Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Rustic Remains ~ Part I

The Halloween Event was finally here... "Rustic Remains" at SWEET SALVAGE and of coarse that would be MY Fav Event of the whole year due to the Seasonal Decor that I Adore!  *Winks*  Yes, much of the Styling would be just like Home for me... except a more Ideal version of Home if money were no object!  *Smiles*  That in fact would be the difficult part for me and I knew it... not blowing the practically non-existent minuscule Shopping Budget I was left with this Month.  *Le Sigh*

So many Killer "I Want That!" objects had to be Passed on... it was Killin' me I tell ya!   Like this Enormous Custom OOAK Fabric and Vintage Crochet Pumpkin in my Friends Cynthia and Ron's Space Created by one of their Uber Talented Relatives!  *Swooning*  

In fact, they had an entire Pumpkin Patch of these Lovelies in various shapes and sizes... but of coarse I had set my peepers upon the Big Kahuna of them all and alas... it wasn't something I could swing if I were to get that one Mega-Find Piece that would eventually go Home with me!  *Le Sigh*

So, yeah, there were a wealth of Lovelies that I would have loaded up the Jeep with had money been no object... or if the Old Homestead had already Sold... or even been emptied already and put up for Sale yet... I'm getting so Impatient with this lean Budget thang and juggling the Maintenance of two Homes, it's really cramping my Style!  *Ha ha ha!* 

Yes, I had to Pass on all the Cool Palmistry and Cabinet Of Curiosity Smalls...

And I even had to very reluctantly put back all the Smalls I had accumulated in my mad dash to get the Best of them, since I had been like, Second in line for THIS Event!  *LOL*  Yes, even this Cadaver Skully, which was off the hook and was so hard to put back out of my Stash!  *Gasp!*  Yep, I regret putting it back, but I hadda ya see...  "Why?", you might ask?

Well, because of THIS, which my Friend Kim had in her Space and I'd been Wrestling with myself about Purchasing from almost the minute I walked thru the door!  Yes, it was over Budget, but such a Great Deal that I knew I'd have way more Regrets about NOT getting it than NOT getting all those Fab Smalls I had to Sacrifice in order to Justify it in my Head and finally Succumb.  *Winks*

You see, I Wrestled with the decision right up to the bitter end... right up 'til the time I was actually leaving the Event in fact!   Since I knew it would send me over Budget I decided to play this Game in my Head that IF it SOLD before I was leaving, well, then it wasn't meant to be MINE!?!  My Studio Space was Begging for an Antique Storage Piece like this, which was ample enough to Store so much, yet narrow and maneuverable enough to schlep upstairs.   And I figured I'd just use my Antique Mall Checks for the next few weeks to cover the outlay for it... so just SELL MORE STUFF I'm Purging, right?  *Winks*

 I was absolutely certain it would Sell and actually I found out it had a back end Story of almost going to someone else in fact.  But... it didn't, because Clearly it was meant to be MINE, right?  And now it is! Yep, everything else but a four dollar Devil Mask had to be put back, so it was a Sacrificial Purchase in more ways than one! *Winks*  It even has Original Labels on the twenty five drawers, some with Awesome Silhouettes and one with the Label "Quickies", gotta LOVE that!  *Ha ha ha!*  

So yes, Color me Happy as a Clam at High Tide about Scoring it, even tho' I spent way more than I had Intended to.   Why did I even Imagine I could walk away from the Halloween Event in fact without going over Budget I dunno?  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   Here I am with my Lovely Friend Leslie, she and Mike do the Macabre Styling Exquisitely... we're definitely Birds of a Feather who flock together and Kindred Spirits!

Yep, even Passed on Taxidermy Bats and other Beyond Awesome Just My Style Treasures in order to Score said Antique Sewing Cabinet... actually it kinda took the Sting off of having to Pass on so many objects I J'Adore and would like to add to my Collections to have that ONE Special Piece, ya know?  Are you like that too my Friends?  If you Sacrifice for something uber Special, you aren't so Petulant about having to walk away from a lot of other Great Finds?

I mean, confronted with the likes of all of this, there would have been no way on God's Green Earth that I could have walked away from it all had I not had that one Special Sacrificial Piece to make me Stop and pump the brakes Budget wise!  *Ha ha ha!*  Nope, I'd of gone down in Flames and only had Smalls to show for it, which wouldn't have seemed as Justifiable in my Demented Logic of Dealing with lean Budget Constraints.  *Smiles*

I would have definitely gotten that Claw on the right from my Friend Myko's AMAZING Cabinet Of Curiosities Display of Inventory... in fact, I probably would have wanted to just back up the Jeep and scoop it all into it!   *Insert Pulse Racing when I even Beheld it all!*  Because in my Perfect Imaginary World, well, I'd OWN a Cabinet Of Curiosities Display with it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!   The Best I can do right now is to begin painting several pieces of already owned Furnishings Black to Prepare for accumulating such a Display one day!

But for those of you who aren't really as "Into" the Macabre as Yours Truly, well, there was plenty of Sparkle and Glitz for your Halloween Decorating...

And Traditional Harvest Decor that would give your Home the Autumn Coziness, Warmth and Ambiance that this time of the year always Evokes a hankering for.   In fact, the Hues of Autumn are my absolute Favorite Palette, I Gravitate to the Organic Natural Tones, Oranges and Black.

