Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ French Market ~ Part I

Though it was once again time to make the Monthly Pilgrimage to SWEET SALVAGE, for perhaps one of the most popular Event Themes, The French Market, I almost didn't go!!  *Gasp!*   I've been so exhausted with The Move and The Adoption Process for The G-Kid Force that I was physically and emotionally spent for a few days leading up to the Event.  I wanted to go, but I almost couldn't roll out of bed that Morning and it took The Man coaxing, prodding and convincing me that I shouldn't miss it and it would be good for me to get me to decide he was probably right.

You see, I knew the line would be enormous waiting to get in since this is one of the most popular Event Themes.  Not to mention the Weather was pretty fierce that Morning, already topping triple digits again... so I wasn't sure I was up to getting there early enough to get a good place in line and waiting?  In fact, I felt like falling asleep again standing up... so it was fortuitous that I was one of the Lucky ones who won the drawing to get in early!  *Whew and a Happy Dance!*  This also meant I could get some really good Images before the crowds descended upon the Vignettes and the Shopping Frenzy began!  *Yay!*

And I confess that I was more than a little bummed that I knew I couldn't buy anything due to the dreaded budget constraints this Month.  With The Move, The Adoption, Medical Bills and unexpected Major Expenses after The Move... well, I've been pretty tapped out during a Month when all kinds of Events, Shows and The State Fair are happening... so that really sucks!  *Le Sigh*  Typically I want October to be the kick-off of a lot of Activities and Fun Times so I usually Save up a discretionary Recreational budget, but this year, that just wasn't possible due to present circumstances.  I Hate when that happens, don't you?   So I had to force myself to be Content to just behold it all and capture Images thru the Eye of my Lens.   This Antique Clock Tower was Fabulous, what an Interesting way to Display a Collection... very Alice In Wonderland-like.

My Favorite Antique Clock was the top one... I'd never seen one quite like this... and I have this Thing for Old Black Clocks even if they aren't functional anymore...

My second Favorite was the one on the bottom... I've seen this Style before but this one was particularly Ornate...

But even the middle one, though not Black, had Interesting Colored Columns... and of coarse the Faces of all of the Old Clocks are always so Wonderful aren't they?

In fact, this Vignette was a little slice of Clock Heaven... with Big ones, Little ones and Clock parts galore to Decorate with or use for Projects.

Do you have any Idea how hard it was to just see all of this and not pick up even one teensy tiny Clock or Part?!  *Smiles*

I knew in advance that Temptations would abound right, left and center at this Event... but sometimes you just have to gird yourself with every ounce of Restraint you have in you and just go to Experience it all sometimes, but without dragging anything Home with you.   Sometimes I say that before leaving the house and Cave when I arrive and cannot Resist, but this time I knew I just couldn't... and so I didn't... yet it was still so Enjoyable to behold it all and visit with Friends there.

I have always wanted an Enamelware Set of French Canisters... typically they're quite pricey if you can even find a set... so these were very difficult to walk away from... perfect Enamelware color and pattern... good price... good condition for their Age... dammit!  *LOL*   I Soothed my disappointment with the observation that Cafe' was missing it's lid and it is only a partially complete set... it was only a small consolation though.   These would have looked Splendid at Villa Bohemia wouldn't they?  *Winks*

And of coarse my Friend Minnie's Bedding and Pillows is always a Showstopper... absolutely J'Adore the large Lace Pillow!  *Swooning*

In my Head I was really NEEDING it, you know?  *Ha ha ha*  So I had to Wrestle with myself that the Pillow Hoard I already have going on at Home doesn't really NEED another one... it was just an Intense WANTING I was Struggling with in actuality!  *winks*   Sure is purdy tho' isn't it?  Sure wouldda looked Elegant in the Boudoir huh?

In fact Pillows and Bedding were Selling fast so I actually kept Hoping those I was Attracted to most would just go Home with someone else so that I wouldn't even be Tempted anymore!   Isn't that Sad?  *LOL*

But ya wanna see the ONE THING that I HATED to leave without and HAD to???!   This beyond Divine Antique French Velvet and Metallic Trim Pillow!   OMG... so ME... so MY STYLE... and Thankfully, priced too high for me to even Consider.  *Whew!*  So that was somewhat of a Relief because had it been less expensive, I KNOW I would have had to try to justify a single purchase because I doubt I could have left it behind or I would have certainly had Non-Buyer's Regret FOREVER!  *Smiles*

But I did fondle it a lot... I was certainly having a Forbidden Love Affair with said Pillow that's for certain!   I desperately WANTED it... I did... it was so Seductive... and I kept walking back to it and making excuses to myself to spend a little more time with it...

And Photograph it a LOT... every Gorgeous Detail of it had to at least be Preserved on film so that I could revisit it again and again thru Images, since I couldn't Own it in person... dammit!  *LOL*

And yes, there were Perfectly Divine French Boudoir Dolls too... *Le Sigh*

But all in all, it wasn't as difficult for me to walk away from most of the Lovelies after I had made up my Mind decisively that I just couldn't have any of it.   And when I got Home The Man and The Young Prince could hardly Believe that I had left The Sweet without a single Purchase... they kept looking for something I was hiding or stashing... Nope... it's True... I did not buy anything there this Month... Amazing and Unbelievable as it is!  *Smiles*   But... not because I wanted to refrain... they knew the reason why I couldn't... and didn't... and so I got their Condolences.  

