Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Heirloom Variety... Just Our Style...

Even though I haven't been unpacking boxes like I should, I have been busy doing other things in preparation for the Holidays.   I colored one of my Skullies... coloring just makes me feel like a Kid again and it's such a Soothing activity I have never outgrown it.  In fact, I'm noticing a wealth of Coloring Books coming out at the Bookstores now specifically designed for Adults with Mandala Art and such on the pages... so Fun and Relaxing, as a Great Stress Reliever I highly recommend it.

But Tonight I was coloring my Skully... I had bought two and left one 'As Is' and decided I'd color the other with my permanent markers.   Some of the Design didn't take the markers so well, but it turned out Okay and I'm almost done with it now, though I decided to photograph it anyway for my Post even though it's not completed yet.

I'm still Surprised that some of the best Heirloom Pumpkins, Halloween and Dia de los Muertos Decor I found this year were at Grocery Stores and Home Improvement Stores, who knew?!  And one would think their pricing might be higher since they don't specialize in Seasonal Decor, but in fact they were at a Bargain or even on Sale early!

I went back to the Home Improvement Stores to try to find our Heirloom Pumpkins, we couldn't remember which one we'd seen the best ones at though so we ended up going to a few before finding the right one!  *LOL*   Do you ever do that?   I remembered vaguely that at least it was in a Home Improvement Store, I just didn't remember which neighborhood exactly I'd seen the ones we wanted?  But finally the LAST one we went to was the right one!  *Ha ha ha*

The big Reddish one that The Man had wanted was gone, but we found a deep Orange one we liked the color and shape of, plus it had some warts so the G-Kid Force would be pleased too.  The Home Improvement Stores also offer Military Discounts so we got our Pumpkins even cheaper than the already reasonable price!   But very few Stores this year carried the Heirloom varieties... we'll get our regular Pumpkins that will be carved into our Jack-O-Lanterns  from the Pumpkin Patch Festival when we take all the Grandkids to pick theirs out there, which is our annual Tradition.

They still had quite a few nice 3-D Heirloom Pumpkins that I had liked so we got one of those too.  We usually keep the Heirloom Pumpkins to Decorate indoors where they will keep longer since Summer hasn't gone away completely yet here in the Desert.  We're getting some Glorious days where it drops to the Eighties with a Cool Breeze, but we're still getting some triple digit days too.

I will also be gleaning Pumpkin Stems from the Pumpkin Patch when I go... to add to the Stash of them I have at Home awaiting Velvet Pumpkin making.  Yes, I know, I didn't get around to it again... time got away from me... but it's on the List of Creative Projects for the New Art Studio whenever I have enough Down Time to begin Creating again.  It's so easy peasy to Create Fabric Pumpkins that you really should try your hand at it.  If you aren't sure how, there are several really good Tutorials online to Guide you step by step.

I also finally got my Bats hung up securely enough they won't be flying off the walls when the doors slam shut.  I'm still getting used to New Build Vibrations, so very different than Historic Homes, which are so Rock Solid nothing ever Vibrates on the walls from anything.   New Homes aren't as soundproof either we're discovering... but then, their interior and exterior walls aren't fourteen to sixteen inches thick of Railroad Ties, Rock and Adobe either like what we were used to!  *Ha ha ha*

They make the interior walls and arches appear thick, but I suspect they are hollow and an optical illusion?  *Winks*   But I am pleased to discover that all of the enormous doors of this New Home are not hollow core and are solid Wood and quite heavy.   As you know I have this Door Fetish, especially Obsessed with Old Doors and Hoarding them.  But I couldn't replace any of the Modern Doors here with Old Ones from my Stash because Good Lord, these in this Home are about Ten Feet High so the dimensions dwarf all my Old Door Hoard, even the Old Victorian ones which are quite tall!   And, some of the Doors here are Arched, which is pretty Cool and I wouldn't want to replace those anyway.

