Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Rustic Remains ~ The Finale'

Since we wanted to Celebrate Princess T's Tenth Birthday this weekend, since she has School and I have to work that Night on the actual day this coming Tuesday, we decided Today would be our only chance because I had worked an extra shift last Night.

The Halloween Event was something the G-Kid Force had definitely wanted to attend with me and though it was the last day it didn't disappoint!   There was plenty I hadn't seen or photographed on Opening Day since Fresh Inventory is brought in daily.

The Kiddos also Enjoy visiting with all my Sweet Friends and we've noticed that both of them are growing so fast that they've gotten taller than some of us already now or are catching up quickly!  *Ha ha ha!*

Of coarse The Princess had to get her Birthday Outing pix with Mister Ron... she always looks for him at every Event she attends with me.   Being able to see Mister Ron is as Important to her as being able to see all the Themed Event Treasures each Month!

Of coarse going back with the G-Kid Force meant that they spied all kinds of Great Treasures they Urged me to bring Home with us... like this Fab Moth Cloche Display... but I had to remind them I'd already blown my Event Budget on Day No. One... actually going over Budget with the Cabinet Caper!  *Ha ha ha!*

So... we only came away with one solitary inexpensive Treasure that we just could not Resist... a Nine Dollar Ostrich Egg for our Cabinet Of Curiosities Displays at Home.  

 Well... and a Halloween Tag Created by my Friend Pamela that I'd wanted on Day No. One and Hoped would still be there?

Because Seriously, you know whose Birthday we were Celebrating and just look what the Tag Says... "Drama Queen"... yep, that about sums up almost every Ten Year Old Girl I know... and this one in particular has Drama down to a Science!  *LMAO*

Having to say NO to the G-Kid Force about every five minutes when they'd find something else they thought we couldn't Live without can take the luster off of the Window Shopping Experience for sure!  Do Kids even know what a Budget is I Wonder?

Because it seemed every time I tried to Explain that I couldn't spend any more Money this Month and now we'd have to be Content with just being Inspired by it all, they'd show me something even MORE expensive that they begged us to get!   "Ummmm, you're Clearly not Getting This are you!?!", was my Final Answer!  *LOL*

We'd done the Drill back at the house before we even left... we were just going to have a Fun Day Out with a Luncheon Celebration for Princess T at "The Old Spaghetti Factory" in Phoenix, take in the last day of the Event so they could Experience it and then go to the Desert Botanical Gardens since that was on her Wish List of things to do together Today.

Now, the fact that it was back to being over triple digits AND humid was not deterring The Princess from her Planned Itinerary so there was no talking her out of any of it!  And it was all I could do to convince her it would be Charitable of her to allow her Brother to come along, since she was way too Happy that Grandpa was deeply entrenched in his Recliner watching Football all day.  *Bwahahahahaha!*

She is one to prefer a GIRL'S DAY OUT with no Testosterone in tow and she's not very tactful about it either!  *Ha ha ha*   But he Promised to Behave, not Complain about what us Gals wanted to do or his Sister wanted on her Special Birthday Outing, or Torment her in any way.  He Lied... well, of coarse he did... otherwise he knew the Truth would leave him at Home watching endless Football if he wanted any Company!  *Smiles*

Now, he's at that Age... Fifteen... where doing anything with Family lasts about Twenty Minutes before he's asking when are we Leaving... or when are we going Home?   And he's just not that "Into" or Content anymore doing the stuff us Gals prefer to do when we're out together.   And Forget about NOT Tormenting his Little Sister, Hell, that's the only Entertainment and Joy he's going to get out of the day in his Opinion!  *LOL*

Now, he can lap up the Compliments all day long of my Friends telling him how Handsome, Tall and Grown Up he's looking.  *Smiles*  But unless there is constant Flattery going on and he's the Center of the Universe with everything and everyone revolving around him... he's gonna go for winding us Gals up and eventually being a pain in the arse.  So I have to Remind him not to make me Regret I Invited him along since he was the one begging to be included!

