Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sneak Peek Reveal... New House Decorating In Progress...

I had a host of errands centered around the Old House Today so we did a Treasure Hunt to locate the Download Device Thingy so I could finally Share some sneak peek reveals of the progress in Decorating the New House... 

There won't be any Panoramic Views just yet since only partial Vignettes are in process and they'll probably be arranged and re-arranged like a gazillion times until I get it just the way I want it... but it's coming together and finally looking like Home to us all!   The warm Tuscan Hues really Showcase many of my Favorite Collections Beautifully... so everything has a Golden Glow to it that I just Love!!!

I haven't really had a lot of time devoted to Decorating and Styling really, with all the work crews, Agency and Doctor Appointments and Caseworker Home Visits for the G-Kid Force.  Oh wait, as I'm running around Photographing this all I realize how many nekkid Mannequins I've got strewn all over the place and a brand new CPS Caseworker coming for a Home Visit, so better put some Modesty on the Gals huh, lest she think we're a bunch of pervs and weirdos raising these Kiddos... *LOL*


There... that's better... now she's not appearing so Sexy All The Time... with Gramma's Scarf draped just 'So'!!!  *Winks*   Funny how we have to even Think about these things that are so 'Normal' for us but might not appear so to those who don't know us and are visiting for the first time... especially the Placement Caseworkers assisting us with the Adoption Process of The Force.   *Bwahahaha!!!*

It helped that this new one {the fifth one in about a Month} was very Nice and quite Taken by our Home and my Collections actually.  So she was more Fascinated than Mortified that we have dead Animal Heads laying about and scantily clad bald Mannequins staring at her everywhere she looked!  *Smiles*

Yeah, I think this one peeking around the corner is keeping a close eye on you GF!!!  *Winks*  Now, I don't know how Creeped Out she REALLY was, but she didn't show it, and the Home Visit went well and she said she had no concerns, so perhaps she's seen Weirder, who knows?  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

Of coarse, since it was this Caseworker's first visit she had to have the Grand Tour, but the G-Kid Force are Delighted to show off their New Home so I let them drag her around and it gave me a nice little break from them.  *Smiles*   She looked quite tuckered out by the end of her mandatory two hour visit... and I'd had a nice little rest while The Force 'Entertained' her.  *Wicked Cackle*   She said she'd get those mounds of paperwork for the Adoption Subsidy right in for us... but first, did they forget to tell me they needed the Dentist to fill out forms too before it could be submitted?   Yeah, yeah they apparently DID forget to tell me that or give me THOSE forms... the last four before you...*Le Sigh*

So... that meant an impromptu visit to the Kiddos Dentist Today too... and he filled out the form for the Young Prince, but Princess T's file is at the other office... so will have to get that later.   Well... since I have them in here, could you take a gander at The Young Prince's mouth since he's now got Wisdom Teeth coming in early and I wanna make certain they're not impacted or needing removal?   Luckily he's got a big mouth, which apparently is still growing... {Great... all I need is that kid to have a bigger mouth right?  Winks}... and the Wisdom Teeth, though coming in way early are coming in nicely and he's got plenty of room for them... so no extractions needed yet.  *Whew*

This is a Kid that hurts his own self sometimes so he wasn't the least bit bothered or intimidated by the prospect of perhaps needing Dental Surgery... but Gramma was stressing about it.   When they're so young you don't want any Surgeries to be necessary.   And Thankfully Dentist, who is absolutely Wonderful, backs up Gramma's rantings about better oral hygiene.   *Told ya so Kiddo... see, I'm not just an Old Nag who doesn't have a Clue what she's talking about!  Smiles*   At almost Fifteen they really Believe they already know it ALL.

I also got the Kiddos Withdrawn from their Old Schools and the Office Staff saved me an inordinate amount of time seeking out paperwork that I wasn't sure which house I had it in by just copying all the forms I'd need to enroll them in the New Schools.   I think they were having a hard time containing their excitement that they're not gonna have The G-Kid Force this year?!?  *LMAO*  Yeah, last year was tough on us all... I think numerous Teachers reconsidered their Career Choice after having endured The Force?!?   *Smiles*   I'm now giving The Force the 'Speech" on Fresh Starts and Better Reputations with transferring to a New School System where nobody knows them yet... we'll see how long that lasts?!?   Pray for the New Teachers and Administration will you all?!? *Bwahahahahahahah!!!*

So, Tomorrow I enroll them in the New Schools... first time I've had to do that actually since my Kiddos pretty much attended the same School System from Kinder onwards, so this is all new to me.  Princess T was absolutely Delighted that her New School doesn't require Uniforms so she can be the Fashionista Diva all the time now.  *winks*   She's not nearly as Delighted as Gramma was to hear that, since School Uniforms always set me back a few hundred dollars at the start of every School Year, so when they don't have to wear them anymore, well, Color me Happy!   I'll just have to remember to get her up 30 minutes earlier to choose her ensembles, which is a really Big Deal to Diva Princess Types.  *LOL*   She's Loving that she has a walk-in Closet with a Window in it... actually she has the best Closet in the house IMO... and she doesn't have to share it with anyone!

