Sunday, September 13, 2015

Our Dia de los Muertos Altars 2015

Today I decided to finish setting up our Dia de los Muertos Altars to soothe my frazzled nerves.  You see, The Young Prince has been in an Obsessive Mood and Fixating upon a specific Trifle to the point of driving everyone almost completely Insane!  *Smiles*   And if I'm doing something I particularly Love doing, like Creating Altars, I'm not so likely to move out of the Fruits of the Spirit and go over the edge of the Brink of Insanity he's got us teetering upon Today!  *LOL*

Yes, there's just something about Building an Altar that keeps you in the Fruits of the Spirit regardless of what Hell is swirling around you and Tempting you to Lose it!  *Smiles*   Now, to be sure I can be a person inclined to Fixations myself, so I'm not completely without Compassion.  But The Young Prince takes Fixations to a whole new level, one even I cannot attain on my worst Fixated Days!  *Ha ha ha*

I can be as Tenacious as a Dog with a Bone when I'm Fixated upon something but I'm not so inclined to make everyone around me Participate in my Fixation... he does.  *Le Sigh*  Yes, when he's completely on a Mission, well, he tries to Recruit everyone around him to be part of the Fixation Posse and at the expense of anything else since the World has now stood Still for him and Life as we know it has Ceased to Exist until his Mission is Accomplished!

Now, I'm a Team Player and all of that, but I have to Assess the situation before I'm Recruited and March off into the Abyss of someone else's Insane Focus upon a mere Trifle.  I'm just not that 'All In' unless it's my own Fixation you see, because it's not that Important to me if it's YOUR Fixation.  *Winks*   He can more easily Recruit his Little Sister and get her on board for a Fixation Session since her OCD can easily be Activated if there is a Mission Statement laid out before her and a Challenge, regardless of the actual possibility of attaining a Victory!

There was no possibility of a Victory here, he was looking for something that I wasn't even sure Existed in this Universe??!   He was CERTAIN there was this Yellow Cable Wire that would hook up to a Cable Box we brought over from the Old House.   There wasn't... we had brought over and Located every damned Cable that ever ran to that stupid Box!  Yes, now the Box was the Enemy in my Mind since it's very Existence was disturbing MINE!  *Smiles*

Not to mention we still have Towers of unpacked boxes and crates and this Kiddo is so Fixated upon finding this Imaginary Cable that does not Exist that he thinks we're going to go thru them ALL... RIGHT NOW... to placate him!!!   Then he says, "Well, if we can't find it I can unplug YOUR Cable Gramma, from YOUR Computer, and I can use that one instead!"   Oh Hell to the NO you're NOT!!!  *LOL... insert my Head now spinning like... like Linda Blair in 'The Exorcist' if he even Considers touching THIS Computer's Wiring and messing it all up!!!*  The Fear and Risk of Blog, Facebook and Pinterest Withdrawal would simply be too much to bear my Friends!  *Winks*

So, while he Recruits his Little Sister and his Grandpa to search for the elusive Yellow Cable... or any Cable right now for that matter since they're getting Desperate to make him just STOP with this Obsession before it makes us all Crazy as March Hares, I'm sitting here Protecting my Computer from Sneaky little Fixated Teen Hands!   Since you cannot tell a Healthy Teenager anything... you can only Imagine how much you cannot tell one with Mental Health Issues anything when they're on a Roll!!!  *Oy Vey!*

But prior to sitting here banging out this Post to Protect my Turf... *Winks*... I did Work furiously on my Altars so that I could Ignore him and be doing something so Obviously Important for the Season that he'd leave me in Peace for a while and quit trying to Recruit me to Partake in the Fixation of the Moment!  *Ha ha ha*

Sure, he keeps Hovering... to see if I'm NOT Busy doing something so that he can start again in the Inquisition of where is this Cable crap!!!??!??!   I'm not even certain that if he finds one that works, what on Earth he's going to do with it?  That will make anything different or better than it already is? Since I had the New Home Wired up by the Cable Company for each Person's Personal Space so there would be no Trouble in Paradise trying to Share any of it!  He's already GOT Cable for Heaven's Sakes... they ALL do! *Smiles*

And though, since he's bugging the Living Daylights out of me and so when he's not around there is a Measure of Peace and Sanity on this Sabbath Day, I probably shouldn't be Checking Up on his Master Plan, I HAVE to.  Otherwise who knows what Mad Scientist shit this Kid might be up to in his room that has caused him to be so intent on finding elusive Cables??!??!   *LOL*   You see, he's done Mad Scientist shit since he was very, very young, this Kid... and some of the Experiments went very South... so you have to Check to avert potential Disaster and Doom!!!

