Thursday, October 1, 2015

Introducing Big Mama

It is no Secret that I've been Seeking Out a Real Size Vintage Dress Form for quite some time.  The problem is, back in da day, there apparently weren't as many Real Size Women so the Plus Size Vintage Forms, well, they're scarcer than the smaller versions.   The rarity also makes them pricier when I could find one, and you know how I am about insisting upon closing a Good Deal if I'm gonna shell out for any major purchase.  *Smiles*   So I'd had to Pass on any I'd previously seen... 'til now that is!  *Booyah!*   

So, Today I'm Introducing Big Mama, a Fab Plus Sized Vintage Caged Dress Form with Cast Iron Stand and no missing parts.   Better still, she was already at a Bargain Price, which I was able to Negotiate an even better Deal on so she'd be well within my paltry Budget!  So I was totally Stoked about an Agreed upon Bargain that both the Seller and I were eventually happy with, even tho' the Negotiation Process took a couple of days.  It was worth Going Hard on since she was a Perfect Addition to my Art Studio Space... well, whenever we can eventually schlep her upstairs that is, she's no Lightweight!  *LOL* 

She originally was wearing a hideous Navy stretchy thing someone had sewn onto her to cover up her Aged Glory that the Patina of Time had Imparted upon her and which I just Adore.   So I had to Trust that her Condition underneath wasn't too Tragic and I immediately cut that sucka off of her and set her Free the moment we got Home!  To my Delight, she looked just like I'd Hoped she would without her hideous cover-up, Aged to Perfection with just the right amount of wear and tear or staining!  *Whew!*

Model 1943 size 42 is now taking up Residence at Bohemian Valhalla with my other Vintage Dress Form Gals Collection of various shapes and sizes.   You see, I NEEDED this one so it wasn't just a Wanting... because I Plan to begin Creating some of my own Wardrobe and Needed a Form in MY Size for Draping and Creating the Styles I want to wear and can hardly ever find in My Size.   And though there are some Fabulous Designers that do offer Plus Size Wardrobe I J'Adore, sometimes Budget doesn't allow for Anchor Pieces to expand the Wardrobe.

She will also be handy for Creating Accessories I want to wear because I can see the Scale and Fit on a Form that has more similarities to my own dimensions.  *Smiles*   So I consider her one of my Investment Purchases since she certainly will Save me Money in the long run as I Create more of my own Wardrobe and Accessories rather than buying them.   I don't buy a lot of New Wardrobe and have taken Loving Care of my Existing Core and Anchor Pieces that I Love to wear often, but you know how it is, sometimes you would like to Expand what your Options are.

Especially now that I have a nice big Walk-In Closet!  *LOL*   So, I dressed Big Mama up once I got her Home, all of my Gals Model items for easy accessibility for me of my Favorite Accessories or Wardrobe that are just too Pretty to hide in a Closet.  OOAK Wearable Art is what I prefer to wear and fill my Wardrobe with because it is not only Practical, but also Lovely and a Delight to just Behold as the Art Form and Collectible that each piece is!

I Style Our Home with Beautiful Pieces that Delight the Eyes and Inspire the Inner Artist in us all so just about everything serves double or triple duty as well.  Why not make your Home your own Personal Gallery of Beautiful and often Useful Objects I say?!?  And I'm Delighted to Welcome Big Mama to The Family and to take up Residence in our Home.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Good for you! I know your excited! I will be anxious to see what you create first! I'm so wanting to do some clothes creating too!

  2. Dawn-- how exciting for you!! It's always such a great time when you finally find a treasure that you've long been searching for!! I'll look forward to seeing photos of how you dress her beautifully...

  3. I had two dress forms at one time, and for the life of me I have no idea what happened to them. This Big Mama is gorgeous…and substantial…not a teetery mess of plastic and wires that wobble and are useless…Can't wait to see her adorned. Thanks for the share, Sandi

  4. What a great find! She's beautiful! Blessings


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