Saturday, August 8, 2015

Things We NEED Versus Things We Just WANT...

Well, along with unexpected necessary Major Expenses that come up at the most inopportune of times... and getting Kiddos Back To School Expenses squared away... I've had the added dilemma of stretching the dreaded budget to include things we NEED versus things we just WANT.   When you get a New Home your Enthusiasm for Feathering it is Amplified considerably!   But every so often something you NEED ends up coming along and being something you WANT as well, which is sheer Bliss because you can totally Justify it even when it's Shoestring Budget Time!  *LOL*   This was such a Find for me... some Vendor Friends had a gently used Beautiful and Comfortable Ethan Allen Rustic Dinette Set that I fell in Love with... and especially the Price we Negotiated it for, which was about 80% below Retail!   I had to pinch myself at my Good Fortune!   My Friend Ed from Work was Kind enough to load it and deliver it for me after my Shift ended Friday Night!!!  So... we were Moving it in just before a big Monsoon Storm hit at about Ten O'Clock last Night.  *LOL*

We've been NEEDING a New and Practical Dinette Set for a long time, especially for Gatherings of more than just the immediate Family.   As you know I Love Antique and Vintage Furnishings, but for Practicality and hard daily use, the Real Deal just often cannot hold up to the wear and tear due to it's Age and often it's Fragility of materials.   I have an Awesome Antique Dinette Set, the European Chairs with Original Cut Velvet Material, Straw padding and Barbola are Sublimely Divine... I would Die if they were destroyed by daily use.   So... I needed the Daily Use Set for Meals, Homework, downstairs Crafting and Gatherings.   But visits to Showrooms proved all the ones I J'Adored to be totally outside of the stratosphere of our Modest Budget and I didn't want to take on more debt right now.   I couldn't afford anything at all in the Ethan Allen Showroom... though I had Admired this exact set there and know their Furniture holds up and stands the Test of Time.  So Imagine how deliriously happy I was to Score it at such a Bargain... getting it ALL for less than what two of the Chairs would have cost me Retail!  

I knew I couldn't hesitate to Negotiate my Best Deal since this wouldn't have lasted long and someone else would have snatched it up, leaving me with Major Non-Buyer Remorse... so I didn't agonize over a decision too long and made my Best Offer to seal the Deal.   I like that it goes with everything else so seamlessly even though it's not Vintage nor Antique, just a well made set made to look Rustic and finely Crafted.   The Chairs are so Comfortable and will stand up to The Man, The G-Kid Force and any other Family and Guests we'll have over to sit around the table with when we gather.   I liked the Storage Drawer on the other side of the Table... it's details like that which draw me to certain pieces.

And now my Beloved Antique European Diningroom Chair Set is Safe from suffering an early demise!  *Whew*  I LOVE these Chairs and how they look in a Formal Diningroom, but they are far too Old and Delicate for heavy use or potential abuse by Kiddos and Big Men.  *Smiles*   At the Old House the back Diningroom was one of the more Allegedly Haunted Spaces so the Family mostly stayed out of there and I Retreated there for my Quiet Time.  *Winks*   So, I didn't have to worry about my Beloved Chairs being manhandled or try to hold up to a lot of use.   I'm very gentle with my Old pieces so I use them often with few, if any, mishaps.   But I don't want our Home resembling a Museum or not being Inviting and Comfortable for daily use by Family or Guests... so I try to Balance my NEED for Pretty and Old with Practicality and a Warm Welcome for regular use.  That's no easy task but if you mix and match Old with New in a Creative way it can Work in Harmony.

And you don't have to Risk a nervous breakdown because your Coveted Pretties are Safe from harm and can just go about Looking Good in that Eye Candy way that just gives you the Goosebumps to behold them in Vignettes.   Yes, you CAN have those spots that are Editorial and Swoon Worthy Dreamscapes of your Ideal Home 'Look' even if they're totally Impractical... while ensuring the Practical Daily Use Furnishings can Take Care Of Business and not look hideous in the process!  *Winks*   Blending both into the Home... these because you just WANT them regardless if they can sustain Purpose anymore in a hard daily living kinda way.   And the others because you NEED them for the daily grind that goes on in a Home and Furnishings must bear and be sturdy enough to hold up to or Risk constant replacement.  Which gets costly, so I always try to buy the very best that I can afford... for Show or for daily Use.

