Friday, June 12, 2015

Sepia Dreams...

Princess T doesn't have Summer School on Fridays and Prince R doesn't start his Summer School until Monday, so Today was the only True Summer Vacation Day mid-week that we'd have together to do something Special for a while.   So I took the Family to see the Premier of "Jurassic World" this Morning.  We'd all Loved all of the previous Jurassic Park Movies and this one didn't disappoint either, it exceeded our expectations... Bravo Spielberg on another Iconic Classic Masterpiece that is sure to be a Big Hit!   We hardly ever go to the Movie Theatre so it was a Special Treat to see a new Movie on the Big Screen.

And just before the Movie I'd received Good News about the New Home Purchase... the Appraisal hadn't come in too much lower than asking so the Sellers agreed to reduce the Negotiated Price even further.  *Whoop Whoop!*   Comps on Luxury Homes are all over the place and that makes it really tough on even the Good Deals for these Homes when it comes to Appraisals.  Regardless of Upgrades and Improvements, which this one has a tonage of that really Appealed to us... but clearly had failed to add Appraisal Value compared to Comps used for recent Sales that didn't have any of the Upgrades.   This is the dilemma many Homeowners will face if they've Upgraded too much in attempts to add Value to re-sell... sometimes it backfires and makes little, if any, difference.

Sometimes a Home can be over-improved and sometimes in a glut of Homes for Sale can mean folks that can Sell low to dispose of a property fast will hurt Value for others.   But in a Buyer's Market that can mean Good News for some and of coarse I'm totally Jazzed at the prospect of paying even less for a Home I already felt was worth every penny... or more!   So far... so Good... I'm tingling at Closing this Deal as soon as we can so we can get a Green Light to Move and then to Sell Off this property and make the final Transition as smoothly as possible.

What if our Home doesn't Sell right away?   Well, I've factored in the Keeping of both Properties if I had to and I'd just Rent it out with at least two Tenants... one for the Main House and one for the Art Studio Carriage House Cottage.  Not that I want to become a Landlord, I don't, but it would merely become an Investment Property for us rather than for some other Investor if it doesn't Sell right away.   I'd rather someone else play Landlord though, that would be the best case scenario to Cash Out the excess of Equity we have tied up in this property and use it how we Intended to if we did Let Go of this Lovely Old Historic Home.

Back-up Plans aside though, right now I'm having major Sepia Dreams for Decorating and Styling the New Home since the Color Palette already in place with the warm Tuscan Hues will lend themselves Perfectly to Sage and Sepia Styling.   I've been gravitating towards Sepia Style more and more over the years since it's such a Serene, Calm and Aged to Perfection Palette to co-exist surrounded by.   I find myself more Inspired by Sepia Dream Imagery than any other Palette... even my Beloved Jewel Tones!   As I Age I am finding that Sepia just melds with how I Feel in my own Spirit... Perfectly Aged... which is a privilege not afforded to many people or things!

So I've been Daydreaming via Archived Imagery of Sepia Inspired Vignettes and Decorating that I would Envision our New Home having similarities to.   Yes, of coarse I'd have my one Black and Red Room... part of the New Studio Space... duh... that's a 'Given'!   *LOL*   But mostly and generally Tea Stained Oppulence will prevail, Sepia Dreams will Manifest into our Reality and I Feel it will be Sublime Perfection for the New Season and Look we'll have with the Metamorphosis of Big Changes.

Since every Room of the New Home is already in warm Tuscan Hues of Sepia, Old Tuscany Gold, Taupe and Rustic Natural Hues like Terra Cotta and Sage... I will only have to add some of my Black Accents to a few Spaces.   I have always liked Black as an Accent to my Sepia and Jewel Tones... as Morticia Addams would say, "Black is such a Happy Color don't you think?"  *Winks*   Not that I'll banish all White, but most of my Antique White Furniture will only be a backdrop to the Sepia Dream and Black Accents.   And of coarse there will be Pops of Jewel Tone Color... I doubt I could Decorate without some Color creeping into my World!?  We'll see how I do anyway... sometimes the Dream and the Reality can have a few Compromises along the way.

But I have Discovered that what I'm most inclined to be Keeping is predominantly Sepia Hued anyway... or Jewel Tones Muted by Age and wear.   I hadn't even realized fully how much I'd already begun to Shift towards the Sepia Dream, even here... but clearly I have.   And coming back to Black is just coming full circle for me, I've always had a strong preference for it, it always looks so Rich and makes a Strong Impact on whatever it is a backdrop for.   When anything you Love is Showcased against Black it doesn't Compete with the Background or Wash Out, it is Magnified and Spotlighted by it instead.

I cannot even adequately put Words to how Excited I am to be having a totally Blank Canvas to begin building a New Dream upon my Friends!!!  To Finalize the Downsizing so that Editing and Purging have been Refining what we Keep and bring along... culling a Lifetime of Collecting into a more Curated Collection.   I would like to be known as an adept Curator.   At this Season of Life I am finding that I'm not as inclined anymore to Settle for hardly anything... and so the discernment is a lot more stringent in what I Want and more importantly, what I Keep!

The same with what I choose to DO... I abhor wasting Time anymore or being Tolerant of anyone who wastes my Time... it's just too Valuable a commodity to squander.   I'm not inclined to be talked into anything I'm not already Passionate about... I say No a lot more than I ever even used to and it's not a negotiable response... No means No... Final Answer.   *Smiles*   I have always been of the Mindset that you don't get what you deserve in Life anyway... you get what you successfully Negotiate.  My Negotiation Skills have been honed over a Lifetime now... if I cannot successfully Negotiate my Best Deal, there is no Deal on the table anymore... I can't be bothered with a lot of compromise at this Season of Life.   I'd rather walk away... and having that Attitude has been valuable... and given me a total Peace about what I get... or walk away from.

I was willing to walk away from the Purchase of this New Home if things didn't Play Out as I Needed for the Deal to... I'm still willing to do that in fact, right up until the end.   Just knowing you can and will walk away from anything is Empowering.   Especially if it's something Big... having a Peace about either Outcome... getting something or walking away from it without Regrets... is a Big Deal.  I had contemplated either Outcome and how I would move forward regardless of which one it was.   Both came with a Dreamscape and so both were Exciting to me in different ways of coarse. 

And the Song that kept looping thru my Head was Que Sera Sera... whatever will Be will Be...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. It's getting more and more exciting!!

    1. I KNOW!!! We drove by it again today just for another peek! Smiles... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I like your idea of sepia tones, Dawn! I seem to have lost my taste for jewel tones too. I painted the guest bath royal purple but put off doing the black stenciling I'd planned because the purple doesn't feel right in this house. I think I'm going to repaint it a mushroom colour instead. I'm not even sure I love the burgundy paint in our library, and burgundy is my favourite colour!

    Maybe after living with those colours for all these years, our eyes just need a rest. LOL

    1. LOL... but I do believe each Home has it's own Soul and Personality which Guides us on how best to Showcase it with Harmony and the Beauty it deserves. Dawn... The Bohemian


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