And besides, this day is NOT all about you... it's your Sister's Birthday Outing, and I had to really Charm her into Believing it would be Better having you along and we'd have even more Fun!  Yeah, I know, I Lie too!  *Winks*

And it doesn't take any Fortune Telling to Predict that a day out with BOTH of them is going to be a handful and have it's Moments of Regretting we even left the house!  *Smiles*

And BTW, I used to have one of these with the little Saran Wrap looking Figures that moved with the heat of the Palm of your Hand and came in these Fortune Teller Envelopes... it has been years since I've seen one, so this brought back a lot of Memories!

Now, the day out actually went pretty well considering I had both of them... so long as I mostly kept them at least several feet apart and not interacting with each other verbally or touching each other to provoke Wrath, well, there was very little Trouble in Paradise!   And yes, inbetween pre-pubescent bouts of being borderline Demonic she was all Smiles and it was Rainbows and Unicorn Farts.

The Luncheon even went very well in spite of her ordering an Oreo Milkshake as her drink and then complaining that it was 'Chocalatey' and I don't like Chocolate Gramma!?!   Ummm, you DO know that Oreos ARE Chocolate, right?   *LOL*   And I can't have Chocolate and her Brother won't touch anything her lips have been near so that turned out to be a totally wasted Milkshake!   Kids!!!!!! *Le Sigh*

But it is still one of our Favorite Places with loads of Memories and many previous Celebrations... many of them for me dating back to the early Seventies in fact!  And yes, his Ensemble matches the Antique Sofa and we didn't Plan that but it wasn't Lost on us either, how Funny is THAT?!!  *LOL*

And it's a Restaurant with enough Ambiance for the Adults to Enjoy and enough Kitsch for the Kiddos to Enjoy... and Good Food that everyone Enjoys!

So it's usually the spot each of us picks for our Birthday Luncheons and Special Events with Family and Friends.

That said, doing anything Solo in Public with the Kiddos and no backup is a huge Risk... and this is precisely why I typically only Plan Special Outings when there is a Special Occasion most of the time now... otherwise I'd need a Cocktail and a Designated Driver to get thru it if it were too frequently!  *LMAO*

The Desert Botanical Garden Outing was HOT... that's all I can say about that... sticky HOT, sweaty running down your back and face HOT... but she was Enjoying every HOT sticky, sweaty minute of it so the Young Prince and I Endured!   Ahhhh, the things we do for Love, right?

But I do Understand why it's Special to her... so many fond Memories there too, going way back... and adding to them NOW just makes more fond Memories...

And always the Kiddos talking about Remember When back THEN when we were here Gramma!?!    Yep, I do... the Stories are told over and over fondly and the Routine and Familiarity of their visits is something they eagerly look forward to... and now you're barely both fitting thru the doorway of the Apache Wikiup!   My how Time flies!

So yeah, it was a Good Day... and I think she thoroughly Enjoyed her Birthday Celebration... she'd picked out her Birthday Gifts weeks ago so she could play with them early... we're not that Conventional as a Family that we have to do everything on an actual Special Date.

And we always have a lot of laughs coz these Kiddos are a Riot too.   I had been Admiring, once again, the Vintage Mannequin Hand with the missing fingers and the Index Finger barely holding on by a thread of rubberized plastic now brittle with Age.   The Young Prince could tell I Wanted it but was trying to Resist it again.  So he dryly says, "Well, you don't want that Gramma, coz when that Index finger falls off you're gonna be left with an Old Hand giving everyone The Finger!"  *Insert he and I bursting into Hysterical Laughter!*   That almost made me WANT IT MORE as Twisted and Demented as we are!  *Ha ha ha*

So, No, I didn't get The Hand... or The Pumpkins...

Or the vast array of Great Skullies...

Though the Young Prince desperately Wanted this Bob Cat Skully... 

And the Snakes in Formaldehyde!  Especially this Albino one...  *I know... you're saying Ewwwwww, aren't you???!!  LOL* 

And we Unanimously Agreed that we NEED to try to get some of these Faux Skeletons for around the House next Season so we can Pose them in Vignettes because it's Hysterical.

And I Resisted all Creepy Dolls and Doll Heads...

And Fabulous Black Furniture and Taxidermy Bats...

