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Sweet Salvage ~ Fab Fourth Anniversary ~ Part II

So, I am kinda Fixating on Vintage Industrial Light Fixtures lately and I don't even know why since the New Home really doesn't need very much additional Lighting.   And I already have the Vintage Industrial Lighting for it that I do Plan to install one day!   But you know how sometimes you just Fixate on certain things that are Appealing to you Strongly?  Well, with me right now it's Interesting Vintage Industrial Lighting... and I really liked this one.

And there's Styling I'd probably never incorporate into our Home but I would definitely utilize in my Showrooms for Display Purposes, like using an Old Boxspring Bed Frame on the Wall to hang Product because I Like how it looks.   Have yet to actually find an Old Boxspring Bed Frame for that Purpose... and since it would simply be for Temporary Display in a Retail Space I just cannot justify buying one.

Now, I ain't gonna lie, after seeing these Lovely Vintage Crochet Trims on the Old European Grainsacks I'm eyeballing my Stash at Home for a Make-Over because I really Liked it and mine just look so Plain and Uninteresting right now and it would liven them up to suit my preferred Aesthetic better.   I just Love Old Linen Grainsacks and Burlap, always have, so I amassed a bunch of these Textiles before they became Trendy *Whew* and most were just given to me by Old Farmers that thought I was a total Nut Job for Desiring them and taking them Fresh from the Barns... Mice turds and all!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   Of coarse washing the Fresh from the Farm Textiles is a messy job... but well worth the Effort.   Especially the Old Hemp Burlap which washes up Soft as Silk and not at all scratchy like Modern Burlap. 

Of coarse even with a Farmhouse Theme to this Month's Event you just know I sought out the Weird and the Wonderful that could be found.  *Winks*    This Medical Eyeball Model was Awesome and I had a Serious Jones for... though completely out of my Budget I still could Admire it and Wish I had one in my Cabinet Of Curiosities Displays!  *Le Sigh*

And I could only Dream of having one of these Life Sized Medical Mannequin Models!!!  *Swooning*  Yes, I DO Swoon over such things that would repulse most people!  *Smiles*  I have some Mini Medical Mannequin Models just like this, but this one being Life Sized and all was a Rare Find that I only Wish I could Afford!!!   *Pouting Petulantly*   Well, if I ever Win the Lottery or come into an Inheritance, you can be sure I'd be dragging the likes of this Home to my Quirky Lair my Friends!!!   *Ha ha ha*

AND this Amazing Apothecary Cabinet which is to Die For and I'm Seriously Jonesin' for... I even have the spot picked out in the New Home that it would occupy... I really do!  *Smiles*   I've put my Mojo all over this Piece so we'll have to see if it drives off any other Admirers?  *LOL... sorry Roman  but I really want it that badly my Friend... so if you don't Sell it to anyone else, this would be the Reason why!  Smiles*   Yeah, if anyone else went Home with MY Cabinet, well, I'd be Crushed... and lets face it, the Holiday Season is coming up and perhaps I'll have made sufficient Bank Selling Off my excess from the Old House to purchase it?  *Fingers crossed*

The Man doesn't really Care how I'm choosing to Feather this New Nest, he's totally diggin' Living in this Atmosphere we're Creating in Italian Tuscan slash Addams Family meets Gypsy Style.  *Ha ha ha*   And he knows how much I'm parting with in order to Fund The Process of making this Home distinctively ours... I'm Falling Out Of Love with things on Purpose in order to have some spending money to Purchase what our New Home needs.

And lets face it, The Man would rather have a Vintage Industrial Light Fixture Creation like this one... than Opulent Crystal Chandies anyway... so he's totally Down for me Selling Off my Vintage European Fussy Lighting to Fund Purchases like this.    And Trust and Believe I really want one like this though I'm not quite certain yet where I'd actually hang it... but probably in the Livingroom since we have a lot of Vintage Industrial Style going on in there which it would Illuminate Beautifully!!!

In fact a very Curious Thing has happened to me since Moving here to the New Home... I'm much more Open to Compromise in Styling the Home than ever!  *Gasp!*  Yep, it's twue... typically since The Man and Kiddos didn't really Care very much at all what the hell I did with the Home in the way of Styling and Decorating it so I just went Full On Me... now I'm deliberately asking for their Input and Preferences so we can reach a Unanimous Decision.  And in the Process I'm getting them more Involved in The Process so it doesn't all fall upon me to Make It Happen.

