Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Velvet Pumpkin Crisis

I was definitely in the Mood to begin... later than usual, well, for me anyway... to Decorate the Home for Ushering in Autumn!   It would be easy to locate the Velvet Pumpkins because I had Labeled ALL of the boxes they were in... Yes, I was SURE I had Labeled SOME of the boxes they were in... wait, HAD I Labeled the boxes that they were in???   *Le Sigh*  Upon Inspection of the enormous towers of boxes still unpacked in the Garages and various parts of the house, I now realized I HAD NOT!

Sure, I did manage to locate a paltry few stragglers that had been packed in random boxes that didn't hold the bulk of my enormous and Beloved Velvet Pumpkin Collection or any other Autumn Holiday Decor!  You know,  just enough of them to make me Crazy now to find the Motherlode boxes of them that had been Intentionally packed with the next Holiday's Decor exclusively so I could EASILY find them so soon after moving in!  *Smiles*

Now I'm left Wondering... WHICH boxes hold my Coveted Stash that I NEED NOW?!?  I'm trying to peek thru the handle holes of the Banana Boxes and Vintage Milk Crates hoping to catch a glimpse of Velvet, a Stem... ANYTHING that would give away the contents each held?!??!   Dammit, WHY did I have to wrap everything so Carefully in newspaper, bubble wrap, styrofoam and similar Velvet Vintage Fabrics so that it all looked so much THE SAME!?!??!   *Le Sigh*

Because you see, I wasn't looking for the Pumpkins I FOUND... I was intent on finding THESE kind first, the ones with the Real Pumpkin Stems... and this Solitary one that had gotten stranded in some random box was the ONLY one I could locate!  And of coarse there is that nagging dread looming that perhaps they're in those boxes on the BOTTOM of the towers!?!  Like those things that are always on the bottom of your big ole' Purse when you most need them and you have to dump everything out to find!?!??!   I hope not, but you know... it's a Possibility. 

Oh Dawn, it's Okay, you don't have to find them ALL!  You might be saying that... but you'd be Wrong, because I DO HAVE to find them ALL... I NEED to find them ALL now in fact, I'm on a Mission fueled by OCD Tendencies that know no Sane Boundaries once I get Fixated on something!   And so I go out there into the Garages and stare at those enormous towers of boxes as if somehow I'll develop X-Ray Eyes or the Psychic Ability to know JUST WHICH ONES hold them so as to avert the Velvet Pumpkin Crisis!??!?!   But try as I might, nothing is coming to me... none of them looks particularly Familiar as THE BOX or THE CRATE that I Recalled loading them into!  Well, because in part, every box or crate is Identical, but you know, I'm looking for 'Signs' now since Labels were clearly missing!!!  *Smiles*

Now I do remember vaguely... ever so freakin' vaguely in fact, that they might be in a Crate versus a Banana Box?   Or am I just now Imagining that because the Crates are Easier?  *LOL*   You know how your Mind plays Tricks on you like that... where you actually Believe you remember something that is totally Imaginary because it never happened?!?  But you thought you had a vague Memory of it actually happening... you can even see in your Mind's Eye you doing this Imaginary thing you are remembering on the Canvas of your now Desperate Imagination where Factual Data is lacking!  Or is it only me that does that when I can't remember a damned thing?  *Smiles*  It makes me at least Feel like the ravages of Old Timers hasn't totally erased all Memory of everything if I even have a Faux Memory of something I THOUGHT I actually did!  *Ha ha*

I know that if an Actual Revelation doesn't come to me that I'm going to have to go thru each and every one of those towers of boxes seeking the Elusive Velvet Pumpkin Patch that is all packed up!  That's really bothering me because it's not as if I don't have a million other things I should be doing other than THAT!   But I'm not Fixated upon those million other things so it's not the same Torment or ridiculously perceived sense of Urgency! *Ha ha ha*

And until I got really weary of packing things and Moving it all over here, I did Label the boxes... at first.   So there are some Clues... could they be packed with what I'd Labeled as Laboratorie Beakers?  Hummnnn... that might be a good place I could start, except wouldn't ya know that box is at the very bottom of a Tower of them!  *Le Sigh*   But I'm thinking... I DID have my Mad Scientist Collection of objects stored with the Velvet Pumpkins... so mebbe!??!?

Yes, I know I'll eventually locate them, it's just frustrating to me that I couldn't locate them right away when I wanted to and was ready and in the Mood to begin Decorating for the Holidays and Autumn.  Because my Mood to DO anything lately turns on a Dime!   If I have any delays in the Doing of anything I lose interest fast... because if there's anything extra in order to do it... well, I just don't have it in me lately and Opt Out... for now... maybe Later... so all I got out this Round was a few straggler Velvet Pumpkins that almost got forgotten when I was packing up Velvet Pumpkins and therefore got packed in random boxes...

And a new Skully... that oddly enough I discovered in a Grocery Store Chain of all places... and on SALE ta boot!   You just never know where you're gonna find the best Decor anymore... but the finding of it in the most unexpected of places is a Rush since all I expected to get was Groceries so that was definitely a Bonus of pure Serendipity!