Though this Killer Sideboard in Black that Myko had was so Ahhhhhhmazing that if it doesn't Sell, well, I might just have to work something out with her and Brett I think!!!   *LOL*

And no Halloween would be complete without a Creepy Clown, right?   Okay so this one isn't so Creepy and is actually pretty Cool since it's a Vintage Carnival Clown Midway Piece that you almost never see coming up for Sale.

But the Rubberized Vintage one at our House is positively Demented, isn't he?  *LOL*  The Young Prince and I were Jazzed to find him for less than a buck... every Halloween needs a Creepy Clown, they're the Scariest!  *Smiles*

And how stinkin' Creative and Cute is this?  Now I Regret Passing up one of these I found in Salvage and didn't buy... I had thought of making a Vintage Industrial Lamp out of it and changed my Mind, but I never would have Imagined it being the Perfect Great Pumpkin for Outside Decorating!

So, what Theme are YOU doing this Halloween my Friends?  Are you already Seeking those Special Pieces that will round out your Holiday Decor?

Or Creating something Fabulous?   Now would be the time to get busy with it... because before you know it the Holidays will Rush up on us once again!   And after being Inspired by these Fabulous Fabric Pumpkins I'm looking at Old Sweaters and Knits in an entirely different way now!

Married with Old Doilies and Burlap they are the Perfect Organic Touch for this Season's Harvest Theme dontcha think?

Of coarse any Theme will Work... I actually thought the Horse and Harvest Theme looked really Cute together, I happen to like and have some Equestrian Collectibles.

And now I'm Wishing I had some of these Style of Pumpkins too, to add to the Velvet Pumpkin Patch's diversity...

The array of Pumpkins was vast... these Mercury Glass ones were also really Elegant and looked Great nestled in Fur... these were on a Sheepskin Rug.   I remember my Parents having Sheepskin Rugs in the early Seventies, so I always think Vintage Seventies Styling when I see them.  *Ha ha ha*

And of coarse even though I have Sold Off a Hoard of my Old Architectural Salvaged Doors and Windows... and several of them just happened to be at the Event in fact, I still can't help but Admire some that weren't mine and Wish they were... like this matching set!  *I know, I know... I don't NEED anymore Architectural Salvage now that I've successfully Purged so much of it... but I'm Addicted to Loving and Rescuing Architectural Salvage, so what can I say!*  I'm just Glad someone Rescued this set, they're Awesome!

And look at those Repurposed Tanks made into Awesome Vintage Industrial Style Lighting.   I Sold Off some Tanks too that were in one of my Outbuildings, I'm not a Fabricator so I knew I couldn't do anything with them, but I knew who could!  *Winks*

In fact, Vintage Industrial Decor and Lighting is Red Hot right now... there were SOLD signs on just about all of it by the end of the Event!

I Hope you have Enjoyed Touring the Event with us my Friends?  We sure had a Good Time.

And a Good Laugh at many of the Whimsical Vignettes...

And I Wish I HAD picked up this Old Painting that had been Altered Halloween Style with Masquerade Masks... so Cute... but it SOLD by the time I went back.  *Sob*

Ah well, next Month will be the French Market Theme and I just KNOW we'll find something Fabulous at that, won't we my Friends?  *Winks*

And at the end of the Special Day a certain Birthday Princess was all tuckered out...

And yep, if you look closely... we did bring some Spirit over with us... which is just Fine with us...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. What a full day---of memories. Kids grow up so fast...wasn't it just last week, that my two were dressed as 'Ghostbusters' with dryer hose ghost incinerators strapped to their backs and now they are having a 30th Ghostbusters Anniversary??? Where does the time go... Great post and seriously I need to find somewhere as fun as Sweet Salvage to go shop! Thanks for the tour and Happy Birthday! Sandi

    1. Oh yeah, I remember the Ghost Buster Craze and it is unbelievable that it's already Celebrating a thirty year Anniversary! I know right now the Shops are promoting Star Wars like crazy again so I think they may be coming out with another Anniversary Edition of that Classic? Some of those Movies are so Iconic every Generation can Enjoy them for many more years to come... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Glad the birthday outing took place without to much drama! Good to see your moving right along with your decorating!


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