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Sweet Salvage ~ Summer Luvin' ~ Part II

You've all been very patient waiting for the second installment of the "Summer Luvin'" Event still going on at SWEET SALVAGE this Month.   I know you'll Forgive me when you learn that we have been wrapping up the Purchase of our New Home.  We did the final Walk-Thru Saturday Morning and will have the keys by next Friday!  *Whoop Whoop!*   So, distractions aside, now I'll Wow you with some more Summer Fantasyscapes from the Sweet Team...

Another one of the 'Summer Luvin' ' Themes that I was particular drawn to was Beach Style, because who can't think about a day at the Beach or Renting a Beach Cottage when Summer rolls around?!?  I also Fantasized about owning a Vacation Beach Cottage right by the Ocean... I don't know that I could live with Beach Cottage Style 365 but I definitely know I'd Feel very Relaxed and on Vacay with that Style and Palette at least a couple weeks out of the year.   Aqua and Teal is perhaps my Fav Beachy Color Palette Combo.   Not so Cold or Nautical as Blue to me... but still Evoking that Seaside Vibe... and with some Conch Shell Pink and White Accents, the Perfect Beach Cottage Ambiance.

Few do Aqua and Teal as well as my Friend Myko when it comes to Styling with those Tones... so her Spaces this Month really Rocked the 'Summer Luvin' Beach Style' Ambiance.  It was Soothing... it was Inviting... Relaxing... and like being on Vacay at that Idyllic Beach Cottage by the Ocean I Envision on the Canvas of my Imagination and have Owned in a million Dreams... if the elusive Lottery Win afforded us that second Home for Vacationing.  *LOL*


But even a Vacay Rental would suffice if it were Decorated like this... I could still Feel very much entrenched in a Home Away From Home... even tho' this isn't my usual Style of Decorating a Primary Residence.   In the Desert we have plenty of Beach but no Ocean... so you don't see a whole lotta Primary Residences Decorated like this, which is a Shame because it is a Great Look even if you aren't Lucky enough to live right on the Beach with an Ocean View.

And Summertime always has me thinking of a Road Trip to the Ocean... so when I cannot make bringing myself to the Beach a Reality, well, bringing a little bit of the Beach to me is almost as good.   I do have quite a massive Conch Shell Collection and an array of other Impressive Large Shells, Corals, Starfish, Old Iridescent Pearly Aqua Bottles and Beach Glass that I release from Storage every Summer to scatter about the house.  Natural Elements that Evoke a Sense of the Season scattered about always Appeals to me and is a Simple way to bring the Outside In Seasonally.

And I don't know why, but Silver and Silverplate just Scream Summertime to me too... so the Collections I have of them always make a Summer Appearance as well.   Lately I've been Scoring some Great Loving Cups... not always easy to find, but when I do, it's usually in waves that they tend to show up in an abundance all of a sudden!  Like Treasures washed up on the Shore to be gathered up!   I really liked this one... and it was a contender... but then...

This Ornately Hand-Engraved one from 1895 beat it out of the running and ended up coming Home with me instead!   My self-imposed limit on items I could procure this Month made it so that I had to use extremely Conservative Choices of the Select Few items that would come Home.  After all... I'm Packing... and Purging like crazy... so I didn't want to drag hardly anything newly procured Home with me to have to then pack up and move over to the New Home too!  *Smiles*

But this was an Exception... and one of the few items that made the Grade for busting my Buying Hiatus.    All in all I came Home with less than usual... but more than I'd Intended to... of coarse... because MY Restraints probably doesn't look at all like YOUR Restraint might... and anyway, doesn't that always seem to happen when you're trying to maximize Restraint... all the Best Stuff shows up to Tempt you?   *Le Sigh*

And I don't know about you, but every Change of the Seasons I'm Attracted to a Seasonal Style that I'd like to Decorate with because it just Epitomizes that particular time of the year!   These Beach Style Altered Bottle Art with Starfish, Corals, Shells and the like as Toppers were so Amazing I really did want to add some to my existing Collection... but I Resisted dammit!   *Smiles*

And Seriously... if I'd already Sold this Old House I could have done some Serious Shopping for the New Home because certainly there were various pieces of Furniture and Decor we were Eyeballing as Possibilities.   But, even though this wasn't the Month to do it... at least it gave us some Ideas... some Options... of what direction we might want to go when Feathering our New Nest this Summer once we get moved in and dispose of a lot of what we already have.

We're still mulling over a lot of things... Styles... Color Palette... Elements... etc... but that doesn't mean we cannot still Admire other Styles, Colors and Elements that just wouldn't Go... but we Enjoyed Beholding nonetheless!

We have been Unanimously Decisive about going with more Vintage Industrial Pieces and Loft Style Accents or Furnishings in the New Home... so we are more Seriously Eyeballing Pieces that have the Look.   The Man is particularly Pleased that the more Masculine Vibe of those Styles will Appeal to him even more to be surrounded by in his Forever Home.   He's Rolled with some more Feminine Touches over the Years so I'm perfectly Okay to go Vintage Industrial and Loft Style now... since I happen to like that Look as well and it is a more Masculine Environment for the Guys in the Family to Feel more Comfortable living with.

