Saturday, August 29, 2015

We're Baaaack... Familiarity... There's Just Something About It

Familiarity... there's just Something about it isn't there?   It's why, when we go on a Vacay, no matter how Fabulous and jaw dropping the surroundings, it's just not Home.   It Feels different... and even if Enjoyable and long awaited... returning Home always still Feels Good.   Home Sweet Home... our Personal Sanctuaries with our Familiar Objects and Surroundings enveloping us in utter Contentment.   I think that is why the Transition Period when you Move can be so tough until your Contents arrive and get set up to make it Feel like Home again and not so foreign an Environment.  Even for us Nomads who have Moved often and perhaps all of our Lives, certain things make it Our Home.   That "We're baaaack" Familiarity of our Possessions Moving back in with us and taking up Residence too makes it Feel Complete.  That is finally how we're Feeling at the New Home now.

Enough has finally Moved over with us and been unpacked out of the towers of boxes to start making each room more Familiar, more like Home.   Sure, it can be set up differently and Styled in a Fresh way... or not if we were totally diggin' how it always looked a certain kinda way.  It can end up in different rooms than before and we can mix it up and intermingle it with some New Objects... but it just BEING THERE makes the World of difference somehow.   And certainly we're far from finished, there is still much to do in just about every room and things still awaiting arrival or unpacking... but we're finally at that tipping point where our Comfort level is back and we're settling in to a Normal Routine daily, as you do when you're finally Home.

I've been Experimenting with the Details and what seems to just Fit together nicely.  Coupling things I've previously had with some relatively New Treasures I've procured since the Move began and things began to be in a constant state of upheaval for an unspecified amount of time.   I've been chomping at the bit to Style with certain things that really couldn't have a place at the Old Homestead because there was just no point in Styling before a major Move... and I hadn't had the time nor energy to get around to at the New Home until just now.   I've had this Fabulously Tattered Antique Lampshade for what seems like an Eternity because I was waiting for the right Lamp it should Grace... or should I Suspend it from the ceiling Chandie Style I'd Wondered?  Well, for now it's Gracing a relatively New Found Treasure of a Sterling 1920's Loving Cup converted into a Lamp.

Which in turn is replacing a Mid-Century Mod Butterfly Motif Goose-neck Double Lamp that I used to have illuminating my Computer Work Station... before I recently Sold it from the Old Homestead to a Picker Friend.   Yes, some things that I did Love and Enjoy the use of for many years have not made it over to join us at the New Home... that being among many.   It's not really that it wouldn't have Fit since there are many Butterflies exhibited throughout this particular room that the fiberglass Butterfly Motif Shades of the Mid-Century Mod Lamp would have matched quite well in fact.   But some things had to be Let Go of... in fact many things had to be Let Go of and it was often rather a spontaneous Process for me as to what and when.   I didn't really even put a lot of thought into it, because when I Overthink anything I can just waffle too much and be indecisive.

I just don't have the luxury of time to be indecisive about what to Keep and what to Let Go of.   Though to be sure some things were definitely Keepers and I didn't even have to think twice about that.  Others were not so definitive and I just had to make a spontaneous Judgment Call about them if someone offered to buy them on the spot and seemed to Appreciate them enough that I could Feel Good about turning them over to be Sold.   I Wish I could say I was all Business about it and could detach just that easily, or that it was all about the Money... but neither would be entirely my Truth.  It's just that the Time had come to Seriously Downsize and so you have to make some Tough Choices sometimes in that Process. 

Knowing that some things will be easy to Release and others won't... though they may not be excruciatingly difficult, downsizing means that you shouldn't Keep everything you might Want to.  But to Keep just enough that the Familiarity of your Environment remains and the Conscience about what you have Released doesn't Haunt you.   I try to have few regrets about my decisions and a Peace about them, even the hard ones.   Will I Miss some of my Familiar Treasures that were still Loved and yet had to be Released... well, yeah... but it's not as if I can't or won't find others you know... being a Die Hard Junquer and Incurable Collector... there's no telling what else I might find in the Future!?!   And that is so Exciting to me that I don't have very much Anguish about what I no longer have in my possession and have passed along to others now.

I have kept the things that I Enjoy the most or are Beloved or Sentimental for one reason or another. They may not even have as much actual Value as some Objects I have Released... and that is why the Value I place on my Treasures is not very Conventional really.   It could be Rare and I could still Let it Go... it could be Expensive and I could still Let it Go... it could be totally Worthless in the sight of anyone but myself and I will often hang onto it for Dear Life because it is Priceless and irreplaceable to me!    Some things I would be absolutely Distraught to have to Let Go of or Lose... some things would be so hard to Let Go of that I will shed tears, but I can still manage to Let Go.   The Old Homestead is one such thing that many tears have been shed about the Letting Go of, but I still have a Peace about moving forward and that it was just the right thing and right Time and Season of Life to do so.

And as I sit here at my newly Styled Desk, which just came over from the Old House Today, so I could finally take down the Temporary Vintage Card Table my Computer was set up on, I'm liking that it's totally different... and yet, Familiar enough to be Comforting and Comfortable for me to Create my Blog Posts around.   In fact, I'm Loving this Library Room so much more than I even Loved my previous Computer Space at the Old Homestead!   I'm actually Loving everything about our New Home... it just Feels Right... it just Feels like Home... and it did from the very start actually... but now that the Familiarity of our Beloved Objects moving back in with us is well underway, well, there's just Something about that which is unexplainable and makes things Feel Complete.

I Feel as though Creativity will Flourish in my New Environment... the Energy is just Ideal for it to in fact.    Yes, this is our Dream Home now Manifested in Real life... a Forever Home that I would definitely Feel completely Comfortable Living out my days Occupying.  It's a New Bohemian Valhalla for us... with enough of the Familiar... and enough of the New and Exciting to Energize our Spirit and yet still Soothe our Souls.

Moving at this more Advanced Season of Life was definitely much harder than in our Youth... and I cannot say we Embrace Change quite as Easily as we used to be able to... but Thank God we're also not stuck in a rut and unable to Change or Accept Major Changes as they become Necessary and are a part of our Destiny.

Being able to be Adaptable and still look forward to something completely different is something that is Invaluable since the only Constant is Change.    And being able to Keep some things that don't Change very much helps to soften the Transition, doesn't it?

We're still in our Transitionary Period for a while longer... an unspecified while longer since I haven't yet cleared out the Old Property nor put it up for Sale yet... that Process is coming along nicely but taking much longer than I would have liked for it to.  Some days I do just want for it to be over and done with already.  But it's not quite so Overwhelming now that most of it seems to be behind me and what lies before me isn't so Intimidating anymore... I can see Light at the end of the Journey we've been on since deciding to Move and make such a drastic Change.


And this Journaling of it has Helped as well... to Document the Process for Posterity... and remember what it Felt like... lest I get a Wild Hair in the Future and have Wanderlust really bad... I can temper my itchy Nomadic Feet with knowing how Tiring this has been.  Rewarding and Exciting and yet completely Exhausting all at once!   Yes, there is always that downside to every upside isn't there?

And as the Journey continues I can hardly wait to see exactly where it's taking me actually??!??!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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