Especially when they saw the Images... because they know me... and they know I Live for Fashion and Styling and Decorating.  It's just how I'm hard-wired... and how my Mother before me is hard-wired... and my Nanna before her was hard-wired... it's a Genetic Thing I think that's passed down from Generation to Generation?   *LOL*

And with my bent for Taxidermy, especially unusual Taxidermy, and Pimping it out you just know I was J'Adoring this Fabulous Steer, he sure was Handsome... I could have found a spot for him here at the Villa even tho' he was ginormous this New Home can handle the over-sized Good Stuff!  *LOL*

I think The Man and The G-Kid Force would have Loved him too... but I didn't even check his price since I knew it was completely out of the question this Month... dammit!   *LOL*

I Consoled myself visiting with my Fabulous Friends... they always make me Smile and buoy the Spirit, even when you're feeling crappy like I was physically and emotionally lately.   I know I've been pushing myself too hard lately and have been running out of steam and stamina to see everything through... but there's really no choice.   Luckily The Adoption could be finalized by late next Month so at least that will be one thing behind us and one less expense, not to mention it having been a real Dog and Pony Show and so Stressful.  

 The Young Prince is a Riot tho' and has our Family's Dark sense of Humor, he always thinks outside of the box, so he says to me, "Gramma, after the Adoption is final, in the Eyes of the Law you'll actually be my Mother... AND my Gramma!!!   And then Technically and Legally, would my Mom then be my Sister AND my other Mother then?  And my Uncle, would he then be my Brother and my Uncle?  And then... Bwahahahahahaha!"    He thought it pretty hilarious and a bit sic... I reminded him ONLY in the Eyes of the Law... becoz in our Reality this was just a Technicality of Convenience so there would be less hassles in getting he and his Sister raised without constant Drama from The System and things being so Conditional.

And speaking of Darkness... aren't these Black Fabric Pumpkins Darkly Divine for Halloween Styling?   These would be so Perfect... in fact, I'll have lots more Fabulous Fabric Pumpkin Creations that were at the Show to Share with you in Future Posts... not getting one of these was such a Challenge too I tell ya!   But... choosing JUST ONE would have been equally difficult, I saw several Customers struggling with that dilemma in fact as they were deciding which ONE to buy?!?

I was leaning slightly towards the Tea Stained Sepia Hued ones though...

But even the ones for the Colorless Palette were Awesome...

And there were Sweet Colorful ones too... I was so Glad to see a wealth of Pumpkin Patch Creations at this Show too.   Sometimes the Holiday Season is rushed thru too soon in Retail Sales and Decor for each Holiday is almost impossible to find in the weeks preceding the actual Holiday, when you really WANT to be buying for it!   So many Retailers start putting the Christmas Decor out so early that it displaces the Harvest, Halloween, Autumn and Thanksgiving Decor before you can buy it to use for the Holidays this year!   I've resorted to buying way too early or at the Sales when they're closing out a Holiday's Decor just so I can get new things to Decorate with before the opportunity is lost.

With just about two weeks left before Halloween all of our Neighborhood is starting to look Delightfully Spooky, I'm so Glad that this New Area is so "Into" Decorating for the Holidays like we do.   But even tho' I'm still very Deep into the Halloween and Autumn Mood and Vibe, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the Francophile Theme immensely at this Month's Show and it was very well received, the large crowds attested to that fact.

But even tho' it was very busy, a few of my Friends stopped long enough for Photo Ops.   My Friend Myko was looking Gorgeous in her Ensemble.   This is the Month we're all Rockin' our Black Ensembles and Enjoying looking Spooktacular aren't we?  *Smiles*   As Morticia would say, "Black is such a Happy Color!"   I happen to like that it's also so Slenderizing a Color to wear!  *Ha ha*

I am so Glad that The Man talked me into going... because I wouldn't have wanted to miss Experiencing all of this...

And I wouldn't have wanted to deprive my Blog Friends from Experiencing it Virtually either...

I know how much I look forward to Events across the Country and Internationally being covered by Blog Friends... it Transports me to places I might never get a chance to Experience otherwise.

This was my Friend Pamela and Terry's Space, so many Delightful Smalls and Artfully Designed Product, I always linger here and in the Boutique.

I knew that this would also be the Show to find European Goodies such as Vintage Feed and Grain Sack Linens and Olive Buckets...

And I had to come away with a C'est La Vie Attitude about not being able to make a Purchase... after all, Life happens...

And sometimes the Struggles in Life make us all the more Appreciative and Grateful don't they?

And I figure, there will be other Events... and Hopefully they'll have some of a similar array of the Good Stuff I couldn't get this time around... like these Lovely Santos Crowns with Bling!  *Swooning*  Yes, I think I NEED some of these in the Future, when Budget permits!  *Winks*

And of coarse the Gorgeous Bohemian Bling Creations always catch my Eye... this was my Favorite Piece in this Show by my Friend Lilia of Corona Couture.

Well, we're not done yet... so be sure to come back to continue Window Shopping with me in the second installment of Posts of the French Market Event my Friends!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You deserve a Big Congratulations on using such restraint! Proud for you!!

  2. All that cool stuff...and oh woman, I love your everything was neat, and walking away has to become a learned skill, just like everything else. but sharing always makes it more fun!Thanks! sandi


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