Friday, September 11, 2015

A Pact With Me, Myself And I

I made a Pact with me, myself and I Today... there will be a minimum of two boxes or crates a day at the New Home that will be unpacked and put away.   Regardless of anything else on the Agenda, the unpacking of two has to be a Daily Goal now.

The reason being multi-faceted actually.  I'm running out of space to stack them as they come over from the Old Homestead and I don't want them just dumped everywhere and anywhere creating Chaos in the New Environment.   I can't find hardly anything since so much of it is still packed away waiting to be attended to.  And in order for me to appropriately downsize, I need to know how much I even want to absorb into the New Home's Space?  Which is Impossible if I haven't Assessed what has come over and if it has enough Value or Purpose here to us to remain or be Sold Off?

Since I'm going for an Uncluttered Vibe and for everything to have a rightful place to be, I don't want a lot to have to be Stored, unless it's Seasonal or something I'd want to rotate regularly into Display.  As large as this New Home is, it doesn't have nearly the amount of Storage Space that the Old Homestead did and therefore I have to be discerning about what to Store and how much room I have for that Purpose!?   I no longer want the Surprise of Fab Objects that have been Stored away so long that we even Forgot we had them and they hadn't seen the Light of Day in a ridiculous amount of Time!

I Feel it's Excessive to be Hoarding up even the Coolest of Stuff... and yet I know I have had a tendency in the Past to do exactly that.   Sure, it should just flow into Inventory now that I've got the Showrooms to do that... but it's now Time to actually get that dam of Stuff flowing instead of taking up valuable Personal or Storage Space in the Home.

I'm now Ready... actually I've BEEN Ready for quite some Time now and a Major Move just expedited the Urgency to Clean House so to speak and only Keep and Decorate with that which should stay... and the rest... should GO... the sooner the better!!!   I had Attempted, when the Move began anyway, to ONLY pack up what was a Keeper and bring it over.  But in the Urgency to get the Old Property cleared out, anytime I got any Helpers I couldn't waste their Time and mine doing a QC of every Object myself, that would be Craziness, like one of those Episodes on 'Hoarders'!  *LOL*

And so it's not until I'm unpacking that I'm taking a Mental Assessment of what we definitely want to Keep... and what should just Go.   In fact, the more Weary I get in this Moving Process, the less Sentimental I'm becoming and I'm even Falling Out Of Love with things that at first I'd decided WERE Keepers... and now I'm just not finding them Necessary here.  Or I don't have room for them to be Relevant.  

I guess I'm Changing my Mind a lot now on what I think I Need or really have a strong Attachment to?   I'm finding that the New Environment has actually Empowered me to just Let Go of so much that it doesn't matter to me anymore when I'm going thru Stuff whether it stays or goes, I don't Agonize over deciding so much now.  I'm even Letting Go of some of what I Love, just because I have too much of it and to whom much is given, much is required.   I'm at the point of wanting less requirements in the Caring of Stuff so that I can just Enjoy Life more and have less Work around the Home.

Yes, for right now there are some Organizational decisions that must be made about what should go or be Stored where around here?   So many things being unpacked don't exactly have a permanent place to be and that is bothersome to some degree.   But it all needs to be unpacked nonetheless and Dealt with so that what needs to go can be cleared out and what needs to stay can be better Organized in a way that doesn't make me Crazy to have kept it!  *Smiles*   Because in between Caregiving, Sick Loved Ones, Working, Maintaining a Home... you have to be able to eek out some Down Time... and no Stuff is worth me not having any of that anymore.

Blessing from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. It looks like you found some of the pumpkin stashes, and they are delicious. The painted cuties are fun too, each having its own personality. Downsizing is a pain, next year you won't even remember you had it. Just hoping it all finds wonderful homes, smiles! Sandi

  2. Yes! Goals do help! Congratulations on yours! Your pumpkins are fantastic! I'm finally making some this year! marlynne

  3. OH MY GOSH!! I LOVE your treasures! Thanks for paying my blog a visit! We obviously have a lot in common, surrounded by things that "talk" to us! Hope to chat soon! xoxo Rhonda...


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