Now, when the Fixation Fades he'll be Okay... but you never know when it will run it's Course?  This one has been a particularly long and dreadful Fixation so he's been at it all day relentlessly.   You'd think he'd be plum worn out with it, I know I am and it's not even MY Fixation!   *Smiles*   The Threats to give it a rest have fallen on deaf ears of coarse, even tho' he can clearly tell that Gramma has heard enough about it... and is about ready to throw any unhooked Cables and Cable Boxes in the Garbage if it continues or set them on Fire!   *Yes, I am Drastic like that when I Snap!*

This is why Creating Altars has been particularly Therapeutic for me Today and I do like the end results very much.   I wasn't certain where I'd set the main one up you see here at the New Home, since I had Sold Off my Vintage Jukebox that used to be Transformed into Altar Space.   But as it turned out I had a particular Antique Farm Table in the Living Room Space that worked just fine and was situated where I wanted it to be.  It Transformed into an Altar Space very well.

And it will work Seasonally for any and all Seasonal Vignette building that I want to Create throughout the year.   Plus has Space underneath, when covered up by a Seasonal Fabric, to Store what used to be on top or whatever Seasonal Decor was Stored in, out of sight, so serves double duty.

This year, as always, I checked certain Stores for adding to our Day Of The Dead Theme and Celebration.  Thankfully more Stores are now carrying a Line for the Celebration and 'Target' has had a nice selection for a couple of years now.   So, I got another Dia de los Muertos Wreath... and I'm Loving the Skulls on this one even more than the one I bought there last Season... yet they go together quite well and have similar Felt Florals in Festive Colors.  Note: You have to strike early since they Sell Out of this Decor FAST!

I was Fortunate that I was able to recover most of my Halloween and Dia de los Muertos Decor to use again this Season though and didn't have to buy very much in the way of replacement pieces for stuff I couldn't Locate after the Move.   I know that I still have a lot of Seasonal Decor at the Old House and will certainly miss having Seasonal Storage Buildings to house them in and find them so easily.   I had little Outbuildings and Sheds specific to my Holiday Decorating Storage and that was so Nice I was very Spoiled by it.

So when each Holiday winds up I shall have to try to be Specific and very Organized about where I will Store it all together to find it easily next Season at this New Home.   I don't have any random buildings here you see, so I'm going to have to be Creative about Storage out of sight for those things you only use Seasonally or Rotate in and out of Styling the Home for the changes you want to make throughout the year.

I am downsizing a LOT with my Seasonal Decor though and only Keeping the most Beloved of Objects to Style with on the Holidays.   At this Season of Life you have to start Considering just how many Holidays you might still have left in you to Decorate for and streamline your Hoard of Holiday Stuff accordingly!!!   *Smiles*   We've always had various Theme Trees for Christmas for example and now I'm only Keeping the Fav Ornaments for just a few Themes and Sell Off the rest, the excess.

Because Clearly I'm NOT going to be Decorating Dozens of Christmas Trees now at this Season of Life, unless I become an Immortal that is.  *LMAO*    And though I like having a different Tree Theme each year and not duplicate them for a while so that it remains Fresh, it's ridiculous to Keep the vast Collection of Ornaments I've amassed over a Lifetime of Celebrating Christmas.  I used to be an Avid Collector of Christmas Ornaments you see... and not so 'Into It' as a continued Collection to be added to anymore.

It was in fact one of my earliest Collections since I've been Collecting Christmas Ornaments before I even Grew Up and left Home... so by the time I did... I already could Decorate a couple of Trees quite Impressively with my Collection!  *Smiles*  Did you Collect anything Specific as a Kid?  Do you still have any, or most, of that Collection now?  Would you ever part with it?   I'm at the 'Ready' point to begin parting with it now.   This Move is the Perfect Time to sort thru it and Decide what will get Sold Off?!?

I even already Sold Off a fair amount of Halloween Decor *Gasp*, yeah, I know... but in the Past we went Full On with our Halloween Decorating Inside and Out and we've scaled down considerably as the years have passed.   If you live in a Neighborhood where everyone does Full On Decorating for the Holidays then it's just more Fun to Participate and Compete against each other.  And make it one big Neighborhood Party and Destination for the Trick-Or-Treaters, which we all did.  *Smiles*  I have many fond Memories of doing that in one particular Old Neighborhood we lived in as our Kids were growing up and it was Over The Top Awesome!!! 

I miss the Masquerade Parties and Over-The-Top Decorating for the Seasons, but now I'm not so Possessed by the Desire to do it so Full On anymore, getting too Old and it gets too hard now that The Man cannot help.   But, I can still go Full On INSIDE to some degree... I can't help it, I Enjoy it too much to Stop and we all like the Ambiance and Atmosphere it Creates during the Holidays... so here's our Dia de los Muertos Main Altar for 2015.

We'll all put our little Love Notes to our Dearly Departed Friends, Family and Fur Babies in the Stone Dishes as the days leading up to the Celebration come closer.   And add Photographs of them as well and anything else anyone Feels Led to Offer up as Ofrendas on the Altar.

We made a smaller Altar beside it on my Favorite new Antique Chest of Drawers... and I had such Fun in the Creation of them both and thought I'd Share them with you all Today.   And since The Young Prince hasn't come in to bother me in about Forty Minutes now I probably should head upstairs and Check again now... *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I hope it's calm on the home front by now! You did a great job with your alters! So Colorful!

    1. Yes, all is Calm... for now... *Winks*... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Hope things calm down soon. Teens can be a pain at the best of times. By the way, I love your altar cloth


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