You should have seen the great lengths I have gone to in order to Secure all of the Art and Taxidermy I have hung so far, they might shift a bit and have to be straightened every now and again after several door slammings, but they aren't going anywhere!  *Winks*   This was especially Important with my Bats, they are very Fragile Creatures and one is housed in an Antique Frame with Domed Glass so I couldn't risk them flying nor jumping off the walls!

Princess T has finally made several BFF's in the New Neighborhood so she's been giving House Tours to all her New Friends.  *LOL*   Our Home is rather an Oddities Museum of sorts to most Kiddos and so they always want a Grand Tour after they've had a peek inside at what the G-Kid Force's Weird Kooky Gramma has in her Collections and likes to Decorate with!  *Smiles*   Kids and Teens are rarely repulsed by The Weird And The Wonderful, they are Intrigued by it, think it's way Cool and ask a lot of Questions since Children tend to Naturally have a Curious Nature.  I Wonder why some lose it as Adults?

Anyway, quite by Accident I am Discovering a few of my Seasonally Appropriate items that I'd packed up, just in time to Display them for the Holidays.   Some I hadn't designated into Seasonal Decor boxes when I packed it all up so it was kind of like a Treasure Hunt to Accidentally locate them again... like my Spiderweb Antique Bottle.  Now, I don't know what it initially held back in the Old Days, it Intrigues me though since it has the Spiderweb Design raised in the Glass and I've never seen one before or since I got this one at our Antique Mall.   I like to Imagine it was some Snake Oil Peddler or Old Gypsy hawking Magic Potions?!  *Smiles* 

This year Vintage Halloween is flying off the shelves at our Antique Mall... I know mine Sold Out quickly and every day I'm in the Mall Halloween Decor is what Customers are seeking and bringing up to the Counter all day.   It doesn't have to be the really Old, really Expensive Vintage or Antique Halloween either... so many of the Young Adults are seeking Vintage Halloween from their Childhood back in the Seventies and Eighties now... or even the early Nineties.   It's always hard for me to remember that for some Generations, that IS Vintage and Nostalgic already!  *Ha ha ha*  For me it doesn't even seem that long ago, you know?

Now, I can't even begin to tell you how many of my Customers and Friends have been seeking Demented Clown Decor for Halloween because of how Creepy and Terrifying most People think Clowns are!   But I just cannot bring myself to Let Go of my Old Foam Demented Clown, he's in rough shape and brittle after all these years but he's just too Awesomely Gruesome, Terrifying and Creepy to get rid of... and The G-Kid Force think he's really Cool... Clearly they don't have a Fear of Clowns, even the Terrifyingly Demented ones!  *LMAO*   Yes, we definitely are Addams Family Type folks aren't we?  *Winks*

The things we Enjoy surrounding ourselves with twenty-four seven aren't your Average Stuff, but for us it's far more Interesting and makes People FEEL something.  Even if the Feeling is Repulsion when someone enters our Home, at least they FELT something that Created a Reaction, which to me is preferable, rather than being Bored or Feeling Nothing at all.   If everything is Expected then it just tends to be Boring after a while... perhaps that is why I've always Preferred and Enjoyed the Unexpected and Odd... or those things that were Creatively done and I haven't seen before.

And with our Neighbors now beginning to Decorate the exteriors of their Homes for Halloween the Neighborhood is buzzing with Pre-Holiday activity and I'm Reveling in it and can hardly wait to see how my New Neighborhood Celebrates!?!   I hear that Trick-Or-Treating here is a Big Deal and done the Old Fashioned way by just about everyone in the Area and I'm Delighted to hear that... now that's just our kind of People!

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Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I have the Adams Family living next door to me (and I love it!) They have animal skulls in the back garden,,,mainly sheep I think, and a zombie climbing out of a grave. We are the only people who can see into their garden, which is a good thing, because I don't think many of the others would approve. Blessings

  2. the neighbors have a treat in store when they come to your house for trick or treating and a tour! Have Fun!


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