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Sweet Salvage ~ French Market ~ Part II

After Today it will be Au Revoir for the French Market Event at SWEET SALVAGE.  Yes, this will be the very last day you could have gotten your Francophile On and Feathered your Nest to resemble the French Riviera or a Country Chateau.

But don't worry, next Month the Theme will be everything Christmas for the upcoming Holidays and I know you're totally going to revel in that aren't you?   As for me I am more inclined at this Season of Life to have accumulated a great stash of Christmas Decor, enough to Decorate several Homes in fact.   So the next big Culling will be of my Christmas Hoard which is still sitting in Seasonal Storage at the Old Homestead waiting for the Great Edit and Purge that will happen to it!

Except for some torrential rains lately the Weather is trying to Cool off... and once it does I can sit outside on the Old Acreage and wade thru my Christmas stash to decide what to Keep, what to Sell and what to Donate of it?  I probably should have done it sooner in actuality, but I concentrated on other things and really need to get what will be Sold of it into Inventory NOW!

I suppose that being rather a Novice in Retail Sales I'm just not used to having to think ahead so many Months for the Holiday Sales windows of opportunity that are Ideal to begin the Selling of that Inventory.   I so Admire those Vendors who do... such as my Friends at SWEET SALVAGE... they have it out and impeccably Styled in plenty of time for every Special Holiday and Season that comes along.   In fact, their Events and the Vignettes of other Shops that Specialize in Styling their Products Beautifully are the ones that always get me in the Mood for the Holidays and Seasons approaching!

How can you NOT think upon Decorating and Styling your own Home, Business or Vacation Spaces for the upcoming Seasons and Holidays after having been so Inspired by the Vignettes at these Shops, Events and Shows?   If you are thinking upon a Change of Decor it is also invaluable to see how it is done Well and how you were drawn to certain Showcasing of things.

I've Changed things up considerably since moving to the New Home since it's Style of Architecture is so very different than our Historic Home was.   Sure, I did Keep some of my most Coveted Treasures amassed over a Lifetime, but I've also begun to Style differently to compliment a Tuscan Inspired Home's Architectural Features as well.   I've really Embraced the Warm Tuscan Color Palette in fact and find it to be a very Soothing Environment to Live with these Hues.

In fact Color is something you can Change up often when you're Decorating... just changing out Accessories like Pillows and Linens can alter a Room so drastically Season to Season... and yet not break the Bank to get those various Looks.   I've always been Frugal when it comes to Decorating on a Modest Budget and stretching it to go as far as possible.  Perhaps that is why I've always preferred things that have had a previous Life over something brand New?   Well, that's one of MANY reasons why actually.

You're just not going to get the Quality and Uniqueness from brand New mass produced Products that you can while scouring for Vintage, Antique, Upcycled and Repurposed Decor.  Not everybody is going to have it either, even if they want it!  *Smiles*    To give your Home a particular Distinction from all others and a lot of Character Unique to your Taste and Aesthetic you can get a lot of bang for your buck Shopping for Decor that has had a previous Life.

And let us not Forget the OOAK Products Created by Local Artisans that are far more Unique to Decorate with for the Holidays than just purchasing such Decor from a big box store!   Why would you even want to have mass produced faux Pumpkins for your Harvest, Thanksgiving and Halloween Theme when you can have something far prettier, more Artistic and totally Unique instead?!?

The majority aren't priced a whole lot more, but even those that are more spendy are usually worth the Investment for that Wow Factor and as small Works of Art to Decorate your Home with.  My Fabric Pumpkins serve double duty as Seasonal Decor and then when out of Season they often hold my Brooch Bling in plain sight and for the Visuals it provides throughout the Year.  Why hide your prettiest things away Seasonally or only when you wear them I say?!

If you've bought a thing of Beauty it can be Displayed and Enjoyed all year long if you want to.   I Loved that many of the Sweater Fabric Pumpkins and Lace Pumpkins also had Appliques, Trims and Bling to make them all the more Stunning and Visually Inspiring. 

