Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Okay, so it was bound to happen... being between two Homes is no Big Deal to some of us... that would be Princess T and I... we can Roll with it effortlessly.    But for Prince R... and especially The Man... they can become quite discombobulated about trifles and fixate upon them.   For the Young Prince it was Membership to the Boys and Girls Club for Summer... walking distance from this Old House, he's attended every Summer and it is his Routine... the Mentally Ill are very big on Routines.  Interruption of their Routine is a Big Deal to them and a huge Adjustment.  Technically we still have this Old Address and so since we're splitting time here and the new place, I just signed him up for the Summer Program using all our existing pertinents.   It doesn't matter that we won't be living here by Fall, for now if he needs to attend the Summer Program to feel more Connected and Secure in his Routine, it was worth the Fifteen Bucks Membership Re-Enrollment Fee.   He Loves the New Home, he just doesn't have a Routine there yet and so he always wants to 'Come Home' to here for now.

Now... if you think Routines are a Big Deal to those suffering from Mental Health Issues, it pales in comparison to how Big a Deal Routines are to those suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury.   So for The Man his mundane Routines and Ritual of sitting in his old Recliner in front of a TV Set with Cable for the majority of the day is a total 'Rain Man Moment'... and if interrupted, he's TOTALLY discombobulated... to the point you would think his whole World had come to a sticky end!  I had been able to keep Utilities on at both Properties for however long I need to... but with Cable and Internet, it had to be affixed to a particular Property and they set it up at the new one... and the old one would phase out.   I knew this... I had just not anticipated the Move taking a huge ramping down due to my Health Issues and lack of Volunteer availability to get the important stuff over to the new place seemlessly.   It will all happen in due time... but in the meantime they shut the Cable TV off at the main box and The Man had a total meltdown this Evening when Cable went offline in the Livingroom!  *Oh no...*

The Young Prince and I had lugged one of the old heavy anchor sized TV's over to the new place this Afternoon in preparation for the Adoption Caseworker's Home Study... of which she completed only half... because two hours of it Today was all the Family could handle in one shot.   So, we'll be finalizing that next Wednesday so that it won't be such an Ordeal for the Kiddos and The Man.   So long as he had a TV with Cable to be parked in front of there he was happy to hang out without discombobulation occurring.   The Kiddos are delighted to hang out in their new rooms now that they have beds and some toys to make it more like Home and comfortable for them.   We have Food at both Homes so other than moving possessions over slowly but surely, either place can be considered Home for now... well, until the Cable fiasco at this Old House that is!  *Le Sigh*

Now... for some unknown reason the lesser cable box in our Master Bedroom at this Old House is still operational *whew* so I averted total disaster with The Man by moving him to the Bedroom to watch his TV programs for now.  Hopefully the Cable Company won't go offline with the Computer or that TV's Cable capacity so that there will be no trouble in Paradise for now!?!   I am Content to read a book, take a nap or relax with Music... but it is nice to Connect to you all when I need Free Therapy Sessions to Deal with The Others as this Transition moves forward.  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   If The Man has no TV I think he will self-distruct or something like the old Mission Impossible tape cassette always did!?!  *Smiles*   There was a lot of flailing of arms and panic setting in when the Main TV went 'Down' and frankly I don't need to be Dealing with such Drama since I'm still slowly recovering from my Respiratory Issues and don't need a setback. 

I keep thinking that if The Man hadn't been in his Catastrophic Accident with my Truck I could probably have moved a lot more over to the new house than I've been able to with the damned Jeep SUV, but what ya gonna do?  It is what it is.  So, each trip out to the new place I pack as much as I can into the Jeep and will reserve the rental of a U-Haul Truck for when The Son and his Friends, who will be Volunteering to help me move the big stuff, can get enough coordinated time off Work to devote to it.   The Young Prince has budding Man Muscles, but at Fourteen he really can't even lift as much or for as long as this Old Woman so he's limited on how much he can assist me with heavier items.   I've still got biceps that rival The Son's, with all the years of heavy lifting I've always done, but at the moment I'm SUPPOSED to be taking it easier... and so I've tried to comply by scaling back on the Work of Moving and taking it down to a snail's pace.

The Anchor sized heavy Old TV was enough for Today... we dragged it around on a blanket, I can get really Creative when I need to.   The Young Prince had wanted it upstairs in his new Bedroom since it's his TV, but I convinced him that Grandpa NEEDED Cable TV more than anyone and besides, we'd be better off waiting for his Uncle, The Son, to help us schlepp that beheamoth upstairs... I just wasn't up to it really.   I was barely up to entertaining the Adoption Home Study... and was rather Glad when the Caseworker said she'd split it into two Sessions so it wouldn't be so grueling for us all.   Not that making yet another Appointment is Ideal on our Crazy Schedule... since there is always a slew of other Agency and Doctor Appointments every week... but two hours of Interviewing was certainly enough for one Afternoon for us all.   You can see by The Young Prince's expression that until he felt more comfortable with this New Adoption Caseworker and her line of questioning, I was meeting with much Resistance by the Family about having to Endure any of it.

