Wednesday, August 5, 2015

More Time... Sublime Time!

Today was the first day of School for The G-Kid Force and so it gave The Man and I more Time to do what we Wanted and Needed to do with the complete Freedom to do it.   That is always what I Imagined our Retirement Years would be like... and every so often, when we get a brief Respite from Raising Grandchildren, that is how it is.   I'm looking forward to when it can be like that more often and our Lives are more our own, to do as we Please.   I Value my Freedom, I just don't have a lot of it, so when I do, it's Sublime Time!  *Smiles*

I try to fill that Sublime Time with a Balance of getting things done that Need to get done... doing what we Want to do... and just doing Nothing whatsoever and having proper 'Down Time'.   Today we managed all three and so it was both a very Productive Day and a Restorative one as well.   It was an early start to the day since there will no longer be any Sleeping In with School resuming.  The Young Prince has to be up by 5:00 am so he can be on Campus by 6:30 am... and Princess T has to be up by 7:30 am so she can arrive at her School by 8:40 am.   Arrival isn't so bad, IF you beat the Rush of other Families dropping their Kiddos off and don't get caught up in the ensuing Traffic Jam Chaos.

Pick-Up was a whole other Story and will not Work at all for me on the Evenings I have to Work... so we'll adjust to find what WILL Work!?   The Young Prince can walk Home when it's not so Hot, but since it is still in the high triple digits, with Today being 113 degrees when School let out, I had to pick him up.  I arrived twenty-five minutes earlier than Release hoping to get a front spot in line... sitting in a vehicle with all the windows rolled down in a long line when it's 113 degrees totally sucks... but it beat being at the end of the seemingly endless line that arrived closer to when the Students get out.   Either way, you're gonna be there for quite some time and I Hated it... especially knowing I'd be doing it again when her School let out later.

Both Schools have well over a Thousand Students each so when they are Released it's utter Chaos in the Parking Lots and around the entire School parameter, so the Kiddos and I devised a Plan for Tomorrow and every other subsequent day, so that I don't Roast like a Chicken and fry my Brain while waiting for my turn to get them into the vehicle!   *LOL*   Sure, I have Air Conditioning, but to use it while standing still that long not only uses a tremendous amount of Gas and risks the vehicle overheating... but also we don't have a Newer Model and Jeeps are notorious for breaking down... I've had the Air Conditioner Repaired twice in one Season already costing a small fortune... so it's not a Risk I'm willing or able to take.   So until I'm moving along with retrieved Kiddos, I keep it off and sweat bullets... not Fun.

Plan for Young Prince:  He'll walk OFF Campus and into the Subdivision where I will pick him up there instead at the designated Area we've chosen on the days he needs a ride Home.   Once you've cleared the Campus, it's smooth sailing and no real Traffic Issues or pandemonium.  Remember, there are also STUDENT Drivers and you take your Life in your hands with those inexperienced Teens behind the wheel and in a flashing hurry to get outta there and driving like they're at Phoenix International Raceway!  *Arghhhh and Pulse Racing since I don't need to Risk avoiding an Accident every day!*   Plan for Princess:  I'll drop Grandpa off very near Entrance of her School where Pick-Up occurs and he'll walk her slightly off Campus where I'll cruise by and pick them both up away from the long lines and utter Chaos of 1,000+ Families picking up their younger Kiddos!  *LOL* 

Her School is much bigger than she's used to since our Old District had a Grade School Serving Kinder thru 5th Grade... and a Junior High School Serving 6th thru 8th Grade.   This School Serves Kinder thru 8th Grade with no separate Junior High so it's a whole lotta Kiddos getting out at once in the same spot!   But they're liking their New Schools and so am I... well, except for the Pick-Up Chaos... it was much easier and quicker at our Old District to drop off and to pick up your Kids.  However, these Schools have a broader demographic of Students, are Rated much better and have much better Funding and more Experienced Teachers... so I'm Hopeful the G-Force will do better Academically and Behaviorally here.   I'd rather have Chaos in the Parking Lot with Traffic than Drama in the Classroom and on Campus due to too many Problem Children from dysfunctional Families thrown together and expected to get along and play well with others... and they just don't!

Both Kiddos have already expressed how much Nicer People are around here and how much Calmer and more Orderly everything is in the Area... The Man and I would unanimously Agree.   When it Cools off we may even just walk the Kiddos back and forth to School since neither Campus is really all that far.  Many Children are Walkers and numerous Parents join the convoys of them heading to and from School so it's so much Safer than our Old Area was to be a Walker and we'd have a Peace about it.    I had a Peace about how our Day went after we got the Kiddos in School... we went to the Old House to pick up a load and then we went out for Breakfast.

