Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How Could I Resist... Well It's Easy I Just Didn't!

I don't buy mass produced items unless they're a certain kinda thing... MY Thing... and so when September and October roll around I do seek out the mass produced inexpensive Decor that caters to my particularly Morbid and Quirky Aesthetic!  *Smiles*   Recent years haven't disappointed... My Style is apparently becoming more Mainstream or something, I dunno?  *LOL*  All I do know is I can now obtain Fab Skullies like this one inexpensively, On Sale... at a Grocery Store!  *Gasp!*

My Autumn Decor is probably the only Collection I consistently choose to expand upon each year and upgrade on Purpose.   Most other Collections I've ceased and desisted upon in recent years and harshly Culled in fact.  The reason being, I Live with this Style of Decor more than just the Autumn Holidays, it's my Preferred Aesthetic and there is only the brief window of Opportunity in which to obtain it so I Seize the Moment!

I mean how could I Resist such things as a Dia de los Muertos Inspired Cookie Jar at The Spirit Store, which is only in business barely two months out of the entire year and rents empty Retail Spaces during September and October?!  Well, it's Easy, I just DIDN'T Resist!  *Ha ha ha*  I keep an Emergency Cash Stash just for Opportunities such as this so I don't have to go into a Fit because there's no Budget for them during this Season!  *LOL*

Because Seriously, September School begins with all those added expenses... and during a six week period during this time of year about five of our Grandchildren have Birthdays... so even if I hadn't of bought a New Home and still been Maintaining the Old One... it usually is tighter than most other times of the year for us.  And I HATE that, because this is when MY kinda Stuff is gonna be abundantly available to buy!!!   And so I usually devise a Plan of Action... I can be Wicked Resourceful when I have to you know!  *Winks*

And sometimes Surprises just seem to fall into my lap by Serendipity.  Like when I took Princess T to the Dollar Store to get some mini Hand Sanitizer bottles for School use and they had some with these Amazing Lady Muerta Rubber Sugar Skull Faces attached to each bottle that I HAD to buy for her anyway!  Booyah!!!

"Here, you can have the Hanitizer {as she calls it} for School and Gramma will have the Sugar Skull Gals for the Altar, Okay?", so I'm ripping these suckas off the rubber carrier the bottles have that attaches them to backpacks like a keychain!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   I kept one of each and she said she'd add the rest of the duplicates to her Collection after she uses up all her Hanitizer and is ready to throw the bottles away... Win-Win, right?  *Winks*

They do look Sweet on the Altar and Jazz up our Stone Dishes that hold Candies and Altar Notes to our Dearly Departed.   Yes, I put the Halloween Candy out early because it makes Life so much easier when The Man and the G-Kid Force are on a Sugar High... it's like kiddie crack and I use it as Currency and Leverage.   I won't replenish the bowls if there's too much Drama in the household and creating Trouble in Paradise!  *Winks*

In actuality the Kiddos don't really eat that much of it, but just having it there and available seems to soothe their Inner Beasts and make them Happy.   And The Man, well, if he's got Candy Bowls filled with Treats he's Golden and doesn't Care what else I might buy during the Holiday Season that makes me Happy!  A Sugar Blaze makes him very Agreeable!  *Ha ha*

And this Season they were everywhere... these came from the BX on Base!  Yeah, who'd of thunk, right?  We're out there filling Prescriptions for The Man and I... pop into the BX Food Court for Lunch afterwards and see these front and center near the entrance on the Halloween Display!

And then there are the No-Brainer Purchases like double insulated Inexpensive cups with lids and their own straws that we use incessantly here in the Desert because you almost always have a Cold Drink in hand!  *LOL*   This one came from The Spirit Store and I did have to go to two locations to get the last one at the second location because the Ouija Merchandise was Selling Out fast and it's not even October yet!   They won't be getting any more in before they close for the Season, luckily those Stores are all over the City and not too far from one another... they can call ahead to other locations that haven't Sold Out and put a Hold on a Coveted item if you ask.

And Wal-Mart had these Cute Dia de los Muertos double insulated cups for under five bucks apiece... the one even matches my Cookie Jar!!!   

