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Good-Bye Old Morris... Beloved Old Alley Cat Fur Baby

Old Morris came to us OLD... that's why we always called him Old Morris.   An Aging battle scarred Alley Cat we're not entirely certain of his origins or if he ever belonged to anybody or not?  And we'll never really know how Old he actually was... only that he came to us Old and Tough as Old Boots and spent many, many years with our Family... making him probably Ancient by exclusively Outdoor Cat standards.  Having lived his Life on the Streets for probably a very long time already, it made him an Ideal Working Cat for our Acreage and so we allowed him to stay and live out his days with us as one of our Beloved "Rescue" Fur Babies, of which there have been many over the years.

Even though he probably never would have been considered "Pet Quality" by most Shelter Standards, he had the most docile Personality and Tolerated Humans exceptionally well, especially Children and other Animals.   He was that 'Get Along With Everyone' Cat that never wanted Drama, though he was certainly robust and big enough to handle himself in a "Need To" Moment, of which there were many, with all the Strays and Feral Cats we had in the Old Neighborhood over the years.  He was the "Protector" of the other Cats less skilled at a Cat Fight... and being a Sage Alley Cat Alpha Male sort, he had that perfect balance of Meekness and Toughness necessary to keep the Peace.

He wasn't all that Photogenic and seemed to know it since he did not like being Photographed one iota but was Docile enough to Tolerate it and stand still for a few, if he had to.  He wasn't a run off and try to hide type when the camera came out... but you could always tell by his expression that it was a "Hurry Up and let's get this over with..." Thing for him!  *LOL*   His expression always had Attitude, but he himself, not a bit, he never once bit or scratched anyone and Tolerated a lot of Torment by our other Fur Babies who were Younger and made Sport of him sometimes since he was so Good Natured they knew he would let them get away with it.

  He could have 'Taken' them if he'd wanted to, being much bigger, stronger and scrappier, but he was always the Gentle, Patient, Laid Back One and Loved all of the many Fur Babies we owned and was the Patriarch of the Bohemian Cat Boy Clan... and Bohemian Cat Girl Clan as well.   He and Rusty were inseparable, he was never quite the same after Rusty Passed unexpectedly and in his Prime.   We often Wondered if Rusty had been Old Morris' Son since Old Morris would NEVER get persuaded into a Pet Carrier or tricked into a Cat Trap for a visit to the Vet or to be Neutered... so he was our only Fur Baby that never was 'Fixed'.  Not knowing his History I Respected his Wishes to not be like the others.

  You could tell the other Cats all Loved Morris too and Respected him... though Tormenting the Elderly is Fun even for Cats I suppose, they liked to Snuggle with him too... he was a big Snuggler with other Fur Babies.  He was the only Fur Baby that NEVER allowed Grooming, Bathing or to be Tidied Up... he was rather like Pigpen and the Boneless Cat from the 'Peanuts' Cartoon... always dusty and crusty the way he liked to be, like an Old Hobo, and going completely limp and almost boneless looking when held... since he didn't really like being held or fussed over too much... but he did enjoy being Talked to and would respond very vocally always.  Wish I could Speak Cat... since he always had a lot to say if you asked him! 

But by the end of his days he had begun to appear very Frail... he still had his big, broad head... but he began to show the signs of advanced Old Age.   It is difficult, given that legally you can hasten an Animal's departure, to just allow Nature to take it's course and let God's Timing transition an ailing Elderly Pet from Time into Eternity.   I suppose had we not already been in the throes of a huge Move with major expenses I might have opted to hasten Old Morris into the Afterlife, but I really didn't want to.

  I really wanted for the Lord to choose the date and time for this Faithful Old Friend and Fur Baby of ours to pass from Time into Eternity.   He held on for a very long time, so scrappy and Tough that he began to look like a Pet Cemetery Cat from a Stephen King Novel!   I felt bad, perhaps I should scrape together the funds and Assist him into his Afterlife I often thought?  But I couldn't bring myself to do it... I was already Dealing with far too much to make another weighty decision like that... especially so soon after putting Beloved Yul to Sleep and spending a small fortune trying to Save him.

And besides, this was different... we absolutely knew without a shadow of a doubt that there was no Saving or Medical Intervention in the World that would erase the ravages of Time and Advanced Old Age... Morris was very Old... and Morris was clearly dying... it was his Time.   So I wrestled long and hard with whether to play God and hasten the inevitable, or allow him to Pass Naturally... I choose the latter... though I didn't absolutely Feel Good about it... it's had to watch someone you Love Dying.   It brought back floods of Old Memories of my Dad in fact... because like Old Morris, my Dad had been Tough as Old Boots and fought long and hard to stay this side of Time and Eternity, beating tremendous odds and Grim Prognosis for much longer than he should have.   I would ask Old Morris if he was suffering and he would Meow and tug at my Heart to allow him to just Exist, for as long as the Lord Decided it to be Time.   

Perhaps that was Wishful Thinking and I just wanted to Believe I was doing the Right Thing by him?
Yes, I knew he was Dying... and I guess I always knew he would never make it to the New Home... and probably he shouldn't have... our Historic Old Homestead had been his Domain for so long that it just seemed Right to allow him to Live out the rest of his days there and bury him on our Acreage... his Forever Home.   And I Type this with Tears streaming down my face because this Morning when I awoke I new it would be The Day... I Felt it so strongly that I knew I'd have to look for him on the Acreage because he would not be standing Vigil on the Front Porch as he always did... I just KNEW it!   They always Go Away a bit to Die... to a more Secluded Spot they want to spend their last minutes.   I wasn't sure where that would be for Old Morris, but I Suspected it would be a Forbidden Spot, like my Veggie Garden, which they knew was Off Limits so they wouldn't crush the Harvest.

I've had numerous previous Fur Babies allowed to Pass Naturally that Chose a Forbidden Spot to Die... it's almost as if in Quiet Rebellion they want to be somewhere Special that they knew they'd be Found and could Enjoy something previously I wouldn't Allow... but that I'd never refuse the Dying Wish of to any Beloved One to be there to spend their last Moments on Earth.   Yes... I Found him THERE this Morning... and though it might seem Morbid I had already dug his Grave, knowing it was near his Time, in the unforgiving hard parched Earth we have here in the Desert... no easy task when it's 113+ degrees to even Create a rather Shallow Fur Baby Grave... so I knew it would make it easier to be proactive rather than reactive in Grief to Prepare it.

And so this Morning our Beloved Old Morris was Laid To Rest at our equally Beloved Old Homestead.   I won't be able to do that in our New Subdivision... have Pet Graves on our Private Property unless we drive up North to our Forty Acre Ranch Site... so for our last remaining Fur Baby Miss Priss it will have to be somewhere else than Home... when it's her Time.   But I'm Glad for Old Morris that we could still Honor him in our Time Honored Tradition of burying Beloved Fur Babies on our own Acreage Properties... he Deserved such a Special Burial Site.  You will be Missed my Old Friend... Besos and Hugs until we meet again on the Other Side.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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  1. Oh what a loving post for Old Morris. You so did the right thing by letting him pass in his own familiar surroundings! God Bless all of you at this sad time!


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