I'm emptying out Bureaus of my Wardrobe so that The Man can have all the Drawers for his Wardrobe that he could ever need... so that I can take up more of our Walk-In Closet Space... Method to my Madness you see... I want... ummmm NEED the majority of that Closet Space Honey...

Because... DAMN... when you've had your Wardrobe spread out in Drawers all over an Old House and you finally get a Space to combine and Organize it all... you realize what a Diva Fashionista you REALLY are too... no Wonder Princess T has that Gene, the Apple didn't fall far from the Trees you see and it's definitely in our DNA to Collect Fashion too!  *Winks*

But getting to gaze at all my luxurious Velvet and Lace together is a pure Eye Candy Treat... and now I can actually find what I want to wear without hunting for ensembles that go together!   I'm really liking this Walk-In Big Closet Thing!!!   Even tho' I do have to Share mine with The Man.   Really... such a Big Custom Home with so many Wonderful Features... they should have built His and Hers Walk-In Closets... but mebbe that Gal wasn't into Fashion or didn't need so much Personal Space for her Wardrobe, I dunno?

All I know is that THIS Gal is filling up that Personal Space fast, so it's a good thing The Man isn't into Fashion at all and only needs a small percentile of hanging space.   And all those Drawers I'm emptying out for him... well, he said he probably won't need all of those either... so MY stuff will likely Claim more Space... which is a Woman's prerogative, right?  *Winks*

I'm introducing you to my newest Nekkid Bald Mannequin that I just bought from the 'Sweet Salvage' Event this Month... covered her up for the Caseworker visit in some Vintage Magnolia Pearl, Vintage Millinery and Gypsy Bling.

She's on the landing of the Stairway going upstairs, big landing so I had plenty of Space for more Decor there too... Love that about this place... so many Wonderful places to Decorate!   Of coarse there will be some Vintage Belgian Velvet under her eventually, right now all my Vintage Runners and Doilies are wrapping up Fragile Treasures not yet unpacked.

Oh wait... what's that on the landing as well... a Child... a Sleeping Child??!??   Yeah, even tho' he has an entire Mother-In-Law Suite upstairs with three rooms all to himself and a Shared Kitchenette, he tends to still fall asleep all over the house... where ever he conks out.   Grandpa said that this Night it was in my New Leather Recliner and when he woke him up to tell him to go to bed... well, this is as far as he apparently made it!  *LOL*   Well, it IS a big Home to traverse while sleep walking... and actually I've found that The Young Prince rather enjoys sleeping and napping on the Staircase Landing because he's done it several times on purpose too... Strange Child.

And Gramma's New Obsession... well, it's my Jet Spa Tub which I've tricked out like a Zen Oasis... resplendent in Live Orchids, 'Forgotten Sage' scented Votivo Candles {My Favorite}, Peacock Feathers... and some other Exotica since taking this pix that I brought over from the Old House.

Yes, I'm like a little Kid myself whilst taking a tubby in here... the Jets whip up luxurious bubbles up to your chin, it's deep and so soothing... and it's been 15 years since I had an indoor Tub in my Home, so it was something sorely missed!   I Love Showers too... but there's nothing quite like soaking until you're raisin-like in a luxurious Tubby is there?

See... I'm one to fill my Tubbies with luxuries like Rose Petals... or tie bundles of fresh Lavender or Eucalyptus Leaves under the faucet... or scented Bath Salts, Bath Cubes and other Spa Wonderment into my Baths!!!   Yes, I take one every Night now... and it soothes the Body and the Spirit.

My Mom and I have always had a Passion for Live Orchids... Mom even had a Bouquet of them flown in from Africa when she got Married to my Dad.   But, neither of us ever tried to grow any... and at first I was timid and thought perhaps I should just buy faux ones... but I want to at least try the Real Deal first and see how they fare... especially since they were on Sale for only Nine Bucks each!!!   That's practically Free for Living Orchids IMO!!!   So... I couldn't just get one could I... me being me and all!  *Winks*   So first I chose this Lovely shade of rich Pinkish Lavender...

