Thursday, September 10, 2015

Using Mom's Incantations

Let me begin by saying I grew up in a very Superstitious Household loaded with Deep Faith and a lot of Traditions and Rituals.  Due to the Cultural Beliefs and Ancestry on both sides of my Family it was quite Typical actually and Normal for us, they had Incantations for just about everything and anything.   Though I am perhaps less Superstitious than the previous Generations were, I must Confess that when nothing else seems to Work, I will almost always fall back on the Old Ways I was Taught by my Mom and Dad in certain situations.  And in fact, Tradition and Rituals are Important and Comforting to us to this day so we continue to pass them along to subsequent Generations.

The Lost Velvet Pumpkins being one of those certain situations since I was at a complete loss on what to do to locate them without it entailing a tremendous amount of Work and sheer Luck in how much Work since I hadn't a Clue what Box or Crate might hold them, or if it were several?!  I didn't need another tremendous amount of Work with everything else on my plate and so I Defaulted to using Mom's Incantations for Lost Objects. 

  After all, I was absolutely Fixated upon finding them some sort of way and since nothing was coming to me, I recalled what Dear Ole' Mom has always done and told me to do when something is Lost and you are Desperate to find it.  I could almost hear Mom's Voice telling me exactly what I should have done to begin with instead of wasting Time by Defaulting to it as a last resort!  *LOL*  Mom never scolded us for not using the Old Ways first, because she knew when all else Failed, we'd Remember them and it would be a good Lesson to gird our Faith and pass along Tradition that had proven itself time and time again.

You see, Mom didn't Default to this Practice, in fact, it was always her first course of Action when anything Important to her couldn't be found or had been Lost.   She Prayed to Saint Anthony, Patron Saint of Lost Things to Assist her and Guide her to the Lost Object(s).   It always Worked... always... I can't explain it and didn't let it phase us when others would mock the Practice and think we were overtly Superstitious folks with very Strange ways.  *Smiles*

So, yes, I used Mom's Incantation Today and Enlisted the Help of Saint Anthony to Guide me in locating the missing Velvet Pumpkins.   I was at the Old House picking up another load when I decided to do this, knowing full well that the Velvet Pumpkins had already been packed and transported to the New Home so  I'd have to wait 'til I got Home to bear Witness to the Effectiveness of my Plea.   

But Clearly Saint Anthony knew something I didn't know, that I had actually left behind a solitary Velvet Pumpkin in a most obscure place I had Stored it after last Holiday Season, apart from all the others!    And he went to Work immediately and I got this nagging Urge to go exactly to this spot right after I'd uttered my Incantation for Assistance!   There it was... I should probably say I wasn't Shocked or the least bit Surprised that it was there... but in actuality I was dumbfounded since I wasn't expecting to locate any Velvet Pumpkins left behind at the Old House 'cause I had thought I'd packed them all up and brought them over here already!!!!!!!   This is the one... and it was in something that I was Donating and wouldn't have thought to find anything I wanted to Keep stored in, which made it all the more remarkable!

And when I got Home, now Confident I would be Guided to all the rest, I just got out of the Jeep and decided to allow Divine Guidance to tell me which boxes or crates... and within about eight minutes total I had gone to two Specific Boxes I felt Led to and there they were, no kidding!!!   OMG... it never fails to make me quite Emotional actually... and I Thanked Saint Anthony profusely for his Guidance and for Saving me so much Time and Torment in locating them all so quickly after my Plea!!!

Of coarse my Mom wouldn't even be the least bit Surprised if I Shared this story with her, she would have Expected it to play out exactly as it did... and always has... for as long as I can remember when anything has been misplaced or Lost!   Saint Anthony has never failed her when called upon to Help.   And maybe it is not your particular set of Belief Systems or Faith to Believe such things are possible or real and not just coincidental... and that's Okay with me... I just know it has always Worked for our Family because we Believe and Trust that it will.   I just tend to forget the Old Ways sometimes in the busyness of Life... and not recall them right away or have them be the first ways to go to.

And yes, it's a simple little thing really... Locating ALL of my Velvet Pumpkins right on Time to begin to Decorate our New Home and Usher in Autumn when I was now ready and able to.   But it really Buoyed my Spirit... and it also made me fondly recall my Mom and Dad and all that they have Taught me of the Old Ways... which I Appreciate and am Thankful for very much.   Some Families have completely Discarded the Old Ways... and done away with any Traditions or Rituals they might have been brought up with, especially if others think it to be Strange or Odd or Silly to them.

And especially if not many are of your particular Culture or Ancestry they simply lack any Understanding of such Ways and dismiss them as Primitive or Pagan in Nature.   So I have met others that have told me in Confidence that they too resort to the Old Ways but usually just don't talk about it to anyone who wouldn't Understand or who might Criticize or Mock them if they knew they Believed or did such things that are Different and Strange to many.   Though to be sure, there are also some who find it to be Fascinating to Learn of what other Cultures Believe and do and are Respectful enough not to be Dismissive or Condescending.

A Friend of mine who is of Irish Gypsy Ancestry told me that her Young Child has an Assignment in School to give a Report in front of the Class, along with each Child in Class having the same Assignment, of their Culture and Traditions.   Like our Family they are now a mixed Ancestry Family and he chose the Traveller side of the Family to do his Report on and my Friend was somewhat concerned on how that would be Received by others, including the Teacher? 

