Monday, October 19, 2015

Barn Fresh Antiques Sale ~ Rust And Roses

Barn Fresh Antiques Sale... Fresh from the Farm... yep, even the sound of it had me salivating!   I knew my Friend Shelly had been out Pickin' the Heartlands of America to haul back to the Arizona Desert, so I could hardly wait to see what she'd Sourced!?   Sit down a spell and get comfy, cause this is gonna be an Epic Post!  *Winks*

She'd also been Pickin' at the Old Homestead of mine too so I knew it would be a Thrill to see some of our Old Architectural Salvage in the mix of Barn Fresh Treasures waiting for rediscovery by those who totally dig that kinda thing like we do!

I'd let go of a lot of Architectural Salvage in fact... and even let my Pickin' Friends be the first to enter one Storage Shed that still had the lock from the previous owners on it and I hadn't even known what lay inside!!!  *Gasp!*  Yep, in over Fifteen years I hadn't had the Inclination to break it open and discover that it was chock filled with Architectural Salvage so that you couldn't even get in the front door without climbing American Picker Mike Style over it to the high point!  *LOL*

Now, to be sure my Love of Architectural Salvage still courses thru my veins at a rapid pace and there's none of it I don't Adore and want to Rescue even tho' I just unloaded tonage of it from the Old Place.   But I'm slightly Calmer when it's been Rescued already and Safe from being Landfill bound.  *Smiles*   Slightly... 'til I see something like this... then I think I would have to possess it if budget permit, which it didn't, so I reluctantly did not drag Home the most Awesome Metal Mansion Urn that would have been Italian Villa Perfection in the Courtyards!  *Le Sigh*

And because Shelly had Picked the Heartlands of America she had Sourced Inventory that you just usually cannot find here in the Southwest... so that's always Exciting to see and Lust after.   LOVED that huge White Farm Cabinet with the original Glass Knob Hardware and great Patina of Time etched all over it!  *Swooning*   Dammit... if only money were no object and I had a U-Haul always at my disposal!  *Winks*

I know... I know... it would mean I'd have to get rid of a Tonage more wouldn't I... because I'd be right back where I started... but I still Entertain the Idea when I see Killer pieces... I just can't help myself!   Luckily being broke right now helps curb the Temptation to where I just HAVE to pass on luscious opportunities like a Barn Fresh Sale filled to the brim with Ideal pieces... dammit!  *Smiles* 

And yes, even the Tempting Smalls had to just be Lusted after... tho' to be sure I wouldda liked to have dragged Home some of those Vintage European Feedsack Linen Pumpkins for my Patch!  And that Bat... don't think I didn't see him in all his Glory!  *Sighing heavily now and pouting petulantly!*

And if you haven't been able to find Skullies and Horns and Signage and Vintage Coca-Cola Treasures... well, it was abounding here this day!

AND THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It was fairly Taunting me to have to leave it for some other Passionate Hot Blooded Wild Gypsy!  *Winks*    Though I must say the Graphics and Exaggerated Story line made me laugh out loud too, in fact I still Smile just looking at it again!  And the Sixties Font... well, what can I say... this should be hanging on my Wall at Home fo' sure!  *Smiles*

And not far from that was the Attend Church sign... humnnnnnn... so Conflicted ain't it?  *Bwahahaha!*   Both were Awesome pieces I would have liked to have added to my own Private Collections... I mean where else do you suppose I'd find both an Attend Church and a Wild Gypsies Sign in ONE DAY and ONE PLACE to buy?!?!   Like, NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I would have just Loved to have wandered thru the Old Heartlands Farmhouse that all of those White Country Farmhouse Vintage pieces came out of, wouldn't you?!?   I just Imagined they came out of the same location because they all went together so well.   You could Remodel an entire Kitchen in a New Build to look like the Real Deal and Farmhouse Kitchen Style is SO On-Trend right now and I happen to Love it myself.   One of my Kitchens at the Old Homestead was Light Farmhouse Styled... and back in da day they often had a Summer Kitchen and a Winter Kitchen on a lot of the Old Working Farm and Ranch Properties or Estates, which is why my Old House had both.

And there were Real Pumpkins in the Patch as well as a great assortment of Uniquely Created ones.  I always want to add to our Pumpkin Patches every Autumn since the Displays Evoke such a sense of the Season at hand and the bounty of it.

