Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rust And Roses ~ Sacred Heart Studios

So I also had to hit my Friend Shelly's Shop RUST AND ROSES to see what Autumn was bringing in to Inventory?   Always such Cute and Whimsical Styling of it all, which is what I like to do at my house so I thoroughly Enjoy the Visuals that make me Smile.   Decorating with Whimsy just makes a Space so much less Serious, Stuffy and Formal.

And of coarse my Friend Katie's Line is there in the SACRED HEART STUDIOS Boutique... so I had to see what Autumn Wardrobe I could Lust after!?  *Smiles*  If I keep losing weight I Plan to Treat myself to a new even smaller Wardrobe by next year as my Reward and an Incentive to keep at it.

It was also Fun to see how Shelly had Displayed some of the Treasures 'Picked' from the Old Property that I Let Go of.   The Egg Chair has many fond Memories of us swinging on it at the Porch of the Art Studio Cottage.  But I had no place for it at this New Home and some items were just too cumbersome for me to Transport and try to fit into my tiny Showrooms.  This immediately Sold and is going off to a New Home and I couldn't be Happier that it will be Enjoyed for many years to come by someone else now.

In fact the Letting Go Process and Inviting 'Picks' at the Old Homestead have really helped me to clear it out faster and have less to drag here and have to unpack... so I'm still extending Invitations until it's all GONE!  *Ha ha ha*   I didn't Imagine I could Let Go of so much, but I have... and it Feels Good to Downsize more and more, knowing it's all going to people who Appreciate it as much as I do and have a Client Base that truly Loves Decorating with it too.

So much of what I've had at the Old Homestead were Rescued pieces and items Salvaged over the years from Properties no longer in existence.  I shall always carry the Memories of my own 'Picks' to Hunt for it all and the Thrill of those Hunts never diminishes over Time.   I shall always also recall those Wonderful Old Places that are no more... but which a tiny part of was Rescued and remains because we refused to consider it Trash and instead considered it Treasure!

See if you can spot some more of what came out of Old Bohemian Valhalla?  *Smiles*  No... I'm not going to tell you, that would Spoil it.   Suffice to say that some of what I previously Hoarded up and wouldn't relinquish is now being broken Free from my grasp because I just ended up with too much.  Sometimes even Forgetting where it was or how much I'd amassed!  *Smiles*  Yes, I've finally reached the point of too much... when previously my Mantra was that More was never enough?!   See... I AM Evolving ever so slowly but surely!   *LMAO*

Besides, in the Letting Go Process it is building up a Goal of Saving up for Discretionary Purchases that I NEED and not just Discover in a Hunting Foray by Serendipity and Chance.   I NEED to replace some worn out Wardrobe and items that are no longer fitting... so slowly my Wardrobe will morph into a replenished one that fits better.   Love these Altered Jeans...

With the matching Messenger Bag that is so Cute!   Katie's Bags and other Accessories are as Interesting and Creative as her Clothing Line and Jewelry Line, so you can get it ALL here.  In fact I always come away Wanting it ALL and will remain a Loyal Regular Customer since our sense of Style is so Ideally similar it's like she's Custom making it just for ME!  *Ha ha ha*

Here's a pan back of that Messenger Bag... if I lose enough weight to get into those Jeans I'd want this matching Bag of coarse, then I'd Feel Fierce!  *Smiles*

I think I Love this Feathered Horn Skully as well... just My Style of Decor dontcha think?  *Winks*

Vintage Vestments are always a Personal Favorite too... I've got a Collection of them... of coarse!  *Ha ha ha... you knew that didn't you?*

It was very difficult to walk away with Zero Purchases... yes I did... or did I?!!?!?  Well, it's been a Minute so I don't rightly remember... well, that's my Story and I'm stickin' to it!  *Bwahahahahahaha*   Actually, in all Truthfulness I don't remember if or what I might have bought... do you ever do that?   It's Old Timer's catching up with me I Guess?

Now it's actually bothering me a little bit that I don't recall if I bought anything or not... or what I might have done with it if I did get something??!  With this Chaos reigning at the New Home during Move In there are several things I suspect I'll stumble upon much later when I FIND them again from where ever they were hastily stashed!?!   *Le Sigh*

Loved the Velvet Pumpkin Patch, but know that I Resisted it... haven't bought a single Velvet Pumpkin yet this Season!  *Gasp... yes, I'm Dawn, a Velvet Pumpkin Addict in Recovery and haven't yet fallen off the Wagon in 2015!*   I have my own Velvet Pumpkin Twelve Step Program and Accountability Partner in fact!  *Ha ha*

Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do in order to Resist those strong Urges my Friends... we all know what our own Personal Kryptonite is!   Mine comes in numerous forms in fact!

What can I say... I have many Loves and Obsessions that Afflict me terribly!  *Winks*

Now, these Garden Peacock Chairs didn't come from the Old Homestead but they look like they could have don't they?  Great Set... and if I hadn't already flipped a whole Hoard of Outdoor Furnishings from the Old Homestead I might have been unduly Tempted since these would look Great in the Inner Courtyard.  But I think The Man would Believe I was Backsliding, just when he thought I might be Cured or at least in Remission from Hoarding Garden Furnishings?   *Ha ha ha*

I'm not even Sure there is a Cure for what ails me... and it isn't something I'm dead set on getting Well from anyway... I just Enjoy being this way too much I Guess!  *Ha ha ha*

There are just some of our Quirks and Obsessions that we don't want to Fight too strenuously, do we?   Or maybe that's just me?   I kinda like being the way I am... it only bothers me when I reach Critical Mass and then have to go back to Editing and Purging... or trying to Edit as I go, which is still rather hard for me, it doesn't come Naturally you see to be a Good Editor.

