Monday, August 3, 2015

Shambles... And Restoring Order And Our Lives

As everything is being dismantled and boxed up it's hard not to feel some kind of way about it.  Because the Old Property is now in Shambles and looks virtually Ransacked... and the New Property is still somewhat disorganized until I figure it all out and get 100% settled in once everything has been brought over, unboxed and put in place.

Moving is very hard physically and difficult emotionally as well.  I'm still moving thru the Phases of it and I know the Family is too.  Some days we're doing Fantastic and other days there is a little bit of Homesickness, a twinge of it, especially when we've gone over to load more stuff up and the Old Homestead begins to Feel less and less like Home... and yet, it WAS Home!  For so long that there will be an abiding Attachment and Memories associated with it, which is totally Natural and Normal.

I've Moved most of my Life and frequently, so I'm not a Newbie at any of this... but it has been over 15 years since my last Move and so I suppose I'm Rusty and had forgotten about the impact it makes... in good ways and difficult ways.   The Man has also Moved extensively with his long Military Career, but The G-Kid Force had never Moved before this... so some days they miss their Old Environment... and other days they revel in their New One.

I also Feel very Slow in my Moving Out and Moving In Process... since recently two Families from the New Neighborhood have Moved and put their Homes up for Sale and they were done in forty eight hours!   WOW!!!   And they had Big Homes with a lot of Possessions... and it was hard not to Compare myself with that... isn't it hard sometimes NOT to Compare ourselves with what someone else is doing Faster or Better?   Comparisons are never really Healthy, because no two individuals are in identical circumstances or equal in a variety of ways physically, financially or situationally.  Today I squeezed in a load inbetween picking the Kiddos up from The Son and Family's Home across Town and "Meet The Teacher" Night at both New Schools.  *Whew!*

So I know I'm not being Fair to myself Comparing someone else's Move to my own... but oh how I Wish I could have gotten the whole thing accomplished in two days!   I'm Impressed... I'm Envious... I'm in Awe actually since I know how hard and long we've Worked to do it in the extended time frame that keeps stretching out further and further it seems.  It's not as if I've been a Slacker, but there was no way that our Move was going to be expedient... I knew that in advance... but the Reality of how long it's taking is still a tough pill to swallow sometimes.

And not really because I'm in a flashing hurry to put the Old Homestead up for Sale, though I don't want to languish too long either.   The less time I have to try to Maintain two properties the better... and to Profit from that Investment and make the Financial burdens lighter will be a huge Blessing and a lot less Stress.   But mostly because I just want to be DONE with it... to have the Old Home emptied and cleaned, ready to receive it's New Owners.   And the New Home set up and no stacks of  boxes or things stacked around waiting for Placement.

SO many things still left to do... and juggling so many other things around doing them... sometimes makes me Feel quite Overwhelmed by the Magnitude of the Project at hand.   So I have to step back... take a deep breath, and just do what I can, when I can, as I can... and remind myself that it will just have to be enough for that day.   Each day I try to make some Progress.   Any time I'm over there I have a load to bring over here so that it wasn't a wasted trip with an empty Jeep or wasted gas... I'm Conserving all I can of Resources, since they're Limited.

Miss Priss will soon be Moving over to her New Home and I Hope her Transition goes smoothly?  She's been more than a little Freaked Out already by the fact we're not there as much of the time as she was used to.   We come daily to tend to her and tend to the Property and the Move... but she knows something is UP!    I mean Old Morris is gone... we're gone most of the time... so she's not entirely certain what is going on??!??!   The Son brought over our Cat Carrier, which he had borrowed... so my Hope is to bring her over Tomorrow if I can coax her into it?  It will be easier having her where the rest of the Family is now spending the most time, even tho' she'll have far less roaming privileges on her new stomping ground.   I mean she'll be a Working Cat with not a lot of Work to DO here!  *Smiles*

But... nothing much looks like this anymore at the Old Place... a vast majority of it is now Moved over... though remnants remain... and a Hot Mess of things I'm not even Sure about yet.  *LOL*  Not to mention, once you Move Out, doesn't any Home you're Vacating always look like such a wreck inside and so disheveled?!? 


And nothing much looks like this anymore at the New Place either... things are Moving In... some of it in Place... and some of it ALL OVER THE PLACE!  *Le Sigh*   Though I am making some Order out of the Chaos and some areas look better than others.  This particular Hallway NOT being one of them tho'... since it's been the "Holding" area for Staging things until I decide where they will go.  I'm Grateful that the Hallways in this New Home are massive and so wide and spacious that even though there's stuff against one entire wall, it's not SO bad and doesn't impede traffic. 


And some rooms we weren't even Sure what to DO with or what to make of them?  Since the Home is so Big that we had 'Extra' Rooms and Space that didn't yet have a Clearly Defined Purpose!   Which is a very Nice Problem to have and a very New Problem for me since I've usually had limited Space in most places we've ever resided.  We've decided, as an Extended Family, that the Best Use of this Space will be to buy a very large Table with numerous comfortable chairs for when we have bigger gatherings for meals... or want to get together downstairs to do things like Creating... doing Homework or just sitting around chatting in larger groups.  A less Formal Dining Room Area so to speak... and since it has the Bonus of being near the Kitchen... and has access sliding doors to both the Back Yard and the Inner Courtyard, that will be very Convenient and just make sense.  

