Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Different Kind Of HOA

HOA... Hens On Acreage!   Yep, a different kind of HOA than you might be used to hearing about.  *Smiles*  You see, Yesterday I went to the Old Homestead to pick up another load and I hear clucking!   CLUCKING??????  So I go to the back half of the Acreage to Investigate and sure enough, I've got Hens running around back there!  WTF?!?  Now, I don't know who they belong to, but they've made themselves quite at Home at Old Bohemian Valhalla, which to be Fair, is Prime Real Estate for a Hen to take up Residence and squat.

No, I didn't capture any Images, I wasn't prepared for this unusual Surprise you see... at first I thought I might be hearing things until I saw them running around out back!  And they were mighty skittish Hens, guess they knew they'd been busted Trespassing, I dunno?  *LOL*  With Eggs now reaching almost five bucks a dozen I already knew some neighbors had gotten Hens and Roosters, I could hear them.   But all of the other residences in this Residential Neighborhood are Apartments and not zoned for nor appropriate to house Livestock, so I should have guessed the Fowl would migrate towards the only Acreage in the area eventually.  And being the only Grandfathered piece of Property it's Okay for us to have Livestock if we'd ever wanted to have them.

It's happened before, over the years, mostly with Fighting Roosters though which escaped their heinous owners who fight them illegally as an alleged 'sport'.  Those Roosters by the very nature they are bred for are very scrappy and will attack you, so can be dangerous... so I was actually glad that this time it was just Hens!   I'm fairly certain these have been acquired for their Egg bearing benefits, though owning them in a Residential Area is prohibited, I don't see the City doing any Enforcement efforts.   And being left Free Range and not cooped, well, they are going to go where the Living is best, can't say I blame them, my Old Property is the most Farm-Like in the whole area.  Tiny Apartment and Duplex lots aren't adequate Living Spaces for a Chicken.

Sure, it's more Freedom than a Battery Hen would have, and I'm not opposed to Chickens at all... in fact, these Gals did me a huge Favor in that they eradicated the pesky giant Ants I've been battling all Season in vain!   Exterminators had failed, all Ant killing products on the Retail Market had failed, and they'd been a scourge all year... but the Hen Gals, well, they ate every last one... so in payment for their appreciated Services I put Water out for them Working Pest Control Duty, it was the least I could do after having spent a small fortune in vain.  *Smiles*   Had I known a couple of Hens would have been so effective, I might have intentionally borrowed some from the Neighbors actually!  *Ha ha ha*  Being Ant Free is a Bonus and perhaps they'll eat up any other Pests for me while they're Vacationing on my Land?  *Winks*

They're not bothering anyone and now that my Working Cats are gone from the Property they can live in virtual Peace and Tranquility there without any harassment... until their Owners finally track them down.   But with Hens, if you don't keep them cooped then they're going to go where ever they want to roam so it would be pointless to run them off anyway.   And who knows, if I figure out where they're Roosting perhaps I'll get some Free Eggs from these Feathery Squatters?  *Winks*  Since I just paid $4.95 for the last dozen I bought and the G-Kid Force go thru so many each week, perhaps that won't be such a bad thing?  *Smiles*

But then again, if I can't find where they're Roosting and laying, well, unfertilized Eggs in triple digit heat will begin to smell pretty Funky!  *Ewwwwwwww*   So need to put that on the To-Do List... perhaps send The Force out on an Egg Hunt like we're having Easter In October?  *Ha ha ha*  They're pretty Jazzed that we have Chickens, they want to keep them... 'til I reminded them our HOA at the New Property doesn't allow it yet... though they did send out a Survey recently to ask if Residents felt Chickens could qualify as Pets, so perhaps they're getting lotsa requests, I dunno?  

And frankly, when I lived at the Old Property I had long wanted to raise some Chickens and Dairy Goats, so I'm just getting my Wish List too late I guess?  *Le Sigh*  I'm Hopeful that when I get the place ready to List and Sell it won't be a Deal Breaker that Stray Chickens roam the Hood?  *Winks*  And in our typical Dark Humor Fashion it's just one more thing, in a string of many things, when we first saw it that we turn to each other now and say, "Well... you don't see THAT in the New Neighborhood..."  *Bwahahaha!*

Yep, the Old Hood and the New Hood are mos def Worlds apart, that's for certain!   And I'll have to restrain The Man from wanting to go over and Harvest Fresh Chicken for Dinner... Great White Hunter that he is!   I don't mind Harvesting their Eggs, but they're kinda Cute... and I prefer to get my Chicken from the Grocery Store... not looking so Pet Like.  *Smiles*   In fact, I did go out and buy some Roasted Chicken Today with Chickens on my Mind... and Wondered if perhaps they'd Trespassed on someone else's Property that wasn't so Tolerant as myself?  *Winks*

So yeah, my Friend Randall from the Antique Mall at Work came up with the different kind of HOA I now have at the Old Place after hearing my Story... very Clever he is!  *Smiles*  Hens On Acreage... so now I guess I can no longer say we don't have an HOA over there, huh?  *Smiles*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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