Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Some Order... Some Chaos... My Beautiful Mess

Okay, so not all of the Mess is so Beautiful to Behold actually, but to have some Order being Restored in the Chaos of Moving is a thing of Beauty as things come together and it begins to look more and more like Home.

I'm actually Surprised at myself that I don't have more of a sense of Urgency to get things unpacked once they arrive here... and just take my time in setting things up at a slower pace so that they have a chance to evolve without rushing it.

I change some things, add some things, remove some things... as the whim takes me... and some rooms are more complete than others, but that's perfectly Okay, I'm in no great hurry.   I'm slowly packing up things at the Old Homestead and will for some time I suppose... and Editing possessions in that Process.   That property is in utter Chaos with the Move in full swing and everything being dismantled and hauled away, so I don't like to spend a lot of time there anymore.


A Moving Out Location is rather Sad because it looks less and less like your Home and is in such disarray it looks virtually ransacked!!!   So I prefer spending more time here even though there is still much to do there.    I'm intentionally having a balance of 'Down Time' and working to complete the Move... that way I don't Feel quite so overwhelmed by The Process and physically worn out.

Moving is a lot of Work in and of itself... but I felt it's still the most Ideal time to also seriously Downsize our possessions and cull them to a more Curated Collection of what we absolutely Love and want to bring over to the New Home.  So as I pack, I'm conscious of what I want to Keep and am not packing anything I'm not absolutely decisive about Keeping.

The Oldest of the Dress Form Gals have finally made it over to the New Home... and due to their weight and awkwardness, for now anyway, they will remain on the ground floor and not be brought up into the Studio Spaces upstairs.  The lighter less Vintage versions will go up there, while the Old Garment District Gals will reside downstairs here and there.

We are having Fun with it... deciding where things will go for now and slowly allowing each Space to Evolve and Transform.   Small enclaves of some Order... along with some Chaos... my Beautiful Mess here... where even what isn't in place yet doesn't look so bad and chaotic and a Hot Mess as the Old Homestead presently does.

I do not function well in Chaos and require a certain amount of Order and at least some version of Organized Chaos around me... so I'm not even bringing very many boxes of things inside our New Home.   I keep them in the Garage Spaces neatly stacked and labeled until I want to unpack them one at a time and bring the empty boxes back to the Old House for refills.

I don't want to Live around packed boxes of things... so as we unpack we try to Create some Order out of the Contents and put it away or Decorate with it.   I just can't bear to have both locations in complete disarray, there would be no Sanctuary to Retreat to.   And I want the New Home to continue to have that Feeling of Inspiring Awe and Welcome that it had even when empty.

Though some things I don't mind having laying around... like Old Deconstructed Lampshades and piles of Vintage Velvet and Tapestries, which visually look Appealing even if they're not where they should be yet.   Many will be hung Chandie Style from the Ceiling with Single Edison Bulbs Illuminating what they provide Ambient Lighting for.

Others will go back on Lamps once I decide where I want extra Lighting provided by Table Lamps and Standing Lamps.   I Love all of my Collection of Deconstructed Antique Lampshades so they were Keepers... but I did get rid of a lot of Lamps and will be Selling Off some more, only Keeping my absolute Favorites.

Piles of Vintage Fabrics are still stacked around both locations... but slowly I'm bringing them all over here.  I had considered Selling Off some, but decided that for Creative Purposes I'd regret doing that since it would take me too long to Hoard Up quality Vintage Fabrics of this caliber again... so the majority will come over now that I've decided to Keep most of it.

Even Impromptu Arrangements that are temporary while I decide where it all will go I try to put together in such a way that it doesn't bother me or prompt my OCD to kick into high gear!  *LOL*  If it looks like somewhat of a Beautiful Mess then I can handle it not being where it should be yet and still in Transition.

And some things I'm keeping similar to how they were Styled, just for that Familiarity that is so Comforting, especially during a Major Move and completely different surroundings.   Some things being the Same as they were at the Old House just makes me feel less uprooted and more grounded.

Change can be a bit more difficult as we Age I'm finding... though I embrace Change, I do find that it takes me some time to adjust to it now.   New Experiences and going to New Levels is Exciting... and yet, just a bit Scary as well.  Maintaining two Homes is something I haven't done for a long while and so there was some trepidation about juggling it for as long as we need or want to.

I feel much Calmer about it than I thought I would though... and Confident... at first I had some Nerves... but now I really don't.    Even the added expenses that were unexpected and rather major haven't made me Panic Stricken... but that's another Story for another time.   Enrolling the G-Kid Force in their New Schools and preparing for Back To School Expenses didn't even derail me and I've stayed Calmly Centered.