I would Want a Chair and Pillows Decorated like this to curl up on and drink Hot Spiced Cider in front of a Crackling Fire in my New Fireplace!   Okay, so it's a Gas Fireplace instead of the Wood Burning ones I'm used to and the Pyro in me J'Adores and feeds like I'm building a Homecoming Bonfire, so The Man has to keep a close eye on me at all times so I wouldn't burn a house down, but still... you know what I mean!  *Winks*

Okay so Pan back so you can see the whole Perfect Chair.  Well, I'd Tea Stain the big squishy seat Pillow since it would never stay White in this Home anyway... and Velveteen Rabbit it Carol Hicks-Bolton Style with a Patchwork of Old Linen squares here and there to Age it... but it is in need of just a tad bit of Personalization, otherwise it was Ideal and very large for a Big Gal like me to curl up in Comfortably!  *Smiles*

AND it has a matching Sofa... Le Sigh, SOOOOOO very hard to walk away from stuff like this when you're in the Process of Decorating and Styling a brand New Home and you just know it would be your Perfect Version of Heaven On Earth!   *Arghhhhh!*   Well, at least I have the Visuals for Future Inspiration, right?   And BTW... some of these Images are from SWEET SALVAGE Facebook Page and I have to give the Amazing Photographer for them Credit for, because I was so busy Admiring that I didn't take as many Images as usual... and some of mine were so hastily taken they didn't turn out.


Well, Damn, whaddya gonna do when you're whizzing around the entire Event like a Blue Arse Fly trying to see as many Pristine Vignettes as possible before they're ransacked by Eager Shoppers!?   Believe me, the lines were around the block waiting to get in so I knew most of these Treasures were going to be snatched from their Vignettes at Lightening Speed!  So I didn't have much Time to pop off as many frames as I could in haste so as to Attempt to Capture it all thru the eye of the lens and Share it here in the Land of Blog!  *Panting even recalling the Frenzy and sense of Urgency!*

And so much of the Awesomeness gets SOLD right away that you're Lucky to even be able to take an Image of it before it's whisked off to it's New Home!   And of coarse you must also remember I'm simultaneously SHOPPING for what Coveted Treasures I MUST Score before someone else does!  And stopping to Socialize with Friends... so I'm Multi-Tasking like a Mad Woman I tell ya!  *Ha ha!*   Okay, so I Admit I AM a Mad Woman even when I'm NOT Multi-Tasking at Insane levels, but it's just more Magnified Madness when I am!  *Winks*

Lucky for me, I was never Medicated for my ADHD Tendencies because they didn't have a Label for what ailed me back in da day, so I've just learned how to Manage it, to some degree, by doing Everything and Nothing all at once so that it just looks like I have a lot to do and am busy doing it.   Oh wait, I DO have a lot to do and am busy doing it... *Bwahahahaha!*  So it just makes my Hyperactivity and inability to Focus seem almost Natural and Normal to the Casual Observer given my Agenda and what's on my plate... well, mebbe??!??!?  *Smiles*

And besides, when I got Home I knew I could always tell The Man that The Devil made me do it when I asked him to help me schlep that heavier than it now looks Antique Sewing Cabinet out of the back of the Jeep and Casually mention that now we're beyond broke for the rest of the Month!  *Ha ha ha!*   BTW, aren't these Vintage Devil Salt and Pepper Shakers Kitsch Awesomeness?  They were in my Friends Leslie and Mike's Space and I SOOO wanted them in my Smalls pile... you know, the one I had to put back anyway?!  *Ha ha ha*

Yep, I had to put back the Talavera Jack-O-Lantern even tho' I've been wanting one of these for three years now and this is the best price I'd ever seen for one.  My Friend Nancy of "Steampunk" has them in case you can't live without one... I'll have to for at least another Season now.  *Pouting*

And I reluctantly had to put back this Velvet Pumpkin for the Cabinet Cause... and avoid all Loving Cups... no small feat for me...

And this smaller one that had an overlay of Embroidered Tulle... and all were priced so low that it Killed me I tell ya!  Since adding to my Velvet Pumpkin Stash is something I'm completely Obsessed about!  *Smiles* 

Couldn't get the Vintage Black Glass Drawer Knobs either dammit!  *Grrrrrr...*  And yeah, they were a Steal as well and very hard to find this Color in the Real Deal.  I always pick up Salvaged Knobs for Furniture Project Makeovers... these would have been Ideal for my Macabre Makeover of several pieces of Furniture in the Works of being Transformed here at the New Home.

But the four dollar Vintage Devil Mask HAD to be the one Small I Kept... I mean, I figured if I was going over the Edge with the Cabinet Purchase, what is another four dollars gonna really make a difference of, you know?  *Ha ha ha*   I know, it's very Random what I HAVE to Keep... but I have a Fetish for Vintage Masks, I dunno why? 

 The Masquerade has always Appealed to me because even the most Timid of Personalities Shines Brightly when under the Cover of Anonymity and perhaps that is why I've always Enjoyed a Good Masquerade Party.  Everyone has an Alter Ego, Everyone, some are just more Suppressed and not Allowed out to Play!   Anyway, I'd already purchased a couple of these Masks during a previous Event so now I have three, it's Officially a Collection!  *Ha ha*

And you KNOW how I am about Collections, right?  *Bwahahahahahaha!*  Well, be sure to come back for Part II... so many Spectacular Images yet to Share... and the Event will run thru Sunday so if you're still able to make it, you have time my Friends!   I wanted to return but alas, I've been called in to Work some extra hours at our Antique Mall for our Big Sale Event, so I can't... Boo Hoo!  Ah, the Sacrifices one has to make to make up for Blowing the Monthly Budget in one fell swoop!  *Ha ha ha ha ha!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh-oh but the treasure you got will more than make up for a few less trips back to the show events!!

  2. That big purchase was well worth the sacrifice of all the little ones, IMHO.

    Now there's an event I should never ever attend - I'd never make it out of there without racking up the credit card AND the overdraft AND the line of credit. ;)


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