Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving ~ When Holidays Collide!

Yes, it's Thanksgiving!   A time in our Home when Holidays Collide, since I haven't completely taken down the Halloween Decor, Dia de los Muertos Altar or Autumn Harvest Vibe yet, but Christmas is starting to be Ushered in rapidly around here now!  So for a few days anyway the Holidays will have to co-exist as one is being replaced by the next!  We decided, since we will be having Guests and Family over for Thanksgiving, why not give it the Festive Vibe of what's fast approaching now that the Tree is already up as a Statement Piece in the Livingroom!?  *Smiles*

It's a bit Premature for us to go Full On Christmas already before Thanksgiving is actually culminated... but so long as some of the Autumn Vibe remains I feel as though it's being Seasonal enough to Celebrate this day's Holiday with the correct amount of appropriate Seasonal Ambiance.   I'm actually rather liking having some of the Festivity of Christmas mingled with it actually since we'll be having Company over and it just makes the Ambiance all the Merrier and Festive!!!  Holidays and Seasons do often collide for me since I'm rather slow at putting things away... but rather proactive about putting them up!  *LOL*

Now... the Stockings aren't exactly hung by the Chimney with Care, because I didn't want them catching Fire!  *LOL*    The New Home's Fireplace is Gas and how it is built into the Wall is different than a Wood Burning one, with it's double sides facing the Livingroom AND the Main Diningroom, and without possessing a Mantle yet on either side {we'll be working on that when we make Improvements eventually}... there would be no place to hang them anyway on either side yet!  So I've Improvised on the Stocking Hanging this year!

Scattering them about where ever they'd look Good hanging... because we always have more Stockings than Family Members since I've Collected Christmas Stockings now too for years!  Well of coarse you Suspected that didn't you, me being ME and all!?!??  *Winks*

I cannot even Locate most of the Stockings in my Collection after this Big Move... since now all of the Seasonal Decor is not in one Specific Storage Space like they could be at the Old Homestead and where I had enough Outbuildings to have individual Seasonal Storage Areas that I had exclusively holding JUST that Holiday's Decor!   So it was rather Miraculous that I even Found one box that held quite a few Christmas Stockings and my Collection of Santa Hats to Decorate with in time!  *Whew*

And Naturally that box was NOT near the top of any of the large stacks of them in the Garage... but at least it WAS Labeled with it's contents, that was a Huge Relief!   Most of the initial boxes and crates were Carefully Labeled with Contents and I was so damned Organized in the beginning that I got overconfident of how swell I was doing.   That never lasts... because the more hectic it got... and the longer it took... well, my Organization, Labeling and Attention to Order fell by the wayside didn't it and Chaos began to Reign!!!  *Ha ha ha*  If you are among the Chronically Disorganized, like myself, you totally get the gist of how that happens!

So probably a mere 15% of my boxes and crates fell into the Organized, Labeled, Tidy and Orderly Category... the rest is like a Treasure Hunt!  Not the Good Kind you have "The Thrill Of The Hunt" urging you on with tho'... more the "Oh Lord Which Box Is It In Please Give Me A Sign" Bad Kind of Treasure Hunt you absolutely dread!  *Smiles*   Finding the Santa Hats in with some of the Stockings I liked best for using this year was just an added Bonus... I'd be lying if I told you I packed and Planned it that way!  

It was that Good Kind of Serendipity where you go "YES!" because Lord knows after we dug this box out from under a heavy stack of them, I doubt that The Man would have been All In to Search Out any unlabeled box that MIGHT hold those damned Hats otherwise!  *Ha ha ha*   And I did want them Hats on The Mannequin Gals... so I would have reeked havoc in those Garages desperately searching for Santa Hats in unlabeled boxes or crates otherwise!  *Whew, dodged a bullet there!*

And it's not as if I don't have anything else to do you know, but dig thru boxes and crates that ARE Orderly in the placement of them in the Garages now, and Create Chaos!  *Smiles*  The Move isn't even Completed yet so I'm desperately trying to Maintain Order here at the New Home with what I've packed and dragged over and don't wanna hafta unpack just yet!!!

