Monday, July 27, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ At The Movies ~ The Finale'

Well, here we are wrapping up Sharing the Images I took at this Month's Event... check out that Amazing Clock Created with an Old Airplane Propeller!

And I really, really, really wanted this Circus Ringmaster Top Hat but alas it wasn't within Budget...

It would have gone so well with my Funky Hat Collection... I'm Hoping nobody else thought they NEEDED it as badly as I did, so that perhaps it will be around closer to my Birthday next Month? *Winks*

Of coarse I fondled it and Lusted after it like you do when you see something you desperately Want and know you can't have... *Pouting Petulantly*

Luckily most of the Amazing Fashions are not in my size, otherwise I could do some serious damage to the Bank Account in the Boutique Area!

But the Accessories and Bling in the Boutique Area are always a serious Temptation!!!

The matching Hue on that Old Industrial Scale and Vintage Shutter were Divine... that Hue always Appeals to me and I found several Images where I Fixated upon Treasure in various Shades of Turquoise and Teal.

I also really like the French Country Grays... though I don't Decorate with them so much in our Home, I still think they look Fantastic as a main Color Palette in the Home... making everything seem very Elegant, Refined and Tasteful.

If you were in need of Country or Prairie Style Decor there was an Abundance of it at this Event... very On Trend right now to Style with Simple Rustic Elements in Farmhouse Style with a Modern Twist.

But you can mix and match Elements of many Styles really and make your Environment distinctly your own blend and Aesthetic that doesn't really have a specific Label.   That's how I tend to Decorate and Style my Personal Private Spaces, very Eclectic and My Style.

But I do draw Inspiration from multiple Visuals that I happen to be drawn to... sometimes you might not even think about doing something a certain kind of way until you see it done and Connect to it.

And if you're in the midst of a Change, like we currently are, sometimes you just want to Change things up completely and go in a different direction and try something you Dreamed about Creating as an Environment in your Living Spaces.

I would have liked this Old Black Cabinet... just the right size and look for my Cabinet Of Curiosities Obsession right now.  *Smiles*    But since I hadn't yet moved all of my larger Furnishings over yet, I needed to wait and see what I might still have room for or where it might go?

I'm still waffling on some larger pieces that remain at the Old House, not because I don't still absolutely Love them, but I don't really have a definite place for them here... or they might not have a 'Fit' for the direction I want to Style with.   If I decide to Sell them then the proceeds will Fund new Old Furnishings to replace them.   Black Pieces are really Calling to me right now like a Siren's Song.

I definitely want to go Darker and get some different larger Furnishings that will lend themselves to what I want to do in Styling the New Home.   So, I shall probably Sell Off some Lovely Old Pieces that just aren't going to be coming over here.

I am rather Enjoying the fact that though this Home is larger than our Old Historic Home, since it has so many floor to ceiling Doorways and Windows... and Archways... there is the necessity to NOT put Furniture against every area because it would obstruct a view.   That is keeping me accountable and Minimizing more than usual... and I'm rather liking the results actually... such Spaciousness... more area for the "Eye To Rest" as the Grandson would say.

Less Stimulation means we're Resting more easily and it's more Tranquil and less to take care of because things just aren't cluttered up or disorderly.   I did pick up that Simple Glass Bottle with bouquet of Dried Hydrangeas in it.   Simple and Natural Style is Appealing to me much more now that we're here.

Now, I would have liked to have had the Budget for that Luscious Leather Sofa... we do Need one, but The Man is leaning towards me Saving up for one that has Modern Recliner Features and not a Vintage one... ummm, and cup holders... he's Obsessed with having those!  *LOL*

How Cute was this vivid Turquoise Cabinet with Enamel Top?!?   It was on wheels too I think so a great mobile storage piece for the Kitchen.

And I Loved this Cute little Enamelware Bucket with the Birds on it... along with the Hue of those Salvage Windows behind it, which were enormous and quite Impressive I might add.   But by the time I got to the Warehouse portion of the Event it was getting quite crowded so I couldn't get so many Panoramic shots of the Inventory and Vignettes.  Since I don't like to Photograph random people in frame without their permission since this will all be Blog Fodder I'm sensitive to the crowds around me probably not wanting to end up in a Stranger's Photo Archive or Online.

My Friend Ken did a great Job Styling this Vintage Industrial Table with great mismatched seating... Loved the Patina of the Wood of this Table and the dimensions of it.  Would make a Fantastic Creation Station in an Art Studio.   I may look for some Metal Industrial legs like this for my own Creation Station Galvanized Tabletop now.

Could not, should not drag Home more Architectural Salvage and Stained Glass Windows in particular to add to my Hoard of them, but Ken's selection was Awesome!!!!!!!

Liked this Vintage Industrial Simple Metal Cabinet because of the Crown in the Graphics.

And this Vintage Industrial Desk and that Awesome Desk Lamp Creation too!!!!!!

Here's a Close-Up of both so you can better see Why I was so Taken with them both.  Look at the Patina and Hue of that Desk Top... and how Cute is that Vintage Industrial Lamp Creation, it has a Steampunk Look that I Adore.

This Simple Wall Light Creation was Cute too... Loving almost any Vintage Industrial Style Lighting and especially with the Edison Bulbs.  LOVE Edison Bulbs, so Glad they brought that Look back because the Filaments and Shapes of the Bulbs are so Aesthetically Pleasing and come in such a vast selection.

I was very Surprised to see these Antique Military Hats in these Hues of Lavender and Pink!

Another Divine Head Planter, this one with a Wooden look to it.

Another Great Farmhouse Harvest Style Table and Cute Old European Chippy Turquoise Cabinet, I think they said it came from France.

The Patina was Awesome... as was the Original Hue.

I didn't Discover this 3rd Mask that would have gone with the two I Purchased until I was already check out and leaving... darn it!

If you were Decorating for a Home-Styled Wedding you could have Sourced all kinds of Decor for it.

So many Wonderful Items... so little Budget... *Le Sigh*

My Friend Minnie had Created some more of her Fab Bags... along with some Original Artwork for this Show.

No excuse not to pick up some Awesome Accessories if you had Needed any, they were everywhere!

Along with Great Vintage Fashion and Upcycled Indie Fashion Created from Vintage Materials.

Well... this Concludes our Adventure this Month... be sure to make the Pilgrimage with us next Month... third Thursday through Sunday my Friends with a different Theme every Month and new Product Sourced or Created specifically for it!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi, Sorry to be a bother, but have you received any of the pics I've sent you. My laptop doesn't like me! Blessings Lesley

    1. How did you send them Lesley? I tried looking at your bio for a Blog but didn't find one... so I'm assuming you may have sent them via E-Mail and mine rarely works connected to this Blog. But you can find me on FB: Dawn Marie and send them via PM, I'll turn on Chat when you arrive! Thanks and you're never a bother my Friend, I so Enjoy your visits... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Lovely as always! Gorgeous blue and black bag!


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