I also drape my Bohemian Bling around the necks of Statuaries, Antique Dress Forms and Vintage Mannequins so that I can find it more easily, Enjoy it more often and Share it's Beauty with those who come to Visit.   A Pretty Thing is always a Delight to Behold, so Share it Visually with others!

And even your Natural Collections can be Showcased and Arranged Beautifully in Vignettes and under Cloches.   If you Love the Ocean, Lakes and Rivers as much as I do then you've probably also amassed a Collection of these Natural Treasures over the years too.   I just Loved Myko's Coral, Seashell and Pearl Collections Displayed so Artfully.

Even my Grandchildren have this Thing for Coral and Shells... so whenever we've Found any at a good price we've snagged them for our Personal Collections and to Display around our Home.  Love the little Frozen Charlotte atop a Sea Urchin and upturned Shell.

And this little Vignette just reminded me of Paris Apartment Style... loads of decadent layers of Loveliness in a very Romantic Styling just has that Paris in the Spring Vibe to it I think.  Of coarse it's been Beaucoup years since I've been to France so I don't know what it's like now really, but it's Okay to have our American Interpretation and version of it too.  *Winks*  You don't have to Style anything Authentically if you don't want to, a certain Country or way of Life could just Inspire you to Decorate your Home as YOU want for it to be, even the most loose Interpretation of it.

In fact, I Hope that you do Style your Personal Spaces the way YOU want for them to be even after deciding upon a certain type of Style you want to go for.   I now Live in a Tuscan Inspired Home, but it doesn't mean I have to make it look Authentically like we live in Italy in a Genuine Villa!  *Smiles*  But the Architecture and Stylization of this Home can certainly Influence me to want to bring a little bit of Tuscany to the Arizona Desert now that I have this Great Architecture to work with that can achieve that better than any Home I've ever lived in before.

And speaking of places I've lived in before, it was so nice to see some of the Old Homestead Represented at this Show.   See that Old Aqua Fencing... yep, from the excess Architectural Salvage Elements of our Old Home...

And our Old Jukebox has been Lovingly Restored by my Friend Kenny and is now operational again!  I'm so Happy about that, I didn't have the means for a Restoration and have many fond Memories of all the years we did listen to the Music on it and Collecting the Vinyl Forty-Fives to put in it.  It's Fantastic to see it given New Life again and know that it will be bought by someone who Appreciates such Retro things and will Love it as much as we have for many more years to come.

And that Old Aqua Gate... yep, from our one hundred year plus Old Homestead too!  When we had taken down a lot of interior Fencing and Gates on the Acreage at the Old Home years ago, to Transform it back to a Single Family Residence because it had been broken up into multiple Apartments over the years, I kept a lot of the Elements because they had such Character.  No place for them here at the New Home so I was Delighted to pass them along and give them a New Life somewhere else.

If you too Share a Love of Old you always want to Preserve and Rescue as much of it as you can and give it New Life so it won't be Wasted or Destroyed and Lost forever.   Even Elements of Old Linens, Sweaters and such can become so many Creative things and be Upcycled into something New and Wonderful using the Old pieces Salvaged.

And if something isn't in the right Color... well, PAINT IT and distress it to give it that Hue that you want to Decorate with and some added Character.   Not everything can have the Original Patina Imparted only by Time and the Elements, but you can Create the Illusion of it if you can't find the Real Deal.   And doing this to pieces that are Older makes it all the more Believable.

Of coarse sometimes you can hold out or Luck out and find The Real Deal and that is one of those Moments!   This Wine Rack was quickly SOLD and I'm rather Glad because I certainly didn't have the budget for a large purchase and yet this is one of those Rare Killer Finds that you almost couldn't walk away from when you find one!  *Swooning*   No... I don't drink that much Wine actually, but even a Collection of Old Bottles would look great Displayed on this and it Evokes a European Vibe for sure!

Well, I think I can eek at least one more Post out of the Images I captured at the Event... so come back again... even though the Event is a Wrap, we'll still be duly Inspired by what I Preserved of the Moments there!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. You did so great to come away empty handed! Your day will come though I'm sure!


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