Friday, September 25, 2015

The Two O'Clock In The Mornings

The Two O'Clock in the Mornings, I know you've probably had them too, those Nights where you started out overly tired and then Insomnia set it because you had a lot on your mind that wouldn't turn off so you could drift off into Blissful slumber.  It's been one of those Nights for me and so it's Two O'Clock in the Morning and I just gave up on lying there awake.

I had taken a deep breath from the earlier reaction to the Lost Adoption Paperwork floating somewhere in The System now... and just allow it to play out as it will, Trusting in God's Perfect Timing to line things up in our Favor.   When there is nothing you can do about a Situation it's just best to be Still and know that He is God.  With Faith that He has your back when you're in His Will and doing the right thing opposed to the Path of least resistance.

I even got through the Grandson's IEP, though only one of his Teachers showed up along with his School Caseworker and the School Psychologist to hammer out an Action Plan with me to hopefully Help him Succeed.  I would have Hoped every Teacher would have been there to be part of the dialogue and contribute to a possible Solution, but I was Pleased with the input from the three that did attend.  He's Failing again and the Issues remain the same as they always have due to Mental Health barriers.  So they didn't tell me anything about that which was a Revelation and I hadn't heard before for years now.  But they told me he's consistently scored 145 on IQ Tests, even being re-tested at this School because they thought perhaps the previous Test results had been in error... they weren't.  He's always scored at least a 145 or higher every time on numerous occasions apparently.

They clearly were very Impressed and even Astounded at that Score and my reaction was perhaps not what they expected since I didn't have a Clue what that even meant until I Googled it later... so I'd been non-reactive!  *Ha ha ha*  Because I didn't want to seem like Dumb Gramma raising Genius Grandson by having it explained or asking, "So... that's Good?"  *Winks*  You see, my Score clearly isn't high enough to even realize the significance of that Good news or I wouldn't need to ask, right?!  *LOL*  And besides, if he's Failing anyway I was more depressed about that news than being told once again how Brilliant the Kid is... IF ONLY we could Reach him??!   I already know he's Smart, he Outsmarts me all the time and talks way over my head when he does Connect to something that Excites and Stimulates him enough to be Dialed into it.

This is a Kid that at the tender age of Two years old was using words in the right context that weren't familiar to me and I had to look up in the Dictionary to even know what he was talking about!  Trying in vain to figure out how he even had such a vocabulary in his repertoire when we hadn't taught it to him?!  He's always been a Mysterious Child I haven't been able to figure out and so he often gets frustrated and annoyed at the rest of us not being able to keep up or understand... guess now I have at least some understanding of why.  But unlocking that Mystery to tap into his Potential Academically is still far beyond me... and apparently most Educators as well.   Now I understand why a Professor at the Science Center told me last year that our Grandson was perhaps the smartest human being he'd ever met and discussed things with.   All I'd been able to muster was, "Oh, really?"


It is difficult to Rejoice in statements like that when the Child is always struggling Academically and Failing just about everything, often just falling asleep in Class and unable to remain awake no matter how much Sleep he gets!   He sleeps a lot, even at Home, and with Clinical Depression I realize that is often a form of Escapism and even Medicated his Down Cycles are pretty intense.  Clearly coupled with Boredom since he's constantly Bored no matter how much Stimulation we provide.  Okay, so during this Meeting I Discover he's doing Well in Chemistry, which should be his hardest Class, so that was a ray of Sunshine since maybe he will earn one Credit and not Fail everything again?

He didn't attend this IEP Meeting, he Opted Out since he says they only serve to Discourage him further, so they didn't require him to be there for input.  Usually he doesn't have any input anyway, he just stares blankly and shrugs, so instead he attended one of his after School Clubs that he finds to be Stimulating and Enriching, talking about constantly.   His Peers always Vote him into Leadership roles and he thrives in Environments he's Passionate about, so maybe that will have to be enough for now, I dunno?   The Man tries to Comfort me when I got Home by saying many Highly Successful people did lousy in School and yet found their Niche and Purpose in Life, he probably will too?!  I sure Hope so because one day he'll have to try to Live Independently without a Caregiver unless I become an Immortal before then.  

And I'm still Hopeful that one day Princess T will be able to read... more than thirteen words a minute... and get thru a Chapter Book in less than two months of laboring with it to get a Book Report done?   We Sold Off all the Dr. Seuss Collection, so each Night it's the same drill of twenty to thirty minutes to get a page or two more read on the same Book I've checked out of the Public Library so often now they should just probably Donate it to us because this could take a while to actually finish it!?  *LOL*   Well, the twenty-eighth deadline is looming so maybe we won't reach THAT lofty Goal?  But her Presentation Work is Artfully done and she's Excited to turn it in, so I just Hope it nets her a decent grade regardless that the Book never got finished and we'll have no idea how it ends?   My eyes glazed over weeks ago so I'm not even certain anymore how it began?  But we know the Horse's Name is Rocky... *Smiles*

And if they try to tell me this Kid tests Genius too then I'm going to have to take a look at that damn Test!!!   *Ha ha ha*   Yes, she appears to be Smarter than how School is playing out for her too, but there has to be some kind of Learning Disability going on here that they haven't been able to put their finger on the pulse of yet and identify!?!   And Eight more years of this is going to be rough... I can handle that her Brother only has two more years to go, I think I could maybe get thru two more years of this Sane?  Maybe...

