Wednesday, September 16, 2015

In The Stillness

It's quiet and Peaceful after everyone else has gone to bed... and in the Stillness is when I Feel the most relaxed and rested... even if I haven't yet gone to sleep after getting Home from a Night Shift like Tonight... which is now actually this Morning.  I suppose that is why I've always preferred keeping odd hours and working Night Shifts whenever I've had any work outside of the Home.   Quiet almost completely Silent time slows my thoughts down to where I don't really have to or need to think about anything at all, it's almost a Meditative State of Being.   Maybe for some, not thinking about anything and not doing anything would seem boring or even eerie... but I find it to be Restorative and a real Treat.   When you are up and everything around is dormant and the streets look deserted, there are no distractions and you see everything with great Clarity.   This is also when I prepare everything in our Home for a new day to begin for the rest of the Family.  With perhaps a few early Surprises they aren't expecting, like Halloween Candy Miniatures scattered around the house in bowls, just because... since I've had my Treat of the Stillness, and now they can all have theirs come the breaking of dawn.


In the early Autumn Stillness of the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sweet Dawn. I do understand, I used to have to kiln watch...for when one kicked off I had to kick another one on---before the days of auto-timers---and then stay up two more hours to get the kiln into full cycle. Sometimes --almost always--this was wierd hours. So I would be cleaning the kitchen at 3am...or sorting photographs, or rearranging books, quiet solitary time...was/is a blessing. Grins, Sandi

  2. Dawn...l can see how alone time would be so precious to you since you lead such a busy life, and there are so many demands in your must be lovely to sit and write and reflect....and to prepare things for another busy day ahead. How fantastic your new home's looking with all your careful curating...l especially love the big hand near the fireplace, it's so funky and unexpected. Also your beautiful crowns and diamante necklaces, the stunning mirrors and framed butterflies and dolls heads are all a sight to behold...sooo lovin' your work!!

  3. I have a feeling of calmness from just reading your post! It's so fun to see how you are decorating your new home for your favorite time of year! Are you having your home open to the neighbors during Halloween/Fall season?


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