Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015!

Happy Halloween 2015 my Friends!  I'm Pre-Scheduling this Post early because we'll be so busy this day... we LOVE Halloween... but then, you already knew that about us didn't you?  *Cackle*   If I had any place to store it I'd want a Prop like this outside our Home as a Halloween facade, just so you'd think we actually Lived in a Haunted Manse.

But wait, we DID live in an authentic allegedly Haunted House and I could still Host this Halloween there since I haven't put it up for Sale yet!   But, we found out that people only like being Scared half to death if they feel they're Safe and not really in any Danger... so a REAL Haunted House just Creeps them out too much I suppose?!  *LOL*

It's True, I like being Scared myself, it's such a Natural adrenaline Rush isn't it?  Quite Primal Fear is... and your body doesn't really differentiate between a Real Scare that is potentially Dangerous and a fabricated Safe one that elicits an identical reaction.  But, it isn't quite so Intimidating if you're watching a Horror Movie or visiting a Haunted Attraction where you know in your Head you're actually Safe and not in any Real Danger because it's all predictably fabricated.   Going into a really Scary situation that isn't fabricated and you can't predict the outcome of and feel you could be in Danger, not so much I'm Game for either Truth be told!  *Smiles*

Even though our Old Homestead had many incidents of what everyone agreed upon was Paranormal Activities, none seemed Threatening or Sinister in Nature, so I was Okay with sharing the space with whatever Spirits resided there too.  We co-existed in Harmony for many years, even though numerous Guests were unnerved or couldn't get thru a single Night, can't say I ever was that Creeped out by my own Experiences.  But if I had to spend the Night or live in an Ominous Haunting space... I'm certain I couldn't wait to get out of there!  *Ha ha ha*

But being the type that is Attracted to Macabre Style, Decrepit surroundings and Derelict Decorating... one who Celebrates the Weird and the Wonderful... well, Halloween is just the Perfect Muse for my Wild Imaginings and Enjoying those Wild Imaginings of others who totally dig it too!

And it's not all the Darkness that I am drawn to... even the Whimsical sides of Halloween are Appealing to me as well.   Scary Clowns for example are Humorous only because I'm not one with a phobia of Clowns... but for those who are, I suppose it's quite Terrifying actually.  And there isn't much that is Creepier than a Good Scary Clown just because a Clown was never meant to elicit Fear, but Circus Humor and Joy, so when it doesn't... well, that's Creepy Evil in disguise!

On Halloween Eve we'll be carving our Jack-O-Lanterns... the G-Kid Force has been itching to do it for days, but we already had one spoil and go rotten, having to be thrown away and replaced, so I've urged them to wait as close to Halloween as they can manage!  *Smiles*  Waiting when they're Excited about doing something is pure Torture for Youngsters... and perhaps even more Torture for the Adults delaying it, with all that begging and petulance going on!  *Le Sigh*

It seems that every 10 minutes or so they're hovering around those Pumpkins wielding the Carving Appliances!  Which the Young Prince doesn't think are nearly sharp enough, those Safety Child Approved Carving Appliances, so he'd really like to replace them with the Knives and such!  Like that is ever gonna happen given that Kid's Track Record with sharp objects and the interactions he and his Beast Princess Little Sister have with each other!  *Bwahahahahaha!*  I don't know who would actually be more unstable with a sharp object, the Wednesday Addams Child or Brother Darkness wearing the Red Riding Hood Cape?!  We just don't want to find out, so it's a No Go with the Knives and such.  *LMAO*

They've already been at each other's throats regarding Choice of Pumpkins... he made more Noise about it, but she Won.  Just because nobody can last longer than her when it comes to wearing people down to a nub so that they're just too weary to fight anymore and barely have the energy to hoist up the White Flag surrendering to The Beast Princess' shrill and tenacious demands!   It wears me out just listening to it and I'm not even in the Ring... tho' I do occasionally throw on my striped Referee Shirt and Whistle to Mediate the melee if it goes on past the usual fifteen rounds.  *Winks* 

My Brother and I were always very Good at Compromise and Shared Experiences which would be Enjoyable for us both, I still like hanging out with him in fact when he comes to Arizona.   But clearly some Siblings don't possess that ability or nurture their relationships with each other... and all Hell can break loose at any time they're in proximity with each other for very long.  When not Tormenting the living daylights out of each other, Grandpa is the next best thing to wind up, it's like having ten year old Triplets around here some days!

