Thursday, October 29, 2015

Taking A Walk

So I've been in this Walking Mood now that the Weather has taken a Glorious Turn... and along with walking in my New Neighborhood, which is quite Beautiful and Majestically Scenic with the Natural Desert and close-up Mountain Range views, I have also gone Downtown to my Favorite Historic Districts to walk as well.  Since the Scenery of those Historic Architectural Treasures is equally Captivating and visually an Eye Candy Treat.  

I like when pockets of Historical Areas haven't gone Ghetto in a City, going into a tragic decay and decline beyond redemption.  I like when they are Cherished, Preserved and well Cared for as the Gems they truly are.  I had Considered buying one of them actually when we made the Big Move... but they were way overpriced and thus mostly unaffordable... in the Inner City near too many areas I definitely didn't want flanking my property... and the Schools SUCKED.  But I still do Enjoy taking a gander since Historic Homes is my 'Thing' even tho' I have now chosen not to live in one.

Not to mention the City Parks can also be Lovely this time of year... though personally I prefer Natural Desert and Mountains, Downtown in the Inner City, a well Maintained Park can be the next best thing.   I totally understand why The Man does NOT ever want to Live in the City, the shortcomings outweigh the benefits for our chosen Lifestyle, so Rural is where we prefer to Invest our Lives.   But I'm one of those people completely Comfortable in both the City and the Country... Enjoying the Merits of each... so a nice balance of spending time in both suits me just fine.  *Smiles*

I've chosen just a few of my Favorite Historic Properties in this one District to Share in this Post... more of them came up for Sale than usual this year, so if one was wanting to Invest in the City's Historical District, it was a possibility at least.   I like when there are possibilities... it gave us more Options when we were choosing where we'd put down permanent roots this time around.   Some of these Homes never come up for Sale... and Thankfully greedy Investors haven't destroyed some of the areas where Historic Preservation measures Protect them adequately.  That isn't the case in many parts of the City battling this scourge and that's a real Shame.

When I'm watching Reality TV I feel very Conflicted when million plus dollar listings of Homes with History are grabbed by Investors that will raze them just to make a twenty plus million dollar property Profit, since The View is what the deep pockets can buy at any cost.   I totally Get It, when making that much Profit is possible, greed will almost always trump conscience about what one is destroying in order to achieve it.  But once History is Lost... that's a Forever Thing that I'm not sure we can place adequate Value upon at the end of the day.   So it should be adequately monitored and held in check too to how much is Sold Off to the highest bidders.

Just because you can do something doesn't always mean you should.   But who and what can be 'Bought' is always a big consideration when it comes to alleged Progress and Change isn't it?  I am very Glad that Metro Phoenix FINALLY began designating Historic Districts before it all was Lost... they were very late on getting on the bandwagon of Preservation of it's History.   When I remember what was Lost just in my lifetime and living here Witnessing it's demise, it makes me heartsick, it really does.

But there are still some, even in the Great Areas, that need a lot more TLC... like this one... which Sold for quite a lot of money and has so much of it's original Charm, but which still languishes in the Restoration Process.  I only full well know the Challenges of that daunting Project, so I'm not Judging.   It does take a huge Financial commitment to Restore a Historic Home and keep it well Maintained and it can become a money pit if you don't have the means to stay on top of it.

My Temptation, when we were looking at buying a different Home, was to fall into the Desire to want to Rescue a Home such as this and have it be Our Project!  *LOL*   Resisting that ridiculous Temptation at this Season of Life and reminding myself that was precisely why I was Selling the Beloved Old Homestead was what kept me in Check!  *Whew*   Yeah, this one would be a Labor of Love... and at the prices in this Area, not at all worth it on any Modest Budget... we'd leave this one to a deep pocket Preservationist.  *Smiles*

Now this one is still for Sale and Magnificently Restored and I had the distinct Pleasure of talking to it's present Owner who was very nice, back when I was looking for a property to buy.   But the Price Point was for the Rich or Famous... of which I am neither... so... it was on to the next.  *LOL*   I really feel the Home I bought compares in size and Architectural details authentic to this Style, so in a way I got my Wish for what I was seeking and within our Budget.  So it was all Good to behold what we couldn't have just so we'd know what we really wanted when we could find it at the right Price Point.   Location... Location... Location... if you go further out of the City you definitely get more bang for your buck... and often in a Pristine Natural Setting which is Priceless IMO.   I don't mind the commute and NOT dealing with Inner City Issues either.

And speaking of Issues... is it just me, or is it more than a bit Amusing to find a faux stack of Vintage Suitcases costing this much when you can stack the Real Deal for about a Hundred bucks or so?  Maybe that's just the Die Hard Junquer in me speaking and not everybody knows that?  Granted, this one has drawers in every faux Suitcase, which was rather Cool, but with a SALE Price of a Grand and a half, uhhhh... nope, don't think so.  It would have to be Seriously Reduced beyond this Price Point for me to bite.  Funny how whatever is On-Trend will be knocked off in some kind of way for Mass Retail Purposes so that if you can't get the Real Deal you can pay a fortune to get The Look anyway.  *Ha ha ha*   Very Nice tho', I liked it and it's better than Big Box Yawnfest lackluster Design that is a dime a dozen I must say.

The Man and I, once the Old Home Sells, want a New Bed for the Master Suite tho'... so I'm eyeballing the Possibilities now to get some Ideas of what we're preferring.   This Ebony Canopy Bed was in the fore-running... really liked this Style, though mine would have Jewel Tone Gypsy draping and bedding so it didn't resemble a sterile Hospital Bed to me so much.  *Smiles*  No, I'm Serious, when I see this Colorless Palette on a Bed it makes me think of a Deathbed Shroud kinda thing... which is NOT the Sexy or Restful Look or Vibe I'd be going for in the Boudoir!   I don't want the Eternal Rest Look! *ha ha ha*

Well, I Hope you've been Amused during our Walk together?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hello Dawn. I'm with you on the 'city and country' living. I can enjoy both environments. You have shared some lovely homes here. It always baffles me about this modernisation of old buildings - why not just move to a new one? I fear that soon there will ne untouched homes, it's like the trend for women to have all kinds of surgery you know? Ha ha. Inner city parks are the green spaces and the wild places for people who can only dream of the real ones. An oasis I guess. I hope your old home sells for you soon so you can have that bed you're dreaming of. Blessings to you from a grey wet England. x

  2. Good morning Dawn......ahhh.....a walk through the Encanto area. Such a lovely spot....we used to live in a home at 7th and Holly any moons ago.....this certainly brought back memories.



  3. Fun tour, those houses are humongous...even here, the McMansions slammed up on 40 foot lots are insane. They tore down a long ugly ranch across the street and put up 3 townhouse type houses...with no yard or driveways. I look at three home fronts consisting of a door and a double garage door. Sad really.

    Lovely tour there though...and yes, any preservation of historic architecture is worth it. That's what living GREEN is all about, thanks, Sandi


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