But I did pick up one tiny Foo-Foo Accent Piece to add to my Blinged Out Show Ribbon Collection... this Lovely Number... hadda have it!  *Smiles*

But mostly this Month I just soaked in Inspiration and Ideas... I wasn't really on a Mission to procure anything in particular until we can get Moved over and be more Decisive about what we want to bring into the New Spaces and how much will be Enough?   Hard to gauge that when you're looking at a totally empty Home that is a Blank Canvas to build upon.   So I have Plans to slowly formulate and layer each room... taking my time and allowing it to Evolve using only what I absolutely Loved or would Use often... like I did when I began the Transformation of the Art Studio Cottage a while ago and had it turn out Just Right because I used that Method.

We're at that Season of Life now where we're no longer really building our Collections, we already have built them and are now Refining, Editing and Curating them... only Keeping the Creme de la Creme.   And Profiting off of the rest that will depart now, because it's Time has come and I'm detaching from it as I let it go.

We also want to begin a New Chapter of our Lives with this Move.   Trying different things... Focusing upon different things... Living differently on Purpose to see what it Feels like... Looks like... which is quite Exciting to Move to New Levels of Living and switch things up a lot.

The G-Kid Force are really on board for that... I think most Youth are totally Down for Change... they Embrace it so much more Effortlessly than us older folks do without being the least bit timid.    So they were picking out some Possibilities for Decor and Styling that might Work in the New Home.   This Piece was one of Princess T's Choices and I must say I really liked the Hue, the Patina, the Storage Options and most importantly that Galvanized Table Top... yes, that one would have been an Ideal Choice, she's right on Point to what Direction we'd like to take and what would Work well!

And of coarse we Socialized with all our Friends as well... that's always part of the Fun of making our Monthly Pilgrimages and we cannot wait to Invite everyone over to both Homes.  To offer up some of the departing Treasures at this Old House and clear it out as quickly as possible... and to Christen the New Home with Gatherings of Friends and Family since it's a Home built Perfectly to Entertain in!!!

So with Entertaining more in Mind... we've also been Eyeballing which Accent Pieces would make Entertaining more Fun... more Inviting... and be Useful for Gatherings... Dinner Parties... Celebrations and the like?   I've Purged an awful lot of Household Items because it's been years since I've thought about replacing any or most of it with something else and building a different every day use Collection of items we'd use often.   A lot of what we had were built up over decades and so we were rather tired of some of it and other things were worn out or not as Appealing as they used to be to us.

Sales have been brisk of what I've had the Showrooms bulging with and given up in the way of Household Treasures... I've set those proceeds aside to Fund the Replacement Household Pieces we will select.   I've also streamlined Household items to only what we'll use all the time and disregarding excess or seldom used Pieces as things we don't Need anymore.

Princess T has wanted me to get this Lovely Brocade Bella Notte Fabric Pillow because it Perfectly matches a pair of Bloomers I own and wear fairly often!  *LOL*   But I Resisted, even though she was right and it was a Lovely Pillow... and the identical Fabric made us all laugh.   I do however have every Intention of Indulging in some Bella Notte Linens for the Boudoir in due time... they are so decadent and Beautiful!   Right now I only have some Bella Notte Pillows in a fledgling Collection.

Now... though I'm not buying White Furnishings, I have to Admit that this Piece's Details were Sublime... and had it been in Black, I might not have been able to Resist it!   Sure... I could paint it... but do I want another Project right in the midst of Moving... Nope, I definitely don't... but I could still Admire it!  *Smiles*

Easy to Resist the Colorless Palette or Pastels for me since they definitely would not Go with the New Home nor are they my Preferred Aesthetic or Palette... but I still Admired quite a bit of it since it is very Summertime Fresh and Clean isn't it?

And there were some Killer Pieces that just happened to be Light... like that Ahhhmazing Cabinet chock full of Storage Drawers and looked exactly like one on the Cover of the "Vintage By Nina" Book, which is an Ahhhmazing Book by the way too!

But... I did NOT Resist this enormous and Divine deconstructed Victorian Lampshade that my Friend Giesel had... it was SO me that even she thought of me when she found it!  *LOL*   I will be Creating a Chandie out of it with a Simple Edison Bulb for Ambient Lighting effects.  The tattered Silk remnants has been faded to the most luscious Hue of Dusty Rose and the Metallic Trim and Fringe are mostly intact.   I Love these Antique Shades reminiscent of Old Victorian Bordello Style... the more decrepit the better!  *Smiles*

I hadn't expected to find a Lampshade like that, so it was a Rare Find since I hardly ever see them and when I do I don't hesitate.   Some things aren't Expected... but are Just Right and shouldn't be passed on because they are JUST RIGHT!

But there were other Cool Lampshades in other Styles that were definitely Pretty if your Aesthetic is different than mine.   This one reminded Princess T of a Vintage Barbie Party Dress!   Yeah, I could definitely see that on a Vintage Barbie Lamp in a little Girl's Bedroom... just not THAT little Girl since her Wednesday Addams Aesthetic would be far different for her own New Room's Decor!  She's a Princess... but a Dark Princess to be sure!!!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

But she does like decadent items and she's been Eyeballing a lot of things that she's Daydreaming about festooning her New Room with now that she's actually seen the interior of the New Home this weekend and been Introduced to her New Space.   In fact, we're ALL doing that... and it's such Fun!

Be sure to come back for Part III... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. So excited for your move! Can't wait to see how you start decorating! Stay safe and happy!


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