Yes, this Room gets Admired a lot... but the other Room will get Used a lot... and both are coming together in a way that makes me Feel Good because they're lining up with my Vision for our New Home and how I want it to look... and what I want to be able to DO here with Family and Friends.  Right now the Young Prince and I have begun the Painting Projects... FINALLY!   I'm Glad we decided not to Paint very much, just some Accent Niches... because there seems to be a protective coating on the walls that make New Paint behave quite unpaintly and want to melt off ... so is more of an Ordeal than we anticipated to get on the walls!  *Le Sigh*   I gave myself a Break from it all Today by attending 'Art Unraveled'... though all of the Images I took from that Great Event didn't turn out so I cannot Share the Experience!  *Oh NOOOO!*   Suffice to say it was a nice Respite from Moving and all the Work that has been entailing... and a very Good Day.

Actually I haven't been in the Buying Mood for very much except that which we really do NEED versus things we just WANT... because Moving and Back To School are so expensive... and we had those unexpected Major Expenses ta boot.  Not to mention the Young Prince's Birthday is Tomorrow and another Teenaged Grand-Daughters Birthday is the end of this Month too and Teens tastes tend to be more Expensive!   But since my Birthday is right around the corner too and in between the two G-Kids having theirs, I did splurge a bit on some Art Supplies and got to meet a Favorite Artist, Michael deMeng, at the Event, what a Great Talent and Super Nice Guy he is.  

 I got another one of his Books... this one on 'The Art Abandonment Project' and he and his Lovely Wife Graciously volunteered to sign it for me... check that Project out on Facebook, it's a Fantastic Idea for Artists to Share in Random Acts of Art Kindness!   I know that it's something I will want to Participate in... since Art is more about Feeding the Soul than Selling it and Sharing Art is Sharing a Special Piece of oneself.   Could you just Imagine how the Recipient must Feel to Discover a Found Piece of Art that they are allowed to Keep as a Surprise Gift?!?  If you've ever been of the ilk, like I am, of Enjoying Giving Unexpected Surprises and Blessings Anonymously, well, this is the Perfect Idea for doing it and getting that Warm Fuzzy Feeling and having the added Delight of Imagining who Found it and will Receive it?

Perhaps we'll even get a Local Group Together that will want to do this?   Michael said that it just took off and now International Artists are also forming Groups and Participating, isn't that Wonderful!?!??!?   And if you've never seen Michael's Work or read one of his Books, you're in for a real Treat if you check it out for the first time... so to run into him in Person at this Event, after Admiring his Work, was so Special and we had a nice chat.

And who knows... maybe one day we'll run into each other and have a nice chat around my New Table?  Wouldn't that be Special too?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn, I love your new dinette, but I love your 'old' one even more. I can see why you would be heartbroken if anything were to spoil it. Your house is looking more like an' home' every time you post new pics. I'm so happy you're all settling in. Trying to please everybody, particularly those with such different personalities, must be very difficult. But if you stay true to yourself you can't go far wrong, (at least that's what I tell myself when someone makes it obvious they think I'm a bit eccentric) As for the found art, here in the UK a movement has started to make hearts (using any type of craft) attaching a label saying 'I need a home, please take me back to yours. You then leave it somewhere it can be found by anyone. Trouble is, if I did it in my tiny village everyone would know it was me, because no one else would be considered 'daft' enough to do it. So now, I'm thinking of making some and leaving them in the doctor's waiting room, or at various departments I have to visit at the hospital. That should work. I'd love to send you some pics of my work and also some vintage hats I've collected (and yes, I do wear them when I go out) that's part of the fun. lol. Hope things continue to go well for you, and thanks for all the lovely pics. I really do enjoy them, especially on days when I'm stuck on my daybed. They always make me smile. Blessings

    1. I think the Art Heart Project is Wonderful and you should participate since you feel led to regardless of how anyone thinks about it. I Decorate our Home to please US since we are the ones living here and feathering one's Nest is very Personal and reveals much about a Family and their Essence of Being. Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Oh Yes! The table and chairs are the perfect answer for daily use! The old set is gorgeous and perfect for admiring but not steady use! The Art Abandoment Book looks very interesting too! I belong to the group and do it especially when traveling Will check out the book! Happy Days Ahead!

    1. Here's to Art Abandoning then! *Smiles* I think adding Beauty to the World is always a Positive Energy thing to do and to Give is always a Joy... so combining both is a perfect way to spread both Beauty and Joy simultaneously. Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. It does take time to feather one's nest....but looks like you are finding exactly what you NEED and WANT. Have a good time.



    1. Oh I am... as the Old House is being cleared out I'm feeling a lot less overwhelmed by The Process. I don't really care how long it takes to Style the New One since that is always Fun... the other part, of actually Moving stuff, and disposing of stuff... not so much! *Ha ha ha* Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Great post about buying quality, it really does make a difference.

    Your old dining set is divine..and I too, would want to ward off the 'big men and the over enthusiastic younger generation' from inadvertently abusing it. Can't wait to see what you do with your new dining room.


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