Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th Of July

Happy 4th of July my Friends... it is a Happy one for me because I got out of the Hospital just in time to Celebrate it!!!   After being admitted for a couple of days with a wicked Respiratory Infection and Cardiac issues related to the fact I couldn't breathe and the G-Kid Force had informed me, "Gramma, did you know your lips have turned Blue?!!?!??"   Yeah, Blue lips is never a good Sign but I didn't think I'd be laid up in a Hospital so expediently when I walked thru the doors of the ER!  They didn't even ask me for my Insurance Card or to fill out any paperwork... they immediately admitted me... WOW, that was Fast... and more than a bit scary!

Right in the midst of trying to move into a New Home, so the Timing couldn't be lousier to get really Sick... so our Time Schedule of Moving has ramped down now considerably and will just take as long as it takes... so we're rather inbetwixt two Homes at the moment.  With most of our belongings still at the Old Homestead and a Lovely pretty much still empty New Home awaiting the Adoption Home Study Caseworker on Wednesday.  *Le Sigh*  Oh, well, she'll just have to Roll with it too and Imagine what a Great Home The G-Kid Force will be living in 'til they're grown.  I'm kinda 'Over' Dealing with Caseworkers anyway and I'm just not Feeling Well enough to jump thru any more hoops at the moment anyway.

But this Day is about Celebrating isn't it?   And we've got so much to be Celebrating that even tho' I still pretty much Feel like Crap and am on a strong med regimen right now that makes me Feel like I just drank ten cups of very strong Coffee... a slow Recovery is imminent so I just have to try to take it easier, recuperate and look forward to a Move that has been slowed down considerably, but perhaps I NEEDED that given my Type A Hyper and Driven Personality huh?  Ya Think?!??  *Bwahahaha!*  

 The Son and Family came and got The G-Kid Force while I was Hospitalized and will take them to see Fireworks Tonight and bring them Home tomorrow.   So The Man and I have had a Serene 4th of July to Celebrate Old Folk's Style... a Date at 'Red Lobster' to share the Island Feast of Lobster Tail, Crab Legs, Grilled Skewered Jumbo Shrimp, Coconut Shrimp and sides {YUM!} and a quiet Evening at Home... ahhhh... can you hear the Silence?   I just wouldn't have Felt Well enough to do the Fireworks thing outside in 104 Degrees Tonight anyway or be around huge crowds Celebrating, so this is much better given the circumstances of just getting sprung from Hospital.

I'm pretty battered and bruised from all the Testing anyway and my arms look like I'm a junkie and I felt pretty much like a pincushion.  But I must say, the Staff took very good Care of me, what a Sweet bunch of Nurses I had... and Funny too.   The Levity came in handy since being Hospitalized right around a Major Holiday ain't no Fun unless you can muster a sense of Humor about it.    I can't recall the last time I had complete control of a TV Remote and could lay around watching HGTV for a couple of days either... that was Sweet!  *Winks*    I know I just bought a Home, but I still like to compare Property Values and Homes around the Globe to gloat now over what a Great Deal I got! You can still get FAR more Home for the price per square foot in Sunny AZ than most other parts of the Country or even the World!  

I was watching in Amazement at Properties that were on the far side of being 'Fixer-Uppers' and looked Condemned in my opinion, but that were commanding over half a Million bucks in some Coastal Locales... my jaw almost hit the floor!  Unbelievable!  Hey, this Old Homestead WAS Condemned when we bought it years ago and it looked 100% better than those properties and was practically Free due to the condition and Restoration needed.   I couldn't even perceive ponying up $500,000+ for a wreck... and a small one at that {most of these properties were 900 to 1200 sq ft!}... and then having to Invest even more to make it even habitable and only a Vacation Home!!!   Damn... those are some brave folks with way more Vision than I, that's all I can say!   Of coarse they had some TV Host Contractor actually doing all the Work for them, but still...

But it was Fun to have nothing else I could do but watch a slew of Inspiration Decorating Shows and Transformation Properties for two full days as I was laid up in my Hospital Bed.  Yeah, my Mini Vacations play out like that... but I'll take whatever I can get... it was sorta like a Vacation, but not Really.  *Smiles*    The Son checked in on his Dad regularly, who opted to stay here at the Old House rather than be transported to their Home with all those kids that would be there.  Five Kiddos under one roof, three of them being Teenagers, would have been way more stimulation than he could have handled anyway and he did Okay for the brief time I was gone, though he was clearly Glad to have me back Home since me getting so Sick had really scared him.

All of the New Furniture that we had ordered Arrived at the New House... so I have my Museum Bookcase, the Leather Recliner and my Vintage Industrial Coffee Table now.   The new Washer and Dryer will be delivered next week.   We'll also be shopping for another Recliner and new Beds for the G-Kid Force.    I'm Selling Off a bunch of Old Treasures to Fund the Wish List of New Furnishings we want for the New Home... it will be less to move over there from here and it's time for some Fresh Energy and Decor that Fits the New Spaces in Style and dimension.   I'm not missing anything I'm Letting Go of.   In fact, I Suspect that I will be Letting Go of a LOT more than I originally anticipated... and downsizing even more now that I know what my New Vision is.

New Chapters and Seasons in Life are always so Exciting aren't they?
Happy 4th of July my Friends... from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh no! Dear dawn, do hope you are feeling much better now and able to enjoy the move and new start. It is fun and exciting to begin again, especially if you have the vision, which you do. x

  2. I'm glad you're out of the hospital, but you gotta take it easy, Dawn! It's nice you don't have to rush to get out of your old place - makes it a little less stressful. See, you're in the exact same place as me now, getting rid of even more stuff!! LOL


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