Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Is It Okay I'm Not Ready Yet?

First and foremost I want to Thank every Blog Friend that showed up and was so Supportive and Encouraging during my previous Rant Post!   You have no idea how much that Uplifts me when I'm going through a tough patch on this Journey of Life!  The Sharing of your own Experiences and Advice is Priceless!  I am Pleased to announce that The Young Prince is already doing much better again on the surface, though he said he is still Struggling a lot lately in how he Feels both Physically and Emotionally, so we'll keep trying to Address that with his Doctors.   Sometimes I think that the Holiday Season is Tough on so many of us... along with the drastic changing of Weather as the Seasons change and Sickness begins to run rampant.

Coupled with our Big Move and significant Life Change... and the fact the Adoption Finalization Hearing for The G-Kid Force is also this Saturday Afternoon, which they are Anxious as Hell about since they don't know what to Expect?  Good Lord, Princess T is Obsessing about what to WEAR to Court for an Adoption Hearing for Heaven's Sakes already??! So, well, it's just been a lot to take in and absorb into Everyday Life.   So much is different, so much is new, so much had to be Let Go of and left behind during the Transition.   It's a Loss and a Gain all rolled into one when you Move... and for The G-Kid Force it had been their first ever Move from their Childhood Home, Friends and Familiarity of the Area they were Born into!   They didn't grow up Nomadic like I did, and though Children are very resilient, it's been Stressful in Good and in Bad ways for them to have SO MUCH Change all at once... and NOW the Holidays rushing up on us ta boot!

I Confess that though I was able to pull it all together for Halloween... and Thanksgiving will be Okay as well... is it Okay that I'm not ready yet for Christmas?  I mean I am SERIOUSLY not ready yet for Christmas!!!    And it's not just about the Decorating and fact that The Family want me to buy a new and Epic Christmas Tree for the New Home with a now non-existent Budget!  *LOL*   No... I am totally Intimidated this year that I have Thirteen Grandchildren to accommodate Gift-buying for and a Lottery Win just seems like a Stretch to count on! *Ha ha ha*  So, I'm totally concentrating on the fact that it may just be about ensuring the Grandkids get Gifts this year, unless the Old Homestead Sells before Christmas??!   

Oh, and did I Forget to mention that several of our Grandkids just happen to have Birthdays between now and early January as well... and that those are mostly the Younger ones that totally expect Gifts on time and wouldn't be Good with a Rain Check like you can sometimes coax the Older ones and Adult ones to Roll with when you're broke??!??!??   Lord the Adult Children didn't Plan their breeding very appropriately did they?  *Ha ha ha*   The Blessings of having abundant Grandchildren also mean you also should set up some kind of Gift Buying Trust Fund so that you aren't tapped out with Birthdays, Holidays, Graduations, Weddings and... and the subsequent Great-Grands that are already coming along!   I don't have such a Fund in place... I should... but I don't yet so I'm always winging it and flying by the seat of my pants!

And yeah, I get the inevitable suggestions to just make it ALL about the Reason for the Season... which in Theory is a Wonderful Sentiment of Faith and Focus.  Until you try to tell a Grade-School age Kiddo, or even a Teenager, in Practice, that we'll just forego Presents this Year Okay and totally focus on the Birth of Baby Jesus and what that means to us in Spirit and in Faith!   Yeah, that will go over like a lead balloon I'm tellin' ya, coz even though they all Love Jesus and all, they still had great Expectations and their Hearts set for what was on their Christmas List that they were hoping to cross at least one thing off of!  *Smiles*

And Princess Darkness is likely to Call me Out on it if I even tried that Line and say, "So... this really means we're broke, right?"   Okay, so I Confess I DID try that Line... and that's exactly what she said... and I didn't wanna alarm her that our next Move would be to the Poor House so I Pretended I was just kidding!   *Bwahahahaha!*   She's a Quick Study that Kid and even at the tender Age of Ten you can't pull one over on her.  

 Sure, they know the New Home meant things would be tighter until the Old Home Sells... but none of us expected that the clearing out of the Old Homestead would be so laborious and long a Process to even prepare it for Sale.   I'm sometimes aghast at the fact it's already been seven Months in... tho' Friends who have Moved as Seniors are Assuring me their Big Move and Life Change took equally long... or longer... so I'm not really dragging my feet like I Imagined I might be!!!   And none of them was a Full Time Caregiver of an Ailing Spouse or Raising Grandchildren too... so they insist I'm doing a lot given my circumstances and Challenges to make this Move possible and get it Wrapped in a reasonable time frame.

And I know that this Holiday I'll be likely to throw Christmas together more haphazardly than I'd like to, given it's our First Christmas in the New Home so I'd PREFER to make it Extra Special.  It will be Memorable either way, that's for Sure... ha ha ha...  I'm just not ready yet to embark upon a Christmas Transformation.   Hell, I'm not ready yet to even take my previous Holiday and Autumn Vibe Decor down the day after Thanksgiving as is our Custom!   Because I don't know where on earth I'm going to Store it this year since the New Home doesn't have the Acreage and Outbuildings I was used to housing Seasonal Storage in!   Yes, I've Edited, Curated and Purged ALL Seasonal Storage to a fraction of what it once was... but I still need someplace to Stash what's left of it!?

Coz I really don't wanna ask The Man if he'll be Okay with me Stashing Day Of The Dead and Halloween in our brand New Walk-In Closet just because he's left some empty shelving on his side!?  *Bwahahahahaha!*   Now... you KNOW there was no room left on my side, right?


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I just might start decorating soon too!

  2. I didn't reply to your rant, as I was up sooooo early and would have been the first one...sorta intimidated by that. All I can say is everyone needs to share the good and the bad...that is a part of life, be it the Young Prince. or the Princess and whatever she wears, her smile is all anyone will see as it is devastating.

    With all the new...if everyone shares in the decisions...that may give everyone a sense of control. And Lord knows, we all want to keep life under control. Grins and hang on---I have barely started thinking about Christmas other than the DIY barbie house, which has consumed us now for going on six weeks. Wish I had the princess to help me here with that.

    Grins and continue onward...Christmas has been celebrated as late as March you know before the Church screwed with the calendar in 500AD just carry on! Dates are just numbers like ages, lol, Sandi


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