So... even if I'm totally diggin' something if I ask them what they Think about it and I can tell they're Indifferent or not that Keen on it... then we just Pass on that Purchase or Style of Decor.   This is very New to me to do this and I'm not very Good usually at Compromise since I'm a very strong willed individual and know that most folks just aren't that 'Into' what I am strongly drawn to and prefer to surround myself with.   The Weird, the Wonderful and the Macabre accented with Gypsy Bohemian Elements is Full On Me... so to incorporate other stuff is something I have to Adapt to when it comes to Styling my Personal Spaces.


Good Heavens, am I going Mainstream... you might be Wondering?!   Well, Good Lord lets Hope not *Smiles*... but I am taking it down a notch or two on Purpose so things aren't quite so Bizarre.    The Man had the Missionaries over to the house this Afternoon and it was Amusing to see how wide eyed the two Young Men were as they sat there amidst my, ahem, Curiosities staring back at them.  *LOL*  Extending Hospitality is something I thoroughly Enjoy... but I can tell by the Expression on most folks faces that this isn't the Usual expectation or experience for how most folks Style their Homes!  *Winks*  It was akin to how on the Old Addams Family Sitcom the Guests Expressions looked when they first walked in to the Addams Household... and you weren't certain if they were Fascinated or totally Freaked Out and you'd never get a return visit even if you warmly extended the Invitation to come back now?!?!!

Now, the Exception to that Rule is the Goth Grandson's Friends... who totally dig his Gramma's House and could spend all day here looking at, talking about and Experiencing all my Kooky Treasures.   I feel right at Home with the Goth Kiddos and their Style because if I were their Age again, I'd probably be just like them and we'd have even more in Common... I can Relate to them easily and they to me, even with the huge Age spread because we dig similar things.   This is precisely why The Young Prince's Style and my Wednesday Addams Style Princess T are my best Wingmen when we go Pickin' because we Enjoy similar Environments and Objects and were Clearly cut from the same Cloth.

So... perhaps it's an Inherited Gene, that Quirky Genome, I dunno?    But, I do also like things that the majority of you might also like too... like these Sweet little Pincushion Creations from Old Silverplate and Vintage Textiles... totally J'Adore these and have bought one in the Past, with a Vintage Mink Pincushion.

And you KNOW I Love da Bling!!!   So I'm always gravitating to and spending far too much time scouring The Boutique Area of the Event even though I don't actually NEED any more Bling... ah hell, who am I kiddin' I could NEVER have enough of da Bling... IS THERE ever enough of da Bling in fact?  I think NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the Artisans that Create the OOAK Pieces here are some of the Best!

And there is always an Abundance of Vintage Bling as well for those of you who Enjoy wearing and Collecting that too.   I do both... Vintage and OOAK Creations by Favorite Modern Artists.

And I can Justify having a Hoard of it all because I have a slew of Female Grandchildren who all J'Adore it too and who will Inherit it one day.   So... there's plenty to go around!!!  *Smiles*  

As for my penchant for Pillows, well, I can't Justify that as much as da Bling... but I sure do like them... and yes, I probably have too many of them... but it does make Life more Comfortable as you're lounging around on them.

And when I go to Shows and Events such as this it is as much for Inspiration as it is to attempt to actually Find anything that I Want or think I Need anyway.    I don't actually Care if I Find anything or not to take Home with me.   But what I do fully Appreciate at this particular Event is that I ALWAYS see a host of things that I WOULD like to have because they Source the Inventory so Well and Display it so Artfully and Skillfully that you can Envision owning any of it really and surrounding yourselves with similar Atmospheres.

And the Creativity abounds as well... turning often Ordinary Objects into Extraordinary ones and showing you how best you could Display some of your own Beloved Collections, Bits and Bobs in a way that makes them Interesting and Showcases them Beautifully rather than just stashing them away somewhere they cannot be fully Appreciated and seen daily to bring a Smile to your face and the faces of others beholding them.

And chances are, if you're here Today, then you probably Enjoy accumulating Beloved Objects of your own as well, don't you?  Kindred Spirits tend to Congregate in Real Life and here in The Land Of Blog.   And though we cannot always have an entourage of Like Minded Souls accompanying us in Real Life to the places we like to frequent, here in Blog Land we can take you along with us to Enjoy the Experience as well and keep us company... and get feedback.

And maybe even one day run into each other now that we know where we all like to hang out and make Pilgrimages to!?!   *Smiles*   Yes, it has happened to me numerous times that I've run into Blog Friends in Person finally at one of these Venues I've Blogged about... because they know right where to find me!  *Ha ha ha*  Yes, I Confess that I am a Creature of Habit... and I thoroughly Enjoy my Habits.

Thanks for joining me Today Virtually my Friends... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Such great pictures of such interesting items. I'm so in love with the copper hanging lamps and the funky lace thingy---on the mannequin. Deliciously decadent in a scraped up…vintage sorta way, bohemian is the only way to go! Nummy!


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