Thursday, August 13, 2015

Uh Oh... Disaster Strikes

It's a good thing I took this Pristine picture of her the day before... because she no longer looks like this, she has... ummmm... Issues... requiring Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery of sorts now with trusty E-6000.  *UH OH and a Sob!!!*  You see, after having lived in a Century Plus Old Historic Home I had forgotten that New Builds just aren't as Solid, no matter how Lovely they Appear.   They just don't build em like that anymore and there will be vibrations when a Grandchild slams the doors... or the spring loaded doors slam a little too heartily.   I had forgotten all about that part you see... since the Old Homestead had fourteen to sixteen inch thick Walls of Adobe, Stone and Century Old Railroad Ties inside and out for it's construction there was nary a vibration no matter what slammed, banged, shook or raged outside or inside!  Of coarse getting Hardware into those Walls to hang anything was quite the Ordeal... but once they were up, they weren't going anywhere!

Yes, as Princess T was cascading out of the house to go to School that Morning apparently Sweet Antelope wanted to go with her or something and leaped off the Wall... shattering Horns and crimping Ears as she and Tile Floor met for the first time.   Well, at least she didn't crack one of my Tuscan Tiles... and it didn't happen when I was inside and could hear or see the carnage *Whew* since I'd preceded The Princess out the door.   The Man decided to wait until I returned from dropping her off at School... you know, so I wouldn't commit Infanticide or something... since killing Offspring is frowned upon and all.  *Smiles*   Even when The Princess returned Home she swore Sweet Antelope had jumped off the Wall before she even got to the door, which scared her something fierce she says... so... ummm... perhaps it was MY slamming of said door that sent her down?  *Uh Oh... dontcha Hate it when you blame someone else and it COULD HAVE BEEN YOU instead?"  {Blushing Humbly}*   But then... as I Eyed her Suspiciously, "Why didn't you say something about it then when you got in the Jeep?"   She counters with, "Well, I wasn't gonna be the one to have to tell you and watch you Freak Out and Go To Pieces... I had to get to School on time!!!"   Good and Valid Point... these Kiddos are quick as Greased Lightening to have all the Right Answers and avert and deflect all Blame... so we'll never know... really... we won't.

At any rate, regardless of whose to blame, we simply cannot have Taxidermy jumping off the Walls with New Home Vibrations, so we bought the Big Kahunas of Hanging Hardware to replace flimsier less Sturdy ones we had thought would do the trick.   Now... to the Restoration Project of Cosmetic Surgery on her Horns... luckily one only broke in two... the other is literally in smitherines... and the Ears, well, she'll just have to Live with them crimped now, I don't wanna risk breaking them off trying to straighten those out!  *Shudder*   Well, I have always Celebrated Imperfections in my Stuff, those things that Impart Character, History and a Story... now Sweet Antelope has her Story and Imparted Character.   Though at first I was devastated and quite upset, there was no use Obsessing about the Accidental disaster of falling Antelope.  After all... Stuff Happens... and very often Stuff Happens to your Stuff... so you do have to Learn to Roll with it.

It's not as if I haven't had numerous Mishaps with my Stuff over a Lifetime... I've had more than my Fair Share in fact with having a house always full of Kiddos, Fur Babies and Menfolk in fact... it's just part of Life when you are Sharing Space to have some Accidents occurring every now and again.   Sometimes it's not even anybody's fault... and other times, well... other times is a different Story but you have to Learn to Roll with that too.

And when it can still be Salvaged, like Sweet Antelope... and just ends up Perfectly Imperfect after it's Mishap... well, it's All Good in the end.   I've often bought Taxidermy that was Old and Battle Scarred, it's usually much Cheaper since most folks don't Celebrate Imperfections or Decay from the Ravages of Time... so now she fits right in to my Vibe.  And she wasn't an expensive Mount... and probably nobody will even notice once she's repaired and hung up there again... on a much larger, longer and sturdier piece of Hardware!?   We're Anchoring things to the Walls now like we might have a Typhoon or Tsunami to prepare for!  *Smiles*   At least her smitherines aren't as tragic as say some of my 'downed' China that will just end up as Mosaic Jewelry now.  *Le Sigh*   And I've just Learned to run Damage Control behind the Family... because...