They keep your Cold Drinks icy Cold and your Hot Drinks nice and Hot... and for the price they're quite sturdy and if not totally manhandled should last a while.

I got enough to make a Set for when we Entertain and have Company or the Kiddos have Friends over, since I got tired of my glasses getting chipped or broken so we usually don't even use glasses for drinking or serving refreshments anymore.

I just think these are really eye-catching and Fun, they go with most of my Vintage Kitsch in the Kitchen quite well too.

Spirit Store also was down to only one Ouija Tray so I got that, it's large and great for Serving...

There were still several of the Ouija oversized Coffee Mugs and we needed one of those to hold our Colorful Permanent Markers which we've been using a lot to Create and Color things with lately.  I Plan to use them on one of these Skullies I bought from the Grocery Store to Color it... and keep the other one as it is.  Also have to get some faux Marigolds for the Eyes of both since with the Move I didn't have time to grow any in the Garden this Season to use on the Altar.

And I got the last Ouija Throw Blanket at The Spirit Store too... they held that one at location No. 2 for me when location No. 1 called ahead.   Now... to keep a certain Princess or Prince from confiscating it and making it theirs will be my next Trick!  *Ha ha*   My Marilyn Monroe Throw Blanket got confiscated from me by a certain Princess and I haven't been able to procure another... it's one of the Risks posed when your Family like what you like and are prone to Liberating it from you!

Okay, so our Master Bedroom is still rather Spartan and we still have the Mattress on the floor since we haven't even begun to get everything Organized and set up in that room yet.   I had thought I'd Decorate it first, but Truth be told, who goes into your Master Bedroom anyway, so it turned out to be one of the least visible Spaces, thus, I put it further down the To-Do List to get around to!  *Ha ha*  


So my feeble attempt to even make it look Inviting will have to do for now... The Man doesn't Care anyway... he's not that Into Styling of the Boudoir as I am... if he's got a comfy Mattress and a TV in there, and me laying there beside him each Night, well, what more can a Man ask for, right?  *Bwahahaha*

Besides, The Master in this New Home is so Freakin' Massive that we could Square Dance in here like it was a Ballroom and so we don't even have enough Furniture for it!!!  I'm standing in the MIDDLE of the room taking this shot!  There's completely Empty Space behind me!  Our Queen Size Mattress looks like a Postage Stamp... as does the large Persian Rug that used to fill our other Master at the Old Homestead and looks Lost in the dimensions of this Space!  So... 'til I have the Funds to Decorate and Style it properly and put in a Seating Area... I'm Ignoring it for now!   Because frankly, I'm not even certain yet how I want to Style it!?  *Ha ha*

Besides that... it was all I could do to getting around to Decorating for the upcoming Holidays I J'Adore Styling for so much because of still trying to empty out the Old Homestead and dispose of Stuff!  Which has eaten up any time I've been able to squeeze into my Insane Schedule completely... I will be SOOOOOO Glad when this Move is behind me and I can get the Old Place ready for Sale and SOLD!

For I want to be able to Enjoy this point in time thru New Years Eve if I can, because it Truly is my Favorite block of Seasons due to all the Holidays and Holy Days, the Sublime Weather and all of the Events going on from Mid-September onwards!

I mean Great Stuff is overlapping Great Stuff on the Calendars now so it's hard to even choose what we want to do and what we must Pass on now due to constraints!?  *Le Sigh*   I missed Junk In The Trunk this year... hadda... and I'm afraid there will be more that I will have to Pass on coming up as well.  *Sighing heavily*

But... at least our Home is looking like Autumn is here and we're already Reveling in it!  So most of the time I just Enjoy staying Home when I don't have things I have to do.  And that's such a Great Feeling isn't it?  Living The Dream... right here at Home Sweet Home!   Now... it's off to Work at the Antique Mall I go... see you Later my Friends!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Boy you really did add to your Halloween/Fall /Di
    a de los Muertos decor! Smart idea on your part to have a stash set aside for your favorite time of year buying!

  2. Fun stuff, I really love the lace pumpkins at the end…gives them a mysterious quality, thanks for the share, Sandi

  3. What a lovely collection of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos decorations. Happy October!


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