We're thoroughly Enjoying our Outside Living at the New Home as well, especially after Sunset.  In recent years it had come to the place where we couldn't do that so much on our Old Acreage on account of the decline of the Neighborhood even though we had a lot of Space to be Outside... because after Sunset things could just get too hairy and unpredictable!   Now we sit out in the Courtyards or in front of the house and Enjoy the Peace, the Tranquility and Quiet, the Natural Beauty of the Location, and how Neighborly all our Neighbors are.   Everyone waves, everyone speaks and nobody has to be so Guarded... and none are Antisocial, Ambivalent or Indifferent towards each other. 

I Feel Enthusiastic to do a bit of Yard Work and Gardening each day, because it's not in a State of Deferred Maintenance and an Overwhelming 'Project' that would take a Team and a lot of expense to tackle.   I know that eventually I'll have to Hire a Team to go in there to the Overgrown Hot Mess my Old Acreage has become and get it ready for Sale... but not yet... so I just irrigate for now to keep it all Alive.   There is no way to do by myself all that needs to be done to the Exterior of the Old Homestead... and that had become part of the Problem... but at least now a Solution was in sight.

And another Solution that I'm thoroughly Enjoying is having my own Laundry Room so no more schlepping loads and loads of laundry to the Laundromat and sometimes Dealing with the Crazy Laundry People... sometimes it could be quite a Sideshow in the Old Hood at the Local Laundromat!

Absolutely LOVING my New Washer and Dryer... and now I can do smaller loads as I need and want to in the Convenience of my Own Home... and be doing other things as well that either need to be done... or I just want to do while things are Washing or Drying!  It's a breeze and has made doing laundry not something I dread anymore.  No more spending three to four hours at a Public Laundromat a couple times a Month... and either having to drag the Kiddos along under Protest... or have the incessant Calls coming in if I left them at Home with Grandpa while I attempted to get the dreaded backlog of laundry done in relative Peace!   I say relative Peace because a Public Laundromat in an Old Neighborhood is rarely a place of Peace and you want to try to get in and out as soon as humanly possible!

Now... I've still got the Issue, temporarily I Hope, of sleeping with a Nine Year Old in the Guest Bedroom for right now, since after the Scorpion Sting incident in her New Room she's reluctant to Sleep in there yet, which is understandable.   I don't know why she assumes it's Safer to sleep with Gramma... mebbe she's just Hopeful with two of us in a Bed they'd choose ME to Sting if we had another Scorpion Incident??!  *Ha ha ha*   I bought the Big Kahuna of Black Lights and we go on Scorpion Patrol and have yet to actually find one inside or out, so Hopefully it was a Freak Incident?  Because I was a little Freaked by the Incident too... I'm allergic as Hell to Bee Stings so I can only Imagine a Scorpion Sting would probably not go Well for me???!??!  We're taking all necessary precautions as Advised.

I decided, since we'd be spending a lot of time in here Together that I'd let her Decorate the portion of the Guest Bedroom that is not in Chaos {It's one of the Holding Areas too you see for what does not yet have Placement...}... so this is a Princess T Style Boudoir.    Clearly she and Betsey Johnson have a LOT in Common... and I rather Like how it looks.   BTW that IS a Betsey Johnson, soft as a Bunny, Blanket Throw we're using as a Bedspread.   If you don't have one, get one, they're the SOFTEST as well as being Bold and Beautiful!   We J'Adore Betsey... I mean how could you NOT when she Styles Skulls and Roses together in a Print, right??!  *LOL*

And, I'm Valiantly TRYING NOT to Fixate upon the Chaotic Portions at the New Home... but it's Hard... I'm so OCD that it is Disturbing to me that stuff is sitting on the floor or in boxes and not put away yet, so looking like an Eyesore in my Lovely New Home which I want to look Perfect and Idyllic like it is in my Mind's Eye!  *Arghhhhhhhhh!*   Do you sometimes do that too?  Have this Fantasy Vision of what your Home should look like in a Perfect World?  *Ha ha ha*

And sometimes I'm completely Delusional... like telling the Family that the new large Center Island in the Kitchen will NOT be a catch-all for stuff or be cluttered up... ahem, you know I'm constantly riding herd on that now don't you?   I swear things are multiplying all by themselves on there some days.   And I Confess that The Man and the G-Kid Force are not the only ones that do it, I'm Guilty as Charged some days and have to catch myself being Notorious for just setting things down there, especially Mail and Paperwork!   *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

Source: Via Pinterest

I know... we're ALL a Work In Progress aren't we?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Congratulations on the move and I do know about envy when people have quick sales. My farm has been for sale since Jan and not sold yet. There is interest but...
    Your new home is lovely, enjoy in good health.

    1. Sending energy for loads of Interest and a Sale of your Property... we haven't yet put our Old Home on the Market, but the clearing out and Moving part is just taking us so long... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Your going thru a "Gigantic" move and life change! Just remember that! It will all come together in it's time! Blessings on you and yours!

  3. So happy to hear that you NOW have your OWN private washer/dryer laundry room...a nice set! :)

  4. Good evening. My goodness, with everything that's going on, it's a miracle that you find time to blog. I'm thinking of you and sending massive waves of energy, and happiness to you. , my friend Blessings

  5. Oh my goodness! Your new place is HUGE & sounds wonderful with its inner courtyard, etc.....


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