And I want for Christmas NOT to look like we just couldn't Find anything in the way of that Holiday's Decor and just Made Do with whatever we happened to Find by Accident either!  I had just naively Assumed that by the time the Holidays rolled in, well, I'd just be further along in the Moving Process than we ended up being... Silly me... I can be so Delusional sometimes 'til Reality hits me upside the head and squashes the Fairy Tale I've had in there of how Idyllic everything is going to unfold!  *Ha ha ha*


I think that for the Artistic Soul everything is Idyllic on the Canvas of our Imagination isn't it?  The actual Application of the Ideal tho' tends to get skewed when Reality bumps into it and those two Worlds Collide as well!   You know, my Fantasy Realm crashing into my Reality Realm and the product of those two having an Encounter isn't always the Pretty Offspring you were Hoping for!  *LOL*

Sometimes tho' it is not half bad... this year it is not half bad considering all of the elements involved with Moving and having it coincide with an Adoption and the Holiday Seasons.    Oh... and Caregiving because I cannot do anything uninterrupted whatsoever... so it's not just like you decide to Decorate and can devote the majority of your Focus and Time to just that!  *Le Sigh*   So there will be a box you've dug out and decided you'll get busy with the unpacking and Styling with... and in rapid succession somebody NEEDS you... NEEDS something... thinks they could Help you!  Yeah, that last one is a doozy lemme tell ya!  *Ha ha ha*

Sometimes it's just pure Curiosity on their part what you're EVER doing when it doesn't involve or revolve around THEM!?  When any of them fails to be the Center of your entire Universe they will go to great lengths to remind you that they are Present... and you're NOT... because you are doing something else that isn't all about them!  *Gasp! And Ha ha ha*

I know, how DARE you, right?  *Bwahahahahaha!*   Nevermind that they actually will thoroughly Enjoy the Fruits of your Labor once it's all in place... but it's as if they Assume that the Decorating Fairies will Magically make it happen if I am not given the Time and Focus to sufficiently devote to it!?!

If you've ever tried to make the Magic happen and Create an Enchanting and Ethereal Holiday Ambiance around the Home or your Shop Space then you know inevitably that if Family or Customers are around, well, it's gonna be a Challenge for sure.   Our Antique Mall is Open Nine in the Morning to Nine at Night Seven Days a Week and every day but Christmas... so one would think you could Style your Space with ample Time.  But the Moment I begin it draws Customers like a Magnet... which can be a Good Thing since I can talk Eskimos into buying Ice-Cubes with my Gift of the Gab *Winks*... so if I'm there I can usually Sell something to somebody!   But it also means foofing my Showrooms takes WAY longer than I Anticipate given the Distractions and Interruptions!

Well, it's kinda like that at Home too when I'm trying to Decorate or Improve any Space... it draws the Family like a Moth to a Flame!   There is just something about Activity that is Magnetic and draws an Audience I guess?    At least at Home I can either get up earlier than all of them or wait 'til they all go to Bed to Transform things tho'... don't have that Luxury at my Showrooms before the Mall Opens or once it's Closed.   So I do have a distinct Advantage here... which is why my Home is looking more Festive for the Holidays than my Showrooms!   My Poor sorely Neglected Showrooms, they are Tragic right now and at the busiest Retail Season! *Ha ha ha*

But you know, as much as I Like making Bank at the Mall... I've been Concentrating most of my Efforts in making our New House a Home... and getting everything cleared out of the Old Homestead so I can make bigger Bank Selling that!   And I was a flurry of Activity Yesterday prepping and clearing the Dining Table and other seating and eating areas for The Feast!   Yes, this room is still Spartan, and I don't DO Spartan well... so that will eventually change!  *Winks* 

Yes, even tho' I still have Dead Heads scattered all over the floor of the Diningroom... out of Frame for this Post of coarse *Winks*... I've made certain we can at least EAT in here even tho' this room is far from Complete and still has much Work to be done to get it the way I want for it to be.  Taxidermy in just about every corner on the floors aside, at least I don't think we'll be tripping over Dead Animals to get to and from the Kitchen Island where the Buffet will be spread out?  *LOL*

And now that Summer is officially over in late November... yes, it's kinda like that in the Arizona Desert, it lingers to just about December with the Heat... I can open up most of the drapes around the Courtyard Door Windows... and just keep this one closed because I just like how it looks... tho' it's Pretty tied back too.

I finally had The Man help me slide the Antique Buffet in place where it should be, since clearly we are NOT gonna get the Taxidermy on the Walls behind it before this Holiday anyway... so no point it staying in front of the View into the back yard and obstructing it.  *LOL*   But I do Hope to hang Taxidermy up before Christmas because I so want to Decorate my Deer and Antelope with their Holiday Trappings for our First Christmas in the New Home!  *Smiles*

But, since I don't want them jumping off the walls like poor little Dikdik did, I'm Resisting the strong Urge to prematurely try to hang them without proper Guidance on how best to secure them adequately so that they remain HUNG AND NOT CRASHING TO THE FLOORS!??!  I was so very Spoiled by an Old Home with walls so damned thick that even during an Earthquake {yes we had a few tremors from some} it didn't even vibrate the place or shake anything loose!

