Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Easing Into An Epic Christmas

Okay, so I wasn't all that Ready to go Full On Christmas just yet... I need to ease into it moderately I suppose... and can switch Seasonal gears more the day after we at least Celebrate Thanksgiving and the departure of Autumn.  So there will be a mixture of Pre-Holiday Visuals and Full On Christmas for a few Posts just so I can Transition at my own Pace. 

I rather like lingering in Autumn and it's Vibe you see... so I'm in no hurry to Rush through it into a brand new Season and it's Vibe... not even here in the Land of Blog.   It's hard enough for me to get into a Premature Christmas Spirit in a Retail Space so mine haven't really transitioned fully.  I applaud those of you who can and do though, you're like Olympic Athletes out the Retail Gate first!

I stand rather in Awe actually of Retail Spaces that already look Full On Christmas and will surely get first dibs on Consumer spending for the Holidays.   I used to Purchase my Gifts and Decor way early when I had a Career and could be spendy, I just don't have the means to now, so I don't Plan way ahead.  I suppose I should be buying throughout the entire Year to spread out the Expense of Holidays... but then I'd Forget where I stashed it!?!?  *LOL*

Yeah, that actually began to happen... and it got pretty Crazy when I'd inadvertently Discover a Holiday Gift Stash I'd completely Forgotten about and years had passed and it was no longer even relevant!   *Smiles*   Actually I once Forgot a Gift I'd bought for The Son's Christmas Pressy and didn't find it again until it could be given to The Grandson!   True Story... that's how bad stashing Gifts go, so I quit doing that!  *Ha ha ha*   Granted, The Son was quite Young when the Older Grandkids were born, so there's not much of an Age Gap between he and some of them... but STILL!

And besides, for the Older ones... Adult Children and Adult Grandchildren... it's just best to send Cash anyway, it's always the right Size and Color!  *Winks*   Nobody ever has complained that they were disappointed to receive the Benjamins... well, in actuality I think it became the Jacksons once there were so many of them, but still, nobody returns Cash like they might an unwanted Gift, right?!  *Ha ha ha*   And I just realize calling Twenties the Jacksons and so many of them, makes it seem like I was having some tongue in cheek humor there with a double entendre... when in fact it was purely unintentional! *Smiles*

Truth be told I had to Google to even remember which President was even ON a Twenty... was it Hamilton or Jackson?  *Bwahahaha*  Yep, it's been that long since I've had a wad of Cash to know for sure... ain't that Sad?  *Winks*   And the Benjamins... well, I only WISH I had more of those, don't you?  *ha ha ha*   Besides, lets face it, who even uses Cash anymore, I might be one of the only Dinosaurs who sometimes does?!?

Crazy True Story that recently happened after Working a Night Shift for example... I had the munchies and the only thing still open in our new area was the Drive-Thru of a Jack-In-The-Box... so I wanted the two regular Tacos for a buck off the Value Menu.   I got my Dollar and Change ready, but when I drove up to where you order they had a big Sign on the Menu Board saying they don't accept CASH after Ten P.M. at the Drive-Thru!!!   WTF?!?  

 They expect me to pay with a Credit or Debit Card with a Purchase off the Dollar Menu... that's Insane and an indication that maybe nobody actually uses Cash anymore?!  Not to mention I don't understand WHY they won't or can't take CASH, isn't it still Legal Tender?  Or are there now so many Fast Food Drive-Thru Robberies in the wee hours that it's too dangerous to use Cash, I just don't know?  So, needless to say I went Home Hungry and Jonesin' for Cheap Tacos at a ridiculous hour!  *LOL*

In fact, just re-telling a Story about Cheap Tacos at almost Midnight Tonight is making me hungry and Jonesin' for some all over again!  *ha ha ha*   And reminding me that now we live more Rural, there aren't nearly enough Fast Food Joints and Convenience Stores to satiate a Craving anymore! Just more Fresh Air sans the smog, Peace, Quiet and Pretty Natural Scenery, and that is what we wanted now... so Cravings have to be kept at bay and in check more often as a Trade-Off to Enjoy healthier, safer and more Serene Living!  *Smiles*

I'm liking the Changes and I Suspect my Christmas Decorating will Reflect the Changes as well.   Celebrating your First Christmas anywhere is always Special and rather Memorable as well as Monumental.   The Man and The G-Kid Force have already put in a request for a new Christmas Tree since we can go bigger on Tree Size here due to the dimensions of the rooms being more Grandiose than in a Century Old Home.

Yes, I do still have the Champagne Tinsel Pencil Trees in two rather diminutive sizes... but the Lights finally went kaput on both of them and we keep the one up all Year and Decorate it for various Seasons, so that doesn't count.  *LOL*   No, the Family want an Epic Christmas Tree this Year to Celebrate the Holidays in our New Home... so I suppose I should be looking for and Saving for my best Epic Christmas Tree Deal now!?!  And I think I need to ease into an Epic Christmas slowly!  *Ha ha ha*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh, this is a great post. I rarely have cash in my wallet. I LOVE debit. The hidden Christmas gift is always a joke at my house. AND we once lost a ceramic Christmas tree, found it 20 years later and lost it again!! A small gift to open and cash for Christmas is always our gifts to the kids now. We can't afford what they want now anyway. It's not about THAT anyway, is it.
    xx, Carol

    1. Exactly the Meaning of the Season often gets lost in the Commercialization doesn't it? I had to Smile about the lost ceramic Christmas Tree since we too have certain things that are in a perpetual state of being Lost, Found and then Lost again, why is that I Wonder? Ha ha Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Will be fun to see what tree you end up getting!


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