Thursday, June 11, 2015

This Is How Life Should Be...

I had worked hard all day packing and purging possessions... so by early Evening it was time to relax and unwind.   The G-Kid Force and I were spread out in my Bedroom listening to the Andrews Sister Station on Pandora, that WWII Era Music being among my absolutely Favorites... and sipping one of the Exotic blends from Chakra 4 Tea House.   Times of Quiet Reflections and Calm like this makes me certain that this is how Life should be!   Yes, in my Ideal Version of Life most Moments would be spent like that... a healthy Balance of work and relaxation!

In a healthy Balance of activity and inactivity there is that Savoring of each... that Appreciation of each... that being in the Moment and totally Present.   That's when I function best and it reminded me of one of my Favorite Mantras in High School, I believe it was by Morey Amsterdam, but I'm not entirely certain who to Credit with the Quote... but it humorously sums up the Idyllic Feeling:
When I works I works hard... when I sits I sits loose... and when I thinks I falls asleep...

Yes, that's how I roll... much like that Quote... I don't like to think too much about things that aren't part of the present Moment... and when I hold True to that and don't, things just flow better.  Thinking too hard or too deeply actually makes me over-think things and that makes me tired and I'll eventually have to sleep it off.   I can work hard and I've always been known as a hard worker... but I can also play hard and relax so intensely that nothing else matters when I'm in Relaxation Mode and winding down or doing something that makes me Happy.

Lately I've been focusing so much more on how Life should be... my "This is how Life should be..." List is taking a much higher priority and the moving towards that Outcome.   Sure, there will always be the crappy stuff of Life we must Deal with... but to make the Time each day for at least some of how our Idyllic Version of how Life should be to play out is important.   I haven't always done it even tho' I know exactly what it would be... would Feel like... would Look like.

Perhaps as you progress towards a Senior Season of Life you just start to sort things out with more Clarity like that, I dunno?   I just know that when I make those Moments come to Life, those Moments of this is how Life should be... well, it just doesn't get any better than that.  No matter how Simple that Moment plays out... because to be quite Honest, it doesn't have to be at all complicated to achieve them!   And if you include others in them, it's simply contagious... but in a Good way!

I started to think... how can we make MORE Moments like this come to Life daily?   These are some of the Changes I fully intend to make as we progress towards some serious Change in our Lives now.  Change and even the Contemplation of it, especially if it's Huge... can be both Exciting and a little Scary... we can become just so Comfortable with how things are... even if they aren't all that great... because it is at least Familiar and staying the same doesn't take much effort really.

And you also realize that not all Change is necessary Good... or Better... but it could be.  Sometimes that is enough for me... the possibility that it could be.    I was visiting an Old Mall the other day, one that is in the process of serious Transformation and Change.   It is one that I always liked as it WAS... and so sometimes that's a little hard for me to Embrace all of the Changes... because it's a mixture of being Good and Better... and the loss of some things that were better as they were... at least in my humble opinion.   Case in point... the Mall always had these Lovely Old Brick Pavers, worn over decades of use to an absolute Perfect Patina.  As new buildings are replacing the old... new pavers have been installed in much of the Mall, right up against the original ones... they just don't compare... in Quality, Character or Appearance.  And many of the wonderful Original Old Fountains and Water Features and Mature Canopy Trees have been removed.  But the new Shops, well, they're Awesome...

So... you do realize that there will be some of what used to be that you will probably miss or be Nostalgic about, even if all the Changes, or most of them, turn out to be all that you Envisioned in your Mind's Eye.   And that's Okay... as a Hopelessly Sentimental sort I know that though I often Crave Significant Changes... I also often look back fondly at what was.  Perhaps that is why I've always been Infatuated with the Love of Old and surround myself with it... even as I speed towards making Changes and require them for each Season of Life as it unfolds.  You just Need different things at different Seasons... and I know what I Need... what my Soul Aches for that will require Change.

And in my Mind's Eye I also know how I interpret this is how Life should be for me and mine.  And most of it isn't very Complicated at all so it should be quite easily Attainable really if I stick to my guns and make it play out that way on Purpose.   Sometimes you have to strick to your guns and have those On Purpose Moments in your Life that you MAKE happen.   Because your Idyllic Vision typically won't just play out that way without being Purposed... I don't know why but it typically just doesn't if you merely Live reactively instead of purposefully.

And as we laid all sprawled out listening to Old WWII Jams and sipping Fragrant Exotic Tea... there was such a Peace and Serenity enveloping us.   The Kiddos were Calmer, Quieter and a lot more in their Moment... just Savoring and Enjoying what we were doing... or more accurately NOT doing... since being Still can be so Wonderful if you can manage it for a spell and shut the rest of the World out for a while!   *Smiles*   Just indulging the Senses and each other's mere Presence, without Words... well, mostly without Words, since some find that more difficult than being Still.  *LOL*

And I thought about how much less Conflict and Injustices towards one another the World would have if everyone took that time each day to Indulge in how Life should be for them.   A Content and Balanced Life after all brings such Harmony and Peace with it that it's very difficult to become Unlovely when you're in that Zone and allowing yourself to just Be... and allowing everyone else to just Be as well!!!

And wouldn't that be Sublime!???!??!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Glad for your peaceful moments!

  2. I love your outlook on life. I think if I could 'order' one law in this world. It would be for people to have good manners. Just think of all the problems that would solve.....just a question of good manners. Blessings


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