Don't my Vintage Silk Umbrellas look simply Divine grouped together while they await placement?  It's Visuals like this laying around that keep me Uplifted while I work through what I need to in order to get everything and everyone Transitioned.   The Young Prince even went to his Band Camp at the New High School Tonight after Enrollment there this Morning... and made the Team for Winter Guard Rifle and Sabre Twirling and Tossing, so he was totally Stoked!

He's already making Friends in the New Neighborhood... whereas Princess T, though excited School will resume in about a week, is more timid and therefore clinging to me and insisting I sleep with her so she doesn't have separation anxiety about her New Room being Upstairs, separate from the Ground Floor Room The Man and I will sleep in.   So... for now anyway, I'm Sharing a bed with a Nine Year Old and having her be my Conjoined Twin Sidekick for a while until she begins to make New Friends.

If you've ever had a Nine Year Old practically Stalking your every move you have no Idea how suffocating that can Feel and how it makes getting anything accomplished a major Challenge!!!  But I am Sympathetic to how she's Feeling and though its a whole lotta Togetherness for Gramma to Endure, I'm attempting to Savor it as well since they grow up so fast and those times are so fleeting.

The Man propped a few things around for me while bringing them over and actually, I'm rather liking this there and may leave it.   Though I am anxious to paint some Niches and get Artwork and Taxidermy hung up and off the floors.   Having it look like a Hunting Massacre and a Looted Gallery is a bit much.  *Winks*

Placement of Objects hasn't been so difficult as Placement of Furniture though.  Since I don't want to have to move heavy Furniture twice I'm trying very hard to decide where it should go when it arrives on the Fly.   This is no easy task since I hadn't thought it through very much before it began arriving.  Both Homes were so very different that Placement here is quite different than Placement there could be.   There are entire walls here that are floor to ceiling Windows or Arcadia Sliding Doors into the various Outdoor Areas and Courtyard... so cannot be obstructed with Furniture.

There are loads of wide Covent Arches that also need to remain free from Furniture... but I J'Adore those Features and therefore I'd much rather eliminate some Furnishings to properly accommodate the Architecture of this Tuscan Styled Home and keep it Airy and Spacious looking, not cluttered up even with Beautiful Furnishings.

Challenges that I'm up to tackling... which is also why I want to take it slowly and have it done correctly with few do-overs and extra Work that isn't necessary.   There's enough Work to do the first time, right?!?  *LOL*

So Carefully I'm making my decisions about our stuff and about Placement of what we're considering Keepers.    The Man hasn't quite wrapped his Head around the fact that he'll HAVE to get rid of a lot of things he has in his various Storage Buildings and Work Shop at the Old Homestead because though this is a big Home, it does not have the Acreage or Outbuilding Storage we used to have.

I've been Okay with a Major Purge... he hasn't quite thought about it very much yet... and soon it will be time to consider it since it will have to be addressed as I clear out the Old Property.  I'm not bringing over things we don't have room for Storing over here or he never uses anymore.  He's got enough Tools to build a Subdivision, yet he hasn't built anything in years... so it's time to let go of a lot of it to someone who will and who can.

You get Spoiled when you're used to Acreage and no Restrictions on what you can Store on it... and have had numerous Outbuildings to put things in.    But I'm actually Glad there is less Space to do that here because we had too much and it was time to downsize it all considerably to a level of Sanity and proper Maintenance of it all.   I desperately Needed LESS to take Care of... and now I've just about reached that Goal!

And at the end of each day I can now draw myself a Luxurious Bubble Bath and have a completely Zen Moment to Restore my Tired Body and Refresh my Soul...

Simple things that most people take for granted... but which when you've been living in a Historic Homestead that had no indoor Baths for a a decade and a half and only tiny stand-up Showers in cubby sized Bathrooms... you really Appreciate to have in your Life again!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how much I J'Adore my Enormous Dream Bathroom my Friends!!!

Calgon... take me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   *Winks... this is my soft porn Moment to Share without inhibitions Old Hippie that I am!  Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!*  Yep, those Jets in that Tub whip up a lather of Bubbles that make you Feel like a Kid again!  *Ha ha ha*  I stayed in there 'til I was Raisin-Like!

And afterwards, Fresh Fruit Tart...

Yes, some things never change... 

And we wouldn't really want them to...

This being among them... because our various Traditions and Rituals are a big part of making our House a Home, aren't they?

Now, will you join me?  Will you be having one slice or two?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Good morning. I sent the pics to the e-mail address on your profile. I don't 'do' facebook. Do you have an e-mail I can send to? Mine is technoturt@yahoo.com. . Love your bath tub, I have a wet room which suits me, but I do miss a good old soak in the bath. Blessings

  2. Ah! Home Sweet Home! That bathroom is very special! I can see why you love it so!


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