Monday, September 7, 2015

A Slew Of Celebrations

Okay, so it's not just Princess T that is wiped out from the slew of Celebrations that have run from August thru early September as FIVE of the G-Kids have had Birthdays!  *Whew!*  Yeah, this is pretty much why I also remain broke  *Smiles*... because when you get Blessed with a slew of Grandchildren and then some of them grow up and start having Families too, well, you're going to have a slew of Celebrations all the time too... some Months even more than others!  *Ha ha ha*

Had to Share this one of Princess T crashing out in front of my Computer all curled up in a chair she dragged over that would be more comfy as she watched U-Tube Instructional Videos made by other Kiddos on Creating Cool stuff!   *LMAO*  Yep, I walked in as a Boho Pillow Instruction Video was rolling and she was fast asleep in front of it curled up like a Cat in the chair!

Kids are pretty much like Cats that way actually, they can fall asleep comfortably anywhere with no ill effects from the contortions they twist themselves into in order to fall asleep in the most unusual of places!  *Smiles*   So Cute!    I almost didn't want to disturb her but I needed to Blog... *Winks*... so I sleepwalked her up the stairs and into her own Bed... yes, these Kiddos can be sleepwalked anywhere and lay right back down as if never disturbed, which is kinda handy!  *Smiles*

Of coarse it also means I have to clear off such things as little empty snack packets and empty juice containers on the desk, little socks kicked off under the desk, and some strategically placed toys that joined her before I can reclaim my rightful place!   Being Creative Souls they Enjoy watching Creative U-Tube Videos and as long as it's Educational I will Share my Computer Time with them both.   Princess T also likes watching Instructional Modern Dance Videos and can really bust a move, she has a Natural Talent for Dancing and it's good exercise for her so I encourage it too.

But back to the slew of Celebrations we've had... The Young Prince R Celebrated his Fifteenth Birthday in August... his Aunt had dyed his hair as her Gift to him in a Lovely shade of Brown with Blonde Hilites... but apparently he has to have it only one Natural Color for his Band so we had to go out and re-dye it a Darker Color.  *Le Sigh*   He had looked really good with his Aunt's dye job so we hated to have to waste her efforts and expense of doing it for him so soon.

But... at least he liked the new Shade, which is Soft Black and actually looks darker than these Images and goes really well with his Green Eyes... so it's all Good.   I'm not used to Schools nowadays dictating what Color you should have your Hair and Conforming like that, Rebels that we are.  Whatever happened to Personal Freedoms?  *Ha ha ha*   But anyway... we Complied so there wouldn't be Drama... and now all we have to do is get the Doctor's Note about him keeping his earrings in... long story, I'm not going there this Post.  *Smiles*

And then Prince R's little Brother, Prince B, had his Third Birthday this Weekend.   Here he is with their Dad... and it takes me back many years since he looks exactly like his Big Brother did at that age, except that he has the Vivid Blue Eyes like his Mommy.  He's all about the Ninja Turtles this one... and Video Games... he can play them like a Pro.   Kiddos are so Tech Advanced nowadays aren't they, practically coming out of the womb knowing how to be adeptly playing or using those things!   Yes, this one can help me work my Smart Phone already when I get stuck!   *Smiles*   And he's got the Great Hair and Long Eyelashes any Woman would Kill for and so many Guys have... so not Fair, right?!   *Ha ha ha*

And then Princess T will be having her Tenth Birthday very soon so she Conned Gramma into springing for all her Gifts early, while I still have any Money left after indulging all the other Grandkids who have Birthdays just before her!   The G-Kids with end of Month B-Days get worried that I'll be Tapped Out before their day comes!?!??!   *Bwahahahahahahaha*   Well, they have a legit point I must say, especially since several of the Thirteen Grandkids we have do Celebrate Birthdays in these Mass Clusters of August-September and then again in December-January!   Princess T right now is all about and obsessed with Shopkins and American Girl type paraphernalia.   Okay, so I Confess that I cheaped out a bit and got the knock-off of American Girl coz they were more reasonably priced... but look pretty much the same she was Okay with that.  *Winks*

And then this one, from The Son's Family, turned the Milestone Sweet Sixteen last week as well!   Luckily the Older ones are really into Cold hard Cash... always the right size and right color you know... so I'm really into how much easier that is on Gramma Dawn as well!   *Winks* 

And this one, from the Oldest Daughter's Family, turned Fourteen... Cold hard Cash was Good.   So much easier when they're Teenagers since who knows what they're into anymore once they reach a certain Age and the Angst sets in so they rarely want to communicate with any Adults... because we're so lame and all... well, 'til they want a Car and Driving Lessons that is.   *Smiles*  And of coarse they'd all be absolutely Mortified if they knew Gramma was Blogging about any of them... tho' the Younger Ones always dig being Shown Off and being the Center of your Universe, Teens are another breed entirely aren't they?  *Bwahahahaha!*  The Beauty being, since we've had so many now we realize that once they turn about Twenty, they are like us once again... and not so embarrassed by us or being around us... well... sorta...  *Winks*

And... in between all those Celebrations... well... I finished up the complete Transformation and Overhaul of Showroom One Fourteen at the Antique Mall.   And it's paying dividends since I've already Sold Off most of what is in these Photos I took after I finished... some things even Sold directly off the cart and never got into a Vignette to be Photographed in fact!   You won't hear me complaining... it's a Great Problem to have!  