I got some Yard Work done here at the New Home and at the Old House... and we had some Time to just Gel before the Kiddos got out of School at 2:15 and 3:45 respectively.   I like that there is a larger span of Time between the High School Hours and the Grade School Hours... I don't have to run around like a Chicken with my head cut off frantically trying to get everyone where they need to be on time.   The only hurdle I'll have to address is Homework for Princess T on Tuesday and Friday Nights since I Work Nights and leave for Work directly after picking her up.   The Man used to help her with Homework but after his Brain Injury it is very difficult for him to be of help with it and with her being a Special Needs Kiddo Academically, it takes a lot of Time and Patience to get thru Homework anyway so you can't be in a Rush or be Confused yourself while trying to assist her.

Many of the Kiddos in this Area seem to be on an Advanced Curriculum and with both G-Kids being on an IEP and with Behavioral as well as Academic Challenges, I do worry that they could fall further behind or never catch up and become Hopeless?   I Hope Special Services is able to meet them at their Point of Need in this District, it was dismally a Failure in our last District.   When you have Children with Special Needs you have to consider such things when they are trying to be Educated... it's not just as easy as sending a Child without Special Needs to School and having them Learn at a Normal Pace and without accommodations to make it even possible for them to Learn and Pass their Classes so that they don't just Fail everything and thus Feel like a Failure.  

Both of them are very Intelligent and Test quite High as far as IQ, but their barriers are significant enough that Academically it's always been very difficult for each of them... and thus for us Advocating for them and trying to help them Succeed.    The Man and I have been out of School for so long that even if the Kiddos didn't have Special Needs we'd probably be hard pressed to be of much use in helping with Homework... so much has changed and we Feel like Dinosaurs Academically now.    I also am somewhat Overwhelmed in just my Caregiving Roles and Maintaining a Home, Moving and trying to get another Home ready to be Sold and Working Part Time to make ends meet until we Hopefully receive some Financial Assistance or Compensation to help Raise the G-Kids.  Raising Kids has never come cheap... but on a Fixed Income it is a particular Challenge you never expect in Retirement and changes up your Retirement Financial Planning and shoots it all to Hell!

So... I really NEED the Sublime Time I get when the Kiddos finally return to School... just those few hours of the day that I'm down to just Caregiving for The Man makes my Life so much easier and less Stressful.    I just Wish that Schools didn't send so much Homework Home nowadays so that you're well into each Night doing it with them while also trying to get Dinner on the Table, them Bathed and ready for Bed and a New Day!    I end up NEEDING to get everything done before they ever come Home or I'd be doing it until the wee hours of the Morning otherwise and then having to get up too early to start all over again!!!   *Whew, I get Tired just Thinking about it!*   I don't know how Families who are Raising large amounts of Children do it?!?!??!    Thankfully I've never had more than three Children at a time that I've been Raising... though when I do the Math, I will have been Raising Children for well over Forty Consecutive YEARS by the time the last one gets Raised!  No Wonder some days I Feel so Spent already and could Care Less about Homework!  *Ha ha ha!*

Mounds of Paperwork also came Home with each Kiddo from School... and I JUST got done with the Adoption, Family Court and CPS mounds of Paperwork dammit!!!   If you have Arthritis in your hands and Diabetic Eyes you know how grueling getting Paperwork done can be, especially if you have Mountains of it!   I get Cranky trying to crank it all out whilst also attending to whatever Needs the Family has while I'm trying to Complete it!    So I need a little Bloggy Time in between it all... so the Princess' Paperwork got done before Dinner... after Dinner some Bloggy Time to myself to unwind a bit and relax now that I've got them ready for Bed... and after everyone is asleep I'll tackle the Young Prince's mound of Paperwork.   I have been asked by Blog Friends how I find the Time at ALL to Blog?   Well, I MAKE that Time my Friends, I HAVE to... for my own Sanity and Well Being... this is my Happy Place to Retreat to momentarily that isn't a Slog!   *LOL*


There are no Demands here... no Drama here... no Negative Energy or Stress here... just whatever I want to Talk about and Share... so I really look forward to the Time I set aside to crank out a Blog Post and read some of your Blogs and Comments.    I Type at Warp Speed and have learned to download Images almost as fast, so it's not really difficult to squeeze out a Post... and sometimes if I'm Fortunate I have extra time to Schedule a Post in Advance... so I'm NOT REALLY EVEN HERE IN REAL TIME when it Posts!  *Ha ha ha!!!*   Ah, the Wonders of Technology, ain't it Grand?!?

