Friday, October 23, 2015

What Do You Do When Torrential Rains Come?

So... what do you do when torrential rains come and it's too wet and Wild to venture outside?  Well, I set about unpacking some more of our stuff, organizing what is still boxed and Decorating for the Holidays some more!   My 1950's Mystic Tray was a Rare Find and I had negotiated a Great Deal on it even before I knew how much they were fetching at Auction.  Sometimes you just have a gut instinct about the Value of some things and I thought the graphics were so Cool and rather a Retro Knock Off of the Classic Ouija.  I didn't mind that it had some minor condition issues, gives it some Charm.

And within my Vignettes I keep finding little additions that Princess T tucks in there, putting her Stamp on everything and seeing if I notice or how long it takes me to notice?  *Smiles*  She's been my little Helper during this Unpacking and Organization Project I got going on at the New Home right now.   It helps that anything needing to go upstairs can be trekked up there by nimble legs younger and more energetic than mine!  *Winks*  She's like a Gazelle sprinting up and down those stairs!   So now the Art Studio Spaces aren't nearly so barren anymore.

It feels good to finally be unpacking a lot of the boxes and getting things put away or Displayed again.   Yes, I will still be concentrating on the Old Property being cleared completely out and readied for Sale... but on inclement weather days, it's just best to hunker down here and get things done and making some progress in the Moving In Process as well.

I didn't have a place to hang The Man's Raven... it was his Squadron Mascot so his Brother The Taxidermist sent him one before Retirement and I just Love this Magnificent Creature.  Unfortunately he doesn't Photograph so well as he looks in Real Life.

Right now I don't have a specific place I wanted him permanently hung from the ceiling... so for now he Graces the Entry Hallway... atop my drapes which still are also waiting to be hung!  *Ha ha ha*  Well, what can I say, The Man and I aren't about to go up the Ladder Of Death, these ceilings are SO high I think we need an even taller Ladder of Death anyway... and so we're still waiting on Thrill Seeking Family or Friends to risk their Lives instead.   *Smiles*

These Large Heavy Board Display Retro Halloween Props were a Thrilling Find at only Ten bucks apiece for the two taller ones and only Five bucks apiece for the slightly smaller ones!   I'm not sure they weren't a part of a Commercial Display judging by how thick, heavy and sturdy they are?  And my best Guess by the Graphics are that they are from the Sixties or Seventies?   I recall these types of Halloween Graphics being Popular during those Eras.  This one is my Favorite and the largest of the Quartet.

The Ghost was another very large one...  I like that he has such Attitude!

The Black Cat atop a Jack-O-Lantern was my Favorite of the slightly smaller ones...  I like the Black Cat Graphics of this Era.

And the Fearful Ghost was the other slightly smaller one.   There was a Witch that I didn't get, she was one of the large ones but had some Condition Issues.

Now that it's Feeling very much like the Holidays Princess T has been in the Mood to make Refreshments and Baked Goods.   So I suppose we'll soon be making our Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skulls and matching Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skully Cookies.   Today she was in Kool-Aid Mode, I was almost expecting her to charge us all for our Refreshments, she looked quite the Entrepreneur standing there!  *Ha ha ha*

In case you haven't been to Wal-Mart lately, The Pioneer Woman now has an entire Line of her Products there and they are Awesome.  We watch her Show all the time so were Jazzed to pick up some of her Kitchenware Products... so Cute!   When you've got a band of thirsty Kiddos traipsing thru the Home all day this is mighty handy and saves the fridge door being opened and closed a gazillion times a day too! 

Now, the bottom half of our Scary Butler is missing, he came that way to us... but we don't mind, he doesn't take up as much space and we got the best half of him... *Smiles*

And who can resist Uncle Fester's Head on a Dish?   Especially us Addams Family Die Hard Fans!!!  *Smiles*   Yes, those Golden Stones are Natural and came that way... we have also been Die Hard Rock Hounds all our Lives and Arizona is great Rock Hunting Territory for various Precious and Semi-Precious Stones, Minerals, Gold, Silver, Copper and Gems.

We keep adding to our Dia de los Muertos Altar...

And it was good to find so many of my Favorite Halloween Display items that had been packed away in unlabeled boxes just in time for the Holiday!  *Whew*   Though this Kewpie Doll looks positively Tortured and that's why I Love it and got it for a Halloween Prop, in reality it is a Vintage Commercial Chocolate Mold and they're mostly Caged like that.

I was also very glad that I had wrapped things well and so the transport over hadn't damaged anything and so far everything I've unpacked has been okay!  *Whew*

Especially items like my Antique Dolls and other more Fragile Collectibles that I didn't want to Risk having damaged, it is a relief when you unpack them and see that they made it over intact!  I attribute that to the fact I decided to do the labor intensive task of packing it all myself rather than relying upon a Professional Moving Company.  Yes, its been long and a lot of work, but having all my Treasures intact makes it worth it... not to mention the cost effectiveness of DIY Projects.

I was almost going to Sell Off my large Glitter Skully since he is now dusty and with all that Glitter I haven't found the most effective way to dust him off... I've used Paint Brushes, damp wipes, but his Glitter is tenacious about holding onto that dust!  *Le Sigh*   So, I just decided to put him out 'As Is' and forget about it!

And when the torrential rains finally subsided from this last fierce Monsoon Storm we had, we couldn't wait to go down to the Green Belt Parks at the end of our Street and see the Lovely Pond effect all that rain had Created!

No, we don't have Permanent Waterfront Property, but after a good rain we have a slew of Temporary Scenic Ponds where the runoff collects.  It only lasts a day or so at best, so you have to Enjoy it while it lasts!

The Trees Love it and so do the Kiddos!   It's not very deep but it gives the Illusion of being a proper Pond or small Lake and it really is quite Lovely.   As is the Weather now that the rains have Cooled everything off to being in the low Seventies, which is Sublime... and also why I could get so much done in my Garages with the Unpacking Process and Organization of boxes that remain.  It's also nice for long walks outside now, which is great exercise for The Man and I.

I'm sticking with uniform boxes now like Banana and Apple Boxes and Milk Crates... and using the mish-mash of other packing boxes for the Goodwill runs now for Donations.   So... it's all coming together slowly but surely, which sure Feels Good!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Haha, we have the ladder of death too. My husband went up on it when we first moved in to change out a chandelier - our ceilings are so high! Never again! Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration - as always!


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