Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sirens And Saints... Fun Funky Eye Candy For The Gypsy Soul

My Friend Shelly's Sister Shop is SIRENS AND SAINTS, and though it has not been closed for the Summer, I don't get down there nearly as often as I'd like to.   This is the Boutique for Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry and Home Decor Accent pieces that every Boho Gal wants to fill her World with!  So it takes every bit of restraint in me to walk out without something... but I had to this visit... even though certainly there were Wish List items I had to leave behind.  *Pouting Petulantly*   Yes, the Belated Birthday excursion was on a very limited Budget, that dreaded 'B' word that really cramps the Style of us Fashion Divas and Incurable Collectors!  *Winks* 

But the Fun Funky Styles and Bright Cheerful Color Palette really were Eye Candy for the Gypsy Soul... so I still came away quite Cheerful and Uplifted even though it was a Window Shopping excursion this time around.   It's the main reason why Color will never completely disappear from my World and Style of Decorating... no matter how much I might tone it down some... mine will still always be a Colorful World to some degree because it just makes me Feel Happy and Energized.


So... here's to a Day of Feeling Happy and Energized my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

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