Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rambling... and Random Musings

The Move has taken a lot of the wind out of my Sails... so Today I just Feel like Rambling and having a Random Musings Post with Images resurrected from the Photo Archives that never got used... but which are Lovely and just had been Forgotten over Time.   I take so many Photographs that I often don't use even a fraction of them, so can come back later and Discover long Forgotten ones that would still make good Blog Fodder for Random Posts.   *Smiles*   I can Connect to how this Doll looks... Frazzled and definitely having a Bad Hair Day.

And this one... just Laid Out in a Flat Faint, too pooped to pop or get back up!  I've been run ragged... juggling Full Time Caregiving with what else needs doing... watched a Beloved Pet slowly dying and finally burying him... had an impromptu ER Run with Princess T since she got stung by a Scorpion at the New House, not unusual in New Build Areas unfortunately... she's Fine and Thankfully not Allergic to the Neurotoxins of Scorpion Stings, which can be Fatal if you are.  *Whew*  Still emptying out the Old House, dragging things over in Jeep loads for now by myself... wading thru what won't come over and I shall be Selling Off from the Old House.  Shuttling the Young Prince to Band Camp from 3pm-9pm all this week.  Dealing with various Caseworkers, the Adoption and all those requirements... you know, the usual stuff.

So much isn't getting done that I really want to do... like Painting the Juliet Balcony Room that will be part of the New Studio... and the Niches so I can begin to hang Taxidermy and get it off the floors.  I've got Paint and Supplies sitting at the ready... but who knows when I'll be able to get around to it?  The G-Kid Force want to Help with the Painting Projects, I don't want them to Help... becoz I don't want a Mess, even though they have the best of Intentions.   "But we Helped with your Showrooms when you Painted them!" they wail, well yeah, but I didn't Care if you made a Hot Mess of my Showrooms, I don't Own nor Live with and in those Spaces!  *LOL*

Some things I want to just do in Peace and to be left alone and uninterrupted to actually get done... so that it doesn't take forever-and-a-day... which almost never happens when you're Caregiving.   They always NEED you... or NEED something... Right Now if you don't mind... no matter how many balls you've got up in the air during your juggling act!   What!?!  You can't just drop everything for my every whim, my every beck and call!?!   They all seem to be bewildered and aggravated by that Reality!   Seriously... do you NOT see everything I'm trying to do, have already done, need to do, can't get to, get distracted in the middle of incessantly... and won't get done if I don't do it??!?!  Apparently not, selective seeing and hearing I suppose is their main Affliction right now, because each of them, the three of them, thinks it's all about them all of the time!  *Le Sigh*

And if it's NOT... ohhhh the Drama... the wailing and knashing of teeth and wringing of hands that goes on... the tantrums and exaggerated comments and behaviors... Mood Regulation is clearly not the strong suit of those with Brain Damage, Mood Disorder or Mental Illness.   I know this, I expect this, but it never makes it any easier to Deal with twenty-four seven and three-hundred-sixty-five.  I still become very annoyed after a time, since Patience does not happen to be one of my strongest Virtues and so The Lord seems to be Exercising it to build my Strength in that area apparently!!!?! What, do I have to be Strong at everything?   I don't wanna be... and besides, even operating from a position of Strength you still need your periods of Rest, Recuperation and Relaxation!

And then there's those Non-Family Members that make me more than a little bit Crazy with their incessant requests.   Wait says the Adoption Home Study Caseworker Today when she calls, I messed up and Forgot to ask you a slew of Questions...  {during the two days and four hours of Interview we already had}!!!    What!??!   Two days and Four grueling hours of Interrogation isn't enough already?   Holy Mother Of God, if I was a Criminal I wouldn't get this much unrelenting Interrogation and Intense Scrutiny... but for Adoption, of Kinfolk you've already been Raising damned near Fifteen years, without a Care in the World or the giving a Rat's Ass by The System, well apparently it's suddenly so necessary and Urgent!   WTF?!?

But slowly and surely I'm digging myself out from under the Mountain of required paperwork and Red Tape so that Hopefully within the next three Months we'll have the Adoption of the G-Kid Force completed.    And perhaps by then I'll also have the Move completed and have the Old Homestead ready for Sale as well?   Hopefully I'll continue to unpack, Decorate and Style the New Home into the Dream Home I Envision for it to Transform into in my Mind's Eye once we're completely Moved In?

The Young Prince has already made Sabre and Rifle Team at his New School... and I got them enrolled after withdrawing them from the Old Schools.   It's just about one more week before School resumes... Wow, that was a short Summer Break inbetween Summer School and School Resuming!   And though I didn't have to shell out a couple hundred as usual for her School Uniforms because the New School doesn't require them, her Supplies still set me back Eighty Four Dollars... and that was the Short List of absolutely necessary items!   Fourth Grade apparently doesn't come Cheap!  *LOL*  His High School however isn't nearly as Expensive as the last one was for Fees and Enrollment, even though they have a far Superior Curriculum, what a Relief that was!   *Whew*  But I have as yet to get his necessary Supplies, so expect another round of filling up the shopping cart this week.