Adoption Caseworker Lady was very Nice and Respectful of those Sentiments so it did make it less intimidating and not so much of an imposition as it probably could have been had she not been receptive to going slow and recognizing I've got three Special Needs Individuals to Deal with as we comply with every Agencies requests and requirements.   It is a lot... and it's been a lot for an extended period of time that has already dragged on far too long and been a Chinese Circus of errors and bureacratic B.S. ... so I'll just be Glad to get it all behind us at some point in hopefully the not too distant Future?!??!?    BTW:  How do you like his New Futon with Bluetooth and Speakers built in?  Pretty snazzy, huh?   It will lend itself nicely to his Japanese Style Vision for his new Room... it lays down into a Full Size Bed and he likes that he can stash his new Memory Foam Gel Pillow and Blankets/Linens underneath for easy access.   This Kid is a True Minimalist, so unlike his Gramma!  *Smiles*

And Shhhhhhhhh... don't tell him that his annoying Little Sister insisted upon being Photographed on his new Bed after it was Delivered and while he was still in Summer School... that will be our Little Secret!  *Winks*   Otherwise a whole helluva lotta discombobulation of Epic Proportions will go on in the wake of that Discovery!   

They are both jealously possessive of their New Spaces and there are invisible barriers and lines not to be crossed that have been set up in the doorways of each of their Rooms... otherwise World War III breaks out with no Mercy being shown and no taking of Prisoners.   Luckily Grandpa really can't do stairs and so keeping him out of their hair upstairs and them out of his downstairs has been Blessedly Blissful for Yours Truly when we're at the New House.    Separating the Trio is the best tactic to keep Peace in the Valley and a Drama Free existance at Home where Harmony prevails.   I like Harmony... and Peace... or at least some Measure of both... makes Full Time Caregiving tolerable and my Sanity mostly intact.  *Smiles*

Loving my New Vintage Industrial Coffee Table... strong enough for Kiddos to lay on... which they have... it's one sturdy piece and can double as extra seating as well.   So far the Kiddos have not tried to give each other rides around the Livingroom on it... for which I'm Grateful... coz stuff like that can happen around here if you're not hyper vigilant.  *Smiles*

When you've got a High Maintenance Crew you're in charge of you MUST be hyper vigilant always... or Chaos reigns!    They have tried to give each other rides on my new Museum Bookcase Ladder... that was almost a 'Given'.   It's Forbidden, but they had to try it once... and now the Novelty has quickly worn off, they're not so Enchanted by my Enchanting Piece in the New Library and I'm Golden now.   Of coarse given my skewed sense of Priorities about what would come over first, my Book Collection had a high Priority so as to Showcase my new Bookcase spectacularly and see if it would fit the entire Collection?  Yep... with one shelf to spare!   My Book Collection rivals 'Barnes and Nobles' Decor Section... in fact, my Collection is Superior to theirs actually and I Love my Decorator and Style Books!

Hearing the Family complaining incessantly about how long everything will take has not been easy... and with the exception of Princess T being a big Help to me, the Guys haven't done a whole lot to assist in making the Transition easier and quicker so I told them I just don't wanna hear it.   So I tune them out when they start... chronic complaining has a way of working my last nerve, because I abhor chronic complainers, especially since it's been my Observation that those who Complain the most are typically rarely part of the Solution to any Problem, so they just become part of the Problem and not part of the Solution.   People who are part of the Solution rarely Complain, they take Action.   The lack of Action on behalf of The Man and The Young Prince means that I have Zero Tolerance for their Complaints and they know it.
 Source: Antiquities Warehouse
Visualizing what I need and want to do has consumed all of my Time and Attention so that I can get everything done that needs doing in whatever Time frame it's gonna take.   Everyone will just have to Learn to be more Patient or Believe in Magic, because that's the only other way things would get expedited for this Move... Magic!

As for me, I haven't yet moved anything out of the Art Studio Cottage perhaps because it is the last bastion of a Peaceful and Orderly Environment I still have around this Old House now and I want to Savor it for as long as I can.   I know it is the Space I will most Miss and has been harder to Let Go of, so for me keeping it in suspended animation for a while longer has given me a place to Retreat to that is Familiar and Serene, when the Madness gets to be too much during these hectic days.

I know that once emptied out... I will probably Cry some more tears about it... I've Loved living in this Historic Old Home and saying Good-Bye is Bittersweet.   I am Fortunate that I Love the New Home very much so it has made a necessary Move somewhat easier Emotionally for me.   Easier but not Easy... when you really, really have Loved a place it is never Easy to just Leave and not look back rather fondly at what you had that could never really be replaced nor replicated.

I had always Dreamed of Owning a Historic Home... and I have... for the appropriate Season of Life... which Sadly had to come to an end... and the realization of that Season ending and a new one beginning has been my Process... and a Journey... which we're still on... Embracing the Changes and Grateful for all of the New Opportunities and Adventure...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 



  1. Dawn - the new place is looking good! Can't wait to see it!

    pamela :)

  2. You deserve some special help from local friends during this very needy time! Sending prayers every day for you and yours!


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