Saturday, August 1, 2015

Vintage Industrial And Big Flat Screen TV's

So... I found The Man a Big Flat Screen TV while Goodwill Hunting for School Wardrobe for the Princess.   Brand New with retail stickers, remote and handbook... for just slightly over a hundred bucks... on Senior Discount Day no less so another 25% off!!!  {Can I get a Whoop-Whoop!?}  It had been donated because it had a hair width line down part of the left side of the screen, which at our Age, we can't even see anyway and have to squint to discern even once it's pointed out and only then if it's against a White background on the screen!  *LOL*   The clear Savings of about Five Hundred Dollars from having to pay retail for the same size elsewhere, well, we can Live with it, no problemo, until I can afford an even nicer one eventually.   So... one would think The Man would be ecstatic and need nothing else... but apparently it sitting on the floor was bugging him... so he says to me, could I work another Miracle and find a Vintage Industrial Style Table to put it on?   You know, to match the Great New Vintage Industrial Style Palette Coffee Table we'd bought... oh, and at a Bargain too since it's tight near the end of the Month... why certainly, why not, I'm always Game for the Thrill Of The Hunt and a Pickin' Challenge! 

I was Working my Shift at the Antique Mall that very Night so I had a particular Dealer Friend in mind, Michael, who Fabricates some Killer pieces that are OOAK out of Salvaged and Vintage Parts.   Michael always has Vintage Industrial Style Treasures and stuff he attaches Antique Gears and stuff to... and he does Carpentry Work too, so often has Fab Table Creations... so I'd check out his Space before my Shift started.   Well, sho' nuff he had THE Ideal TV Stand Table he'd Created with a thick Salvaged Wood Butcherblock Top, Industrial Metal Base and an Antique Hand Cranked Grinding Wheel with great Gears and Chains and Grind Wheel clamped to one of the legs.  PERFECT... and the Price was already Great but Michael gave me an additional Discount... Color me Happy!  I had my Friends Brett and Ed load it up for me since though small, it's a wicked heavy piece to load in and out of a Jeep.   They advise me on the best and safest way to get it unloaded once I get Home, knowing I've only got an Old Man or a Young Teenager to Assist me.  This one would be too heavy for the Young Prince's budding Man Muscles, so I opted to have The Old Man help me unload it... and so of coarse that comes with a Back End Story, doesn't it?!  *LOL*

I was so Jazzed at finding it, knowing it would not only Look Perfect and be Ideal for the Purpose we Intended for it, but the Butcherblock Top matches my Hardwood Floors quite well too.   So... as I ask The Man to help me unload it I brief him on the best and safest way we are to do it.  DO NOT pick it up by the Wood Top I says, the Metal legs and Old Grinding Wheel are just too heavy and though Michael bolted them together with humongous screws, I felt it far too risky to pick it up and lift it down that way.   Take it out by the legs I says... to which, being a Typical Man he doesn't want to listen to some Woman tell him how to do anything and thus he totally ignores me and proceeds to pick it up by the Wood Top on his side!!!   Well, you guessed it, the top separates from the base and comes crashing down on his shin and top of his foot!  *Ouch!*   Narrowly missing my Diabetic Feet, which would have meant a Homicide would have occurred shortly thereafter since not listening and then crippling me by crushing my feet with said now broken new table would have been Justifiable Homicide in any Court of Law I bet?!?  *Winks*

"Did you NOT HEAR me!?!" I scream as he hops around holding his injured leg and foot and stifling a Scream tho' I'm pretty sure he was Screaming on the Inside!?!   "And that leg or foot better not be broken TOO... breaking the new table is quite enough!?!,  I says, "Since I just worked a Night Shift and I don't wanna hafta wake those Kiddos up and haul this whole crew to spend an entire Evening in the ER either?!?"   No... no... he's pretty sure it's not broken and he doesn't want Medical Attention... but it is his bad foot and leg, you know, the one he's had numerous reconstructive surgeries on already due to Military related injuries... {Le Sigh}   Usually he will make a Big Deal out of any Injury, but given the set of circumstances he really downplayed this one since I was already now madder than a Wet Hen!  Luckily the Top is so heavy it isn't going anywhere even just set back on the base without trying to re-bolt it down and the TV is lookin' Good and Secure on it.  And I can't even say The Man did something so Stubborn and Stupid because of his Traumatic Brain Injury, because he was just as Stubborn and wouldn't listen to my suggestions BEFORE all that... being such a Man and all and what do us Women know about moving or building stuff that a Man doesn't know better?!   *Huge Sigh*     If you look ever so closely and have Amazing Eyesight... or Youth on your side Visually, you might be able to see that hair width thin black line against the White background near the little Girl's left arm on the screen?  *Smiles*

I Consoled myself and got back to Center by Decorating some more and unpacking boxes of stuff I'd brought over from the Old House.   Being Mad at him wouldn't do any good and I was concerned about his Injury, so will keep an Eye on it to make sure it's just bruised and not broken?  Telling a Man NOT to do anything is like telling a Kid NOT to do anything... you can Trust and Believe they will then do exactly the opposite of what you just told them NOT to do... out of pure Defiance or because they assume they know better.  It's just a 'Given', but I never quite get used to it, especially when disaster ensues and could have been avoided had they simply NOT done what I just told them NOT to do!

Along with the Deal on the Vintage Industrial OOAK TV Stand Table I also found this great faux Ram Skully with Stand at 'Fry's Marketplace' Home Decor Section marked 70% off... yes, that's right, Seventy Percent Off!  *Happy Dance!*   I don't know if they're doing away with their great Home Decor Section because almost everything was seriously marked down so I got this and a couple of Fab Botanical Painted Cloches with Wooden Bases that I'll Share later, when I have a Vignette Styled under each of them.

Well Okay, if you Insist and because I'm lousy at delaying a Share when I'm so Eager to Reveal something, here they are sans a Vignette inside them yet.   I'm Considering putting a couple of my Real Bird's Nests in each with maybe some Twigs... but they actually don't look half bad even empty.

I Loved that the Glass Cloche had the Painted Botanical, Birds and Butterflies on it... both Cloches are Identical, this is one side...

And this is the other side... they go quite well with the Theme and Styling of my Library slash Computer Room... and to get them at such a markdown made my Heart flutter because I had not even gone to the Grocery Store to Hunt for Home Decor during an unexpected Killer Sale... but for Groceries!   *LOL*   Serendipity at it's best, huh?

Ah yes, things are indeed coming together Beautifully at Villa Bohemian Valhalla... piece by piece... Old Favorites and New Finds...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh I love that peacock! And, of course your TV table. Serendipity seems to be a close friend of yours. lol. Blessings

  2. It's all looking really good, Dawn! :D


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