Another thing I'm totally not used to is Sound carrying!   At the Old Homestead thick walls and Cozy rooms meant Sound did not carry!  In fact, you couldn't even yell out to someone just a room away coz they wouldn't be able to hear you.   This Home has cavernous rooms that are rather Cathedral Like in Height and quite vast in dimensions as well, so everything Echoes like an Auditorium!  Sound carries and resonates loudly... not because the walls are thin, we can't hear outside noise very well unless it's an F-35 flying overhead towards the Base, they are loud... but because the Acoustics are rather Good, well, if you were holding a Concert they'd be Ideal... but for Daily Living... not so much!  *Smiles*

Especially when you are Loud People... and we are... Loud... it's how we Roll... and as we get Older and harder of Hearing, well, we've become even Louder!  *Ha ha ha*   And The G-Kid Force, well, lets just say they're Rowdy... yeah, that's a Nice enough Word to Describe them adequately... Rowdy.  *Winks*

And while all of this Holiday Colliding is going on as we Celebrate a rapid succession of Holidays... well, the Serenity Prayer often comes to Mind.  Good thing I've got it hanging up on the Gypsy Drapes actually, as a constant Visual Reminder!  *Winks*

And maybe nobody will really Notice, when they come to spend Thanksgiving with us, that I've Cleverly Disguised some of the things that are actually just laying about ready to be hung or find permanent Placement?   Yeah, like plopping a Funky Hat on top of a stack of Antique Oversized Frames leaning against the walls, that will surround the Taxidermy still laying about on the floor in corners until whenever all of it eventually gets hung up... like that is gonna Fool anyone into thinking this is Intentional Styling slash Decorating, right??!??!!  *LOL*

And MAYBE I've got the other Champagne Tinsel Tree Placed far enough from the Gas Fireplace that it won't spontaneously combust or melt when we have the Fire lit for lengthy periods???!  Besides, I'm not really all that Impressed with how small and insignificant looking the Fires are in a Gas Fireplace, they don't nearly have the Pyrotechnics I'd Create with a REAL Wood Burning one!   But, as The Man and Kiddos would say, maybe that's a Good Thing?!??!  *Bwahahaha*  But I mean REALLY, that damned thing is ON in this pix for Heaven's Sakes... that's Pathetic and not quite the Ambiance I wanted for a roaring Fire backdrop for the Holidays!  *Le Sigh*  But it gets damned Hot and throws out some Good Toasty Heat for keeping Winter Chill down, so I keep checking that Tree!  *LOL*

The Lights on said Tree went kaput last year, which is why it's no longer our Main Christmas Tree... do you know how virtually Impossible it is to get a string of lights off of a Pre-Lit Tree?!?!?  I don't even know if you can, so I gave up trying... and we have an even smaller version of this one I brought Home from the Showroom for the same reason, Lights kaput now... so that one will Grace another Room unlit and it's still Showy enough to be a Keeper... in fact, I Love these Tinsel Pencil Trees for year-round Decorating for the Seasons.

And we'll continue to take down Autumn and those past Holidays now behind us... and continue to put up Christmas... so eventually the Holidays won't be Colliding... but not Today... Today we'll be concentrating on EATING!   And FELLOWSHIP... and Focusing upon all that we are THANKFUL for with GRATEFUL HEARTS.


HAPPY THANKSGIVING my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You post more often than any of my other blog friends, and with all the other things you have to do that's remarkable! Keep it up I enjoy reading them! I try for twice a month but that gets stretched out at times!

    1. Well, I've always had a Passion for Writing and for Photography, so Blogging combines two things that I most Enjoy for my Quiet Time whenever I get some rare Me Time and the Bonus has been I've met so many New Friends and Kindred Spirits in this Wonderful Community Online! I always appreciate your Visits to my Happy Place here in Cyberspace! ... Happy Thanksgiving... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I hope you and your extended family are having a wonderful Thanksgiving. I loved this blog, well, I love all your blogs. Our tastes are so similar it's amazing. Blessings to you and all those you love (and that includes the cat)

    1. Yes Lesley, one of the best Bonuses that was quite Unexpected for me when I began this Journey of Blogging was that there were more people just like me out there than I realized! My Eclectic Tastes seemed so Strange to most people I've known in Real Life situations... but here Online you Connect to more Kindred Spirits and Like Minded Souls than you ever could in several Lifetimes of Chance Meetings in Person! Dawn... The Bohemian


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