Thursday, September 3, 2015

Moving Burnout

Though I knew well in advance that a major Move was going to be a tremendous amount of Work, I overestimated my Stamina for accomplishing it solo.   Not knowing how long I'd be slogging away at it, while simultaneously Dealing with the other Issues of Life, often now Feels like a Marathon I didn't get enough advance Training to be able to complete without succumbing to Burnout along the way!

Yes, I'm now suffering from Moving Burnout big time.  Though I still try to accomplish something each day, I'm at that crossroads where Motivating myself to do it is a Tall Order.  Some days now I don't want to pack or unpack another thing... and so I don't... even though it makes The Process just that much longer and procrastinated.   I know I don't need to procrastinate at this juncture, I NEED to get the Old Homestead cleared out completely so I can just put it up for Sale.  Since it lying Vacant in Old Towne is nerve wracking because Vacancies in Inner City environments is like a magnet for potential crime to be committed on the premises.

I don't need to risk Vandalism, Theft or Vagrant activity on the Acreage, which would just cost me more money and Drama to get it ready to market.   Juveniles are perhaps the biggest problem with neighborhood blight in Inner City environments now since they're always around and notice everything coming and going.  Local kids with too much time on their hands and not enough supervision, morals, conscience or guidance to not get into mischief.   Kids actively committing destruction in their own community and neighborhoods because they find Entertainment Value in Vandalism or Theft of what does not belong to them.  

 Unfortunately Law Enforcement does not crack down upon Juvenile Vandals and Thieves as harshly as they should, with arrests and making their Families accountable for their crimes in the way of Restitution to their Victims.   We sometimes had problems with it when living there, it comes with the Territory of living in Historic or Older Neighborhoods, so I am even more Guarded now that we're not present to protect it from those segments of Society prone to opportunistic Criminal activities.   I knew it would only be a matter of Time before we began to have Problems with a Vacant Property.  It wasn't a matter of IF it would happen, but WHEN?

  Yesterday one of my Sweet Neighbors from the Old Neighborhood came over while I was picking up another load to tell me that the Police had to respond to Trespass activity of two truckloads of Young People who were acting sketchy around and on our Old Property the day before.    She knew they were up to no good coming onto our Property, which is now Vacant and clearly Posted "No Trespassing", and confronted them since they were local Youth she knows to be Shady and Problematic.   Thankfully she also called Police... though she said Law Enforcement failed to do anything or take it seriously, which is why she wanted us to be aware of potential problems now.

It is a scourge to Society that so many Families are no longer Teaching Godly Values to their Children and are raising up the future Criminals of America who will cost Honest Citizens far more than most of us can afford to shell out to run damage control behind them.   It is an even greater Tragedy that so many of these Kids come from Homes where that Example of Criminal activity has been learned and played out in the Home, Kids Learn what they Live and it perpetuates Negative cycles of Lifestyle Choices.   That is one of the primary reasons we chose to get out of the Inner City and live in a more Rural setting, but close enough to be near what we need in the way of developed infrastructure.  I like NOT having to Deal with Inner City Problems at the New Home... I will be Relieved when I also don't have to Deal with Inner City Problems at the Old Home either and it can be protected by being Occupied again.

I suppose that is why I see such a mass Exodus to the Suburbs by so many that, like us, used to Enjoy a better Quality of Life in the City, when things were different with the Communities there.   Once a shift comes it is impossible to Change it unless entire Communities rally together to make a difference... often it is just easier to Move... and NOT Deal with it and wait for a Change to come.   I can drive through areas of the various Cities in the Metro Area that used to be Wonderful... and now they're NOT... and it Grieves me to see it so... ruined for everyone because of the actions of some who are out of control and choose a Negative Lifestyle Path.   It is a Choice after all which Path one embarks upon and which will ultimately affect Destiny.

I really don't want someone else's Issues to Negatively Impact our Lives and our bottom line because our Paths cross.   Like everyone else I just demand Respect for what belongs to us and for it to be left alone unless we extend an Invitation or choose to be benevolent with it towards another.   I Believe that if Law Enforcement and Communities adopted a Zero Tolerance for inappropriate and Criminal behaviors against others that perhaps, even if it is not being learned or taught at Home, a strong enough Message will have been imparted to hopefully promote Change?   Perhaps I'm Old Fashioned to think that a measure of Morality and Godly Values makes Society a better place to live in for us all... but I Honestly Believe it with all my Heart and Soul.

I used to be one of those who Worked numerous Volunteer Hours in my Community and Ministries that tried to make a difference and promote Change in the areas and lives that were suffering.  I used to be one of those who bought up distressed properties in blighted areas and turned them into something to be Proud to Own, Beautified and Restored, ready for the next Owner to fully Enjoy the Fruits of our Labor and Sacrifices to make it so.   I used to Enjoy that Challenge, but at a certain Season of Life you no longer want a string of Projects or you no longer possess the Resources or Health to take it all on.  We're at that Season now and I'm Okay with the Change and the passing of the baton onto someone still up to those lofty Challenges of Preserving Properties and Restoring Lives.

Now I find it Challenging enough to complete a major Move without suffering Burnout!  *Ha ha ha!*  Yes, you do have to recognize your Age related limitations even if you still Feel Young at Heart and not at all like you are already wearing the Label of Senior Citizen!  *Winks*   I'm moving through having Moving Burnout right now... and it's a Process... I've got less in front of me than behind me, which is Encouraging... but I've still got a mighty long way to go... even if no Drama plays out along the way.   So I'm Praying for No Drama since that would just add to the burden of an already heavy load to bear.   And I know you'll be holding us up in Prayer as well while I Work towards my eventual Goals.   I'm ready to just Enjoy my New Home and Life and be a "Normal Model"... hadda throw that in there since this Vintage Dress Form Label just tickles me every time I look at it. *LOL*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Normal??? is there such a thing as normal, if so I want a double-shot with real cream and honey on the side. Yep…accepting limitations is a pain…in the ……Have a great day---I know you will, Sandi

    1. You're hilarious... I'll have some of that too Thank You! winks Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I know you'll get through this 'burn out', but please be kind to yourself. You are doing as much as you can. As for the problem with youngsters, I think it all comes down to a lack of respect for anyone or anything. Blessings

  3. I just checked back into blogland after a very long absence and you've up and moved! Well I really am hoping you are able to sell your home and enjoy your new suburban life! I really hope all goes well and there is a significant lack of drama in your future! LOVE all your great pictures as always!

    1. Welcome Back!!! You've been Missed... will have to go for a Bloggy visit over to your place now. smiles... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. I'm sorry about the added problem of Trespassing! I wonder if it's even safe to go over by yourself? Would it be wise to just get a big u-haul and a few young men and have them load it all up and bring it over to your garage or a storage unit. and get done with it?

    1. That's a Plan, but for now nobody is available... everyone works and I can't afford to hire a crew... or have them risk destroying stuff. Plus, I don't want to pay for a storage unit too and storage here is more limited than the old place, so I'm going thru a lot to purge it.
      Dawn... The Bohemian


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