 Knowing the Ways to be very Different than most are used to... and also very Superstitious and Ritual based, enduring Centuries of Persecution.   She and I have been brought up with almost identical Old Ways so we completely Understand each other... but I did also Understand her Concerns since her Child is quite Young and the Class nor the Teachers probably knew of such Ways and the Reaction could be uncomfortable.   She didn't want him to Feel as though he had to Defend their Ways if the Reaction wasn't Good or get Upset or be Teased.  Well, Luckily they were absolutely Fascinated and Respectful, wanting to know more, and he Enjoyed Sharing his Heritage with those who didn't know much, if anything, about it.

Cultures are so Diverse that it is a Good Thing in my opinion when we have Exposure to a Diversity of them in order to Learn about others who are not exactly like ourselves in Ways, in Culture, in Lifestyle.    I am so Fortunate that having been brought up Traveling the World and living in many different States here in the United States we had Exposure to such Diversity as to be Enriching and Teaching us to be Aware of the Differences in Mankind from place to place.   We always also were Taught to be Aware of the Similarities and not just Focus upon the Differences, which promoted Harmony and a certain degree of Unity towards all of Humanity.

As we prepare to Celebrate and Kick-Off the start of the Holiday Season and Holy Season for our Family, I Enjoy Sharing our Ways with others so that they too can have a measure of Exposure if they have not previously had it before.   I also thoroughly Enjoy Learning of how everyone else Celebrates and what they Celebrate in their Life Journey... their Cultures... Rituals... Traditions and Faith.   I find it to be Enriching and Fascinating and along the Journey of Life we have Incorporated some of these into our own Celebrations if they particularly Moved us to do so and we felt a deep Connection.

And as I've been busy unpacking and setting up my Holiday Decor for Autumn and the subsequent Holidays we Celebrate this Fall... Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, Thanksgiving... I've had a Joyfulness about the Process, as I do every Season.   I Enjoy setting it all up, Creating the Atmosphere and the Altars... and since it usually takes quite a bit of Time I tend to begin early just so that I can get it all done and the way I want it to be and to Enjoy it for an extended period of time since it makes the whole Family and any Guests to our Home just Feel Good and Feel Festive.

And doing it for the very first time in our New Home was really Special too.   I wasn't exactly Calculated about how I'd Decorate or Style anything, so I just allowed it to Evolve into what it would be in each Room... and it's still in the early Evolution stages actually, but enough is done to Share some... particularly the Found Velvet Pumpkins!  *Ha ha ha*

Yes, I was very, very Happy about that... it just wouldn't have felt the same without them in our Decor because I Enjoy them so much and Love a Nice Harvest Theme during Autumn to remind us of the bounty the Earth provides in it's Seasons and be Thankful for it.   The Man grew up in a Farming Community and so The Harvest was a really Big Deal and Children even got out of School to help with the Harvest of the crops.  I Love hearing his Stories of Harvesting the bounty of the Land and he has many fond Memories of it and of the Communities he lived in throughout his Childhood.

I've always found Country Life around Crops and Farm Animals to be so Rich, a lot of Hard Work to be sure, but a Wonderful way to grow up I would Imagine!   I like to watch Shows on TV about Small Family Farms and Virtually Experience their Daily Lives, recently a good one was covering Small Farms in Ireland and it was so Idyllic, Quaint and Beautiful... just as I remember that part of the World being since my Mom's Gaelic Home Country is very similar. 

  There were four Generations living on and Working this  particular Farm and they made everything from Cheese to Sausages from recipes handed down from Generation to Generation... how Wonderful that they hadn't Departed from it and kept it very much Alive and not Lost Forever by the Abandonment of it!

They said they had Intentionally kept the Business Small so as to Produce a little of a Quality Product versus a lot of a Cheap Inferior mass Produced one... I also Applaud that Attitude!  Everyone who worked there were either part of the extended Family or a long time Employee who also had been with the Farm for Generations!   All of the Young Adults had been involved since they were Old enough to be so they'd grown up Learning the Craft and filling the shoes of those before them who were ready to pass the Mantle!

What Mantle are you passing along to subsequent Generations my Friends?   Have you thought much about that?   Perhaps it is not a Family Owned Business that has been around for Generations, but there is still much you can pass along to subsequent Generations and it is my Hope that they have Embraced it to some extent?

I took so many Images of my Velvet Pumpkin Patch as I set it up that the rest shall have to wait for another Post!  *Smiles*   So... here's to Ushering in Autumn and any and all Celebrations you might have during this Season my Friends!!!   This is indeed my absolute Favorite Season and time of the year for a variety of reasons and so I'm reveling in it already and will think it to be over far too quickly for my liking!  *Smiles... isn't that the way it is when we really Love a Season!?*

So... I start Early and put it away Late... as has been my Tradition and Practice... I never Rush the Seasons to be over that I Enjoy the most, I squeeze every single ounce of Joy and Ambiance out of them that I possibly can!  *Smiles*

And as I carried in a huge Milk Glass Compote full of Real Pumpkin Stems the G-Kid Force asked me if this year I was going to get about Creating some more of them?   It's an Inside Joke that I always INTEND to but never quite get around to Mass Production of them so that I can Keep some for my ever expanding Collection and have enough left over to Sell some... but, who knows... maybe this year will be the one?!   Yeah, right!!!  *Ha ha ha*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I think it is great that we (at least here in the West) are free to follow our own beliefs. I'm a Pagan, but celebrate Easter Christmas etc, but under their Pagan names. There is only one 'rule' in Paganism and that is 'Do as you will, but hurt none'. It's not always an easy way to live your life, but Christians don't have it easy either (and they have a lot more rules (commandments) to remember.(and at my age, I'm always forgetting something. lol)

  2. AMEN sista, I believe in St. Anthony 100% but unfortunately, I've called on him so many times, I think he is trying to teach me a lesson. There is one holy card that I misplaced and it has never been found. Haunts me to this day.

    Love this post, Dawn!!


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