Of coarse being that the Diva Fashionista felt that her current Wardrobe simply wouldn't cut it with the Dress Code since Hoochie-Mama Style is strictly prohibited *LOL*... and all her shorts are short shorts... and most of her tops have sleeveless or spaghetti straps... and Lord knows she needed to fill up that Fabulous new Walk-In Closet of hers since it was looking sparse... we hadda do The Goodwill Hunting Thing during Half-Price Day and get new Wardrobe for The Princess!  Since we were both ecstatic that we didn't have to go out and buy new School Uniforms I did not protest... the Thirty-Five bucks I spent on gently used Apparel she can wear all the time paled in comparison to buying a week's worth of School Uniforms at Retail Prices!   It would help tho' if the Antique Mall's Sales this pay period weren't so abysimally dismal!

Of coarse I did have to Endure a couple hours worth of Project Runway America's Next Top Model strutting of her in each and every piece once we got Home... she did looked darned Cute in it all tho'!  Ah, to have that Coat Hangar build where anything you put on looks Fabulous... and this one's not conceited, she's convinced!  *LMAO*   Isn't Vanity one of the Seven Deadly Sins?  I'm not sure... and she doesn't Care... *Smiles*   Okay, so perhaps there will be a Class of Fourth Grade Boys who will be slightly distracted this year by a certain You Know Who... they are beginning to Notice you know... that Scares the Hell outta The Man!  *Ha ha ha*

I'm rather looking forward to the Respite the School Day will give me.   I'm rather NOT looking forward to any Problem Child Calls I might get from the new Teachers or Administration, so I'm preparing for the worst whilst hoping for the best.   I didn't hide anything in intake, though I do want this to be a Fresh Start for them both... at least Staff has been forewarned that they could be a handful and need Special handling and IEP accommodations.   I'm Hopeful and Guardedly Optimistic that this School System has a better Special Services Dept. for Special Needs Kiddos, we'll see.

I am taking time to myself to Savor some of the things this new area has to offer... and I'm absolutely Loving it.    I just will be Glad when the Transition is over and we're down to only Maintaining one Home and will have profited from all that Equity in the one being Sold Off.   Because this Move has indeed taken the wind out of my Sails and some days I would like to just be Lazy, but I can't just yet.

I had completely Forgotten how Stressful a Move can actually be... and how much Work... even though it's mostly Good Stress... well, Stress still being Stress and all... it takes a Toll over time.   So I don't want to spend an inordinate amount of time doing it, I want to get the Moving part behind me.   And the Adoption part behind me.   So that I can concentrate on Moving Forward without a lot of excess baggage weighing me down.

'Cause I'm no Spring Chicken... or Spring Duckling... and some days this Rose feels like it's fading fast and running out of gas to cross that Finish Line without needing a push and some towing!  Only there's no tow truck on the Horizon... so I might just have to get out and walk the rest of the way... and some days that seems like a long haul and too much of a Marathon without passing the baton to somebody... anybody... a relay would be so much easier, it really would...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I'm so, so sorry about the loss of your furbaby. I know how you feel, my last cat was killed after being kicked by an horse. Since then my DH has said, 'no more cats' because I was so devastated (Kippy was only 5) , but now I'm becoming more and more housebound and daybed bound, I long for a rescue cat to love and cherish. I've always said, that if there are no cats in Heaven, then I'm not going. (Even if I'm given the choice) You seem to be dealing with almost than one person can bear. I so wish there was something I could do to shoulder some of the burden. I'm sending peaceful, calming blessings your way. I hope they help.
    PS. did the pics eventually arrive? Hugs across the Ocean/

    1. Pics did finally hit my e-mail account tho' I have as yet to open them, waiting for a quiet peaceful time to catch up on all that. Your Peaceful calming Blessings are so appreciated. Since Old Morris had a good long run I'm not quite as devastated as I was with younger Fur Babies that passed prematurely. Old Age is a privilege not afforded to many and he attained a ripe Old Age Bless his Heart... he left a huge imprint upon us during his tenure as Bohemian Alpha Cat Boy at the Old Homestead... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. May the Angels and goddess look after your furbaby, on the journey to the Rainbow Bridge
    Please take care of yourself, and not just the other of your charges. Whatever it needs, make some time for yourself each day. Even if it's only 10 minutes make it clear that you are not to be disturbed , and just drift off to the Summerlands Blessings.

  3. Here's hoping the teachers and administration will be experienced with your grandkids kind of problems. And then you will get the sweet peace you so deserve!!!!


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