And then this Decadent Tri-color toned one that had loads of blooms...

And finally this Yellow-White one with Purple accents and larger blooms...

Goes well with my Cambodian Style wooden Buddha bust... must have one of those for the total Zen Experience... and besides, the Cambodian Future Daughter-In-Law is assisting me with the Asian Style Accents I want around our Home.   Cambodian Style has always Appealed to me... so Beautiful, Serene and filled with Lovely Jewel Tones and Amazing Details.  

Nice to also have a Vanity Area all to myself for putting on Make-Up etc... and my Bling Babies have taken up Residence there.

And I have a Confession... large Luxurious Bathrooms were something I had Mad Envy for whenever I visited anyone's Home that had one.   Our Old Homestead's Bathrooms, since they were added much later when indoor plumbing became the rage and replaced outhouses in the Wild Wild West, were little cubbies of rooms with barely room to swing a Cat.   No... we never actually swung our Cats in there to test that theory, but lets just say two people could not fit into any Bathroom at the Old House without claustrophobia setting in... and one really big person could have Challenges in the smallest Bathrooms.   So we'd wait in lines to Share them... now I can practically have a Party in my Master Bathroom and I'm LOVING it!    The Son and his Friends who helped us move the Big Stuff were particularly Envious of our Shower that could easily fit five... saying, "Where was a Space like THIS when we were all Single?"   Bad Boys they are!   *Winks*

And though many of my Antique Prairie Style Cabinets are still empty I'm just Glad to finally have them all schlepped over since the really big, heavy stuff had been my biggest concern.   Especially this piece... great back-end Story... when I bought it many years ago from the other 'Brass Armadillo' Antique Mall {before the one I'm at was built} I only had our huge Samoan Friend King Fanene {his real God Given Name} helping me transport and move it into the Old House.  Well, King picked it up by himself as if it was No Big Deal... Monster Strong Huge Samoan Dude that he was.   Well, Strong Son and three of his equally Stud Muffin Corn Fed Strong Friends had trouble moving it out and into New Home and swore that King Fanene was THE MAN... coz they could barely do it with all four of them and couldn't Imagine how he'd done it all by himself and made it look like it was nothing!??!??!   King Fanene Reigns and Rocks... and is now the stuff of Legend in moving impossibly heavy Old Furniture!!!

In fact, with The Son and his Wonderful Friends giving up their entire Day Off almost all of my big heavy stuff got moved over and they Promise to move the rest later when everyone can coordinate another day off in their crazy busy schedules.   I now have much Peace about the Move becoz I had been truly stressing over moving over the Beloved Big Pieces I couldn't do myself.

I think my days of moving really big furnishings is most def over.   Sure, I can still move an Antique Mantle by myself... or something really Cool that might be curbside on bulk Garbage Day and I couldn't Imagine being Landfill bound... with that Adrenalin Rush and all that kicks in so that you won't leave it behind *Winks*... but you know, I'm at that Season of Life now where I just can't anymore and I know it.

So... I had to leave that task to the Strong Studmuffin Dudes that Volunteered, God Bless em!  And I fixated on the smaller stuff and packing boxes of my Treasures, of which a fair amount of them are coming over since this New Home is so large that it still looks quite empty and too Spartan for my Aesthetic, tho' I Promised the Fam I would not clutter it up!  *Smiles*

I have even more to Share... since I'm an Over-Sharer and all... but I shall leave that for Post No. II since I don't wanna dump the whole bale on ya all at once... *Smiles*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. How Fun! I know you are just loving every moment of decorating your lovely spacious home!
    And I love seeing it!

  2. I am so enjoying your 'move'. Looking at your wardrobe, I'm sure we would be great friends, velvet, lace, vintage? Can't get enough! Visitors to my home often seem bewildered by my style of décor (like a life sized stuffed tiger..not a real one), but it all seems normal to me, and I'm not sure that my husband even notices his surroundings. As long as he has his books, music, and a single malt whisky, he's perfectly happy. And as for me I have my crazy quilting, embroidery, and other crafts, I'm happy too. Heaven! Blessings

  3. SWEET beautiful is your home? It's wonderful!! I am so happy for you Dawn! All that space just waiting for all of your decorating....I'm so jealous...have fun.


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