In fact, now that I don't absolutely Hate this Showroom anymore I don't mind spending time in here and foofing it now.  *Smiles*   Now... the other one I haven't yet overhauled or gotten around to Purging what I Hate that's in there for Sale... well, I avoid that one like the Plague!   So, it is definitely on my 'To Do' List as soon as I can get around to it and Transform it also into something I'm not Ashamed to say is mine!  *Ha ha ha*

Now... it's not like nothing is Selling from the other Showroom that is a Horror and I abhor right now... Customers apparently still dig it enough to buy from it regularly.  But I don't wanna Photograph it... spend time in it... or Deal with it until I can get it the way I want for it to be and devoid of Inventory I'm just not that into or simply isn't my own Vibe.   Am I the only Retailer that Feels that way I Wonder?   Are there any others out there that simply MUST have their Retail Spaces more Reflective of their own Aesthetic and Personality or they totally lose Interest in the Space?

It seems to me if I were just to be very Business Like about my little Hobby I'd just care about the bottom line and how much Bank it made for me, right?   But apparently that is NOT how I'm tend to be hard-wired at all!!!!!!!!!!   Nope, not me... even if I KNOW something will Sell... and am Tempted therefore to Stock it because, well, it WILL SELL, you know... I still loathe having it in my Showrooms on Display!   It just Feels like a complete Sell Out and Compromise to me to do so.

And maybe it wouldn't bother anyone else or they wouldn't even realize those particular things bug the crap out of me to have in Inventory even though the demographic is clamoring for whatever it is and will buy it.   But I KNOW how it made me wane and lose Interest in doing this... so I had to just make up my Mind to do what I really want and see how that plays out?

At least now the G-Kid Force and I are Happier with this Space and so far Customers seem to be too and Sales have increased, so I'm Pleased with the results thus far.   It's always somewhat of a crap shoot to know what Customers will or won't buy since what is Trending or sought after differs from demographic to demographic and sometimes even Month to Month.

I have decided I'll just Source what I happen to like or have Interest in myself and just attract Kindred Spirits to my Showrooms and not worry about who won't buy from me since I can't figure that out anyway.  *Smiles*   All kinds of people walk into and seem drawn to my Rooms so its hard to gauge really what my Target Audience even is???!   *Ha ha ha*

At least they're walking in and not just walking by... so I consider that a Victory of sorts even if they walk out empty handed.   It shows me that at least they were Intrigued enough to look and perhaps they just didn't see anything this time that they wanted or needed and might still come back and take a gander again to see what else shows up?  *Smiles*

And so with that said and in Mind I have gone Pickin' again in what seems like Forever.  Because with the Move and all I have been on a Pickin' Hiatus and Honestly I thought I was going to have Withdrawal if I didn't get back out there doing what I Love to do!   I had Neglected my Showrooms badly and really needed an Infusion of Fresh Inventory... whether it came from the Old Homestead's Purge and Edit... or from a Pick elsewhere.

I mean there's still so much Great Stuff to Find out there isn't there?   And those of us who Live for the Thrill Of The Hunt would do it even if we weren't re-selling, it's our 'Fix' and I hadn't had one in so long that I was Feeling a little Stressed Out just having all Work and no Play.   To me Scavenging for Found Treasures is not Work, it's Play.   I Enjoy it so much it's my Happy Time and De-Stressor... one of the few things I can have the G-Kid Force in tow for where we're all so immersed in the mutually Enjoyable Activity that they're not working my last nerve or fighting with each other.  *LOL*

Besides, they get to Keep some of what they Find too, so there's no downside for them actually... it's a Win-Win if they get to Keep and also Find Great Treasures for Gramma to flip and earn more Money to spend on THEM, right?  *Ha ha ha... well, that's how they look at it anyway!*

And it is a Supplement to a Fixed Income... which always helps at this Season of Life... specially when you are still raising Kiddos and have Medical Expenses that Insurance won't cover.   Oh... and a New Home... and all that jazz... *LOL*

Because Living The Dream doesn't come cheap does it?  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

And besides, how else would I adequately Purge the enormous Stash slash Hoard of Great Junque I've accumulated over a Lifetime and now have to Downsize as well?   Because a lot of what I'm bringing into Inventory was mine already and only a smattering is New Picks actually... since the New Picks Budget is minuscule right now.   Which sucks... but it is what it is and for now anyway a Grandoise Pick is completely out of the question, even if I Found a Honeyhole of epic proportions to Pick from!

One day though I Hope to have that Picker Budget like Mike and Frank of American Pickers... you know, where your Showrooms can really ROCK and be Reality Show Worthy!  *Ha ha ha*   Or at the very least Blog Worthy enough to do regular Posts about.  *Smiles*

But... until then I'll just not begrudge my Small Beginnings and just continue to have Fun with it all...

Because it is loads of Fun doing what you Love to do... and setting your own hours for the Doing of it...

And on your own Terms... Negotiating them any way you Please...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I wish I could visit your showroom. I absolutely love that pale blue Madonna in the centre of one of your pics. Take care. Blessings


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