And Old Doors!  *Swooning*  Nevermind that I just Sold Off over Thirty of my Old Door Stash slash Hoard at the Old Property that I had stored up over decades of Rescuing them from Historic properties around the Valley being razed.  I always still see a few that want desperately to come Home with me and build the Collection back up!  *Ha ha ha*  But not Today... Nope... couldn't... which is probably a good thing since The Man and Kiddos would have run an Intervention and reminded me I just got rid of a slew of them, so why buy MORE?!  Both of these would have been worthy to Tempt me... usually...  Carvings, Stained Glass... yep, these would be Keepers!  *Winks* 

When you have an absolute Obsession with Architectural Salvage like I do then you're just Passionate about ALL of it, you really are, and most people wouldn't 'Get It' unless they are similarly afflicted.    When it's all stacked up like this... a virtual Salvage Yard of Divine Pickins', well, just being there is quite the Rush!   The only thing that would be better is to have been there on the actual Pick of it all!

The Thrill of that Hunt... Pickin' at a place that is ready to have you Salvage any or all of it is like a Drug I tell you!   It is absolutely Intoxicating and something that fuels you on if you are born to do that kind of thing and are fulfilling that Purpose you were just meant to do for some mysterious reason.   I can wade thru a Pick for hours and totally lose track of Time... I can be sweaty, dirty, aching, hot and tired and yet I'll have to pull myself away reluctantly. 

But those kind of places and Picks don't come along every day... Wish they did... I could Thrive doing that for a Living in fact.  Hell, for years I did it for Free and for Fun with no thought whatsoever for Profit!   Even tho' eventually the Value of such things did begin to start Appealing to the masses and it became way more lucrative... and thus, more difficult to Source such things, get them at a bargain or free, or have people willing to part with it.   Way back when folks just thought you were a total Nut Job to Love such things and be willing to put in the Work to Rescue it and place Value upon it.  And I know it's a bit off topic, but I wanted one of those Smaller Vintage Olive Buckets... dammit!

Now it's way more Acceptable to be a Junquer... many more are jumping on the Bandwagon and I for one am Glad, yes I am, it means more of it will be Saved and Appreciated and that to me is the whole Point isn't it?   It always was... for me anyway... and I suspect for many of you die hard Junquers too.  You know you have a deep and abiding Love Affair with something and the doing of it when you do it Gladly and Joyfully for Free.   If you can make money off of it, or Ideally a Living at it, then it's just an added Bonus... but not entirely necessary for you to continue with Zeal and unbridled Passion!

Note to Self: One day I am going to buy this Skully with the Feather Horns... Love it... Hope someone else doesn't Love it as much as I do before I can Save up to get it!?   I put my Mojo all over it just in case!  *Winks*

Have some ornately carved Chairs like this one... only mine don't have Southwestern Blanket Upholstery, but it does Showcase this Chair really nicely.   It Displayed Beautifully with that unframed Painting by an Unknown Master.   I happen to like unframed Art, especially still life subject matter like this, Bright, Colorful and yet faded over Time with a Sepia Glow.

Can you spy some of my Old Homestead's Treasures in this Image?  They're there...  and Shelly makes it all look so good I'd have to be Careful not to buy some of my own stuff back!  *Bwahahaha!*

Want to do this some day to one of my Old Antique Deconstructed Chairs... Love the look of the Velveteen Rabbit Chairs, but know that at the Ages the G-Kid Force are now, it's just not practical yet... so I'll have to be Patient a few more years... *Le Sigh*

Close up of those Doors and the Orb I saw floating around them... which was way Cool that I was able to capture it thru the Eye of my Lens.   Sometimes you can see them and they won't Photograph... other times you can't see them and they show up all over pixs!

Still desperately NEEDING Urns like this at the New Home... I know that eventually the Courtyard will need some for the Vines I intend to plant to grow up the walls.  So hard to Source them too... and I'm just not that impressed with the mass produced Urn Planters, they pale in comparison to the Real Deal Rescued from Old Manses.

Loved the Color and Patina of this due of Old Doors and they were Victorian Tall and Slender, which makes them Ideal for Decorating with.

I don't know about you but I could spend an entire Afternoon wandering a Salvage Sale such as this...

Having so many choices and options all in one spot is a Rare opportunity... and Shelly's prices were ridiculous in a Good Way!   Like you were thinking, "No way!?" and checking that price again because you couldn't believe your Eyes weren't playing Tricks on you!

Sure had a great selection of Skullies too... I did let some of mine go... but it was hard... really had to be Coaxed into parting with them since I always think one can't have enough Skullies, you know?  *Ha ha ha*   You'd think Cattle and other Critters go here to our Home to die in fact... it's a virtual Animal Graveyard even here at the New Place, though not such a vast Graveyard as the Old Place!  *Ha ha*

Yes, the Rusty, the Crusty, the Peeling, the Crackling, the Decrepit and the Decaying is just what I seem drawn to... way more than to anything New and Perfect.