Actually every single year in what seems like Forever I have Intended to Create more Velvet Pumpkins since I've had a Cache of the Supplies languishing for whenever that will be?   I have Created some... but not the massive Pumpkin Patch of them I Envisioned I'd get around to one day... Guess that day just isn't here yet, huh?  *LOL*   I've Hoarded a massive Cache of Real Pumpkin Stems... enough that I could afford to be generous with some that I was willing to let go of.  Besides, we'll soon be in a Pumpkin Patch again won't we?  *Smiles*

And I can easily Hoard Up more stems that have broken off the Pumpkins and lay strewn around the Pumpkin Patch.   They usually don't mind if you glean them because they don't see any useful Purpose for them and it's a shame to let them go to waste when they look so good Gracing a Velvet Pumpkin.   This year I won't be able to grown any of my own Pumpkins since I don't have the Acreage now and am not at the Old Homestead often enough to tend a Veggie Garden.  I am considering, in the Future, to make some raised Veggie and Herb Garden beds on the West side of the New Home since right now it's wasted space and devoid of anything but gravel and the air conditioning units, yet gets Awesome Shade from our Home and the one next door.  You know how I am, MUST utilize every square inch of my Spaces for Best Use!  *Winks*

In fact I've got all kinds of Ideas percolating about what Improvements I'll begin making here once I get the Move completed and can actually begin Dreamscaping our New Home to put our stamp on it.  Clearing out and Selling the Old Property is hindering that right now since I'm spread too thin at the moment to contemplate much.   The main obstacle of coarse is just Life... my Calendar already looks like a Battle Zone of Appointments sparring for any Time that isn't already 'Taken'!!!

Sometimes I think I'll have to become an Immortal in order to have sufficient Time to get everything done that has to be done and then still have Time to do what I want to do.   But I do want to Prioritize getting the Holiday Decor Styled in our New Home since I'm SO looking forward to Celebrating our First Holidays here and having that Ambiance, which always Enhances Mood and Anticipation for the upcoming Holidays.

Even on my 'Free Time' squeezed in between obligations I tend to run out of Time too quickly.  Any Free Time seems to play out at warp speed doesn't it?   Today I actually had some and spent it visiting a Friends Shop {Blog Post will follow in the near Future}... and meandering some other Fav Craft Shops looking for Seasonal Creative Supplies to add to my Art Studio.   Every year I look forward with Anticipation to what new Seasonal Creative Supplies or Seasonal Utilitarian objects I can 'Score'?

This year I found a wealth of great Dia de los Muertos Products, my Favorite being the Coffee Mugs by "CRAFTY CHICA" Kathy Cano-Murillo.   I liked the most Colorful one, of coarse, so now I'll be drinking my cup of Joe from this.   You can find this Seasonal Line of hers at "Michaels", it was a very nice Surprise to see so many Awesome Dia de los Muertos Products this Season, they're getting easier to come by as the Popularity surges.   Which is a relief since I use most of my utilitarian Day Of The Dead items year round and had been seeking Kitchen items to add to the cupboards.

Here is the back of my Mug... there were about four different Style Mugs as I recall, so you'd be sure to find one that Appealed to you... or buy them all as a mix and match set.   Actually I would have but I'd already Clearly gone over Budget in that Store... when you put an Artist inside of an Art and Craft Supply Store it's just bound to happen, what can I say?  *LOL*   Yes, I came away with Seasonal Mixed Media Supplies, Seasonal Stamps and as many varieties of Edison Nostalgic Filament Thread Bulbs as they had since they had them marked down 50%!!!   So I got six different Styles and then some of those Styles also in a Smoke Glass version.   I Love to use Edison Bulbs and usually they're so Expensive, so when they're half price, gotta stock up!  I can Justify going over Budget some when I get things like light bulbs that are a necessity as well as being great for Styling.  *Winks*

Well... should I venture into the Garages now and see if I can locate the Lost Velvet Pumpkins?   Probably not... the Kiddos will soon be Home from School and Band Practice and they'll be famished the moment they walk thru the door... as if they haven't eaten two to three times throughout the day already!!!   I don't know where the little one puts it, she must have hollow legs or something?!   And is a Teenage Manchild ever NOT hungry I Wonder?!  *Smiles*   He even gets up in the middle of the Night to eat, I can tell... there's telltale incriminating Evidence all over the Kitchen and barren shelves in the Pantry and Fridge to prove it!   So... maybe Tomorrow after I drop them off at School I can go on a Velvet Pumpkin Hunt... we'll see...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... where Today it was even overcast and Semi-Cool... well, under a Hundred Degrees anyway... which is like a breath of Autumn has arrived to us here in the Desert!  *Winks* ... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn, I love your 'some-kind-of-sweet-kinda-nuts!'. Yes, hubby doesnt' label anything and I have three bins of Fall missing somewhere, so today before I read this, I said, let me go with you upstairs in the garage, and sit and label bins/boxes while you look for my Fall. Answer...he says, I have to go up there for at least an hour and clear a path for you...not too hopeful thinking there. And then my focus(latent OCD) kicks in and now I am imagining how long it will take to get to it. AND its 59 degrees outside after weeks of 90s. AND I WANT TO DO FALL TODAY! post...happy, Sandi

    1. Well Happy Hunting to you too my Friend, I had to Smile when you Shared your Story... at least now I don't feel like the Lone Ranger in my missing Fall quest! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Hope you had luck on your search for velvet pumpkins! I made my first Tapestry one yesterday and going to do more today!

    1. I saw your first Tapestry one on FB, it's Lovely! I Enjoy making them so I should get around to it just for Relaxation since they're so easy-peasy and I have all the supplies... Dawn... The Bohemian


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