Now this Piece was pricier but so Unique it was well worth it for such a Rare Find that I can't remember EVER seeing a Barrister Bookcase that also doubled with Printer Cabinet Type Drawers as well!!!   This was an OMG Moment for me when I beheld it!   If the Old Homestead had already Sold I would have certainly considered a OOAK splurge Piece like this, because when will I ever see one again, like NEVER, right?!?!!

And finally, even though I have more Chairs than any Sane Person should already own, I was J'Adoring this Wing-Back Armchair that had been Upholstered in various Vintage European Grain Sack Materials!    It was very Velveteen Rabbit Style which I really dig!

I couldn't even Believe it didn't Sell before I left... Seriously... I don't think it gets much better than this for a comfy and Interesting On-Trend looking Vintage Seating!

And speaking of a Vintage Vibe, if you were Seriously on The Hunt for Vintage Christmas, it was everywhere here... the Real Deal... from so many Eras.   So if you Collect Vintage Christmas, you would be in your Element to add to your Collections.

Even if you were just on The Hunt for Traditional Christmas Colors in Vintage Items they abounded...

And what looks more Christmas Festive when it comes to Fabric choices than Red Tartan?  Several very comfortable pieces of Furniture had been Upholstered in various Tartan and Plaid Fabrics and it just looked so Cozy and Rustic for the Holidays.

I could have climbed right up into this Vignette and taken a long Winter's Nap, it was just that Inviting!  *Smiles*   That Ticking Mattress on the Bed was SO Soft and squishy comfortable!

And if you have the Utilization of Authentic European Linens and Grain-Sacks in mind for your own Holiday Projects, well, you could get them here too, there were mounds of them priced very well!

I'm more drawn to everything Red or Green during the Christmas Season... it's Traditional I know, but it just Evokes a strong Sense of my Christmas Past in so many ways that it's very Nostalgic for me and Reminiscent of Christmas in the Fifties and Sixties.

This very large Statuary of Santa was Amazing and he was behind some Awesome Vintage Glass Doors.

My Beautiful Friend Minnie was Modeling some of the newest Line of Vintage Inspired Bohemian Bling at the Show.   All of it Created with Authentic Antique and Vintage Religious Pieces that were Gorgeous!   Her Necklace had an Antique Infant Of Prague...

I really Loved this one Displayed on the Pieta Statuary... Magnificent Piece with the Madonna and Child!!!

And my other Favorite Piece had the Sacred Heart and loads of intricate Embroidered Details!   Santa Baby, if you want to have an Eartha Kitt Style Christmas Request List from me, these will do!  *Winks*

There were some really Cute Creations from a variety of Talented Artisans with a Holiday Theme.

And the little miniature Christmas Vignette Scenes were Enchanting...

Here's a Rare Find of a Paper Mache' Antique Showman.

And the Sweet Vintage China and Porcelain Pieces are always Darling aren't they?

I was drawn to the little Airstream Camper Toy Vehicle... of coarse!  *Winks*

And of coarse anything Displayed under Glass always looks more Important and catches the Eye!

Liked the little Woody Wagon Toy Car too!

And though my Images of it didn't turn out very good at all before Crowds descended upon it, The Warehouse had gotten a complete Make-Over that was quite Stunning and I just had to Share from the SWEET SALVAGE Facebook Shares of Lovely Images.

Resplendent with a Succulent Creation Station where you can Create your own little Garden in various Vintage Containers you choose along with the Desired Plant.

Yes, the Transformation of the Warehouse Space was really Cool and I really Liked it!

I probably spent even more time in there because the Ambiance was more Relaxed and so very Inviting to Linger in even with busy crowds milling around.

The Event began on Thursday and will run through Sunday Afternoon... Santa should be in the House again Tomorrow and if you check the Website Blog or Facebook Page it will List all of the Events each day that are being Hosted.   Click on the Links I've provided on this Post to get you there.

Some things will certainly have been SOLD... I am fairly certain the Cigar Box Storage Unit... GONE to a brand new Home since I didn't see it there when I left on Thursday!?

But there were Towers of really Cool Vintage Finds and they replenish the Event Daily to bring in even more Fabulous Found Treasures!

Since we'll be Finalizing the Adoption of The G-Kid Force Tomorrow Afternoon and I have to Work Tonight, alas, I won't be able to make the return visits I would have liked to with the Family in tow.  I know they're always Eager to see the Holiday Themed Shows with me during a return visit after the Chaos of Opening Day has subsided.   *Smiles*

And I'm always Eager to see whatever New Inventory has replaced what has Sold during previous days of the Event...

I Hope you've Enjoyed Trawling the Treasures with me Today my Friends?

And perhaps every so often during one of these Events I might even see you there in Person one day?!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Love when you go there for shows....sweet, sweet, sweet. I snagged 2 1/2 yards of wide tartan in red...for $4.00 last week, can't wait to choose where to use it. Fun show, thanks for the tour!, Sandi

    1. Oh I do Hope you'll Share the Imagery of where that Tartan ends up? Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. It would take at least a week to enjoy every precious items there! Great photos.

    1. That is why we often go back one more time, alas, this Month I doubt that will be possible since we have other commitments. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Such fun to travel the shows with you! Saying a prayer right now for smooth sailing thru the Finalizing of the grandkids adoption! Blessings on you all

    1. Thank You Marlynne... we're on the final Docket of Family Court today, so the crowds will be less for The Man and The Young Prince, who suffer from Anxiety and Panic Attacks in very crowded places. I was Thankful our Attorney thought about that and since Today is also National Adoption Day, there will be lots of activities for Princess T to Enjoy before we go into the Courtroom, that should take the edge off for her nervousness. The Young Prince woke up this Morning with one Name and will come Home with the one he has chosen, that doesn't happen every day! *smiles* Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Thanks for the tour. I would have been there forever with my jaw tired from dropping at every step. You are trying to get me in the spirit and Mother Nature is complying as we are getting our first snow fall with 4" in the forecast. Won't last on the warm ground, Yay! Hate that stuff!!
    xx, Carol

    1. Ha ha ha, hate that stuff too, just bought a faux Tree with faux Snow on it, that's the ONLY type of Snow we get here in the Valley of the Sun! *smiles* Dawn... The Bohemian


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