Even when I'm Creating something... I tend to go Over-The-Top unless someone with a more Critical Editorial Eye stops me from adding more!  *Smiles*

I'd like to dabble with Creating some Fashion in the Future... mostly to wear myself since finding Clothing that fits well is still not that easy for me so making it just makes sense.

In fact there are a whole lotta things that I'd like to get back to doing as well that have been on hiatus for far too long already.

And some things I've just begun to Procrastinate in the Doing of lately... like UNPACKING.  Remember my two box or crate a day Goal?  Fell by the wayside some days so I have tried making up for it on days when I'm not in Procrastination Mode.   Some days I do exceeding Well and get a lot done that is Intended... other days I'm such a Slacker on Purpose around here since I just want to Relax and Enjoy the New Home.

Besides, Packing Up doesn't bother me quite so much as Unpacking does, and I don't quite know why?   I have a sense of Urgency about Packing Up... no such sense of Urgency at all when it comes to the Unpacking of it because frankly, Out of Sight, Out of Mind is kinda how it tends to Play Out for me.   I'm also kinda Hoping that the Out of Mind will Assist me in getting rid of even more of it when it is finally unpacked?  We'll see.

Loving the French Grey Painted Furniture.   I don't Decorate with much Grey, but if it's a predominant Hue in a Home I'm Appreciative of it looking so Refined, Fresh and Soothing to the Eye.

Vintage Linens and French Grey just go hand in hand so well too... and who doesn't Love Vintage Linens?

Or Lace...

Or Bling...

And even MORE Bling... which for some reason I don't mind Hoarding up Bling AT ALL... I have no Saturation Point for it in fact, Go Figure?

Fifty Shades of Grey... hey, isn't that a Movie?  *Winks*

Guess it's the Human Magpie in me that is always Attracted to anything that Sparkles or Shines?

This was The Top that I desperately Wanted but didn't have Budget for dammit!  *Smiles*   I liked both sides of it... this was one side...

And this was the other side... see, Perfect for wearing either side forward and getting a completely different Look!   And the Price was Right... so I'm really Hopeful that when I do have some discretionary Budget for Wardrobe I can go back and get it??!??!??!??   I put my Mojo all over it... *Ha ha ha*

These are so Sweet and remind me of the Paper Florals that The Grandson always Creates for me to tuck around the house... he's very Good at making anything out of Paper and makes it look so easy and effortless.

A Hoard of Beautiful Old Frames in just the Styles I Hoard Up at Home... Nope, I did NOT Let Go of any of my Old Frame Hoard, so these aren't any of Mine.  Sorry... for right now I just couldn't pry any of mine out of my hands, even tho' I got plenty of Offers... it is one of the last bastions of Taboo Objects I can't find in me to part with yet.   In fact, I always want MORE, even though Clearly I don't NEED more!   *Ha ha ha*   I have never passed up an Old Frame in this Styling while on the Thrill Of The Hunt and if the Price was right... NEVER!

And though my Old Chair Hoarding is Legendary I have managed to Let Go of over half of what I had during this Move!   No, these aren't some of mine, but they sure would have gone well with some of the ones I had.

And Taxidermy... another Taboo Item for now that I haven't parted with either... though I will once I amass enough to bring into my Showrooms and Share.  *Ha ha ha*  When will I have ENOUGH?  Well, I dunno yet what amount that will end up being... but I do Plan to Work on it until I reach that Magic Number.  *Smiles*

I have even parted with some of my Mannequin Gals and Dress Forms, yes I have!  Wow, I know, who'd of thunk that would ever happen?   And I think it's kinda Weird that the Word 'thunk' must actually be a legit Word now because Spell Check didn't underline it?!?  *Ha ha ha*

I have a certain Princess now breathing down my neck asking me when I'll be DONE with this Post since she wants to displace me here and take over my Computer Space!   She's been doing that a LOT lately, taking over MY Spaces here at the New Home!   You should see my Studio Loft Space, it looks more like HER Space, her Stuff now spilling out of her ample Bedroom and Play Area into said Loft Space which is adjacent to it!  *Arghhhh!*

There's even a Tent set up in there, like she's going Camping in the Studio... and my Creation Station Table, well, it has now become a LPS Village of sorts!   And there are Monster High Dolls perches atop of everything Staring me down when I try to Reclaim MY Space that they now all Inhabit!  *Smiles*

Okay, so she's Stalked me long enough now that I suppose I'll draw this to a close and show you one last thing I Let Go of, from a 'Pick' about Twenty Years ago way out in the Desert when an Old Rancher was tearing down his Historic Barn and told us we could Salvage anything we wanted out of it first!  Yeah, that Rarely happens anymore, but this was Twenty odd years ago before anyone Valued this Stuff and they were Delighted some Sucka would Love it and cart it all away for FREE!  *Ha ha ha*   It's a Porcelain Sink with Hand-Hammered Faucet and Spigots, never saw one like this before or since... I had Plans for it at the Old Place, but not here... so it is up for Sale at Shelly's now if you can't Live without it my Friends!?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn....How are you.... The Egg chair & the lace....I would have a hard time walking away from......I was surprised about the velvet pumpkins tho....that is will power to walk away LOL I hope you & the Man & your family are doing well... Fall is here & I am slowing down I will be by more often....Peace my friend <3

  2. The egg chair, be still my heart!

  3. Wow-what gorgeous photos! I love 'Rust and Roses' even though I only get to visit it about once a year while I'm vacationing there! :)


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