Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Who Were Those Arizona Outlaws?

I ain't gonna lie, one of the more Amusing aspects of prepping for a Move and Big Changes is the amount of stuff you uncover that you completely forgot you had!   As you Cull Possessions there are intermittent Rushes of Nostalgia when you discover a Forgotten Treasure that has been simply stored away for a very long time.   Who were those Arizona Outlaws?  *LOL*   Yep... that's The Man and I with our two youngest Children, who are now all grown up, having Fun at Rawhide.  We were laughing at his Tom Selleck Cop Mustache and my Perm... so Eighties, huh?  *Smiles*   I don't quite know why but now I've got the Song "Legs" by ZZ Top looping thru my head... "She got legs... she knows how to use 'em..."  *Bwahahahahaha!!!!!*

And of coarse both Showrooms are now bulging with New Inventory as I cart away SUV loads that will be Sold Off.   The local Charity Shops Love me now too because whatever isn't appropriate to bring to the Antique Mall, I'm Donated in an Avalanche of Goodies as well.  When downsizing ramps up into hyperdrive it becomes so much easier and more effortless to Let Go without agonizing over whether to Keep, Sell or Donate items.   The more I do it, the quicker my decision making process is as I'm Culling Possessions and becoming somewhat of a better Editor during the massive Purge.

There were items, such as this massive Needlepoint Art in an Antique Frame, that I had thought I'd want to Keep when I first acquired it.   Now, tho' I still think it's quite Lovely and clearly was a Labor of Love by whoever Hand-Stitched it, I'm just not Attached to enough to have it become a Keeper... so off to the Showroom it went.   Many things are now falling into that category of the Letting Go Process and being stringently Edited.   Who knew that I COULD become an adept Editor when it came to a crunch to actually DO it and develope that good habit?!?

I am even now FINALLY getting The Man to start parting with some of his stuff as well... he's been Procrastinating badly and I think in part, his Brain Injury just makes decision making harder for him without Anxiety setting in?   I'm being Gentle about allowing him sufficient Time to Consider what he Needs to Let Go of for the Move... because bringing it all is just not an Option, there's not sufficient Storage room to put it even if we wanted to hold on for a while longer.   And why should we hold on anyway... the Point has been to Downsize effectively and start Fresh with an Adapted Lifestyle Change.

Sure, some things do have Memories Attached to them... but it's not as if the Memories disappear just because the stuff does.   I don't really have to look at something to Remember what was associated with it... my Memory is not that far gone now.   But I do understand, with the Memory Issues that The Man has after his Catastrophic Accident and Brain Injury, he's more inclined now to need Visual Prompts to Remember and perhaps that's why he's reluctant to get rid of things that hold those Memories... lest he Forget?

I'm extremely Proud of the G-Kid Force and their Letting Go Process tho', they are relentless about Purging their Possessions for the Move and even some of the things I thought they might want to hold onto they've given up!   The Young Prince's Vintage Bottle Collection for example, he asked me to Sell Off for him... so we stuck some single Florals in each and made a Rustic Vignette.   Princess T has Purged some of her Hoard of Googly Eyed Stuffed Animals, which are insanely Popular right now... so she's raking in the Profits from Culling her massive Collection of them.  *Smiles*

I have been Collecting Interesting Vintage Yearbooks for many years now and decided to Sell Off all but my absolute Favorites.  I like to look back at what High School and College Student daily Life looked like during the various Eras.   The Fashions, Hair Styles, Activities, Architecture, Vehicles... so much is Revealed within the pages of Yearbooks, it's like mini Time Capsules of an Era and what was On Trend at the time.

I also had many Random Collections that weren't all that large and I thought I might Display or do something with eventually... and didn't.  Do you ever do that my Friends?   Many were Seasonal or Holiday related... and I've downsized Holiday and Seasonal Decorating for quite some time now anyway, so it was effortless to Cull Seasonal and Holiday Decor stashes.

And it has been rather Comforting to me to paw through my Possessions quietly and at my own leisurely pace... since so many other things right now are Imposed upon us that I don't have as much Control over... so this keeps me Centered right now and has been Surprisingly Relaxing while I Deal with other stuff that isn't so Zen.   So... clearly the Timing of it was right...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Your on a Roll! Good for You! You and Yours are in my prayers daily! Hang in there!


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