Because I've been unable to figure out the Mysteries of these Kids and the Universe when I'm having trouble even figuring out how to hang my Taxidermy on the walls of a new Home without them falling off!?   And the Two O'Clock in the Mornings, though few, make me realize that I have to find a way of slowing down my own Thoughts from racing and contemplating how to Solve numerous Issues that are happening simultaneously at the present time?!  The tedious pace of the Move getting completed is working my last nerve too!   Just showing up at the Old Homestead now is hard to face some days.

I had Imagined I'd be so much further along and am glad the weather is cooling off so I can tackle most of the Outbuildings that don't have air conditioning with more of a concerted effort now?  The humidity has sapped my strength so most days I can handle about an hour's worth of Work before I Fade and have to stop for the day there.   Seniors and strenuous labor don't happen to be good Partnerships I'm finding.   Had I waited just a few more years I doubt a Move would have even been possible given how tough this has been for me already!  *LOL*

You have no Idea how glad I am that I didn't know that when I first started this Journey... or I may have just stayed put regardless of it not being the Ideal thing to do!  *Smiles*   Sticking with something that turns out to be really Grueling and hard is no Fun... my self-motivation wanes sometimes to press forward diligently in several of these areas where I'm meeting with such resistance.  Yes, the path of least resistance sure would have been easier... and probably have less sleepless Nights...

Awake in the Arizona Desert... at almost Four O'Clock in the Morning now... *Smiles*... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh how I hate those nights that I can't sleep. The day after is even worse. Hungover all day and nairy a drop to dring the night before! You just must trust and know that you are doing all you can do and hang in there!

    1. Okay, I certainly will, positive encouragement and empathy means so much, thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Woke to visit you through another blogger, and it's been far too long with my last visit to you. Your grandson with he behavior mental health issues seem to be power for the course. We too have a genius child in our family that spoke full intellectual conversations before a year old, well shy a couple of weeks of a year, and was completely potty trained a week before a year old and he took it upon himself to do so.... Yes mind blowing! And mind blowing to others.... Yet behavior problems started in school about 1st grade.
    We all feel even with high test scores he showed no interest in doing the work, so Thirdgrade work was given to him to simulate and interest him at a higher grade level yet keeping him in 1st grade for maturity reasons and piers of his own age and size, it seemed to work for awhile.

    Also a dear friend had a child a girl who tested so high there was no rating score high enough yet doctors dianoised her as simple, and called it a form of retardation back then were talking over 30 years ago.... Looking at all the strange behavior it has been proven that intellectually children with high I.Q often seem strange to others in association with them, and are misdianoised often as to disabilities, or some form of delayed behaviors, motor skills etc.
    It all goes along with just being darn to smart for their own good. Something that may never balance out, yet we have to love what good comes out of these children, this is a very personal and close to home subject matter to me that I know oh so well.

    Hang in there my friend, it may not get any better, but truly look on the bright side it can't get any worst. Depression, lack of simulation, tired all goes along with the way they process what enters their brain, ( a wealth of information storing up) Leave it in Gods hands he will guide you in The direction need be, and I see you are a caring grandmother to handle all that has been thrown your way.

    As for sleepless nights, oh yah ! Been there, as for my early visit, I woke at 3:00 am to not be able to fall back to sleep, and reading blogs is where it lead me!

    Perhaps some after school programs in the arts could help simulate your grandson, his brain needs to express itself more then us, and something like art can do just that, it can awaken his soul.... Pottery class, painting class, drawing, building something, something of interest that his hands can busy and release what's locked inside of him, again it awakens the soul of concentration.
    A food start maybe getting him some clay if not a pottery class, it's hand and eye coordination that relaxes the brain.

    See you soon dear on another sleepless night.


    1. So good to hear from you again Dore! And your insight was valuable because it reminds me that there are other Families dealing with similar situations and I don't feel quite so alone nor inept to deal with the raising of a highly intelligent child. He does do a lot of after school programs and especially in the Arts, we learned early on that it soothed him and fed his Soul, plus showcased his ample Talents since any kind of Creativity is Art... including the ability to Create something Scientific, Engineering, Tech etc... many Creative Minds are responsible for the quality of Life we all now enjoy! Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Ps. Look into the herb vitamin OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT, it's been of great benifits to autistic children, along will over all health to everyone who takes it....the medical industry in pharmacy recognizes the strong benifits to its calming effect to the brain, and never can over dose on it, and does not have reactions to other medications. Or neighbors autistic child is doing fabulous on it medically. As for high level children a good diet, gluten free, and low sugar foods helped out a lot in our case. These chemicals and process foods react so much more different of children with health issues, adding to their highs and lows. So worth a diet altering try!

    See you soon.


    1. Okay, I'll look for that... I am a huge advocate of Eastern and Tribal Medicine and have used it most of my Life, so Herbal Holistic help is high on my list of Go To items. Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. So sorry! Hope you've had a good nights sleep since then!

  5. Oh Dawn....I hate those time of laying awake all night and just "stewing". You know, your grandson will get this sorted out.....not everyone does great in school but they somehow seem to find their path later on. As long as he is happy and loved, which he certainly appears to will work itself out. Hand in there.




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