Monday, November 23, 2015

European Container Sale ~ Rust And Roses

Another of my Favorite Events this Month that I got to Attend was the European Container Sale Hosted by my Friend Shelly over at RUST AND ROSES and Featuring the UBER CHIC GUYS!

Fresh from Europe were items Sourced that are typically hard to find here and I'd been anxiously awaiting the next Containers full to arrive because I had a particular Thing I'd been Jonesin' for since moving into our Tuscan Villa Inspired Home!

Yep, in case the lead Image wasn't a strong enough Clue, I'd been desperately NEEDING at least one of these enormous European Demijohns... preferably the harder to Source Aqua Hued Glass... with it's Basket... and I knew Chris would have the best Selection and Price Point to Score one!

He didn't disappoint and here's the Beauty I Scored at a great price... in a Divine deep Aqua Hue and it came with it's Transport Basket, which isn't shown in this Image... but is European Italian Villa Rustic Cool too!  Mission Accomplished!

Inside were some New Creations by my Talented Friend Angela... this Gal does Mosaic like nobody else.   I think eventually I might NEED one of these when I have a discretionary Budget again!  *Winks*

This one happened to be my Fav...

But they were all Beautiful and I think that The Man would like them since they've got Antlers too!  *Smiles*

Of coarse I had to have my usual Visitation with Goose... whose going with an Asian Ensemble this Month.  *Smiles*

This was SO My Style!  Love it!

Don't know exactly what it is?  Probably some kind of Wall Sconce Vase since you could put Flowers in that Fabric Beaded Pocket?

And how about this Awesome piece for Storage!

And even though I don't Decorate with so much White out of Practical Reasons and being a more Colorful Personality... I really did Like the Upholstery of this Antique Love Seat.

Maybe Tea Stained I'd turn from Liking it to Loving it!

And the matching Arm Chairs with big squishy Down filled Pillow Seats, all Upholstered in a similar Style made it a Trio that would look Awesome to Feather any Nest with.

Here's a Close-Up of Chair No. One.

And Chair No. Two was equally Gorgeous.

Yes, curling up here with a Good Book I can Imagine me doing.

Now, I only Regret that I didn't have ample Free Time to Create this Blog Post before you missed this Great Event my Friends... Sorry... well, you KNOW how hectic my Schedule has been... so it's a Wonder I even made it on Opening Day actually!

And the Rustic European Style and Calmness it Evokes is really, really Appealing to me more and more now that I live Villa Style in the New Home... it really Grows on you I tell ya!

I could even see me going with some of this French Country Grey eventually, I really could, it's a very Soothing Palette and Timeless... goes well with Sepia too, which is Perfect since I have a LOT of Sepia already going on.  *Smiles*

And check out these Gorgeous Garden Peacock Chairs!  I could definitely see these in the Inner Courtyard, yes I could!  *Winks*

Adored the Faded Hue of this Silk Parasol... I have some in this Divine Hue already but mine aren't Painted with a Scene.

And I always Love the Ruins and Relics of Old Furniture left for Nature to Take Over and Reclaim!  I know, I'm totally Weird like that, but to me it is a thing of Beauty to Behold Benign Neglect like this and watch how Nature has it's way with it!?

The larger Necklace I LOVE.   I also Love the Message it Imparts to Bloom.

I'm Learning more and more to just Bloom where ever I'm Planted... and even if uprooted from time to time, to just Bloom again in a different Place.

Actually I Love both Necklaces... but the larger one is just my Fav by a narrow margin.  Santa Baby, you could bring me either... or BOTH... it doesn't matter.  *Winks*

There was some Beautiful New Art in the Shop... I liked this one with Garden Altar Scene.  I will be eventually Creating my Interior and Exterior Altars here at the New Property... I Love Creating Altars and every Home has always had one or more of them.

In the Boutique, SIRENS AND SAINTS there were some New Winter Fashions for your Wardrobe... and plenty of Accessories to Personalize them too.

WANT this Window Treatment... so My Style!

As was this Dress Form... but if I dragged another one of those Home I'm sure The Man would think they're taking over the house like The Walking Dead?!  *LOL*

One last Look at Window Treatment I'm Coveting!  *Ha ha ha*

And an Indian Headdress that would certainly go with my Funky Hat Collection here at Bohemian Valhalla and Celebrate my Cultural Roots!  *Smiles*

I do Hope you've Enjoyed Trawling some more Fabulous Favorite Shops and Events with me my Friends?

Though it was mostly Window Shopping this Month that was Okay... I did cross off something from the Mission Statement.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You do have the temptations for sure with so many interesting shows in your area! The Aqua bottle is gorgeous!

  2. You have the coolest places to shop!! Love the aqua bottle too.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. so nice to do all that wonderful shopping without leaving my chair this Black Friday...ha ha...everything is gorgeous. Great source, Sandi


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