And when I'm taking Time Off from Mediating... and can set aside some Me Time... I'm inclined to want to do something that I wouldn't want an entourage in tow.   The Arizona State Fair being such a place, not because I'm Selfish, but since it's way too expensive anymore to entertain taking an entire Family anyway.  Besides, this year I only got a couple of Free Entrance Tickets for a Friday Afternoon and they were in School and The Man Hates Fairs and Carnivals.   I know... we're obviously Yin and Yang that way, so he doesn't mind me going without him, he Insists in fact!  *LOL*

You see, I can go to a State Fair and do absolutely nothing but walking around Enjoying the Atmosphere of it all... and the Sights, Sounds and Smells.  So I don't NEED to spend any money while I'm there.  I don't NEED to go on a ride anymore, I don't NEED to win an over sized stuffed animal or Goldfish in a bag, I don't even NEED Fair Food!  *Gasp!*   Yep, I said that... I don't even NEED Fair Food... I might WANT it, but I don't NEED it!  *Winks*

So, yes, the Giant Smoked Turkey Legs, Chocolate covered Chicharrones and Meat on Meat Dogs were Safe around me... didn't even have the Temptation to partake really since I made sure I ate a hearty meal before arrival!  *Smiles*

And some Fair Food I'm not even sure what it IS?   Texas Chicken Dinner On-A-Stick???!  Huh?  In fact, I've come to the conclusion you can put anything on a Stick at the Fair and folks will eat it... or deep fry it and they'll come... or make the Booth look Enticing enough that it doesn't even matter what it is, the Graphics and Hype made it seem like it will taste Amazing!  *Smiles*

Now to be sure I almost went Zombie Apocalypse when I strolled past the Navajo Nation Fry Bread Stand that has come every year for as long as I can remember and makes the best Fry Bread EVER!   But prices of food and refreshments had more than doubled from previous years... and the line was long... so... that helped me refrain!  *LOL* 

Besides, if there was even a whiff of Fry Bread on me when I got Home I'd be Busted and they'd know where I'd been without them!   And even tho' going to a Fair and NOT riding any rides or eating any Fair Food or playing the Midway Games isn't anything they would find to be acceptable by any stretch of the Imagination... if I Escape and go anywhere without them they Assume that me having a Good Time Solo is more than they can bear!  

I think they have taken it as their Mission in Life in fact to Ensure that I never get to have a Good Time unless I have a Chaperone in tow!?  *Winks*    Preferably one that will lose Interest quickly in whatever it is I'm trying to Enjoy and have it be all about them all of the time.  *Smiles*

And this is why I can Escape Guilt Free when I can make a clean break for it!   Okay, so I'm not as nimble about my Escapes as this fellow, but the only reason we probably don't have one of these poles from our Balcony is because The Man is sure that I'd sometimes get desperate enough to try to use it!?  *LOL*

And besides, even if we did have one... I'm sure one of them Kids would be the Gatekeeper at the bottom and run twenty-four-seven Shifts just to ensure I didn't make a clean Getaway!?!  *Smiles*

As it is I'm SURE the Little One has Gramma Radar that goes off when I even THINK about leaving the house... or try to enter undetected!!!   It's like a Sixth Sense she has about my Presence or lack thereof... no amount of Covert Ops has been able to have me leave or come back undetected... so when she's in School is my only Hope!  *Bwahahahaha!*

Yeah, Scary Stuff this raising of Grandchildren I tell ya... nothing is Scarier sometimes than when we do the Math and realize what Advanced Age we'll be when we finally finish continuously raising Children!   Let's just say the number has a Seven in it shall we... Shudder... and why I'm practically Fearless about most other things now!  *Ha ha ha*

Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi, Happy Samhain, I've sent you an e-mail with a pic I thought might give you a giggle. Blessings

    1. I received it and it did give me a fact, now I think I might need one of those Coffin Couches?! LOL Dawn... The Bohemian


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