Sunday, November 22, 2015

Suspended Animation In-between Holidays

Our Home is presently in a State of Suspended Animation... the In-between Holidays Limbo we often find ourselves in, coupled with The Process of Moving In completely and arranging our possessions.

Where Autumn is still very much Evident, as it should be in our World, because we hold onto it tightly until at least the day after Thanksgiving.   I want to Enjoy our Holiday Feast surrounded by the Remnants of the Autumn Vibe...

Which will soon be quickly enough replaced by the Vibe of the Winter Season and it's particular Holidays to Celebrate and Prepare for.   I did Purchase the Epic Christmas Tree the Family was requesting, after Trawling every Shop that Sold faux Trees and deciding upon a size and Style that was Perfectly suited to the Vision we have for it and yet still affordable on the presently non-existent Budget.  *Smiles*   It will make it's Appearance and Debut the Day After Thanksgiving... and then let the Decorating begin!

The taking down of Autumn and Holidays now passed will not be such a huge Ordeal since I kept it reasonable and Modest this year due to the Big Move and other Life Events pressing us for Priority.  There is just a hint of what has to Go Away and find a place to be Dormant and Stored until next Season.   Some of it may stay or join The Cabinet Of Curiosities section of my still barren Cupboards.

Which I have kept Empty on Purpose since I have a Vision of what I want to Reveal through the Looking Glass of anything Transparent enough to Display it's Contents.   Our Rabbit Hole is still in Transition and Transformation after all these Months... so many things are just where they Temporarily are and not necessarily Meant to Be.  I've Developed a Peace about that, like an unfinished Artistic Creation still in Progress.  Something I'm Adding to in a very Thoughtful and Curated way... like the Addition of some Vintage Show Ribbons from the Twenties thru early Fifties I recently Scored for just over a Dollar apiece!

I Collect Vintage Show Ribbons... and fully Intend to Sell Off some of my Previous Collection as I Refine and Upgrade the Collection with Better Specimens that will be Keepers.  I hardly ever pass up a Vintage Show Ribbon when I can Score it at a reasonable Bargain.  And just over a Buck apiece for these Fine Specimens from that Era, well, it make me have light Palpitations and I bought them ALL from that Vendor and got an Additional Box Lot Discount, WOW!  *LOL*

The Silk is Soft and Aged, yet still so Vibrantly Colored on most of them... and those that have Faded and Discolored have done so in the most Magnificent way that only the ravages of Time can Impart!  Some Buttons had Buffalo Images on them, which I really Appreciated since I Love Bison and that they are finally making a Comeback from near Extinction! 

I have Mad Respect for anything and anyone that has been a Survivor against incredible Odds... you can always Learn a Lesson from such Tenacity to Hold On and then make a Turnaround and Thrive!

Many of my previous Collection of Keeper Vintage Show Ribbons are just languishing about as I unpack them... because eventually some are going to be Transformed... from an Inspiration Image that Captivated me on Showcasing them Beautifully.

This is said Image and the Styling and Creation of the Masterful Sibella Court of Society, Inc., it spoke to my Soul of how I would like some of my Vintage Show Ribbon Collection to be Mounted and Showcased properly.   I have the Vintage Fabric for the Background and ample Stashes of Antique Frames, mine shall be more Ornate and Aged by the Ravages of Time of coarse!  *LOL*  I thought about the Simplistic Frame, since this is Visually Pleasing, but I don't happen to Own any... it still just isn't so ME to be too Simplistic!  I'm still a Work in Progress moving in that direction.  *Smiles*

Even though I am Gleefully Minimizing and Simplifying my Life and the Excess and Complexities are falling away, a certain amount of my Inherent Excess and Opulence tossed into a more Simplified Setting with Organic Tones will still Exist to some degree.  I Embrace both for what they bring to the table in our World... each with it's Merits and Drawbacks Considered... striking a Healthy Balance being more my Goal.

After all, I was Schooled by the Best in both Styles... my Minimalist Organic Naturalist Dad... and my Over-The-Top Excessive Bohemian Mom... who Balanced and Complimented each other's Polar Opposite Styles so well and so seamlessly in our Homes growing up that I never fully realized what a feat and Accomplishment that actually was!   How could two such Opposite and Opposing Styles manage to Co-Exist with such Beauty and yet go together so well that it almost became a Style of it's own, Unique in it's Blend of Contradictions!?!