And I don't miss any of the Details that have Survived over Time... no matter how small...

Sometimes it's those tiny Elements that really gives the most Character and Charm to a piece, don't you think?   These Sweet little Flamenco Dancers on an Old Farmhouse Cupboard were just so Cute, they just don't make Graphics like that anymore.

I have an Infatuation in fact with Lovely Old Graphics that have Survived... Perfect in spite of all their Imperfections or how little of them remain.

And if you were looking for an Old Bike to tool around Town on... well, Shelly had the Motherlode of them to choose from!   This must be where the Old Bikes go to Retire?  *Smiles*

If you came in the back door this is what Greeted you and Ushered you in.   I bet you couldn't just drive on by, could you?  You'd have to stop and see more... you'd be totally Intrigued...  you see, I know you... if you've gotten down this far in the Post you are as Addicted to all of this as me... so we can Attend Meetings together... you know, after the Intervention and while we're in Recovery.  *Winks*

Because you have no idea the Restraint it took for me to pass by this Old Seafoam Green huge deep Farmhouse Drawer because I NEED something like this in my Art Studio for holding whatever!  *Winks*   And look at the original Hardware... freakin' Sublime in every way... the beadboard, the Rustic Styling, the Favorite Color... dammit!   And I would have a Purpose for it even!  *LOL*

More great White Cabinetry from that Old Farmhouse... that Kitchen must have been off the hook Country Prairie Style Awesome!

So what have you seen my Friends that you probably wouldn't have Resisted?  Or even tried to Resist?  What would be sitting at your house right now had you been my Sidekick for the day?  You see, if I can't buy anything then I'd definitely not be inclined to talk you out of buying something... I'd be having to Live vicariously thru your purchases you see!  *Winks*

I can be Happy for you like that... because if I can't buy it, then I'd rather that you could... just so one of us would have it!

And then you could Share how you used it and Styled with it at Home... and we could Admire it together, basking in the Visuals and re-telling the Story of the day we Found it... those Stories become Legendary you know, on the really Good Picks where you find all the Greatest Stuff at the Greatest Prices!

And you virtually Live for those days when you can have those Stories that are the stuff of Legend... the Honeyhole Discoveries, even if you weren't the one that happened to Pick it all Fresh from the Barn or Farm and let someone else do all the Work!  *Smiles*


Yep, this time Shelly and Crew had done all the work for you... all you had to do was show up and buy it.

And even if you couldn't, for whatever reasons, Admire it and be Inspired by any or all of it... or Dream about finding such a place to do the actual Pick of your own...

And perhaps get to even be some of the last ones to enter those Gorgeous Old Places that are being dismantled and Salvaged... soon to be razed and will Exist no more.  It's Bittersweet when you get the chance to do a Pick like that... on the one hand it's a Rush to be able to have carte blanche on the Salvaging of as much as you can... but on the other hand, if you're like me, you Grieve for the Loss of the Old Places and the Ruins... because they are Special and hold their own Charm and Attraction... at least to some of us.

Unlike the death of a Living Thing, where something can remain, and be Sacred and replicate itself in Life... the death of a Property is soon Forgotten and when nothing remains it is just forever Lost... it won't be giving Birth to something just like it to replace it.

And actually these Old Historic Places cannot be replicated, we don't even have the Skills anymore passed down to do it... or the Time... or the Quality of Materials and Craftsmanship... it would simply be too cost prohibitive even if we did.

So it is Good that some of it at least has been Rescued... Salvaged and Saved... so that we can see how it was... and will never be again.

And some places realize that fact and have done Preservation Efforts... and some haven't... Locally our State has not been very proactive about Preservation and that is Unfortunate since Arizona has a Rich History that was well worth Preserving.

And did I buy anything at all you might be asking... well, yes, I did... one inexpensive thing... one of a fair of Remarkably Ornate Antique Frames... I couldn't Resist, I would have Regret not picking up one at that price.  It will Frame some Taxidermy on one of my Walls eventually.   And so our Virtual Day Together has ended... come back later for more... I've been a very busy Girl in spite of present limitations.  Because October is the kick-off of so many Fantastic Events and Activities I'm not missing it all...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Absolutely love those Theatre seats and the Coke Cart....some awesome finds here...really a treasure trove, Thanks for sharing! Sandi


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