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Sweet Salvage ~ Summer Luvin' ~ Jack And Cat Curio

 Source: Facebook "Jack and Cat Curio"

Due to some big fires burning around the State the air quality was so lousy both G-Kids asked if they could stay Home from Summer School Today because their Respiratory Issues were flared up.   This is probably the first time I can say I was fortunate to have Kiddos down sick at Home so that I didn't have to be late to the Opening Day of the SWEET SALVAGE "Summer Luvin'" Event!  *LOL*   As long as they stayed inside they were Golden and I didn't have to race Home from the City to pick anyone up at Noon!  *Whew*   And it's just as well because the moment I saw the Preview Sneak Peeks on Facebook of my Friends Lesley and Mike's Space going Full On Carnival Style with loads of Gypsy Carney Kitsch... well, I HAD to be there when the doors first opened!  *Smiles*

 Source: Facebook "Jack and Cat Curio"

Yes, if you judge by this first Post of the Event you would think it was the JACK AND CAT CURIO SHOW  because I found it very difficult to pull myself away from their Spaces... it was just such Fun, like being at the Old Style Carnivals I remember so fondly as a Child!  *Smiles*  Oh the Carnival Kitsch we used to win at those Old Traveling Carnivals filled to the brim with Gypsy Carney Kitsch on the Midway!   Their Theme this Month for the "Summer Luvin'" Event just Transported me back in Time to some of the most Memorable times of my Life at the Old European Carnivals we attended every Summer.

 Source: Facebook "Jack and Cat Curio"

And truly, this is so very My Style that I could Envision an entire Room at the New Home devoted to Vintage Carnival Found Treasures.    To be able to Showcase my own Collections of Carnival Kitsch like this would be Dreamy, so it really Inspired me on Styling a Space with this Atmosphere.   Of coarse it also left me with a major dilemma since I was supposed to be on a Buying Hiatus, remember?   Oops... yeah, when an Event has THE Perfect Treasures that make your Heart and Spirit Sing and Soar... it's so hard to walk away without wanting to bring something Home to your own lair, isn't it?   It's actually like being at a Carnival and not bringing some Memento Home with you from the Midway! {i.e.: IMPOSSIBLE!!!}

And it was agonizing to choose just one thing from their Carnival Cache of Treasures, because I WANTED so much!!!   That dreaded Budget and buying a New Home had made it a necessity to just come away from the entire Event with a maximum of two Purchases you see, so I'd have to be uber Conservative and Discerning... not caving in too badly to Temptation... not one of my strong points to be sure when confronted with the Ideal Collectibles like this!   Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

I really, really, really wanted this Chief Watta Pop Chalkware Piece... but I had actually come for a Palmistry Hand Piece and had to hold firm on what I'd been on a Mission to Procure from this Event!  *Le Sigh*

You see, this is the Chalkware Palmistry Hand I'd spied in the Sneak Peek Preview Online and THOUGHT that I HADDA HAVE!!!   But it turned out to be itsy bitsy and though Lovely... when I looked up and saw...

THIS Ahhhhmazing Tin Palmistry Mega-Hand Piece suspended from the ceiling... well... Temptation was absolutely overwhelming to go over Budget on at least one Piece I'd come away with... and though I valiantly tried to Resist it... and kept walking by and gazing at it again and again... I had finally told Lesley to just take it down, I knew I'd have Walk Away Regret if I didn't Possess it for the New Home!  *LOL*   My own Housewarming Gift to myself, since we're expected to Close in less than 10 days now!!!

Aye, though Chief Watta Pop would have also looked Splendid at Bohemian Valhalla's new Location... and so would have the Charming Chalkware Carnival Kitsch Hula Girl... since only one thing could be had... well...


I was going down in flames with the Killer Impressive sized Palmistry Hand Signage!  It was a Go Big or Go Home Empty Handed Moment for me.

Look at me... I'm so damned Radiantly Happy Possessing this I'm practically Glowing aren't I?  Those are Rays of Halo Happiness suspended above my head I think... coming down from the Heavens above!!!   *Winks*   I mean, what Gypsy Gal wouldn't want a Palmisty Sign like this dangling from one of her ceilings, right?!?   I remember my Mom doing Readings of Palms and Tea Leaves and the like so this is very Nostalgic for me.

Yes, I was certainly in my Element in Mike and Lesley's Divinely Decorated Spaces... they really knocked it out of the Park to Embody Vintage Carnival Style and the Killer Inventory they Sourced was making my Heart Race like a Hummingbird's I tell ya!   I only Hope it all doesn't Sell Out because anything they might have left over the Summer I'd like to have dibs for some of the most Coveted Pieces later on when we're Settled in to the New Home and have flipped this one and are Buying for New Decor.

And what they couldn't Source they Created, the Uber Talented Beings that they are... see this Awesome Carnival Prize Wheel?   Created from an Old Metal Patio Tabletop and some Architectural Iron Garden Salvage!

This was so Cool and what a Great Patina and Conversation Piece this would be as a Statement Anchor Piece in any Game Room!

In fact, I had Carney Game Wheels on the Brain by the time I'd left the Event... and building a Collection of them later on would be high on my List of replacement Pieces to Style differently at our New Home.

And if you felt you didn't have sufficient room for an oversized OOAK Tabletop sized Carney Prize Wheel... how about this trio on top of the Cabinet?!?   An Instant Collection they could be... and what a Great Collection of Carney Prize Wheels too!

I remember when the Old Gypsy Carnivals in Europe would have these Prize Wheels that they Created out of old Bicycle Wheels, Gears and Painted Wood... anything they could find that would spin and make one out of actually.   Love all three of these for an Instant Collection... but the one in the middle is perhaps my Fav by a slight margin... followed by the one with the Star shaped Center on the Right... and then the one with the largest numbers on the Left.   I'm thinking Frank of "American Pickers" Style Bundling when I look at anything like this!  *Ha ha ha*

Yes, Lesley, you done real good Girl... I could have languished in the Fun filled Vintage Carnival Atmosphere all day at the exclusion of seeing everything else!   And that's saying a lot because there was loads of other Amazing "Summer Luvin'" Themes and Vignettes abounding at this Event... and I just know you're going to find some that particularly Appeal to you too my Friends!

Because while I was languishing in Carnival Kitsch Heaven with Silk Top Hats, Circus Ephemera and Vintage Chalkware Carnival Kitsch Midway Prizes my Friends at the Event were mesmerized by the Styles of Summer that Appeal to them strongly.

Yes, it wasn't all Clowns...

Carnival Prizes...

And Candies...

But I did want to take you on a Carney Extravaganza for this first Post... and you'll just have to come back for some of the rest my Friends... but you won't mind that will you?

Because the Fun has only just begun!!!   And will last all the way through Sunday Afternoon when the Event wraps for this Month!  So... you can either Enjoy it Virtually here... or in Person... or both!  There's still many more Designer's Spaces for us to be Inspired by as Summer rolls in...

Source: Facebook "Jack and Cat Curio"

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I think you made the best possible choice with that palmistry hand. I've heard of Jack and Cat Curio before ... I love their mixed media stuff! How lucky you are to see an entire booth of their things, Dawn!!!

    Wow, closing in ten days. How exciting! :)

  2. Glad it worked out for you to be there early! And what an appropriate treasure you came home with!


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