Well... because it is just much easier than trying to Teach Children NOT to slam doors just because it causes vibrations that reverberate through the Walls!!!  Or remember that some of the doors are spring loaded to close on their own rather too heartily behind you!   We have to remember that we are no longer living in a Historic Home that was built like a Bomb Shelter at the turn of the Century and could withstand quite a bit more than any Modern Build ever will... no matter how Custom or Luxury it might be!   Because they just don't build 'em like that anymore, which is easy to Forget when you haven't Lived in anything New or Modern for a very long time.  We were discussing Appliances Today for example... about how the Average Life of such things as Water Heaters, Major Kitchen Appliances and Air Conditioners are customarily seven to ten years now before they need replacement or major repairs.  At the Old Homestead the Water Heaters were over Forty-Five Years Old and STILL going strong!   The Old Gas Stoves that were in it were just as Old... if not much Older since I do Believe they were from the Thirties or Forties Era!!!  Nope, they just don't build 'em like that anymore in our disposable Society. 

And since Sweet Antelope is one of the Smaller and Lighter of my Beloved Taxidermy Wall Mounts... we're going to have to figure out how best to Secure the others to the Walls... the Bigger and Heavier Mounts still to be hung!?!??!    At least none of those came crashing down... since I hadn't hung any of them yet!  *Whew and a Huge Sigh of Relief!*   We certainly don't need any more Taxidermy leaping off the Walls, my Heart couldn't take it!  And it might Freak the Guests and New Neighbors out to have Taxidermy jumping off the Walls at them... so... we'll figure it out, even if we perform Overkill on the Hardware we choose to hang them!  *Ha ha ha*  Oh you can be sure the Heavier Specimens will be anchored so well they're likely never coming off those Walls my Friends, even if you wanted them to!  *Winks*

And besides, as Dear Morticia would remind us... Life is NOT all lovely thorns and singing Vultures, you know!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh My! Lesson learned! It's good it was learned early on too!

    1. I agree... before it all was hung up and potentially came crashing down, huh? LOL Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I feel your pain. when I started work at the age of fifteen, I was earning £5.00 a week, In the window of an antique shop I saw a print of 'A View Of Delft' by Vermeer, and I fell in love with it. so I boldly asked the owner if I could pay a bit a week to get it. Miracles, he said 'yes' but can you imagine how long it took me to pay for it? When I went to live in the US it went with me, then back to the UK and later to South Africa, all without incident. But in Cape Town it hung above a fireplace, and I still loved it as much as when I first saw it. By that time my daughter was 5, and when we went to a shopping mall she saw a porcelain figure of an unicorn, with a garland of flowers round its neck. Again just like her Mum she fell in love with it, and again it was very expensive, so I tried my old trick and asked if I could pay for it weekly, and again they said 'yes' The downside was that the next time we went to the Mall, the unicorn was nowhere in sight and my daughter cried. I felt awful, but it was worth it to see her face when she unwrapped it on her 6th birthday. We kept it on the mantelpiece and here's the point of this rather long story, about a year later my Vermeer print fell off the wall for no obvious reason, and it smashed the unicorn into tiny pieces. (There was no way it could be put together again. Can you imagine how I felt? My print survived unscathed, but i'll never forget her heartache, or the guilt I felt, even though I hadn't done anything to make it happen. My daughter will be 41on August 22nd, and she hasn't spoken to me for nearly 10 years, and I still don't know why . Blessings PS if I'm imposing on you please say, and I won't comment anymore

  3. UM, so sad….however, now she can wear jaunty hats and wigs to disguise her distress. Another thought, my friend buys taxidermy, and I believe she has gotten resin-cast horns/replacement online. So perhaps would be easier to purchase --prosthetics, lol, then reconstruct??

    And new construction---I've had numerous plates fly off the wall, from my over-zealous husband, who usually does construction or destruction when I am not home---and everything ends up smashed not he floor! She still has her sweet smile…of sorts.

  4. I think you should do something totally 'off the wall' (so to speak) with her, instead of putting her horns back on the way they were originally. I'm not sure what exactly, but I just KNOW you can come up with something weird and wonderful, Dawn! LOL

  5. Dawn,
    Call me. I know a taxidermist who will gladly fix that for you (wink wink) plus show you how to hang the others on the wall so they don't fall off.

    1. Oh a Thousand Thank-Yous my Friend... if I think she can be adequately repaired I won't feel so devastated about her bunji jump off the wall! *Wink* I will be calling... Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. It`s so verry, verry nice to visit your beautiful blog!! With hugs, Meisje


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