How can two Cultures collide and Embrace each other's Differences so well that they become One and a whole new Culture of sorts, Invented by the Blending and without causing Collateral Damage by the Compromise?   They Accomplished it and so that Eclectic Style of Mixing Styles that shouldn't really Go Together is something I rather Enjoy actually.

So much is so very Different about the Personality and Style of this Home and it's Architecture, and yet, though we are Wholeheartedly Embracing that and Eager to Compliment it... I didn't want to completely start over and discard all of my Beautiful Treasures and Personal Style as I moved towards a more Organic, Simplistic and Tuscan Style of Living.   I'm Calling my Blend Tuscan Bohemian.  *Winks*

The Naturalist and the Weird and Wonderful colliding to fuse into One within our Home... because you see, I AM Both!   I always have been actually... and in a Strange way this New Home has brought forth more of the Naturalist I've always been, but which was more Suppressed than the Weird and Wonderful Dominant side of me... but they get along well enough to Co-Exist in Harmony in Styling, just like I am completely Comfortable in my own skin being the diverse Blend that I am.

What side of YOU is more Dominant my Friends... which more Suppressed?   What haven't you yet Allowed to come out and Play in your Sense of Style and Daily Living Lifestyle?   Perhaps you should give it a Chance and a Whirl?  Exploring how that would Feel... what part of you that would Feed the Soul of and Nourish in a more Balanced way?   We are very Complex Beings... no part of us is just a One Trick Pony... which is why our Evolution is always Evident as Time marches on... and often Shows Up in our Transition of Style and Preferences Transforming into something quite Different.

Something not always Dictated by Rules and Trends... but instead by Personal Preference at the Time and Season we find ourselves more fully Embracing and Allowing ourselves the Freedom to Explore in depth a little bit more... or a lot more... whatever you Feel is Right!?!

Yes, though we are presently in Suspended Animation In-between Holidays and Styling Changes that supersede Holiday Decorating... The Process is one that I'm rather Embracing in a slow methodical way... allowing it sufficient time to be Birthed and not be too Premature in it's Development.

And many Archived Images Continue to be Inspirational in this Process... like this one by the Creative Genius of my Friend Binky Morgan ala Binky La Faye Style.   I'm still trying to Compose how I want to Adequately Style and Showcase the massive 1883 Herbarium Collection of Botanicals upon my Walls and in Vignettes... and this is probably the most Impressive way that Spoke to my particular Aesthetic Best.   I had thought of just Washi Taping them, but they're so Old and Delicate they need something more Protective.   And tho' the Simplicity of just Washi Tape Appeals to me... making the Displays more Opulent well, it Spoke to me MORE!  *Ha ha ha*

Yes, the Dominant side of Dawn is still taking the Lead in this Dance of Styling the New Home... but I'm also Glad the Suppressed side is emerging and Imprinting a Mark that is substantial now and shows a definite progression I definitely want MORE of!

And now, because a certain Lil Someone can now see us in almost any room of the Home like we're in her Fishbowl... and she hasn't been fed Breakfast yet... I am being Called!  *Smiles*  Yes, the little wet Noseprints on all of the Windows and Glass Doors leading out into Courtyards is a Cute Mess we don't mind... Miss Priss Entertains us as much as we seem to now Entertain her now that she can look in everywhere and keep track of us!  *Smiles*   This Working Cat has no real Work to do here... so I suppose she's in Transition too and Semi-Retired now and getting Fat... *LOL*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I feel the calmness in your words! God Bless as you go thru the holidays

  2. First...I absolutely love Bison. I told my husband before I die I want to see them in Yellowstone. We probably won't make that trip so he takes me by the Bison farm everytime we travel north of the border into Michigan.

    You have so many things...such wonderful collections...I am amazed. I'm glad you have been able to transition to the new home. I think your kitty likes it too.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Oh yes, Miss Priss is certainly enjoying her lack of Work here at the New Home, the Acreage we owned before she HAD to be a Working Cat. *smiles* Seeing Bison in person affirms the Magnificence of them... my Dad being of Native American Ancestry revered the Animal. And perhaps this will sound a bit distasteful, but they taste mighty good too! *Winks*... Dawn... The Bohemian


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