I even managed to unpack a little bit and Decorate a bit more, which is the really Fun part for me, Styling a New Home and having it Transformed... though that is taking Forever-And-A-Day to get Done since it's pretty far down on my list of Priorities right now.   I probably only spend about 5% of my Time actually Devoted to getting my New Home Styled and putting things in place.   That is why I don't always know what to actually say when people ask me if I'm ALL moved in yet, like I should have been Done already or something?   I Suspect I could be In Process for a couple Months or more at the current rate, so I kinda Wish they'd stop asking because I kinda Feel like a Slacker or something for saying that I haven't even completely moved everything over yet, nevermind have it ALL moved in, unpacked and set up!    Only the absolute necessities to Live very basically got put in place immediately, just so we could reside SOMEWHERE!  *Smiles*

I mean, you MUST have Tea ready to brew, right?  *Winks*   And the Butler Pantry is neatly Organized and filled to the brim with Food Thanks to Princess T's Devotion to it.  We got everyone's TV's squared away and my Computer up and running.  So we can Cook, Eat, Relax and Sleep Comfortably already... and you don't really Need much more than that actually, so we're Good on the rest taking some Time, since it WILL anyway so might as well Roll with it!  *Ha ha ha*   Things are pretty Basic and Rough right now... not Refined... but they will be, eventually... Hopefully by the time the Holiday Season rolls around and that will be Perfect Timing really.

It's coming together in a way that it Looks and Feels like Home now and that is the main thing... and we're still sometimes Pinching ourselves at how Surreal it all seems.  When I think upon how The Lord has given us so much more than we ever asked for or Dreamed about I am still in complete Shock and utter Awe!    And I am so Grateful.    He had to break my grip on things I was holding onto too tightly to be brought to the Next Level of Blessing... but He finally managed to Convince me to Surrender, to Let Go and Let God Move on our behalf and pour out His Blessings for what He had waiting for us to Receive.   I am such a Nurturer by Nature that it is very often difficult for me to just Let Go of things or people that would hinder me from moving forward towards Destiny and all that God would have for me to Receive in my Future.  I often cannot Let Go of the Past without a bit of a fuss and a fight you see, I'm just that Nostalgic, Stubborn and Attached to what I already have that I sometimes Assume there isn't MORE and my Vision becomes too Small and Limited.  *Smiles*


But sometimes if you Refuse to Let Go or Act Upon what God is Calling you TO you can miss that Window of Opportunity to Receive the Blessings waiting upon you to Accept them and Trust that they are actually there!    I know this in my Spirit, but sometimes my Head, my Heart and my Body have to catch up to my Spirit and Align with it.   This Move was such a Time as that actually... I Resisted for quite some time, I wasn't even SURE that I WANTED to Move... though in a way I suppose I knew that I HAD to, but I was still Resistant... still Holding on tightly to what I already HAD... not Answering the Call that was coming thru rather loud and clear, but which I was trying to Ignore because it was a bit Scary to just Surrender with Abandon and TRUST that everything was going to be alright!   Big, weighty decisions and big changes can be like that... Exciting and yet more than a little bit Terrifying as well!   You Question yourself... am I doing the Right thing?  Is this really a God Thing I MUST Act upon because it IS His Plan for me?

Unchartered Territory is always like that... the Fear of the Unknown versus the Comfort of what you Know and are Familiar with, even if what you Know isn't Ideal or even all that Comfortable anymore and you've Outgrown it or should just leave it behind for whatever reasons.   Relationships can be like that... Jobs can be like that... Places can be like that... Circumstances can be like that... Life in general can be like that.   But... though I might not always be able to unconditionally Trust a person... I do know that I CAN unconditionally Trust God... and there is more Comfort in that Truth than you could ever Imagine... even if the Letting Go and Letting God can still be a bit Scary... it is so very worth it once you realize what He has Waiting Upon you to Receive next!!!   What is YOURS and He wants you to have...

May you Receive with Open Arms ALL that He wants YOU to have too my Friends... Trusting Him in Faith!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Good morning. I'm exhausted just thinking about all you have to deal with. You must be a very special person, and one whom God trusts to look after some of his most vulnerable people. I so wish there was something to do to help, but all I can do is keep sending you support and Blessings. Did you get to look at the pics. I thought the clock might amuse you!

    1. Thank you for sending Supportive Comments and Blessings, it really does help keep me motivated and uplifted when I'm having a full day and need some Encouragement! Still having trouble opening some of my aps attachments so when the Grandson can assist me I'll see if I can get a peek at those pics since I'm so Intrigued now! *LOL*... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I can just feel some of the stress leaving you! Those precious hours of down time are so important! I Pray For Continued Blessings on you and yours! Marlynne


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